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  2. @datakick Where would I find the place that generates this error message? I looked into shopping-cart.tpl, order-opc.tpl,order-carrier.tpl,order-address.tpl,errors.tpl but to no avail. I see where the error is generated in order-opc.tpl but it seems to call to authentication.tpl and while there are errors listed in there, nothing appears to be related to shipping.
  3. Yesterday
  4. @datakickThank you for the explanation. However, it used to work fine and I changed nothing. Out of desperation, as I am losing money hand over fist since customers cannot checkout, I decided to recreate ALL my carriers. Something has gone wrong with carriers. I tried to do lettermail for example, which has a weight limit of 500 grams. It worked. However, suddenly, the 30 kg limit appears and it will not let me save. The 30 kg limit is for another carrier and has nothing to do with lettermail and I never entered it in the first place. I think it is what is causing the 'weight' error. If I try to delete the 30 kg nonsense, it deletes my last entry for the 500 grams... It is totally bonkers!
  5. That is pretty neat 🙂 ...I understand ,I suppose what I have is better then a no working solution.. What upset me most it must have been down for ages before I found out. return customer took the time to call me and tell me. I bought chex hoping it would work but it's falls well short on my site
  6. Mobile experience is not good on any of thirty bees default theme. For good mobile view a lot of things have to be changed. Mostly css styling for different media widths ... Once done it can look similar to this picture
  7. Quick question ..Was looking on mobile and the terms conditions tick box was tiny and hard to see also any chance you can force payment boxes to a size limit
  8. Great work ..Working perfectly for me ,including facebook log in ..Although I now do realize I had the order-address.js in the wrong place 😁
  9. Have updated very first post of this thread with most recent files and description.
  10. 30knees

    Mobile template

    You could try the community theme or Niara. Also, take a look here:
  11. Thanks,Tried that .But found another issue ..Happened to log out and can't log back in with facebook 😞
  12. Peter

    Mobile template

    Hi all, Today I installed the panda template on my webshop. Now the mobile is really not good. Is there a template that I can install next to Panda so that mobile users can see it and the normal template on desktop / tablet? Thanks!
  13. After you uploaded the OrderController.php into /overrides/Controller/Front you have to delete /cache/class_index.php
  14. Hi As my knowband checkout is rubbish and failing terribly I thought I would try this as I have panda. I used this post and all goes well until I get to carriers.As you can see by image there is nothing there.. I went though all the files again to make sure I did it right ..Even tried changing OrderController.php to orderController.php. If I put it back into 1 step checkout all is OK ..What could be the issue
  15. Yes. This is possible to change, copy this into order-steps.tpl <style> .nav-justified > .not-completed, .active > a { cursor: default; pointer-events: none; } </style> That way on Active step and on Not-Completed steps, the pointer stays default, and no empty javascript link is shown.
  16. Es gibt sicherlich Module, die Postleitzahlen adhoc überprüfen und ggf. ablehnen. Speichert man die Adresse, rufen die eine Datenbank mit allen existierenden Postleitzahlen auf, um die Postleitzahl auf ihre Echtheit zu prüfen. Keines der thirty-bees-Module macht das, doch vielleicht findet sich ja ein anderes Modul, das da in Frage kommen könnte. "Adressüberprüfung" oder sowas ähnliches. Das dann mal abschalten und nochmal probieren.
  17. Hola a todos: Es la primera vez que participo en este foro, es la primera vez que manejo TB y es la primera vez que intento hacer una tienda online, así que pido perdón de antemano por las obviedades que debería saber y que seguramente ignoro 😉 Estoy utilizando Niara y he creado correctamente las categorías que voy a necesitar en español. He instalado el otro idioma y he puesto las traducciones de las categorías. He subido las fotos para cada categoría y todo se ve correctamente en ambos idiomas. Luego he importado la lista de artículos (después de dedicarle MUCHO tiempo) desde un fichero de Excel, con las categorías ya incorporadas, y me he encontrado con los problemas: 1º.- No se ven todos los artículos en las categorías adecuadas en español. Hay muchos que ni siquiera aparecen, aunque la importación no dio ninguna clase de error. 2º.- Aunque las categorías se ven correctamente ordenadas y traducidas en la tienda en el segundo idioma, los productos no salen de ninguna manera contenidos en ellas, como si no existieran. Sólo sé un poco de html y de css, y conocimientos generales de redes, no sé php y me llega justo para arrancar Apache y Mysql, pero me veo obligado por las circunstancias a hacerlo todo yo solo. Me imagino que estoy haciendo algo mal con TB, porque la he encontrado una herramienta muy práctica y amigable, pero si alguien tiene una idea de en qué me estoy equivocando, agradeceré cualquier ayuda. Un saludo.
  18. @toplakd How do i download it, as I cant see any download option
  19. Something I noticed is that putting the mouse cursor in next step indicator it changes to a "hand icon" but it does not allow to click because the previous step is not completed. It is posible however to click only to a previous step, but the hand icon is always the same, being possible to click or not Do you think is is possible to set that the han only appear when is actually possible to click? (to go back) Just to improve UX.
  20. Thank you, will try then. my tb 1.0.8 generates the following: AddType application/vnd.ms-fontobject .eot AddType font/ttf .ttf AddType font/otf .otf AddType application/font-woff .woff AddType application/font-woff2 .woff2
  21. Sind es Inseln oder gehören sie zu einer bestimmten PLZ-Gruppe? Hängt es ggf mit Deinem Versandmodul oder -einstellungen zusammen?
  22. You can manually edit generated .htaccess and change AddType application/font-woff .woff AddType application/font-woff2 .woff2 to AddType font/woff .woff AddType font/woff2 .woff2
  23. Yes, i have also done this in BO to make sure the .htaccess is up to date after the migration, and it shows this also! I will check the old and the new .htaccess and compare. At the moment i can not share the Domain, pls. understand. The hoster make a migration to an Apache Server, at the moment it was LiteSpeed server and i thought this could be a part of the problem.... I will be back here soon when migratin is done.
  24. When you get 500 error, you can download the encypted message. Once downloaded go to: Advanced tab / Logs Scroll to bottom. Add file that you downloaded from error 500 page and click Decrypt.
  25. Buenos días, tengo el siguiente problemas cuando un cliente hace un pedido en el backoffice el estado de ese cliente se queda vacío sale solo un - y cuando entro en el detalle del pago se puede verificar que el pago es correcto y que sale el articulo en el detallo comprobé que la configuración de los estados esté correcto y no se por donde puede venir fallo, lo unico raro que unos días atrás los del hosting tuvieron problemas con sus servidores.
  26. Last week
  27. Sorry to reply to an old thread. I've just installed this module, and configured it, but it does not show me a URL or how to access it. Any assistance?
  28. Just to inform. If You have category with slash (/) in name and You try to import products with the slash(/) in category name (the same name that already exist, then result is category with name before slash and subcategory with name after slash. Really annoying.
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