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  2. Error Permission denied page cannot see anything resembling efivfj and have gone over every link on the email , they all say email action id.. Suppose I will have to wait until a customer contacts me asking why they can't leave a review
  3. I'm sorry, I don't really understand. How what could happen? Does email sent from your store contains link with action=efivfj instead of action=review? If that's the case, then there needs to be some module / override / modification that modifies this during mail send.
  4. falls jemand interesse haben sollte mit einer anzeige des prozentsatzes auf der artikelseite ohne zusätzliche werbung zu machen. da kunden im onlineshop zu bewerben oder so wegen der kurzfristigen steuersenkung, was für die abmahner wieder ein gefundenes fressen ist. im prestashop-forum gefunden und teilweise getestet. leider habe ich hier nur artikel mit 16% (bzw alt/neu-dezember wieder 19%). daher keine ahnung ob es auch korrekt funktioniert. Link: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/560800-wie-kann-man-die-anzeige-des-mwst-satzes-beim-artikelpreis-einbauen/ vorher nachher tb bleeding edge mit niara theme und aeuc-modul habe unter themes / niara / modules / advancedeucompliance / views / templates / hook / hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl komplett hinzugefügt/kopiert und dann den abschnitt geändert alt {else} "aeuc_tax_label" {/if}> {$smartyVars.price.tax_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </span> {/if} neu {else} "aeuc_tax_label" {/if}> {$smartyVars.price.tax_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} {if {$product->tax_rate} <> 0} <span class="aeuc_tax_label">{l s='('}{$product->tax_rate} {l s='%)'}</span> {/if} </span> {/if}
  5. I thought it may be un-subscribe , but I see it says unsubscribe&secret in the link so it isn't that. Any ideas as to how this could happen
  6. Do you have Data Mining for Statistics module installed, and enabled? Thirtybees core does no collect these information by default, it's the responsibility of this module
  7. action=efivfj in the url is definitely not correct.
  8. Sorry another weird issue It's the 3rd 1 I have seen where revws URL brings up Error Permission denied page, does thsi link make any sense https://www.mywebsite.co.uk/module/revws/EmailAction?id=43&action=efivfj&product-id=142&rating=3&secret=92748d03aafbbdce2e738aa6e99b9c3a I've just made a test purchase and all went as it should with being signed into my account and not signed in
  9. Hi I don't understand the traffic box for visitors , unique visitors, and traffic sources. This box when I look shows nothing yet when I click on the links it show details should it not be showing the counts and stats in the view box? Thank you, Ron
  10. Oh yeah .. Forgot about that 1, I have also been caught out like this before too
  11. I can confirm that. I had never a single issue on anyting with php. Of course when you develop on js and use ajax you need to be a bit careful to delete the cache. But in general I am very happy with cloudflare.
  12. I don't agree. Cloudflare does not cache dynamic content (php, tpl output), it only caches static content (images, js, css, fonts). That means you only need to clear cloudflare cache when you edit js/css files. And if you enable CCC, you don't need to worry about this as well.
  13. Traumflug

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    Well, it behaves exactly as configured. If you want a distinct configuration, go to back office -> Modules & Services, find the image slider module and click on 'Configure', then scroll down a bit and click 'Edit' on the image you want to configure. There one can change texts as well as the URL on click. BTW., this button shape is just visual. Clicking anywhere else on the slided image gives the same result.
  14. Cloudflare comes with the same can of worms as full page caching. Shops require dynamic content, e.g. distinct content of the same page depending on the user currently logged in. Caches remove this dynamic, so one has to take care to disable the cache where it harms.
  15. Theme name gets prefixed to the image type name to allow multiple themes being installed. For example, having community-theme-default in one shop and Niara in another shop of a multishop setup. This didn't work before tb 1.1.0. It looks like you use a module or theme which uses hardcoded image type names rather than looked up ones.
  16. Problem solved. Photos filenames looks like that Niara_thickbox_default, changed to thickbox_default and everything works like before switching. Don't know why thirtybees changed the filenames when switching from theme to theme.
  17. try clearing all cache, also if you have cloudflare on hosting
  18. Last week
  19. Hi everyone I need quick help. When i have changed theme from Niara to Community Theme Modded and back to Niara i've lost allmost all photos from home page and from featured and best selling products. Thumbnails regeneration didn't work. Any ideas whats wrong?
  20. This one? https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/cart-protection-pro.html Look at the gallery pictures, should help you
  21. veganline

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    back office > modules and services > modules and services > image slider module > configure It's a good module for making people think "wow" when first looking at a web template, but I guess that most merchants turn it off or delete it on their own sites after looking at it for a while. I don't have a copy installed to see how it works but the instructions should point an image to a category, such as "tea" ------edit If you can set-up a demo shop easily, one way of getting to know it is to try to disable everything, then re-enable things to find out whether you want them. The minimum default is just a single horizonal line above the footer section; everything else can be disabled. On the other hand, the categories module takes a bit of googling and thought to enable on the front page while the layered navigation module doesn't suit the front page and probably can't go there at all.
  22. Unfortunately that's not true. For example, there is always recalculation of $newShippingCostTaxExcl = (float) $amountTaxIncl/(1+($newCarrier->getTaxesRate($deliveryAddress)/100)); which means that current tax rate will be used to figure out shipping cost tax excl
  23. wakabayashi

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    From this screenshot I have no idea, where it comes from. Please show a bigger screenshot. So expierenced user will know, which module is relevant.
  24. I will look again into this. But IMO this is not the case. It's true that 'updateShipping' is called always. This is because you can set a fixed amount of shipping. If you don't change this value and don't select recalculate, there is an update but with just the same values as you already had in DB. In my country this is a bit different. But I am aware that this can be an issue. That's why I created the form in the second commit. The form allows me to add an "invoice select". So every merchant can select the invoice, which should be updated. Right. I completly forgot about this shitty id_carrier change. But I believe, if I just add the "deleted/changed" carrier to the selector as well, this should be solved.
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