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  2. Thanks for the reply. I am 99.99% certain there was no back office changes. The time frames do not match because of the time lapsed between some automated events that are times. But surely not even possible in the back office to change address from a different customer. Just checked again and even more weird. The two customer accounts were created within an hour of each other with no other accounts or orders taken in between. Almost as though something was cached But we do not have any caches switched on at all (strangely they make our site slower) Guess we put it down to one of those things and keep an eye on it. Perhaps somehow a delay with payment processor otifications? Both were stripe
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  4. I have encoutered similar issue once, but not on front office. When I created order manually in back offce, something went wrong and addresses belonging to two different customers were used. I'm sure at the time I hit save it showed correct address, though... So my question to you is: Are you sure that the order was already wrong at the creation time? Maybe you modified it in back office, and something went wrong from there...
  5. I am putting this question here because I am using CHEX but it may be nothing to do with CHEX. I have never seen this and can't see how this is even possible so just looking for possible reasons New customer created an order using CHEX. Their account (user@newcustomer.com) has THREE addresses. All address have the same address alias. Is that even possible? But that is not the main question Customer created the order and we shipped it to the delivery address on the order. And it has not arrived. When we look back at the order it has two DIFFERENT address. One of the addresses matches the address in the customer account but the other address (yes, the delivery address) is totally odifferent. Infact it is a different country AND this is the main point the address is actaully linked to a different customer account user@oldcustomer.com) So basically new customer has entered one adddress and a different address belonging to a different customer has been inserted into the order automatically. I know this is not possible. I could not do it manually if I tried so has anyone come across this kind of glitch before??
  6. The past couple of days I've been getting loads of spam newsletter registrations. I thought they were coming from Block Newsletter v3.0.4, so I disabled the module. I installed the SendinBlue module and I'll be using it to synchronise subscriptions between the store and SendinBlue. The odd thing is that the Block Newsletter module kept on being enabled. Could the SendinBlue module be enabling it? Is the Block Newsletter module necessary to collect newsletter subscriptions in the account creation (there's a box there for that)?
  7. A brief update: It seems to work rather nicely. 🙂
  8. I once considered making such a thing for Prestools. But I discarded the idea when I saw how Prestashop constantly changed the database structure - the indexes the most. Even core indexes were sometimes different - as an extra field was included. As many of those database variations will be maintained in shops moving to Thirty Bees my expectation is that you will see a wide variety of structures and most of those differences will be irrelevant. My recommendation would be to divide the output in three categories: - the really critical: missing tables, fields, indexes and field properties. The user should be recommended to fix these. - the potentially problematic, such as the NOT NULL field you mentioned. The user should be recommended to fix those only if there are problems and he has checked that they aren't used by some module. - the nearly certainly innocent - such as id fields with length 10 instead of 11. In all cases a dump of the repaired tables should be made.
  9. @zen I think you are right. Try a fresh start. Thanks. @haylau Yes, shipping has worked fine. Something wobbled when "messing" with bleeding edge/core update changes. Screenshot shows our simple setup. Thanks to you both. We will reset and drop the counties too. Signut
  10. @FooLabI saw you use sendy.co. How do you integrate it with thirty bees?
  11. Did you happen to try the module? I'm looking into newsletter options.
  12. It seems to me that Mailchimp generally doesn't work too well with tb. For example, Amazon customers are added as unsubscribed contacts. Also, there isn't a sync from Mailchimp to the tb newsletter database when a customer unsubscribes. At least in my store it's a total mess.
  13. Can you show us screen prints of all the carrier settings? Has the EVER worked? Is this a brand new installation? Do you need counties in the UK? I have them switched off as irellevant for my shipping systems
  14. If all the setup is OK, and customer group permission as well, then you might think about deleting carriers and re-create them.
  15. 😅 Thank you for pinging wakabayashi. I wonder what brought you to mind when I wrote the post. At least I PMed the right person. 🙂
  16. @30bees you thank the wrong person. you have to thank @wakabayashi i have nothing to do with the module
  17. Thanks @colorful-ant Yes, Payment is ok, but we are very grateful for your pointer - it was useful to re-check. Signut.
  18. I'm using PS Affiliate v1.2.1 - by Active Design. It's ok. Not the smoothest UX but gets the job done.
  19. @vincentdenkspelv2 sounds amazing. Thank you! 100h is an immense amount of time and truly exceptional dedication and generosity. I was one of the people asking for expiration of points. I apologise for not being active here sooner. My 'real job' is keeping me super busy and all I do for my shop right now is restocking when needed and answering customer emails. I'll hopefully have time to test the last two weeks the year and I will definitely try to test sooner. I will report here, even if community support has ended. Again, thank you so very much.
  20. Definitely the API based mail provider services like mailgun, sendgrid, mailjet, even gmail, rapid etc can all help greatly plus also they dont expose server ip and can manage campaigns and a lot more besides transactional email
  21. Mark

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    Sorry, whats FPC @datakick?
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  23. settings under modules services -> payment all ok?
  24. Can anyone suggest the most likely cause for the message 'No carrier available' in the Checkout? The same result appears on both standard and OPC (Chex) checkout options. We are single country setup, with several carriers defined. Specific carrier selected in 'Products' OK. Carrier defined in Shipping OK. Countries and States defined in Localization OK. Using latest TB Bleeding Edge, Warehouse Theme. We are puzzled as what to check next? Grateful for any ideas.
  25. @datakick I've noticed that request emails that go to yahoo, gmail, most exchange addresses, and even my own domain always strip out the product image and stars, making the email look pretty terrible. See below. I realize that those companies do a lot of auto stripping by default, but do you, or does anyone else, know a way we can slide through better image formatting so they show up at least part of the time?
  26. I forgot to mention that this comparison tool does not actually report extra columns and tables (it can detect them, but it disregard these differences silently). It only tracks known database objects, anything extra is silently allowed... I have some problems with that as well, though. For example, extra column in core table can be a very serious problem if it is defined as a NOT NULL, and does not have any default value. Client of mine installed a module that created such column + added override for controller to ensure that some value is always passed. But then he disabled this module -- and his shop stopped working, because insert into this table throws mysql exception. Again, it would be best if these kind of modification were described in metadata layer, so core knows how to deal with it. Similarly, extra unique key can cause a lot of issues.
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