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  2. tommat

    Module for " customers who bought this also.....

    You have it built in TB. It's Cross selling module.
  3. I'm manually creating an order in the back-end. I can't edit the price for a product that has a quantity of 2 or more; the price always jumps back. Only when the quantity is 1 does the manually edited price stay. Oddly, this only affects a certain (attribute) product. Other products aren't affected. Any ideas what this could relate to?
  4. Hi Is there a module out there like the one described in the subject. Working with TB Regards Anders
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering if it is possible to force content depending on language. Let me explain: My shop is in two languages, English and French. With the CMS pages, I am able to have one type of content in English and totally different content in French. However, the blog module I use forces the English on both - it actually expects me to translate the English to French. It is not actually relevant - I have thousands of posts that would require translations - and what is needed in French is not the same as what is needed in English. I toyed with the idea of using multistore in order to control the content but it is a lot of troubles just for that, plus it actually puts me in breach of the law: If people land on the English site but want French, they need to be able to switch. If I make one version of the site in English and one in French, I am in breach... Since it works with the CMS page, I was wondering what type of modifications I could make to the blog so that it only shows English posts when lang=1 and French posts when lang=2. Any insights are appreciated.
  6. datakick

    incompatibility with Page Cache Ultimate

    Cache modules are one of the few that aren't (deliberately) compatible. The question is, do you need to use this module at all? Thirtybees has very good response time even with all caches disabled.
  7. Hello, I understand that thirtybees is the one that makes the effort so that PS modules are compatible and not vice versa, well I want to put on the table this incopatibility of this powerful module as it is Page Cache Ultimate, I got in touch with the developer showing the problem https://www.screencast.com/t/WGXxk2GuM6hQ and they say "As far as I know the module is not compatible with Thirtybees since there is a core classe with the same name" PageCache "" then there is How to make this module compatible? I really do not want to lose the position he has.
  8. datakick

    Conseqs - new module under development - ideas needed

    This is, in general, the intended use case. The module will work like this: 1) something happens in your thirtybees that will trigger the consequence rule 2) every trigger type will collect and provide details about the event. For example, *product added to cart* event would fetch information about added product, information about cart, information about customer, current cart total, etc... and pass these information forward to conditions/action layer 3) conditions can be build using only those information passed by trigger. So, there can be condition like 'added product id equals 100' or 'added product description contains word T-shirt'. 4) if all conditions are met, then the action is trigger 5) most actions needs some parameters for execution. For example, action 'Redirect' needs redirect url. These action parameters can be provided as constant during rule definition, or can be derived from trigger output. For example, we could say the redirect url is 'https://www.google.com/{product_name}' where {product_name} will be substituted on the fly Your use case would require to define condition (step 3) like this: - there exists some customer record in database that is marked as blacklisted and has same email as currently pending email While this condition can be implemented, it will not be in the first few versions, as I will first try to tackle primitive conditions
  9. datakick

    Why is the title of a blog post wrapped in a H4 tag?

    You can copy post.tpl to themes/<yourtheme>/modules/beesblog/views/templates/front/post.tpl and make your modifications there. This file will not be overwritten on module update. But you are right, I also don't see any reason why it should use <h4> by default. Let's track this in github issue: https://github.com/thirtybees/beesblog/issues/33
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi, Just wondering why the title of a blog post is wrapped in an H4 tag instead of an H1 tag in post.tpl? An H1 tag makes much more sense for a title and it is also better from a SEO point of view. Any particular reason? Of course, I can change it in post.tpl but then it will be overwritten with an update of that file. I just discovered that there is SEO category too on this forum. Probably, this post should be moved to that category. But I don't know how.
  12. Just Advanced EU Compliance Module only without any additional check-out module, standard TB so far. Are you facing the same one?
  13. If the module is capable to blacklist customers I will buy it 🙂 For example: If customer is added to a blacklist and some of customer’s details like phone number, name, address etc. match in new order, the module sends warning email to the merchant.
  14. datakick

    Colors are not displayed on the categories page

    Thanks for bug report and proposed fix. I was able to reproduce the caching problem, and the fix indeed works correctly
  15. No addresses are shown at the last step of the check-out process, see the screenshot below. The Advanced EU Compliance Module has an option called Advanced Checkout Page. This enables complete order overview on the last check-out page before ordering (legal required in Germany). But somehow the address fields are empty. I am using TB 1.0.8 and Panda theme 1.4.6
  16. Thanks for explanation! I have contacted the Panda theme developer, he fixed it. The fix will be included in the next theme release.
  17. Mark

    Cant get get rid of free delivery

    This shipping area is a total minefield of problems I can see. Thanks though, regarding your payment check above, it passed those. The Shipping is extremely complex, far more than most would require and all the complexity adds lots of potential to go wrong. When cache issues compound that its unworkable. I cannot see why all the complexity around all the generic weight rules cannot be overruled by a simple cost per unit by carrier model under the Carrier Billing Section. I get the idea of trying to create a weight based system to rule them all for all products but really its just too complex. Plus it requires dimensions and weights for every product. An additional simpler model (to the weight and price options) could be a Quantity based system something like: I have a product, product A. It costs $10 and shipping to Zone A by Method A is $3. Total cost is $13. It should be variable by quantity. ie If I buy 3x product A then per unit its $2 and so shipping for 3 is $6. Weight is not a factor under this system. If I wanted weight, I could choose the existing complex model. @datakick what do you think? At present I still cannot get the system to get rid of Free Shipping. However, it does still happen. But then I think once the system cache adds Freehipping once, its FreeShipping for all, at least thats how it appears. If I clear the cache it seems to improve temporarily. This page discusses some of the issues https://www.prestashopmanager.com/useful-articles/tips-tricks/what-to-check-if-prestashop-carriers-are-not-available-at-checkout/
  18. 30knees

    Conseqs - new module under development - ideas needed

    About the first one: I was thinking of adding a line in the shopping cart summary, in case that makes it easier.
  19. Last week
  20. colorful-ant

    Cant get get rid of free delivery

    Presumably all active shipping costs are activated in all products. deactivate the one shipment and check it. Do not forget to delete cache. Maybe there is something missing in the settings. show here and check all your settings dont forget to scroll down
  21. Hi, I have just migrated my website from PS1.6.1.24 to TB 1.08, everything looked okay and I was prompted after the migtration that several modules needed to be updated. I tried to view the FO and was met with error 500. I carried out the required updatesm thinking this was the problem. but still error 500 on FO. I turned on debug and this high lighted the Google Analytics module as the problem. I have the latest Google Analytics 3.3.5 and Google Analytics API v3.0.1, but I have the API module disabled, so this is not the problem. I have searched on the forum amd this error has occured for other users. If I disable the module, the site works fine and there doesn't appear to be any other issues. I'm not using the default PS theme, but without the module enabled it all seems fine. Can anybody help please? Thank you ScooterCK Here is the debug report [ThirtyBeesException] Call to a member function isRegisteredInHook() on boolean at line 733 in file modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php 728. { 729. 730. if (Module::isEnabled($name)) { 731. $module = Module::getInstanceByName($name); 732. 733. return $module->isRegisteredInHook('home'); 734. } else { 735. return false; 736. } 737. } 738. Ganalytics->isModuleEnabled - [line 708 - modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php] - [1 Arguments] Ganalytics->hookHome - [line 776 - classes/Hook.php] - [1 Arguments] HookCore::coreCallHook - [line 486 - classes/Hook.php] - [3 Arguments] HookCore::execWithoutCache - [line 288 - classes/Hook.php] - [7 Arguments] HookCore::exec - [line 416 - override/classes/Hook.php] - [7 Arguments] Hook::exec - [line 58 - controllers/front/IndexController.php] - [1 Arguments] IndexControllerCore->initContent - [line 82 - override/classes/controller/FrontController.php] FrontController->run - [line 837 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 33 - index.php]
  22. I cant get rid of free delivery. I have a delivery charge listed in "Additional shipping fees (for a single item)" in the product menu that I want the delivery charge to be. Under Shipping/ Carriers Free Shipping is No as is Handling. No matter what I do, the cart always shows free delivery
  23. You missed the core of what I wrote. The Ajax call returns some text in some predetermined format (not always json). When there is a warning in that returned text the format no longer matches and you get the kind of message that you see. However, this is half of the php warning - so completely useless. You need to have a look at the complete returned text or your error logs to see the complete message: problem x happened at line y in file z. I told you how to do that.
  24. Jonny

    Head code in specific page/directory

    Then you can just edit the \themes\panda\header.tpl file, use a piece of code like this {if $smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|strpos:"/blog/" !== false || $smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|strpos:"retinol" !== false} <script src="https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXd=37" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script> {/if}
  25. wakabayashi

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    You are welcome
  26. Purity

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    This modification seems to work. +1 Thanks a lot buddy, I really do appreciate the help.
  27. wakabayashi

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    Yeah it would be correct as you describe (theme folder) it. It sounds a bit strange to me, that nothing happens. I am not at a computer with code editor right now. Maybe instead {if $child.id!=yourID} is correct...
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