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    Yes, I'm part of the group that would like to take over thirtybees. Currently we are trying to buy the rights -- not the thirty dev llc company, as we are not US based. Negotiations took a long time now. Every time we get close to the deal something else pop up. Important thing is that we are committed to this. Although we prefer continuation of thirtybees for various reasons, we are prepared to fork and proceed under the new brand if the deal is not reached soon.
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    Hi all We have some news to share with you: We've received the updated contract and after a few minor modifications, we felt comfortable enough to send it to our attorney. The contract is now at our attorney for verification and final approval. We should have more news soon. Will keep you posted.
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    a light year is a distance unit and not a time one ^_^ I hope the deal will be reached... but if it will be a matter of switch from 30bees to 42bears it will be ok too.
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    Just a side note: This 'Keep JS and CSS files' feature exists mostly to support archives. For example http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://store.getdatakick.com/ currently displays my store as it appeared on 16 Oct 2020. If this feature was NOT enabled, and if I made any changes to my site in the last 3 days, then CSS nad JS files would not be loaded, resulting in broken page. Not that important feature, but nice to have. It's definitely safe to remove old files from this directory, or even all of them.
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    First of all - you should update to bleeding edge, and install maxmindgeoip2 module that can handle new version of database. But back to your question - smarty variable geolocation_country is available only in restricted mode -- when tb blocked access to the store based on ip location. If user is not blocked, this variable is not populated. So you can't access it in any way. For testing purposes you can simply modify the frontcontrolelr and always populate the geolocation_country smarty variable.
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    Many merchants run on pretty good servers, so they were lucky enough to never experience this problem. But there are a lot of them that did, unfortunately. If you search for this error message on ps forum you will find countless threads dealing with this issue, such as this one: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/633811-warning-your-php-configuration-limit/. Or another one here on thirtybees forum: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2317-2317/solved-warning-your-php-configuration-limits-the-maximum-number-of-fields-allowed-in-a-form-1000-for-max_input_vars/ Thanks to the fix, thirtybees is in better shape than it was before. We used to have merchants reporting issues like "I can't use translation tool". Now we have requests like "I would like to save more translations strings at once". The first one was a bug, the later is the feature request. Hopefully we will be able to implement it soon 🙂
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    That's not possible at the moment. It would be quite hard to implement dynamic restriction form, so I don't plan to do that. I could steal @wakabayashi's idea from his excellent krona module, and implement new action that would just 'clone' existing cart rule. The existing cart rule would act as a template only --> newly created cart rule would contain the same settings as the template, only code and customer would be changed. Would that work for you?
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    Hi unfortunately specific prices are not exposed to datakick at the moment. It shouldn't be hard to do, though. I'll add this to my todo list, and will release new version soon
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    You shouldn't encounter any issues. Backup your database, switch your shop to maintanance mode, and then upgrade your database. And then enjoy higher performance of of your server.
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    Just letting you know guys I have few own modules.. Some of their functionality can be part of TB core like HTTP2 push, fast XML export with configurable schema.. I will share on github with community when Its ready and find spare time.
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    Blague à part ... on n'active jamais la géolocalisation sur une boutique à moins de vouloir empêcher Google de faire son boulot de référencement.
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    Hi all We understand that a lot of us have been wondering what has been going on and if Thirty Bees will continue. Everyone being quiet hasn't been helping, we know. Please see this post as assurance that we're on it 👍 We can't divulge much at the moment but suffice to say there is currently something in the works. We had hoped to say something to you all sooner. Unfortunately the negotiations has been taking a lot longer than initially expected. However, we feel pretty close and hope to have a proper announcement soon. One of the Core developers is involved so that should be reassuring. Can't say who just yet though. Either way, you'll be happy. For now, keep your fingers crossed, and please continue your contributions in the forum and keep using Thirty Bees. Also, please show your support by liking this post. There is a bright future for TB and we'd love to see your continued involvement, support and participation. More soon. Watch this space!
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    Before starting the migration, I used CloneZilla to make a mirror of the hard drive so it was easy to revert and start from the beginning. This time I will do all testing on a separate server and move to the live site when finished avoiding downtime for the website. It seemed that all files in the root folder of the website was owned by root and not www-data. It is clear that the thirty bees migration module does not a proper job to check permissions before if gives "green light" to start the migration. I have now done: Before starting for the second time, I did change ownership of all files and directories to www-data sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/myshop and then: find . -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} + find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 {} + After doing the above, the migration was sucessfull.
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    Advanced Parameters > Performance > CCC > Keep JS and CSS files ?
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    this looks weird. Could you give me back office and ftp access to your test server, so I could investigate? Updater module should be the most stable piece if the system, but it obviously isn't. That needs to be fixed
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    you don't have installer or enabled zip php extension https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/php-7-0-ziparchive-library-is-missing-or-disabled
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    Or you can use Matomo and not give away your client's data to Google. Matomo module works great. I already had matomo installed and it started logging all the actions.
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    I believe it is the Panda theme. Fab! And you do have to manually update the copyright date
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    thankfully i found the fix, in the file %theme%/js/authentication.js change this line: url: baseUri + '?rand=' + new Date().getTime(), to url: baseUri + '?rand=' + new Date().getTime(), con url: baseUri + 'index.php?controller=authentication' + '?rand=' + new Date().getTime(),
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    This translation thing is better keep in file and import. Yes this can be take more time, but You have all translations and when your store "blows up" then all translations will be completely safe (of course depends where you hold this file). You can add in this file all kind extra stuff, even these what you can't find in original "language import" file. For example all items on admin panel menu, all emails, etc. After all, usually this translation is done once, later you Can make corrections. But then again, this is all different when there are several people for whole process: one find error, another report this error, then there is need to "approve" this correction and then there is some guy who is permitted to "press button".
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    It looks like you might be right -- I just encountered the same problem on my demo server. Will investigate
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    The update process works for me without any problems. This looks like a permissions issue on your server. Make sure that your web user has write access to the /modules/<module> directory, and all its parent directories
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    I set it up with SMTP settings, yes. I don't get bounced email statistics to the newsletter, but I can see them in ElasticEmail.
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    OK this is not difficult I put it on the TODO list as well, sorry to make you wait... I'll try my best to find the time for that.
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    Thank you everyone, with your help I found this path in cpanel /themes/niara/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl which I then found the contact block info and fixed the phone # hope i can remember for later changes. again thanks.
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    Of course it's possible. You need to 1) edit file /classes/module/PaymentModule.php and change lines $productVarTpl = [ 'reference' => $product['reference'], 'name' => $product['name'].(isset($product['attributes']) ? ' - '.$product['attributes'] : ''), 'unit_price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice, $this->context->currency, false), 'price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice * $product['quantity'], $this->context->currency, false), 'quantity' => $product['quantity'], 'customization' => [], ]; to look like this: $productVarTpl = [ 'id_product' => (int)$product['id_product'], 'id_product_attribute' => $product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int) $product['id_product_attribute'] : null, 'id_image' => $product['id_image'], 'link_rewrite' => $product['link_rewrite'], 'reference' => $product['reference'], 'name' => $product['name'].(isset($product['attributes']) ? ' - '.$product['attributes'] : ''), 'unit_price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice, $this->context->currency, false), 'price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice * $product['quantity'], $this->context->currency, false), 'quantity' => $product['quantity'], 'customization' => [], ]; That will pass additional data to the order_conf_product_list.tpl template 2) edit /mails/en/order_conf_product_list.tpl -- replace /en/ with iso code of your language and add this code there, just after first <tr>: <td style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;"> <table class="table"> <tr> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td> <img src="{$link->getImageLink($product['link_rewrite'], $product['id_image'], 'cart')}" alt="{$product['name']}" /> </td> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> </td> note the 'cart' string in getImageLink function. This is the image type that will be used. You can change it to any image type that exists in your system. 'cart' or 'home' should work fine in most cases 3) edit /mails/en/order_conf.html you will need to add new column header here, and also adjust table colspans. Put this code <th bgcolor="#f8f8f8" style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;background-color: #fbfbfb;color: #333;font-family: Arial;font-size: 13px;padding: 10px;">Image</th> just above <th bgcolor="#f8f8f8" style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;background-color: #fbfbfb;color: #333;font-family: Arial;font-size: 13px;padding: 10px;">Reference</th> and replace two occurances of colspan="5" with colspan="6" That should do the trick. Result looks something like this:
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    Hello @datakick, I asked this a while back but don't see that it was ever put into the module. Can you update so that the order of shipping vendors is aligned with the TB back office shipping settings as seen below? This is important for customer experience since we offer a free local pickup that most customers are not eligible for. Currently, it defaults with this free option at the top of the list and doesn't follow the settings below. If we can follow the TB back office setting, then it will display the correct carrier by default at the top of the list.
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    Ajax call returns 500 error code. You should enable debug mode to see the root cause
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    Thank you very much it help my :)
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    Yes autofill IS great for adresses, i remember that i used it on my oscommerce shop in 2007....it's a great tool !
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    There is reason why address fields are predefined. If anybody can insert anything then You cant understand nothing. Some mistypes, some "small" errors and mostly wrong order for city/state/ZIP/etc and end result is total mess.
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    Actually, it's more complicated than that. We can only employ someone once the sale has been finalised. This is a completely incorrect assumption. We do not have any plans to close future additions or features behind pay walls. What keeps TB great and free will continue. So think TB as it is now with new additions, improvements, all for free. We are part of the community after all and have no dark side plans. We want what the community wants. Just want to see TB continue, and to improve, survive and thrive. We will share all our plans and road maps with you guys when we take over. Expect transparency and happiness 😁
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    {assign var=_title value=" - $shop_name"} <title>{$meta_title|replace:$_title:' - Your Shop Name'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</title> This is what I'm using to fix this issue, it will replace any shops name that will be generated in a title with the one you specifie in ' - Your Shop Name'. Hope it helps. 🙂 Use it in your header.tpl
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    @veganline The price was established months ago with both sides agreeing that it was fair. @wakabayashi I think it will be soon. A contract was delivered to them a month or so ago, we have negotiated all of the sticking points in the contract now. It just has to be amended to reflect everything we have all agreed on, then signed.
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    Glad I could help. Let's add some check and big warning into the module's back office page, so this won't happen to other users
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    Haggling: Seller: I want 10 x income and a farm! Buyer: I'll give you 10 x income and a potato. Seller: [something bullish] Buyer: Talk next month then; see if you can find a better offfer
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    As far as I know he is not. And the deal being worked out is no where around those numbers.
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    If you're at fixing stuff, then one thing. Just one small thing I can't watch at... or 2 rather... Pretty please... it hurts me 😞
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    Prestools is a suite of user-friendly and very powerful tools to mass edit your products, orders and categories. It is a kind of Swiss Army knife that runs outside your backoffice. You can download it here and find a manual here. Prestools was started in 2012 by putting together a small selection of tools for Prestashop. It has since grown steadily to become a comprehensive set of tools for maintaining Prestashop and Thirty Bees. It is one of the most popular downloads on the Prestashop forum. The main parts are: product-edit: great options for mass editing more than 50 product fields. Add categories, change prices, update descriptions - for hundreds of products at once. product csv: a very flexible tool to generate csv files. product-sort: an easy way to sort products inside a category. From position 500 to 1 in a blink. With the visual sort option you can see immediately how things will look. prodcombi: edit and oversee properties of combinations of a number of products at once. order-edit: adding and deleting products and changing prices without problems. order-search: make a selection on carrier, payment type, status, etc. or just search. With csv export option. category-edit: useful for editing metadata and descriptions for SEO combi-edit: assign pictures to your combinations quickly combi-copy and combi-delete: copy, modify and delete attribute combinations using one product as a template regenerate images for selections of products cleanup images: save on disk space by cleaning up images of deleted products shop rescue: turn off overrides and non-Prestashop modules when due to some bug you can no longer login in the backoffce. override-list: get a list of overrides and which modules might own them. - and a lot of statistics. Installation: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the resulting files to a subdirectory below your admin directory (do not install as a PS module!).You can access the program in the browser like "www.myshop.com/myadmin/mydir/login1.php". You will be welcomed by a login screen: the default username is "demo@demo.com" and the default password is "opensecret". Please adapt your security settings in the "settings1.php" file. There is a mini-module included for integration into the Thirty Bees backoffice. There is a demo-installation available. Username and password are the default. Below you find a view of the product-edit page where the description field has been made editable: Prestools was originally written for Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. Some parts may still work only with Prestashop. If you find a problem please let me know. There are a few parts in product-edit that you need to buy at the Prestools website. However, over 95% of the script is free. Among the files you will find a file prestoolssuite-module.zip. You can install this file as a module. It is a mini-module as the only thing it does is adding a link to your Prestools installation in the Catalog menu in the backoffice. If you find a problem, please update Prestools to its latest version before you report it here. When reporting, please mention your Thirty Bees version. Follow the installation instructions! This is not a module!
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    Well Well Well.. I find it encouraging to see so many people trying to find a way into this mess !! I will tell you that I am still deeply involved in TB and will keep on doing my best to improve it like fixing bugs founded in core, I want to keep on doing it for free. Working for free for TB is good, I like it and it's not for free at all in fact, as I use it on many projects for my customers and this is not for free. Using TB instead of Presta 1.7 or OpenCart or WooCommerce or Magento is just the best option available for me specially for one point : All of the modifications I needed to do in CORE will be included in next version after adding a new pull request, but we need people taking car of that like trumbflug use to do and Datakick is still doing now. Just to resume : I'll be on the boat when TB sinks or not, hoping to keep it moving into the ocean of ecommerce CMS.
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    Hey guys! Just a word to talk about the full page cache in TB. I have been on Prestashop for about 3 years and a little more than a year now on TB. I much prefer my experience with TB than with Prestashop, especially support wise. The people here are great. I have ALWAYS had issues with speed with my site. I score high grades on various speed tests: image opimization, js and css optimization, etc. I have a site that sells comic books and graphic novels, so big images and lots of them is basically a must. As a result, despite using webp wherever I can, I always had issues with speed. TTFB (Time to First Byte) was always the worst. I have been struggling with this for years. It had become my holy grail - and a great source of frustrations. And tonight I had an epiphany. I was already using the full page cache in TB, with the redis server cache setup. It would improve my TTFB intermittently but on webpagetest.org, I would inevitably oscillate between an F (most times) or a C (very infrequently). I always cached all the hooks, that section is all green. I had used the controller section sparingly, mainly because I had little understanding of what it exactly cache. It is not clear I think from a pedestrian point of view. So I cached what I thought would not be a big deal. I was mostly afraid of caching something that should remain dynamic. And still struggled with TTFB. So tonight, I decided to cache everything in the Controllers section. And then ran several tests to see if it caused any issues. So far so good. And to my surprise, I now get a consistent A in webpagetest.org. Everything seems to work fine on both backend and front end. For years, I have bought modules after modules to supposedly help with caching, with worst results than the vanilla TB full page cache I was clearly not even using properly! On GTmetrix I get a Pagespeed score of B! 85%, which I never ever got close to and on YSlow, I score a 77%. Still room for improvement but lightyears ahead of what I used to get! My heavily filled with images site now loads in 2.5 to 3.5 seconds on average. All that to say, this is so far the best, most efficient cache system I have seen for a Prestashop style operation. You guys just need to explain better how it works because it really does work like fire! Thank you so much!!! Really!
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    Thanks for the warm words regarding one of my shops 🙂 Interesting because, since a few weeks I am no more that convinced, that my site is super fast or well designed ^^ But ok maybe I am just too ambitious. I am thinking of completly rewrite "my" theme. I believe, there is still room for improvements 🙂 Actually @Traumflug said everything, that is relevant: Get a serious hosting package. We have a dedicated server (unmanaged) and pay 70$/month. If you can't afford this, you have probably more important things to improve, than the loading time. Technically I use css/js caching and APC server side caching. Full Page Cache is completly deactived. Deactivate css and js caching in Bo. Use browser console and check which files are loaded. How big are they? Are they really needed? Check your Content. Do you really need the tags on left column? You really need to promote your local store there? For external modules, check them with profiling in BO, how much they slow down... Defer images, if they are below the fold In general I would say, that the page loading time is one of the strengths of thirty bees.
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    Thanks you all for your thoughts. I'd like to show you what I'm building here, and explain a little bit more my vision, regarding the theme page editor. What I did is I split the big template (like product.tpl) into many small blocks. Then I created a layout mechanism that allows to re-arrange these blocks as you like. There will be additional structures you can use, like section, tabs, columns etc where you can drop these blocks. Of course, dynamic blocks are supported as well (you can place any hook anywhere on the page) Here's a video. Note that this is work in progress, and very far from the final stage. So excuse the crude design 🙂 Is this something that your guys want / need, or is it completely useless? Any ideas?
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    Here is some modifications you can do for Niara theme modify the "../themes/niara/css/global.css" file starting at line 1848 and replace all the content of the @media for mobiles by this @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .table-responsive { width: 100%; margin-bottom: 15px; overflow-y: hidden; -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar; } .table-responsive > .table { margin-bottom: 0; } .table-responsive table, .table-responsive thead, .table-responsive tbody, .table-responsive th, .table-responsive td, .table-responsive tr { display: block; } .table-responsive tfoot { display: inline; } .table-responsive > .table > thead > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > thead > tr > td, .table-responsive > .table > tbody > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > tbody > tr > td, .table-responsive > .table > tfoot > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > tfoot > tr > td { white-space: nowrap; border-bottom: 0; } .table-responsive > .table-bordered { border: 0; } .table-responsive .unvisible, .table-responsive thead tr, .table-responsive #cart_summary .cart_total_price #cart_voucher { display: none; } .table-responsive .cart_total_price > td#total_product, .table-responsive .cart_total_price > td#total_price_container, .table-responsive .cart_total_delivery > td#total_shipping { border-top: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity { width: 50%; float: left; border-left: 0; border-right: 0; padding: 0; line-height: 34px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity > .cart_quantity_input { float: left; width: 55px; border: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity::before { content: "x"; float: left; left: 13px; line-height: 34px; position: relative; } .table-responsive .cart_quantity_button a.btn { border: 0; background-color: #eee; margin-top: 1px; } .table-responsive .cart_quantity_button a.button-minus { margin-right: 10px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_unit { float: left; border-right: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_delete { position: relative; bottom: 109px; border: 0; float: right; margin-right: 15px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item:last-of-type { border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } } It will do the trick....
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    Following problem: A customer sends back the complete order or parts of it. What to do now? If you decide to refund a complete order or do a partial refund with a voucher that the customer may use with his next order, then you only need to choose voucher when asked how to refund. 1. step: Refund or partially refund the order by clicking either the button Return products (complete order) or Partial refund (part of the order incl./excl. shpping costs)- 2. step Choose Voucher as refund method. Your customer will receive automatically an email with the voucher code. ________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want your customer to receive a voucher for other reasons, then do this: Go to Price Rules --> Cart Rules Click Add a new Cart Rule Open Tab Information Enter a Name for this rule Generate a voucher code Enabling Highlight will remind your customer during checkout of the voucher code Enabling Partial use will allow your customer to split his voucher, if the value is greater than the next order's amount Leave other entries standard Open Tab Conditions Fill in name of your customer Fill in validity dates for this voucher Fill in any minimum amount for an order where this voucher may be applied Leave entry 1 for total available and total available for each user Open Tab Action Choose Amount as discount type Enter the voucher amount (tax incl./excl. by choice) Save this rule. Done! 3. step Send a mail to your customer with the voucher code and tell him, that he may apply this code during checkout in the first step Order detail.
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    I asked to Panda developers to please modify the sitemap module so its blog module can be include in the sitemap generation (blogs are not included). They sent me the modify file for official PS sitemap module (GSITEMAP). (I attach it) I also modify the file so TB sitemap module can benefit from it. I am not developer but I think I did it correctly as It is working on my site right now. If you have panda theme and you use its blog, this is helpful for SEO Route for the files: /modules/gsitemap/gsitemap.php (PS module) /modules/sitemap/sitemap.php (TB module) @lesley I am not sure if TB sitemap module include the official blog module or not. In case not, maybe you can use this code to support the official blog. sitemap.rar gsitemap.rar
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    We have tried to redo our site in 1.7, 1.7.1, and 1.7.2. Its not working. It is the absolute worst piece of software from a developer and merchant stand point I have seen. It does look nice, but nothing works. Nothing at all. Taxes. Rounding. Random errors that appear to go away. It is a software abortion. Is thirty bees what people are transferring to? We are going to call our 1.7 tests a loss and find something else.
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    Hey guys! I made a video on how to duplicate the store to a testing environment. I used prestashop but the same applies to tb, here is goes: http://nemops.com/staging-site-prestashop-thirtybees/#.WlXtXqiWaUk Let me know if anything is unclear!
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    Shopify is quite limited for some stuff, for example you can’t remove their first level directory such as /pages/, can't edit the checkout page etc. Then again that is quite normal since it is just a plug and play platform. Like said above, you can get running with minimal work. That is why it is used a lot for dropshipping purposes . It can get quite expensive if you want things like advanced reports etc. I do find that most Shopify shops are very good looking and are pretty fast.
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