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    Sorry, this was the page on my website https://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/1206-series-munsen-rings-bossed-pipe-clamps/12248-munsen-type-bossed-pipe-clips-t304-t316-stainless-steel.html#.YeiE1IGnyfA
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    TB is not compatible with PHP 8 yet. The work on compatiblity is in progress, though. Hopefully the next version 1.4 will be fully php8 compatible. Until then, php 7.4 it is.
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    Bonjour, Bonne et heureuse année 2022 pour tous vos projets de ecommerce avec thirtybees et surtout la santé.
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    I agree that regular hotfix releases should exists. When I say hotfix, I don't really mean bugfix release. I mean release that fixes those issues that were introduced in the last release only. And only those issues, for which fix is very well understood and the confidence level is very high. There is not many such issues. Since 1.3.0, there were exactly 3 commits like that: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/compare/1.3.0...1.3.x , four lines in total. Why not include other bugfixes into such release as well? Well, because it comes with potential of creating more problems, mostly because of the non-linearity of the codebase. Even if the fix/commit seems safe, it might not be safe for cherry-picking to different branch. For example, imagine this one line fix in main branch $price = (float)Tools::getValue('price'); to $price = Tools::getNumberValue('price'); On the first glance, it looks quite safe to cherry pick and transfer this commit from main to bugfix branch. After all, it's but single line. But it is never so simple. In this case, the getNumberValue method was introduced only recently into main branch. If we transfer this code without the commit that introduced the 'getNumberValue' method, it would break. Problem with official releases is that it takes a lot of time. Like 8 hours of mundane manual work. Of course, we could automate this. But to automate this we would need a lot of time as well. But until this is automated, there will be just a few releases. As a workaround for the time being, I plan to introduce third channel into 'core updater'. Currently we have 'Stable' and 'Bleeding Edge', but soon we will have 'Stable', 'Stable with hotfixes', and 'Bleeding edge'. Please suggest better name for the new channel 🙂
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    Hello, A few suggestions: 1) The "recent blog post module" cannot be configured. One setting that would be useful is the amount of posts to display. At least for hookDisplayhome(). By default it is set to 4 - modules/beesblogrecentposts/beesblogrecentposts.php line 130 - "$recentPosts = BeesBlogPost::getPosts($this->context->language->id, 0, 4);" Changing 4 to 6 allowed for 2 additional posts to display. It would be really cool if this could be configured in the module settings. 2) When creating a new blog post you MUST select a language or it will not display. Simple fix: make the field required? 3) Ability to bulk edit multiple products. Maybe there is already a way to do it, but I created a new category and was unable to add multiple products to the new category at once.
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    Maybe you should look into database. There are some informations stored there...
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    to who asking how to do it: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/5380-restyling-radio-buttons-need-some-quick-js-help-i-think/
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    Thanks for helping me solve this offiline @wakabayashi The radio buttons are now shown as below
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    In this case we went for a JS solution. <script> document.querySelector('#buy_block').addEventListener("click", function(event) { updateLabelsSelectedClass(); }); updateLabelsSelectedClass(); function updateLabelsSelectedClass() { var attributes_options = document.querySelectorAll('#attributes input'); if (attributes_options) { attributes_options.forEach(function (element) { var label = element.closest('li').querySelector('label'); if (label) { (element.checked) ? label.classList.add('labelSelected') : label.classList.remove('labelSelected'); } }) } } </script> It's not the cleanest solution, but it seems to work out well. In general this something that should be done in the theme and not by a module hack 🙂
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    Is this site online? I guess, it would be much easier to help, if we could test that with the source code. If the class "checked" is set, it should be possible to style just with CSS IMO. But maybe I didn't get the problem correct.
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    Hi It's been a while... Do you have an updated link / is the Slack channel still active? And for that matter, is TB still active? @Smile @datakick
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    I have only the basic configuration from the module for pages: And here the configuration is as follows:
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    Just an update to this thread. After some time, all of the sudden it is working. I have no idea what I did or if something happened but it appears to be working now.
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    Thanks so much mate I really appreciate you taking that time to do that. I've now disabled the module that I must have accidentally enabled ... the native thirty bees module "Customer Reassurance" and doing so has fixed the problem. Also thanks to @haylauwWho also identified the problem @datakickpthis native module is causing conflicts with the Niara theme as above, the only solution is to disable it.
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    #reinsurance_block { background: url(../blockreinsurance/img/bg_reinsurance_block.gif) repeat-x 0 0 #c3c7cb; } Look for a module called "reinsurance block" is probably the culprit. Likely something that installed with your theme.
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    Usual way is to disable all modules then enable one at a time till you find the culprit - But I think it may be to do with blockreassurance Perhaps it's positioning I tried deleting that module CSS using the inspect window and see what happens:
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    Letting outsiders have access to your site is a danger few would risk. Imagine they get hacked.
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    To use datakick module you can use some script to convert CSV to XML.
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    Responded but email bounced. Sent you the original message by PM.
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    Are you going to make this Prestashop 1.7 theme compatible with ThirtyBees? Or what is the purpose of this post?
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    There were absolutely no design changes in 1.3 compared to any previous TB version. :) If you had some manual changes to the core files of Niara or other theme or BO then it's up to you to fix them in 1.3.
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    Looks like this commit is the culprit: https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/commit/6abc6b7e555caadb48b02e662ffd8da105a927f8#diff-25beb89b157fe43848421e7b4cf456c7fa1a603879047d3c1e5c636aa5dff62e For some reason the working templates were overwritten with this mess. Probably not an intention. I will revert this commit
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