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  2. Hallo, da gibts einige Themen dazu (englisch), musst mal suchen, ist eine lapidare Lösung wie ich mich erinnern kann.
  3. Gute idee dann kann ich mich von unseren Servern verabschieden und nen 0815 vps nehmen 😀 also wir haben am selben Server mehrere Prestashops und auch andere am Laufen und alles läuft. TLS 1.2 auch alles Gut nur das Paypal Modul will nicht - nur das von TB - das Modul von Presta läuft aber…
  4. Hallo Liebe Gemeinde! Habe folgendes Problem: TLS v1.2 is not supported. Please upgrade your server. TLS 1.2 wird aber unterstützt! - kann auch leicht mit php.info ausgelesen werden ... Hat Jemand eine Idee? Grüße aus Österreich
  5. Hola, tengo un problema con la desinstalación del módulo NEWPRICELIST. Lo he desinstalado y eliminado desde el front office porque me daba algún que otro problema a la hora de importar. Una vez realizado esto, ahora me da el error 500 cuando intento entrar en parámetros avanzados, importar csv. Supongo que no se habrá desinstalado bien del todo. He intentado volver a instalarlo y ahora no me deja. Me he quedado pillado. Alguien sabe como solucionarlo? Gracias.
  6. Hey there! After going through your issues I recommend you to move forward with a reliable VPS service provider. Just look out for a few certain things such as; uptime, reliability, customer support, price, scalability, and server configuration. Thank you...
  7. Last week
  8. Have a look for an IP block. Under Settings I believe.
  9. Never heard of it. A screenshot would surely help a bit. Also what is the exact error message? "too many entries" leads to no result in my quick fulltext search of tb files...
  10. Hey there We experience some strange things when we are working on products with many colors, sizes ect. After some short time we is denied access to or own site because of 'too many entries'. For some time: Typically 5 mins or sometimes an hour, after that it worked fine again (until next time). I have a talk with the host of my site, but they say it is something in my software that does this (thirtybees?). Anybody else trieed this? Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Hello, A few suggestions: 1) The "recent blog post module" cannot be configured. One setting that would be useful is the amount of posts to display. At least for hookDisplayhome(). By default it is set to 4 - modules/beesblogrecentposts/beesblogrecentposts.php line 130 - "$recentPosts = BeesBlogPost::getPosts($this->context->language->id, 0, 4);" Changing 4 to 6 allowed for 2 additional posts to display. It would be really cool if this could be configured in the module settings. 2) When creating a new blog post you MUST select a language or it will not display. Simple fix: make the field required? 3) Ability to bulk edit multiple products. Maybe there is already a way to do it, but I created a new category and was unable to add multiple products to the new category at once.
  12. Hola Fernando57 muchas gracias, si eso ya lo habíamos probado y no ha funcionado. Gracias

  13. Hello, I’m Chris.
    It is my passion to collect LEGO Bricks And Minifigures. You can reach out for more information on Discount LEGO Mini Figures.

  14. Hi there @datakick I been spending time trying to find out how to create or assign a user to a existing coupon voucher if they had used a voucher for current order (ie free coupon gift afterr order using current coupon)。 Any means to make this happen? Ideally this is to happen only after item is shipped and not returned in prestashop (and criteria order used Voucher/Discount Code XXXXX)
  15. All fixed! Thanks for help If anyone finds this thread looking for Softaculous backup restoration tips, this is what I did to use one that was on my laptop (1) find out where Softaculous backs-up; either dropbox or on the web server (2) backup the broken site, so that there is a file name there that Softaculous recognises (3) upload the .gz backup from laptop to the same directory (4) swap the file names round, or somehow give your uploaded file the name that Softactulous recognises (5) use Softaculous to restore the backup. This could also be a way to transfer a site from one Softaculous server to another.
  16. Maybe you should look into database. There are some informations stored there...
  17. I have just pressed "multishop" on my live site's menu, after making a backup. Unfortunately (1) I downloaded the backup file to my laptop from Softaculous and am not sure how to get it to recognise this file if I upload again. I found the folder where it keeps backups, and put it there, but without any luck. (2) The site turned into an error message about mis-configuration. So I checked the .htaccess file for references to my new shop folder, and removed. Now my site url still defaults to the new multishop subfolder, which has no formatting and doesn't show photos. OK for tonight ( I am off to bed ) but: Does anyone know how to re-edit multishop settings so my url leads to the main site? (or any way to restore my backup which is a big .gz file?)
  18. Hello, I would like to know how many 30bees admin use Involic Prestabay module. How about use this thread to exchange suggestions and hints about it? For example in my case I miss a Fastbay feature that avoid to send to ebay low price items. Right now I "solved" it using price ranges in price templates. I set a price template with a price range that will be multiplie by 0 so ebay will give an error as the price is too low (less then 1€) and the item will not be listed... but I'm afraid that to many errors will trigger some "seller check". What do you think about involic prestabay? Do you miss features? @haylau @Lausli @30knees @Havouza @Leaton @ALM @veganline @Alan @CoffeeGuy
  19. Ebay and Amazon I found two lower budget ones: Involic and eMagicOne. I chose the second because it covered both Ebay and Amazon. I have not got eMagic to work yet, so I hope someone answers and says what it's good for. The Amazon accounts that it works with cost $20 a month, out of budget for me. leaving ebay. The ebay integration can be made to work by FTP or installing a connection module, which is fine but takes a little while to learn. There is also a smartphone app that shows you recent orders and stock levels on your phone. My problem was what do to with the ebay integration; for me it hasn't yet helped after a year's practice. I still change stock levels manually and not very reliably. Also, because this is a cheaper module than others, it offers limited support and no updates after the first month or so, which is fine but it takes a month or so just to get started. Finding the ebay plugon on their left- menu and where to click next on the top right menu took me at least a month to work-out. That leads to a sensible-looking set of options for synchronising, but none that I've learned to use usefully so far. So I suggest using Invlic for ebay and finding something else for Amazon, but other people might have had more luck with eMagicOne.
  20. I confirm that prestalia is not supporting ps1.6 and thirtybees any more.
  21. Thanks for the reply. We're running on multistore and redirect are part of the htaccess work to manage multiple shop at once. I've hided the urls due to privacy, since the error is in extraction, and modules works with absolute server side folders, not with www.domain.com/folders. Here's my php value: PHP_MAX_EXECUTION_TIME 900 memory_limit 768M so it doesn't seems to be a server side limit
  22. Sorry, don't know the answer. But perhaps it will help others if you review this help page carefully and let us know if every step you take is exactly the same and the screens look the same as this: https://thirtybees.com/migrate-from-prestashop/ There does seem to be a redirect from https://www.swimitalia.it/ to https://www.swimitalia.it/it/ I wonder if that is getting in the way some how Or perhaps you are running into timeout or memory issues, try increasing max_execution_time memory_limit
  23. Hi everyone! I'm trying to migrate PS to Thirty Bees. I've done and checked every step before run the migration. Unfortunately it stops on "extraction" progress: zip->extractTo(): unable to use /xxx/public_html/admin123/psonesixmigrator/latest as extract destination. I've checked the Zip extension (never had a problem installing modules etc) and timeout. I've also run a script to be sure every folders and file are 775 and files 644. I've checked the "latest" folder and I see that 90% of files was extracted. Can someone help me? From tomorrow our server will update to 7.3 and the site will be down forever. Here's the full error: zip->extractTo(): unable to use /xxx/public_html/admin123/psonesixmigrator/latest as extract destination. Archives will come from https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/releases/download/1.0.8/thirtybees-v1.0.8.zip and https://api.thirtybees.com/migration/packs/thirtybees-extra-v1.0.8.zip md5 hashes for core and extra should be resp. 805bf1b9e8ee6abf17e5e32f0b433a9f and 5ff8a5beb7c24d96643c0006c68e0fdf Directory tests complete. Downloading from https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/releases/download/1.0.8/thirtybees-v1.0.8.zip and https://api.thirtybees.com/migration/packs/thirtybees-extra-v1.0.8.zip Files will be saved to /xxx/public_html/admin123/psonesixmigrator/download/thirtybees-v1.0.8.zip and /xxx/public_html/admin123/psonesixmigrator/download/thirtybees-extra-v1.0.8.zip Downloads took 1 seconds. Download complete. "/latest" directory has been emptied zip->extractTo(): unable to use /xxx/public_html/admin123/psonesixmigrator/latest as extract destination. Thank you
  24. Although I agree with some of the points made in the comments, as the representative of myresellerhome, I would like to point out that, based on my extensive experience, server configuration is undoubtedly important when purchasing new servers, but support is also critical, and that some companies only provide ticket support, which takes time and is not always available.
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