I’m Canadian but have lived in Osaka for about 25 years.

We sell a variety of things. On the “new product” side we sell Casio/Seiko/Citizen watches, Shimano/Daiwa/Miya reels/rods/other tackle, lines & lures from many Japanese companies, some music-related items, some AV stuff, some computer parts & accessories, some camera equipment. On the “used product” side we sell used photo gear (mostly lenses) as well as used handbags, LV and Chanel in particular. In the past year we have not focused much on the used business but do plan to get back to it later this year.

Rakuten is a Japanese company and one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms. They also own a bank and some other businesses such as a point system used by many companies, credit cards, etc. The site layout is very Japanese which means it will make your eyes bleed to look at it for too long. Here is a item page from a Rakuten seller that I just pulled at random now. I’ve never looked at this item before now but it’s an example of a typical product page on Rakuten. The majority of information on the page has nothing to do with the product being sold and you actually have to dig around on many pages to find product information. This is quite common on Japanese websites.