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    I imagine everyone has noticed that we launched a new forum over night. We should have most things transferred over. One thing that did not / will not make it is personal messages. Since there was no automatic way to migrate the forums, we had to do everything by hand. Because of privacy we did not even attempt to migrate the messages. If you notice any bugs, which there are a few still, please let us know by replying to this thread.
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    Hey guys, i created this theme based on community theme with clean design, some additional modules and second image on hover. You can see demo here: http://demo.worldtriangle.com/niara/ and download it here: https://gum.co/niara100/
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    I really think in the end you will find it is module based. Something likely with an ipn is connecting back and supposed to set something, but is accidentally (a bug) cancelling the order. I wonder if that module has a hard coded status for delivered, like its just setting a specific status without checking. You might check that. It would be kind of tedious, but see what status cancelled is in your shop, then search the module for that id number.
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    If you have debug mode enabled, then disable it and try again. It has the tendency to break json/xml responses because of display_errors php directive
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    Don't do that, as system is not designed to share images. For example, when you delete product, all its images are deleted as well. If on of those images is shared with another product you would have a problem.
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    Índice del contenido: Requisitos del hosting: desde minuto 0:30 Instalación automática desde Softaculous: a partir de 2:50 Instalación manual: a partir de 6:55 Descarga el paquete de instalación de Thirty Bees desde aquí: *** https://thirtybees.com/download/ *** Contrata un plan con a2hosting (tiene la opción de instalar automáticamente ThirtyBees): https://www.a2hosting.com/thirty-bees-hosting?aid=thirtybees También puedes elegir otros servidores, simplemente revisa los requisitos antes para no llevarte sorpresas 😉 En la misma página de Thirty Bees hay otros hostings recomendados que son partners oficiales. Además, contratando desde sus enlaces, les ayudas a seguir manteniendo la plataforma. CÓMO INSTALAR TB MANUALMENTE: Descargar el paquete desde la página Crear un directorio, dominio o subdominio para la web Subir el paquete al directorio raíz elegido Crear una base de datos, usuario y contraseña nuevos Acceder a la ruta para ejecutar la instalación Rellenar los pasos del formulario para ejecutar la instalación Borrar el directorio "/install" Si quieres descargar el mejor theme para Thirty Bees: *** http://bit.ly/PandaPrestaTheme *** Acceso al curso eCommerce by Yourself: *** http://bit.ly/ecommerceby *** Echa un vistazo al foro de Thirty Bees: https://forum.thirtybees.com
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    This week we are actually releasing a post where we are moving off of patreon to an in house solution, that will give us better control, save money on fees, and offer more payment options. Our forum also has blogs as well, I just wrote a post on how to activate your own blog here, That way you can share your thoughts or ideas with other thirty bees users.
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    The thirty bees forum allows you to create your own blog posts, so that you can share your ideas with the rest of the world. User blogs are an excellent way to share tips and tricks, modules you have created, or how to custom edit a thirty bees site. This makes more sense than having posts to a forum, which are easily buried over time. You can even create custom polls on your blogs, to ask user users questions. To create your own blog, just go to the main blog page here. In the top right corner you should see a Create A Blog button, click on it to get started. Once you click on the button, you will be able to name your main blog, then you can start creating posts for your blog. Its a pretty simple and easy process. Once we get a few posts under our belt, we will start feeding the blog posts around the forum, so our users can see the content that our other users are creating. Giving you more exposure, more module sales, and a greater ability to help other users.
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    OK, think we have to get used to it. One thing... can you please make the font in #000000 Color Hex Black as standard (it is very hard to read on desktop and also most mobiles). Then it will also fit better to the thirtybees logo 🙂 Thank you!!
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    Now you know why thirty bees didn't do this, yet 🙂 Two things are helpful: Try in small increments. Like 1.11.0 -> 1.12.0 -> 2.0.0 -> ... Be more detailed than "I get conflicts". Which conflicts, how to reproduce them?
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    I'm making another demo in Spanish for Youtube and just saw the new forum live while recording, haha. Congrats, guys!
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    Url structure has changed, which means all inbound links, bookmarks, etc wont work anymore. SEO nightmare. For example, topic urls changed from forum.thirtybees.com/topic/id/friendly-url to forum.thirtybees.com/topic/id-id/friendly-url
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    We have had reports of members of our community harassing developers on other blogs. Things like posting disparaging comments and harassing other posters and members. This is something we cannot tolerate and if there are any more reports the members will be removed from the community. We believe in choice and freedoms, we can get along with everyone. Lets do that. I am locking this post, it is an announcement / rule, not a discussion.
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    I would use the layout from the default theme as a base, then work from there. Starting from scratch is going to kill you because there is so much javascript and smarty you would need to learn to make a theme from scratch. I have a small article on how to compile with our theme, so you can make changes in the scss files and then compile them into your own css files. https://thirtybees.com/developer-blog/editing-theme-css-linux/
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    Habeis probado este de prestashop? https://addons.prestashop.com/es/pago-tarjeta-carteras-digitales/6492-tpv-redsys-pago-tarjeta-devoluciones-y-pago-un-click.html Yo lo compré cansado del oficial y de momento me va bien. El oficial es una castaña y da problemas a mucha gente (a mi me volvió loco con el tema de los SSL)
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    ### The flawed update mechanism Perhaps you remember the *1.0.8* update a couple of weeks ago. While it certainly solved bugs and misalignments for many, it also resulted in quite a number of reports about messed up shops after the update. That's not tolerable, of course. Thinking about this problem I compared to what we developers do to switch between versions, and why we pretty much never mess up a shop installation by doing so, despite switching back and forth all the time. Developers do a `git checkout 1.0.7` to switch to version *1.0.7*, `git checkout 1.0.5` to switch to version *1.0.5*, `git checkout 1.0.x` to switch to the latest development, and so on. And there's the fundamental distinction: doing such a checkout doesn't apply a patchset or a set of changed files, like the current updater module does. When checking out a version, Git compares files currently on disk with kind of a master set of files (stored in the `.git` directory), then changes files on disk to make them match this master set. The current update module, which is a refined version of Prestashops 1-click updater, has a fundamental flaw: it doesn't check whether files on disk are right, but blindly applies a set of changed files. Who creates this set of changed files? Right: thirty bees developers, which have never seen your shop installation. This set of changed files gets created not on knowledge, but on assumptions. The assumption that your shop installation matches a clean shop installation. Which is often not true, as we unfortunately experience over and over again. ### Meet GitUpdater Having the fundamental flaw detected, a new updater module started to evolve. Prepared sets of file changes are gone. Instead, the module compares the shop installation to a clean master installation, which gets served by api.thirtybees.com. This always works, and after an update, a shop will always be in a clean, sane state. A recipe for reliability. #### Advantages - This works from any release to any release. Select the wanted version, click *Compare* and see which files changed since then. - Which means, one can downgrade or rollback just a easily as update. - Another use case is to compare the current installation to the master installation. Updating from e.g. *1.0.8* to *1.0.8* is perfectly possible, to restore a broken shop. - Before too long, this will also support updating to development branches. E.g. to test bug fixes provided on Github. Or even single commits. - Manual changes get detected. During comparison, the module detects files which don't match the original version, so the merchant can deal with his manual edits. - Smooth operations. All operations taking place got split into small chunks, so one can virtually never run into maximum processing time limits. ### The preview Here it is: **[gitupdater-2019-01-05.zip](/assets/uploads/files/1546798768489-gitupdater-2019-01-05.zip)** Install it by unpacking in the modules folder or using *Add a new module* (top right corner) in back office -> *Modules & Services* -> *Modules & Services*. Having the module installed, a new menu item, *Updater*, appears in menu *Preferences*. That's where this module gets controlled. #### Yet To Do - Actual updates. Currently the module does comparisons only, not actually change files. Which is why playing with this module preview is safe. - File filtering. Some files should get ignored. For example, an update shouldn't reinstall the `install/` folder despite this folder being present in a clean installation. It also shouldn't remove product images or translations, despite them being not present in releases. - User interface. Currently, this module shows a list of all changed/created/removed files. This can be a huge list with up to 10,000 lines. Ideas to display this list in a less scary way are welcome. And for those not installing the module immediately, here's a screenshot: ![0_1546800980968_Screenshot GitUpdater 2019-01-06.png](/assets/uploads/files/66/1546800981981screenshot-gitupdater-2019-01-06.png)