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  2. If anyone can link to reviews or share thoughts on the default thirtybees newsletter, that would be great. (I have Mailchimp but have hardly used it except to collect the odd email address so I can still use if free)
  3. I’m considering buying Newsletter Pro as well. Can you confirm it works for Thirty Bees? Thanks.
  4. Here, @lesley, I think the functionality is broken. And in another module thread since this is a problem not limited to this module: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1422-free-modulerevws-product-reviews/?do=findComment&comment=32962 Thanks.
  5. Did some googleing and found this https://migration-pro.com/ Contact credentials are on the website
  6. It truly is a shame and indeed if TB would do this, it would make things so much easier for developers. Well, at least now that I know this, when I'll start developing themes for TB, I'll include sets of functions too, hopefully we will see something like this in the next TB version, a folder with lots of specific calls like this one that we just used. Oh man, you saved me so much time with you reply. Thank you.
  7. nowhere 🙂 In fact, this function is defined in product.js, which is part of your theme. But it's not guaranteed that this function exists in all themes -- it's really theme specific. Which is a shame. One of the great things that ps17 did is they introduced core javascript interface. Modules can use this interface to subscribe to events on page, and to modify content such as change attribute, etc. All ps17 themes support this. That makes ui development much more easier. TB should definitely introduce something similar, if you ask me
  8. Mhmm, is that function predefined in JS anywhere? Gonna give it a try right now. YES, YES IT WORKED, YOU DID IT. ❤️ Where can I find some documentation with more functions like that?
  9. Call function getProductAttribute() every time you change attribute value. Something like this: document.getElementById('group_1').value = count; getProductAttribute(); That should do the trick
  10. There doesn't seem to be a link to contact the developer
  11. Ok, you should contact Migrationpro. They are the developer of the module. Maybe they will answer your questions. As far as I can se you must have two installations, one is your curren Prestashop and the other one is the Thirtybees shop. The modules connects the two shops and will migrate the data.
  12. I bought this module: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/migrationpro-migrate-from-prestashop-to-thirty-bees-migration-tool
  13. I am using attributes as I do not really care about the stock/inventory. It didn't make much sense to me either as count wasn't mainly my idea but to one of my friends who is working with prestashop, basically we use count to determine the incrementation/decrementation of the list. But if you read the code, it's really easy to figure it out, if count increment -> the selected option in the list is equal to count, eg: count is 2, the second option in the list is selected. Although no matter what you still need a "count" to "save" latest position. Although I have tried to run it without count and I had the exact same results. I will come back with the results in regards to this. Thank you. Good to know.
  14. What module did you buy?
  15. I just purchased the prestashop 1.7 migration module to thirty bees. But i don't understand how to get it to work. Can anybody help? i contacted thirty bees but no response.
  16. Where did you raise this, I did not see it. It should automatically work off the webhook. It looks like it might not have grabbed your release since it was not a build, if that was the issue.
  17. No, it is a commercial module that was donated to us when we started, with a license just to us. The code for the commercial module works on thirty bees without modification. It is just we needed more functionality, so we edited and wrote in certain things to fit our needs. But yes, that is what the module does, it is for creating a multiple vendor marketplace. The way it works is likely different than you think. It does not create a permission set for the back office of the shop. It does everything on the front of the shop, through the user account. That way it keeps your admin separate from the sellers. Its safer that way, just in case a permission escalation hack was ever discovered.
  18. So is this code thats been built then modified by you guys for thirtybees itself and will absolutely run multiple sellers and vendors? Are you guys selling this module yourselves? This code enables multiple vendors on the thirtybees portal to sell their modules? (Without that being immediately obvious to the user)
  19. Yesterday
  20. Its a huge set of like 20 modules. Its what powers the thirty bees store. Here is the module we based everything off of, https://addons-modules.com/store/en/marketplace-modules-all/21-agile-prestashop-multiple-seller-vendor-module.html of course they have been highly edited at this point.
  21. Mark

    Positions for mobile

    Ok forget this, I knew this control was somewhere and of course as we all know it's in Modules, with the admin being able to control whether modules are visible on certain devices in there.
  22. Yes i agree with all that and that it probably shouldn't be core functionality. Obviously I'm not talking here in-house teams maintaining for the company, I'm talking about allowing "people" ie other businesses/ entities to create, view and maintain their own (products, warehousing etc). I would expect this would be a whole module unto itself. Such a module may already exist but I would suspect it would require an underlying permissions structure and ownership layer in core before such a module could exist, am I right with that @datakick
  23. Hi, I am the author of the module and this works without issue on my own TB site. I suspect you have tried installing the github zip file that is not packaged as a module and hence will not work. The TB marketplace is supposed to automatically create the module based on the github code but it stopped working. I raised this many months back but nobody is taking care of it. Try installing the attached module zip. P.S.: I am a merchant and not really a developer, so expect limited support. blockinstockproducts-2.2.2.zip
  24. No. He is probably using attributes...
  25. In templates files you can do: {if $page_name=='product'} blabla {else} otherblabla {/if}
  26. Probably you should use this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7373058/changing-the-selected-option-of-an-html-select-element/7373115
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