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    The idea behind tb project is still the same - to maintain compatibility, and have stable and bug free product. Feature development was never a big part of the mix. But that's ok, as tb core is already feature rich. Of course, sometimes breaking compatibility changes have to happen. Smarty upgrade is an excellent example -- we had to upgrade smarty library to newer version, because old version was not compatible with php 7.2.
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    I uploaded a new Prestools version: 1.24n. It contains a new version of the image plugin too. The new version fixes a few issues with image edit: - you could not add an image to a product that didn't have any images. - when you marked a newly added image as cover it wasn't registered as such. As a consequence the product ended with no cover and you didn't see an image in the backoffice product list. - when you made the image field editable and the cover image was not the first one it displayed on the first position the cover image too. The editing is now more wysiwig as it makes that you to always have an active cover product. If you find any more problems please let me know.
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    I did some investigation, and this area is pretty fuc*ed up. There is a column total_paid_real in order table that tracks how much money was actually paid. This column has been deprecated for a very long time, because this information is primarily stored inside tb_order_payment table. However, for backwards compatibility reasons, this column is still there, and thirtybees tries to keep it in sync with records in tb_order_payment table. Needless to say, it does this very poorly. The issue I've mentioned in my previous post is just one problem. There are others, for example currency issues. Some code expects this column to be in shop currency, other code expects it to be in order currency, and this can lead to totally wrong amounts (apples and oranges added together) We need to fix this. The first item is to remove all *read* usages of this column from core. Core code should always use data retrieved from tb_order_payment, and not use this deprecated column at all. Then, we should fix all *write* usages, so modules that depends on this column continues to work. Unfortunately, even with all of these, we will still have consistency issues, only not so frequently. It's just not really possible to keep things in sync. For this, we should have some scheduled task that automatically fix the data. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1161
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    @rubben1985 gave me access to his back office, so I had a look at the issue. Indeed there was some weird stuff going on. For example, cache was not flushed when you clicked on Clear cache in Performance tab. My investigation showed that this problem was caused by missing /cache/smarty/cache directory. Recreating this directory using ftp seems to fix the issue (pending confirmation from @rubben1985) Thirtybees codebase never checked existence of this directory, so this issue is hardly 1.1.x injection. But it's an issue nevertheless -- the system should recover from this situation. The fix is already committed in bleeding edge
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    @toplakd the fix for this issue is committed in branch issue-1153. Could you please verify that it works? Simply use core updater and update to this branch
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    This directory should always exist -- it's part of thirtybees installation, and it's also part of ps16 installation. If it was missing on your system, you must have deleted this directory somehow. Either manually, or maybe some module did this for you, who knows. There is no code in thirtybees itself that deletes this directory, there is only code that empties its content. Therefore, I don't think this issue was related to your 1.1.x update. It's more likely it was just discovered during the verification process.
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    I agree, this will be included in niara
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    https://github.com/seigieu/watermark/tree/thirtybees Here is version of PS 1.6 watermark module that also generates webp images. Also, thank @Smile for this 🙂
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    In "Modules and Services" - Payment, there is a section "Country Restriction" for enabling/disabling payment options for each country. Would it be hard to implement one additional checkbox that would show only Countries that are set as ACTIVE in "Localization / Countries" ? As currently it shows complete list together with countries that are disabled (don't want to delete them in case I might need some of them later). Picture attached:
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    If you imort email messages via IMAP and have 'Create new threads' option enabled, then support customer threads will be created for every email. That's obviously not wanted behavior for customer messages, as these are generated, and already tracked, in the system. To prevent these extra customer threads, thirtybees add this magic string to subject line. It's a lazy solution, but it works. So to summarize - if you don't use IMAP, or have 'Create new threads' option disabled, you can safely remove it. On a related note - it's not the best idea to edit the core files, or create overrides for them unless necessary. In this case, you can use my conseqs module and create rule that modifies email subject for 'contact' email.
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    I'd like to donate to thirtybees but only see monthly options at https://forum.thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/ Would it be possible to have a one-time donation option?
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    @Chandra you are mixing two things. The settings on Order Statuses has impact on 'Order Status Changed' email only (ie. Awaiting bank wire email) What you are talking about is the 'Order confirmation' email, and that has nothing to do with order status. This email is always sent, and it contains all current information available. I guess we could change the current semantics, and attach invoice to 'Order confirmation' email only if current order status has the send invoice checkbox enabled. However, I'm sure there would be plenty of merchants that would not want this behaviour by default.
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    For hunting down small bugs (or my mistakes) I always have 3 installation of thirty bees on the server. All latest bleeding edge One is live, one is exact copy of live shop for testing, and 3rd is always the clean stock thirty bees installation. So if something does not work on live but it works on stock install, i can compare testing shop with clean stock, and make adjustments or fixes until it works 100% like stock. Only after that, I apply it to the real live shop.
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    Today I tested the thirty bees HTML block module and its working super, so I deleted the Hometext Editor which I used from PS.
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    There will always be a need of updating code cause of laws, new regulations, security holes bugs and so on. Once the module owners don't support TB or 1.6 you are on your own. It's still possible to update with own developers or if you have the knowledge, by yourself but this will be an expensive and time-consuming way of going forward. I still hope TB grow their fanbase to make module developers more willing to support it.
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    Hi. Yeah, but you don't need Warehouse 😀 Thankfully, one of the best and insanely feature rich and customisable PS themes, Panda, has been updated for TB and is actively maintained by the Theme developer @Jonny Which is great and it gives you the "AAA" quality theme that you need for TB that is actively maintained and updated.
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    New: the Image Edit plugin. It enables you to add and remove images in the product-edit page. You can also change their order and choose the cover image. It looks like this: The "X" button allows you to delete. Right below is the field for the cover selection. You can add images both by clicking the add button and selecting a file and by drag-and-drop. Changing the order goes by drag-and-drop too. As usual in Prestools all changes are only implemented after you submit. When you add an image it is uploaded to a temp directory below your Prestools directory. When you submit it is moved below your /img directory. Image (re)generation of formats like 123-small_default.jpg does not take place. You will need to that separately in Prestools or the Thirty Bees backoffice. As usual with new modules this one will be free to download for a few days on this location. People who have bought the full Prestools package can just download the latest version. It is included there. Note that this will only work on Prestools 1.24l and newer.
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    Surely this could be implemented without core files modification. - The changes to ProductController are fine (from backwards compatibility point of view), as it's just addition. However, I think it's not necessary, as there is already a functionality that saves the customization -- we could simply call this existing one using ajax. - The change to tools.js is more severe, as it might impact other themes that does not implement this 'auto save' functionality. I'm sure we could maintain the original tools.js, and add some more preparation inside theme-specific ajax-cart.js If we could do that, than this would be theme-only change, with no side effects or compatibility problems
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    SendinBlue works, but its free plan fast won't be enough - only 300 msg daily. MailChimp initial speed of importing contacts was not good enough for me, so I can't share any other thoughts about it. there is also GetResponse with PS1.6 module, but no free plan here. on paper looks ok.
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    Thanks all. Found one that works. I had no clue you could use Prestashop mods with thirtybees.
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    I know toplakd, I'm one of active thirty bees translators.
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    @1 yes, the same one as in PS1.6, and the same one used by many SaaS e-ccomerce. @4 what exactly would you like to have documented in Polish? don't get me wrong but software language is English, whenever we like it or not. Polish translation of thirty bees is still unfinished, but I'm trying to deal with that. probably there are a few active users in Poland so even if there is Polish subforum, you won't receive any response for a long time. there are a few companies in Poland who make modules for presta, some of them even noticed existence of thirty bees and checked their modules to be working perfectly. but some of them are not interested in that, because they are busy enough making money on PS1.6 and PS1.7.
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    are you sure you are changing in the validation file? all you need to do is to change from: $this->module->execPayment(); to $this->module->execPayment($cart);
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    The order status is stored in configuration table under the name PAYBYPHONE_OS_CALL. It's likely this settings is exposed in this module configuration page. If not, you will have to change the info in db table directly
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    It's not "solved", because there is nothing to solve. I don't consider this to be an issue on module side. This is just the fact of life - different email clients displays emails differently. Some email clients support css, some of them support svg image format. Some of them support external images, some of them supports inline/base64 images. Some of them supports external css files. Some of them supports javascript. Some email clients strips html tags. It almost impossible to have email that contains some advanced functionality (like review starts with hover effect) and expect that this will be displayed in every email client consistently. It is just not possible. The email template that comes with revws module is a compromise. It shows nicely in many clients (for example apple email). But there are those (usually browser based) clients that displays the content stripped. But even here the email is usable, because the template have fallbacks. If you don't like default email template, you can of course edit it and change it to whatever you like.
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    I have a fresh installation of TB that I want to use with an old db. The working installation I have has always had things wrong (ie blog not working) so I do not want the old code base. Im shifting domains completely, with a fresh code base. But I do want my old database. Whats the suggestion here?
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    That's a strange number. Maximum length for single tag is 32 characters. There shouldn't be any limit on number of tags one can associate with a product.
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    This is a JavaScript issue. JavaScript is used for display during editing. After a round-trip to the server ('saving') everything is fine.
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    took me 2s with text search: themes\niara\modules\beesblogrecentposts\views\templates\hooks\home.tpl
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    additional: there was a discussion some time ago 'to have a field in BO in each product' for 'essential product features' and merchant can use it or not (also here in this forum). A lot of merchants will prefer such a thing, but there was no reaction from PS and also not from tb. If they will not use it in shopping cart, then maybe for other things. It's just to have an separate field for such details and maybe shop developer should have an ear for these things, then 1. required laws can be covered and 2. this is maybe an additional nice to have other shopsystems dont have... not only for this German regulation.
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    Pretty cool, thanks @datakick Nice work on the module. Also, now that we're talking about modules. Compliments on your CONSEQS module. Enables me to tap into the power of Thirtybees. Exactly what I was looking for. No need for custom scripts or following tutorials and writing code for certain shop actions (like send mail when user registered). Amazing power and flexibility and nice Googly-UI. And that power for free. Compliments deserved 200%.
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    super Danke das war es. jetzt passt es wieder. Fragt sich nur woher die Änderung kam........
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    If order status (that is automatically set when order is placed) is also the status that first generates invoice.pdf, than this status will automatically also include pdf attachment. However you can prevent that, by removing the second checkbox on that particular status. All other status changes afterwards, that are also generating invoice.pdf will not send .pdf if there is no checkbox by "attach invoice", but is one on "allow a customer to download" You have to remove bottom checkbox on order status which is the first one shown on placed order.
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    Hi Regarding features: It's likely that you didn't specify or denote multiple features correctly in the CSV. Double check that you're using the right character or symbol to separate them like ; or | On the CSV Import screen -> after selecting Products to import -> check: "Multiple value separator". And see what symbol is specified here. Default could be ; Note that you can use different symbols here. Like if the field separator is ; then you can use the pipe symbol | to denote multiple values instead. Whatever you specify here, make sure that you use the same symbol for the values in the CSV. For example, in the CSV file, check that your features are declared like this under the Features column: fruit-colour: red; city: london; product: shirt; food: burger Regarding base / incl tax price: Double check that the columns are bound / matched correctly when you match the TB columns with those in your CSV Also, maybe leave "incl tax" column values blank, and rather create a new tax rule that will automatically add the tax to the price There is a column called Tax rules ID. Once you've created a Tax rule, it will have an ID and you can specify the ID here. In most cases the ID could be 1 So all you need here is a base price, tax rule and tax rule ID Regarding "Old Article number is missing" - I'm not sure what you're referring to? I'm familiar with ID and Reference (SKU)
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    thanks! seems that solved the problem :)) if this bug will return i will inform here
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    There is also a module from @datakick which makes some consistency checks. You can also try it. https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/consistency
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    Thanks @toplakd and @wakabayashi I had zero db differences when I ran core updater against 1.1.0 yesterday I updated to bleeding edge overnight and have a clean code base from that sense. I ran the db diff of Core Updater and see a bunch of diffs, mainly field lengths and autoincrements. I have applied all changes - let me test this further on bleeding edge and post back.
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    I agree with @toplakd Invoices are attached correctly in our case too.
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    Indeed, the collaboration on TB is pleasing. I have updated my prod shop to bleeding edge and will test this over the next few days.
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    Hi @datakick If you'd like, we can reach out to @Jonny and try to organise a complementary copy of Panda for you so you can maybe run it on a bleeding edge test site on local? That way you can connect the debugger and test to your heart's content. Let us know
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    Oh, but there were no demands on third party developers. I'm just saying that I've exhausted all resources - I've tested extensively, and failed to reproduce this issue. Unless somebody provides reprosteps there is nothing I can do further.
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    Hi Chandra. This works on my old version of Community theme and it also works on latest Niara theme on bleeding edge. However, you need to enable "Re-display cart at login".
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    Hahaha - that's reassuring 😂 "Don't worry, there's no alternative." So just accept you're pretty screwed and carry on until you hit the cliff 😎 Yeah in terms in payment gateways - the one I use is for PS 1.6 as well - and will unlikely be updated for TB. No built-in TB one for that. So hence my concern. Also would be nice if the team could say something here as well...
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    To open a bug report on github is very easy: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues - Just click on New Issue and use a self speaking title. It will also propose you already existing issues, that could be the same or related. Check them out, before you open a new one. - Describe your problem in a way, that somebody with a clean thirtybees installation could reproduce it. - If there is an error message, copy it. Also check, if there is something in the browser console. - Screenshots or short videos can help. - Say which tb version you use. It can also be helpful to know the php version.
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    @datakick - your module says it will work with CSV files soon. Can you say when? Looking to import stock levels and prices only (in thirtybees and prestashop) and another prestashop instance that would also have lots of combinations
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    I'm curious that no one has yet replied to this...
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    Gute Entwickler zu finden ist nicht so einfach. Die, die sich auskennen, haben quasi alle schon eine eigene Firma mit Modulen. Leute vom freien Markt haben dagegen meist die Philosophie, Dinge möglichst schnell zum laufen zu bringen, ohne Wert auf die Qualität des Codes oder die Rückwärts-Kompatibilität zu legen. Muss man bei deren Arbeit alles nachbearbeiten bzw. nachrecherchieren, kann man es meist gleich selber machen. Bei thirty bees geht es weniger darum, lauter neue Funktionen zu implementieren. Im Grossen und Ganzen funktioniert ja Alles bzw. ist schon vorhanden. Es geht mehr darum, die Qualität nach und nach weiter zu steigern und all die existierenden Module und Templates mitzunehmen. Das ist eher Sysiphos-Arbeit. Der Datakick ist so einer, der richtig gute Arbeit macht. Deswegen hat er auch volle Schreibrechte ins Repo. Er hat halt schon eine eigene Firma.
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    Über 100 ist nicht viel. Ich habe 38 seiten gehabt 🙂
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