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  1. Yesterday
  2. I have been working on the test store and all was working great. Using cPanel I migrated the files from the test store folder to my main site folder and ever since the visitor logs in the admin dashboard have not been working. I have checked the hooks etc. and I can't seem to see a reason why, anyone else had this issue with this of did I miss a step?
  3. Not with this module, no. There's Coingate, if you want to try them.
  4. Bonsoir à tous, Je suis également depuis 2 ans un utilisateur, ravi, de TB 1.0.8 (ex PS 1.6.1). Je ne suis pas passé ici depuis avril, mais de voir que le projet semble repartir, je vais venir plus souvent :)
  5. Ok, now it's works when I've added parent::copyFromPost($object, $table); Unfortunately only in test store. 😶 In the production shop (also ThirtyBees v1.1.0, I've use Cloudflare), when I save in admin panel product Qty tab the values in the tb_product table do not change. What's wrong here? If I change the values in the tb_product table, they are read correctly in the admin panel product tab... Code is 1:1 copied. File cache/class_index.php was deleted. Another difference that reminded me. The test store was installed from the 1.1.0 installer, the production version was updated several times (initial is 1.0.2) Production store - Obsolete files (11) admin/go-to-product.php admin/ajax-load-states-form.php admin/go-to-customer.php admin/ajax-get-order-details.php admin/CoreUpdaterBackup-2020-10-10--17-37-06 admin/ajax-get-immediate-orders.php admin/ajax-set-order-state.php admin/ajax-get-orders-fields.php admin/ajax-update-shipping-number.php Peter - do you have any idea what could be the reason for this? 😥
  6. Freediving analogy indeed. This is the final push. Let's hope we get to the surface. Either way, it's good to know that we are able to respawn to a commanding position on terrafirma 😉
  7. although have you tried the module " Product Accessories v1.5 - by Presto-Changeo " .. I loved it but I can't add to cart I need a page refresh after every add to cart
  8. there must be a way as this is my accessories
  9. Well, no. It's only a unit of distance. For patience I usually use "don't hold your breath"... so I think that after all this waiting, we can all be freediving champions. Jokes apart, I understand that this can be a complicated deal so I will hold my breath a little more 😂
  10. It is only limited. In the Panda theme settings I played with switching off add to cart, changed the length of the title and number of columns. The main thing was product title length. Limiting to one line means all the boxes are the same size I would like much more control though, and ideally make it so they are displayed as list rather than grid, but I don't think that is possible as I think the theme use a slider to show accessories
  11. Hi Can you explain a bit more or have a step guide please, mine are huge and have been wanting to make them smaller ,just hasn't been high on the agenda as it works
  12. Hello Petr, Thank you, could you look what's wrong with override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php the translations in the fields below (Products->Quantities) are not saved anymore Displayed text when in-stock Displayed text when backordering is allow protected function copyFromPost(&$object, $table) { if ( $this->isTabSubmitted( 'Quantities' ) ) { if ( $this->checkMultishopBox( 'ext_warehouse', $this->context ) ) { $object->ext_warehouse = (int) Tools::getValue( 'ext_warehouse' ); } } }
  13. Hi folks I'd like to add previous and next buttons so that people can flick through each of the product categories without having to go back to the main sub-category page for the next product. I can find how to add to prestashop but not Thirtybees. It could be the same files but I don't know. Is there a module I can buy or download for free, or would it be possible to add some coding somewhere, if so, where please? 😉 Thanks in advance, Claire
  14. You need to call parent constructor in your override file. It should look something like this class Product extends ProductCore { public $ext_warehouse = false; function __construct( $id_product = null, $full = false, $id_lang = null, $id_shop = null, Context $context = null ) { static::$definition['fields']['ext_warehouse'] = array('type' => self::TYPE_BOOL, 'lang' => false, 'validate' => 'isBool'); parent::__construct($id_product, $full, $id_lang, $id_shop, $context); } } Also, you need to create the field in database table, but I guess you already did that.
  15. Yes it is. It contain both time (year) and distance ( 9 460 500 000 000 km) so it is pretty good thing. But if there is something specific for patience measuring then enlighten me. And sorry for offtopic.
  16. Hello, I would like to create an additional checkbox in the Quantities tab on Admin Product Page. After checking the Ext_warehouse checkbox, the information on the product's availability in external storage will appear on the product page. So much for the theory, below the code 🙂 quantities.tpl <div class="form-group"> <div class="col-lg-1"> <span class="pull-right">{include file="controllers/products/multishop/checkbox.tpl" field="ext_warehouse" type="checkbox" multilang="false"}</span></div> <label class="control-label col-lg-2" for="ext_warehouse"> <span class="label-tooltip" data-toggle="tooltip" title="{l s='external Warehouse'"> {l s='external Warehouse'} </span> </label> <div class="col-lg-9"> <input class="admin-form-check form-control" type="checkbox" id="ext_warehouse" name="ext_warehousee" value="1" {if $product->ext_warehouse}checked{/if}/> </div> </div> added to override/classes/Product.php: public $ext_warehouse = false; function __construct( $id_product = null, $full = false, $id_lang = null, $id_shop = null, Context $context = null ) { Product::$definition['fields']['ext_warehouse'] = array('type' => self::TYPE_BOOL, 'lang' => false, 'validate' => 'isBool'); } I've created override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php: class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore { protected function copyFromPost(&$object, $table) { if ( $this->isTabSubmitted( 'Quantities' ) ) { if ( $this->checkMultishopBox( 'ext_warehouse', $this->context ) ) { $object->ext_warehouse = (int) Tools::getValue( 'ext_warehouse' ); } } } } Unfortunately, an error appears on the product page: Product not found There's also error on Admin product page: The object cannot be loaded (or found)
  17. a light year is a distance unit and not a time one ^_^ I hope the deal will be reached... but if it will be a matter of switch from 30bees to 42bears it will be ok too.
  18. Sorted - it is the main product display section. So you have to adjsut the main produt display and that influences this section. So it is a bit of a trade off
  19. Using the Panda theme ( @Jonny) but not sure if this is adjustable in the theme The layout of accessories on the product page (and also pack contents if we use packs) looks really poor. Is there a way in TB, or Panda to adjust this, or is it down to modifying the tpl? We would want to remove add to carts, adjust fonts, widths etc
  20. Soon ? Your patience can already be measured in light years ...
  21. Yes, I'm part of the group that would like to take over thirtybees. Currently we are trying to buy the rights -- not the thirty dev llc company, as we are not US based. Negotiations took a long time now. Every time we get close to the deal something else pop up. Important thing is that we are committed to this. Although we prefer continuation of thirtybees for various reasons, we are prepared to fork and proceed under the new brand if the deal is not reached soon.
  22. This is really the biggest concern. Modules becoming unsupported from developers and not further maintained because they don't support TB. As long as the module and TB is compatible with 1.6 the old module will work but many developers choose to only focus on 1.7.
  23. Last week
  24. It's done only by one person. @datakick. Is he part of new crew? I thought he was volunteer. There was also his goodbye post, but he didn't go? Was he hired?
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