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  2. So there is almost 2 year and still zero solution. Yes, there is checkbox in dev version, but for client there isn't any visible checkbox. Does somebody know what need to be change that this checkbox appears ? At the moment only solution is disable AEUC module.
  3. My current website is in Catalog mode now (No shopping options) since September 22nd, because of the bug with my payments modules caused by my host changing to PHP 7.3. So this is why I have to move it to the new Host that support older PHP versions so to have my shop running again... Right now, I can take orders via email from my existing customers who are contacting me to place orders and I create PayPal invoice that I send to their emails. But the site won't work for new customers... Also, I use a separate invoicing system for all orders, online is just a way to accept orders and I supply receipts to customers via my offline invoicing system. Cheers
  4. Oh and I didn't even do that as I only had 12 orders in-between. In which I had all the paypal info of those orders. I could have just entered those 12 orders manually into my website but I chose not to. This is what I meant by finial import.
  5. I hear ya but who said anything about closing your website? Your website should remain open until finial import into new.yourshop.com. Then move website...
  6. I agree, but what is better, having a shop open for business with and EOL PHP version, or a shop that is currently not operational and loosing thousand $$$ per week? As I said, this will give me time to setup a brand new ThirtyBees shop with new refresh theme and modules while still being able to operate my shop...
  7. This will make it even worse if you do nothing as php 7.2 is EOL and php 7.3 will be EOL on Dec 6th 2021. I hope your server is locked down good...
  8. I've bought modules from him before. He is a good egg! I hope he has thrirtybees module replacements for you. Did I mention you should have tested backups and backups of the backups tested before you even attempt this?
  9. I think for now, I will have my site moved to the new host where PHP 7.2 is supported. This way, I will be back online to take orders. I will deal with the other stuff later... Cheers
  10. I am using a Paid Canada Post and a Paid FedEx modules for my shipping, I think from Prestochangeo...
  11. I'm not sure if you even have carriers setup in your old shop of presta 1.6.24 but if you do set line 19 in copy_shopdata_config.php to false. Example: Line 19 $skip_carrier_tables = true; /* skip tables with carrier settings */ Set to false if you have carriers... Everything else was correct for me in my move from presta 1.6.10 and made it a breeze!
  12. Let me add to this... Don't forget to set Shipping >> Carriers inside copy_shopdata_config.php Re-read my post above as I'm going to correct error...
  13. No you must use the exact same prestashop version as your shop right now. Must be exact okay? From what I remember this is how it would work in your situation. --- You can wait till your shop is on new server. 1) Do a backup immediately of your site on new server. 2) Clone your site to old.yourshop.com 3) Setup database for new.yourshop.com 4) Place prestools in admin folder of old.yourshop.com then add copy_shopdata to prestools folder. 5) Set preferences in copy_shopdata_config.php for old.yourshop.com and new.yourshop.com 6) Go to URL old.yourshop.com/admin/prestools/copy_shopdata/copy_shopdata.php 7) Follow instructions...
  14. Ok, but do you know if I can use copy_shopdata from a Prestashop to a thirtybees directly if they are on the same Host?
  15. No you can't do that. BTW: I had the file names wrong. I fixed it here sorry. copy_shopdata From: The copy_shopdata_on_server.pdf inside zip file it says... Since version 0.45 the recommended approach has changed. It is now recommended to create a second shop in a subdirectory on the server, upgrade that and then rename and move directories on the server to make this the new active shop. The main reason for this change is speed.
  16. Ok, but can copyshop_data be use if the new install of Prestashop ( is on a different host? My current shop is with JustHost (they are no longer offering PHP 7.2 and switch my site automatically to PHP 7.3 causing my payment modules to no longer work properly) and I am moving to a new host "Hostpapa" where I can choose PHP version down to 5.4 I think.
  17. This kind info is not good, but this is much much better that nothing. So Thank You for update.
  18. I'm not sure what your saying here. Are you going to do this old way like you said in many posts before or are you going to use best way prestools? All data from prestools / copyshop_data will be clean and imported into what your version presta 1.6.10 now? Copyshop_data does not mess with module data. As this is only positions and such. This makes everything super easy. You discard all the crap you have done to your old site in one swoop. Which really makes everything much smoother going forward.
  19. @Smile @datakick These are just my observations so don't shoot the messenger. I just received email on my ThirtyBees monthly donation. --- Hi Billy,We wanted to let you know that one or more of the purchases on your account are going to expire soon.Since you have a Billing Agreement, we will attempt to take payment automatically on 09/30/2021. --- Okay so I had small donation last month to an overseas account. Yet It says this project is in Tennessee USA on main website. This makes everything look suspect and should be updated on main website. Now I cancel my monthly billing agreement because I want to control this myself. So I'm looking around again trying to find the donate button on main website. I can't find it and remember I had to search to find it before. Why not put a donate button on the main website where everyone can find it easy? Maybe I have overlooked it IDK? Anyway the Billing Agreement email should be rewrote with the words donation in it. Why make a donation look like a bill? This I don't understand. It's just tacky to me. I don't want billing agreement I want donation to worthy project reminder. Maybe it's just me.
  20. Isn't thirtybees able to import data exported by Prestashop? My current Prestashop as to many installed/unused module, some coding were modified, so the reason why I wish to do a fresh install. So I think I will do as mentioned above instead... Cheers
  21. I think you should move all your data to new install of prestashop first. Make sure the new prestashop install matches your old one in subdomain or localhost IE wampserver etc. Then use copyshop_data to move over all your business data. This will be fresh presta with all data. Now... Upgrade the new prestahop website with all your data to thirtybees. Here is how you do just that. https://www.prestools.com/ This way your completely fresh with no errors.
  22. No, no change when I deleted the file, it was recreated automatically and my problem is still there. I think the best thing, to avoid all bugs, is to install a new install of ThirtyBees on my new Host. I have obtained a new URL with a .ca, my existing site is a .com. So I will have my current Hosting company restore my site to september 3rd, then move it to the new Host company and select it to work with PHP 7.2. This should bring back my shop to a working condition while I am working to bring the new thirtybees website under .ca with new theme, modules and all the rest. I will install thirtybees in a subdirectory so to not interfere with the existing site file transfer (.com) Once thirtybees is all set to my licking, I can import the customers, sales, catalog... data from prestashop to it to test everything, then make the proper changes to move it to the .com url. Do you think I should proceed like this?
  23. Thank you for keeping us updated 🙂 Best regards.
  24. Thanks for the update @Smile. All the best too all of you here. 😷
  25. This idea comes up a lot. Also when we talk about modules. To be honest: I haven't seen any collaboration coming, out with a serious result, since I am in PS World. While this idea makes sense in theory in pratice it (almost) never works. Btw: I worked like 10 hours at the weekend to push my theme project a bit forward. I am very happy with the progress. 😎 IMO I already found a very stupid behaviour that each theme copies from the other themes (root is probably 1.6 PS theme), but was probably never intended to do so. If you have ever looked into the tpl files, you have maybe noticed that some tags are opened in header.tpl and closed in footer.tpl. Very unnecessary... Just use layout.tpl for it. Such stuff is the reason, why I prefer to do it from an empty folder.
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