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  2. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    Thanks guys, We are gonna test Mark's suggestion.
  3. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    We already sold one that's where we need it for. 🙂
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  5. I use this one: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/wishlist-gift-card/16680-gift-card-advanced-solution.html The PS 1.6.1 version works very well with TB and you have lots of options for customization.
  6. Decided this afternoon it was time to set-up prestools and learn how to use it I now wish I had done this sooner. As after learning what I was doing wrong before. I got passed the install and set-up and managed to get in and use it for the first time. Just done about 3 days work in a couple of hours lol as opening every page in admin does take hours.. Also going to make my next project of meta titles and descriptions much much easier.. The only thing I see is it doesn't show you how many letters you are using , so will have to keep an eye on that.Going to have to install it on my shops as well sometime Thanks for the great tool
  7. yup, thats the one. I've used it for a couple years now, never sold one... hopefully you'll have better luck.
  8. Did you mean this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/355886-giftcard-3/
  9. I used GiftCard by Loulou66 and Eolia, you'll have to do a search for it...
  10. i use this https://addons.prestashop.com/de/wunschzettel-geschenkkarte/18139-geschenk-karten.html
  11. Hi there, We want to sell gift cards on our webshop. Is there a gift card module running on Thirtybees (paid or free)? I didn't find one in the TB store. Regards, Piet
  12. Sure, China has been getting a free ride for too long and that needs to change. I think everyone (besides the Chinese...) can agree on that. The problem is that Trump is taking a sledgehammer approach to what should be treated with a scalpel. It's not at all clear how this will unfold or how this will impact everyone who mails things internationally.
  13. The bigger efferct of that will most likely be, that shipping 1-10$ gadgets from China won't be free anymore, or 1$. As currently delivering China gadgest is the biggest loss to all Natianal mail carriers everywhere on the world. As per agreement, i will deliver yours for free and you will deliver mine for free. I send you 1 airplane yearly, you ship 1000 back to me 😞 Like here, we have no import taxes up to 22€ in my country and no processing fee. Over that range tax applies and about 6€ processing fee. So people order China packages on daily basis just to be under 22€ limit. But that will soon change, as post will start charging arround 6-7€ processing fee for every single package that is comming from outside European Union. So ordering 10 small packages with low value products and free shipping will soon going to be expensive, as fee could be bigger than value of the order 🙂
  14. Perhaps slightly off topic, but probably of interest to a lot of people selling online. The US seems likely to leave the UPU or to force through major & rapid changes to the UPU that will greatly impact the global postal shipping system. There are plenty of articles about this in Google News but it hasn't received extensive mainstream coverage yet. This one is pretty good, IMO, but have a dig around in Google News (US leaving UPU or UPU meeting are likely good search terms) to see what comes up. This very likely (but not absolutely certain) move by the US is a double-edged sword. On one hand it will probably do a lot to stop the massive flood of ultra-cheap items being shipped individually from China. All that stuff you see on eBay for 99c with free shipping would stop pretty much immediately. That will create some demand and opportunity for domestic sellers in the US who are willing to wholesale batches of product from China for US resale. On the other hand though anyone shipping out of the US after October 1st (and anyone like me shipping into the US) could face some major business disruption. I'm in Japan and I don't think Japan has a particularly unfair/unbalanced agreement with the USPS but I suspect prices will go up in both directions anyway. Likewise anyone who has a business that involves drop-shipping items from China is probably going to face a LOT of business disruption. This will likely have knock-on effects to people who are in other countries, even if you don't deal with the US at all. Depending on how things unfold the entire UPU system could end up being renegotiated, or in a worst case scenario the treaty could fall apart. Overall it seems like something everyone here should be aware of. Not a whole lot we can do to prepare since it's not yet clear exactly how things are going to unfold. Nothing like uncertainty and potential major business disruption in the last quarter of the year. 😞
  15. Yup, I have settled on the idea of different subdomains for each store. It's the best overall solution for my situation and I only need to have one domain for each product line. How does that work with Google (et al) crawling the shops? Does it allow them to crawl shops in other countries? Pretty much all the google crawlers come from the US and Google says that forcing redirection based on geolocation is likely to result in their bots not being able to properly crawl all variations of a site. If Cloudflare doesn't force-redirect the various search engine crawlers it would be the ideal solution, especially since I'm already a very happy Cloudflare customer. 🙂 (And I'm glad to see you're more positive on Cloudflare these days too!) Absolutely! We have shipped to over 70 countries so far and will happily ship just about anywhere the post office will deliver to with tracking.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Oh, sorry I had Linux server in mind.. and obviously the ps 1.5 versions were in a php 5.x .. what I was meaning to say is that, we upgraded ps 1.5 sites to tb 1.1 with minimal problem.. and obviously the server has to be switch to php7 too..
  18. I have several clients that do this. Some of them do it wrong and some of them do it right. If it were me doing it I would either rely on a sub domain for each store or a / for each store. like store.com/us, store.com/ca. One of those would be the best move. Another important consideration is putting people from the right country in the right store. We started using the cloudflare api for that a while back, it is pretty solid on geolocation and is free. @datakick even ended up making a module for it. The third thing I would do is make sure every store can ship to every location. That reduces the hassle of people traveling and not being able to order.
  19. I had thought about that too but Google recommends against it. Settings like that can prevent the Google bot from crawling some sites and they may not be able to crawl all the different language versions. That could result in people searching in (for example) German or French not seeing results for the German or French versions of the site.
  20. I'm very surprised to hear you are running PHP 7 with PS 1.5 - I sure could get mine to run with PHP 7 - but that wasn't it, if you read all this thread there is a code change that is needed for a windows install.
  21. Also you know I agree with you. I am not talking about my expectations. I am talking about greed and reality. You always have order and chaos. Good and evil. It what we do with those feelings that make difference.
  22. Allowing companies to run rampant with little to no regulation is very much a USA thing. It's what lead to the global financial crisis, for example, and the continuing lack of bank regulation in the US will probably result in another similar crisis in the not too distant future. Generally a complete lack of corporate regulation is the domain of developing or mostly undeveloped countries, the US is a bad exception. Of course you can. Look at the EU privacy laws that are being enforced globally and have caused global changes in corporate behavior. That is regulating immoral behavior. I don't expect the US government to do anything because in the US large companies straight-up bribe politicians to make sure things go their way. The US golden rule has become "He who has the gold makes the rules." It's fantastic if you're already extremely wealthy and completely unreasonable for anyone & everyone else. Yes, that is the plan. I had thought Stripe might be a good (though perhaps temporary) alternative but since they do the same thing as what PayPal is trying to do they are obviously a no-go. I will work on finding other options but here in Japan credit cards are not as commonly used and getting a credit card processor as a small business is still challenging. If at all possible I will find a way to not use PayPal though.
  23. You set it in Localization .. Set language from browser.. The browser determines that according to your location.
  24. Greed is not a USA thing only. You can’t regulate immoral behavior. The climate will change based on what the market (the consumer) can bare. So if people leave PayPal they get the message. If they don’t they keep stealing. Also I wouldn’t count on governments to do anything of real substance. It’s based on the collective people. Which goes back to who all cares and actually does something. In general are you canceling your account? The answer should be yes.
  25. YOu can just chose "No tax" in your Tax rule..
  26. I'd like to do it this way but trying to find a single domain that is available across so many different ccTLDs is extremely difficult. Add in that some countries (cough, Australia, cough) make it very difficult to buy domains with their ccTLD and it becomes even harder. So if I do go this route (which seems likely) I'll likely end up with the uk.mysite.com, eu.mysite.com, au.mysite.com, etc setup. The main site will be www.mysite.com and be priced in USD. How do you manage this? With IP geolocation? Google doesn't seem to like that and states that in some cases it can prevent sites from being properly indexed and properly displayed in search results. Just trying to think of ways to make things as smooth and frustration-free as possible for customers, especially customers that might not be particularly tech-savy.
  27. You should expect more from service providers. We should all demand more from service providers. We all know the US will never effectively regulate these companies but hopefully the EU will step in and put a stop to this sort of predatory practice.
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