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  2. Can't agree. http://www.dotsamazing.com/en/labs/phpmemorylimit 8000x8000 would require 334MB. So lots more than Default 256MB on most hostings. Some still use 128MB. Software cannot simply overcome this. Prestashop would fall here too.
  3. Solved it - Sort of The problem is the Move JavaScript to the end settings I have added it to github as an issue https://github.com/thirtybees/cookiebot/issues/1
  4. HI Haylau, I went away from the cookiebot and just used the built-in cookie disclaimer from TB. Even though i know that it will not be sufficient enough regarding new regulations that you need to be able to disable/deny the cookies
  5. How did you get the javascript to run. I can see the javascript on the page source but no cookie banner Console give this error: Error: Can't read data values from the cookie script tag - make sure to set script attribute ID. log @ uc.js:1 process @ uc.js:1 init @ uc.js:1 CookieControl.Cookie @ uc.js:1 (anonymous) @ uc.js:1
  6. Na this is hard to tell for me. I can only say, that you probably use multiple modules, that are not super clean in their js handling. Probably also the cookie module you use...
  7. you are right! it seems it is a module because deactivating it, it is solved. I deactivated the module now. Could you tell me from the console if there is something I can correct? (only if it is simple)
  8. If you deactivate the smart cache, it's simpler, to debug from where the issue comes...
  9. Yeah you have multiple console errors (right click in chrome and use inspectation). I would try to deactivate external modules and check again... Dont forget, to delete cache always after changes...
  10. in chrome, just click in allow after doing clic in install. It is about 3 sec 😉 about checking....I should know what to check first :S No dev knowledge here, but since our shop is closed, I activated the smart cache for javascript so you can see the problem yourself if you would like. Just enter here: https://www.lesielle.com/es/activos/retinol-vitamina-a-03/1 Click in "reservar" and go to the checkout. You will see both buttons (instead of the registration form), including the guest checkout button (that is deactivated) and whatever you do you will be redirected to "my account" page
  11. Yes perfect! Simple things are sometimes the hardest to comprehend!
  12. CoreUpdater will fix code in core only, it will not touch your module. But, in this case, you won't have to do anything. This issue will just be fixed 'twice' 🙂
  13. I believe, it doesn't matter at all. I guess, he will fix the core, so that lower/uppercase won't matter anymore. Next time when you update the module, the override will probably be replaced, but I am not 100% sure about it.
  14. I also confirm it is working! Just to know how it works... If I am using bleeding edge and you correct the core, should I also change (revert) again this override file, or no need to touch anything because bleeding edge update core but also modify (revert) this file to its original/correct state? I hope I explained myself clearly 😅
  15. I cant watch the video, since I am too lazy to download flash player again. But I believe I understand the issue. Have you checked the browser console?
  16. That was actually my point from above 😉 Good, we could finally make this work 🙂
  17. Oh I was just trying to solve it too ^^ Thanks for the solution! I can confirm, that it works again!
  18. oi, there's a new bug in core 🙂 When NoCaptchaRecaptcha module is installed, the call to Module::isEnabled('NoCaptchaRecaptcha') returns false, while call Module::isEnabled('nocaptcharecaptcha') returns expected true. I'll fix this in the core. Until then, you edit override file (\override\controllers\front\ContactController.php) and replace all occurrence of Module::isEnabled('NoCaptchaRecaptcha') with Module::isEnabled('nocaptcharecaptcha')
  19. Well don't I feel stupid! That took a whole 30 seconds to install to solve my problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLARIFYING! Must need more coffee because I was lost after downloading not realizing it's a simple module install! See this is the problem, thirtybees just works for me been a long while since I had to mess with anything and it was as simple as that. You are much appreciated @wakabayashi Like magic, there is the state!
  20. Wtf. I was sure it its working in my store. Just tested too and the captcha is not needed 😂
  21. Yeah exactly... When we get orders from supplier, we want to scan them and update everything automatically. We want to use chaotic storage as well... But ok this is not part of this topic. Well you can just download this: https://github.com/thirtybees/addressliststates/releases/download/1.0.0/addressliststates-v1.0.0.zip and install it.
  22. I am thru now. Login to backend with http and not https. Then regenerate htaccess. Now I am in. But the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is still there. Will look into that
  23. Ah, so Yes, I see that file with date modification from today so it has to be from the module installation.
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