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    I think you guys deserve to have a better visibility into how thirty bees development is going forward. So I decided to write bi-weekly sprint overview. Let me start by explaining how we do development at thirty bees. We use scrum methodology, with 2 week sprints. In agile development, sprint is (usually) 2-week period of time when development team implements and delivers some functionality that has been agreed upon. Although we have a very small team (some naysayer would say it's not a team at all 馃檪 ), we decided to practice this agile process for various reasons. One of them is to be more accountable and focused. Another is to have better understanding of how much work we can really deliver. Before every sprint, we have an internal scrum meeting where we decide on what will be implemented in the next 2 weeks. We have a huge backlog of items that can be done, with effort estimate. We also have a roadmap. We know when the next major version is going to be released, and what functionality it should/must contain (I will write a dedicated forum post about this soon for those interested). We use these information to select tasks for the sprint. We try to put tasks from different areas into to each sprint. The result contains tasks from these categories bug fixing -- we dedicate some time to fix bugs, maintain github, PR, etc enhancements that bring value to merchants -- these are standard enhancement requests, like multiple feature values or order editing platform enhancements -- these are enhancement that you guys don't know you need, but you will love them 馃檪 Also tasks that will make platform more friendly and interesting to third party developers, theme developers, etc. chores -- everyone hates doing chores (I know I do). But they need to be done. Tasks like server updates, implementing testing pipelines, support for php8, and what not. The platform would implode without regular maintenance. enhancements that bring value mostly to thirtybees org (us) -- we are adding some functionality to the core / modules that will make us happy. For example, we plan to add usage tracking (how many people installed tb, what features are they using, what errors did they encounter, etc). I understand that merchants don't care much about these (and some will not want to share these info with us), but we need to know. Otherwise tb company will fail, and tb platform will go with it support and paid tasks - time dedicated for paid support. Merchants can contact us and ask for some custom development, server migration, updates, etc. Currently our only stream of revenue. OK, that's probably enough introduction. Let me present to you what we have done so far Sprint 1 01/3/2021 - 16/3/2021 The first development sprint started when I finally joined thirty bees org full time at the beginning of this month. The goal of the sprint was to start progress, and to release first version. What we did: Translation handling - release prerequisites temporarily remove php8-polyfill dependency -- tb failed on php 7.2 and newer because of it Tool to extract translations - automated script that extracts translatable strings from core, themes, and modules Tool to upload translations - script that uploads extracted translatable strings to crowdin, where you guys can translate them Tool to download translations - script that downloads translations from crowin and prepares translation packs Tasks associated with releasing new version Build and release all modules Build and release core Prepare translations Release notes Deploy to demo server Multiple php builds Extending thirty bees build machinery to support building thirty bees for different php versions. We still support php 5.6, but this makes it very hard (nearly impossible) to maintain. It's because many php libraries that tb depends on are not supported on this php version, there can be composer dependencies conflicts, etc. Extend core updater to request specific php version -- work in progress Bug fixing in first sprint we dedicated 1 day to github maintenance, fixing some bugs, merging some PR, and general backlog cleanup Support paid support requests Sprint 2 [current] 2021/03/17 - 2021/03/30 Plan: Core updater enhancements Make core updater user friendly -- core updater was made by developers for developers, that's not good support update to php version build refactoring code to make it less dependent on tb core -- we plan to use the same module as a migration tool from ps16 various enhancements, like tracking specific revision Carrier price semantics enhancement that allows merchant to enter shipping price with or without tax this also fixes AEUC proportional issues Scheduled tasks thirty bees will have build-in scheduler (cronjobs) to run scheduled tasks we need this as a stepping stone to implement additional features, like maintanance tasks, automatic backups, automatic index regeneration, updates, tracking, etc ElasticSearch this module was originally implemented using crowdfunding, it was a shame it didn't work. We fixed that review and extend existing PR requests for ES module, make it work with all supported elastic search versions fixed various bugs PHP8 support ongoing effort to make tb compatible with php8 in this sprint we renamed Attribute class, and all its usages in core. This is work in progress, not in main branch, not yet available for general audience Support paid support tasks in this case, the result will make it to the core, as feature custom Permissions for back office controllers -- you will have an option to hide some tabs in Product back office edit page. For example, you can restrict translators employees to see and edit only Information and Seo tabs. Then won't be able to break your pricing Work queue Work started on work queue feature This is a mechanism that allow us to run some tasks in parallel / in separation from main execution thread this will allow us to improve performance and to implement reliable long running tasks example use cases sending emails -- instead of sending email immediately/synchronously, we will create email task and push it to work queue. It will be send shortly by work queue worker. But it will not block main thread -- the server response will be much faster. Also, this allows for re-trying sending emails on error Bug fixing - Sprint 2 How is it going so far: We are little bit behind the plan -- to implement Core Updater enhancement took much more time than originally estimated. However, we are almost on track. For those of you interested in burndown chart: Sprint 2 will end today, and new Sprint 3 will start tomorrow morning. We have a sprint planning meeting today where we will finalise and agree on scope for the next sprint. I will create new forum thread containing plan for sprint 3 this evening, or tomorrow. If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to ask 馃檪 Have a nice day all
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    This morning at 7am Sprint 3 has officially started. This sprint will be a little bit shorter because of the Easter holidays, we have only 8 days to finish following tasks: Finish Core Updater enhancements continuation of work from sprint 2. There are still some work left before we can release a new version of core update Automated testing pipeline in docker implement docker container that we can use to run automated test on any branch / revision submitted to github integrate this docker into CI pipeline Multiple feature values this is one of the most requested enhancement that existed for a long time, and we will finally implement it it will mean a potential, but very small, compatibility issue Tracking framework implement framework that will allow sending various information about your thirty bees installation to our tracking server (don't worry, it will be on opt-in basis) tracking framework will use scheduler that we implemented in sprint 2 Track environment information once the Tracking framework will be implemented, we will use it to obtain first set of data: php version installed php extensions mysql version memory limit timeout limit Bug fixing review and merge PR requests fix couple of high severity bugs Support requests work on paid support requests Please ask if you have any questions about anything
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    I'm very happy to announce that we have officially released thirtybees version 1.2.0. This version consists of a lot of enhancements and bug fixes that were implemented in the last (almost) 2 years, including stuff like: PHP 7.4 compatibility - this version is fully compatible with PHP 7.4 Object model audit - database and php model are now in sync. This fixes a lot of weird issues and problems Ability to auto migrate database during update - missing database tables and columns are automatically created by core updater Installation fixes - a lot of bugs were fixed in installation process. Installation should now run more smoother Bug fixes - many issues were solved and more... You can simply use core updater module to update to latest stable release. Or you can download installation package and install it on your test server. I will deploy this version to the official demo servers in upcoming days, so you will have an opportunity to test this version even without the need for installation.
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    Current version is 1.2.0, next major version is 1.3.0, next bugfix version is 1.2.1. main branch represents future major release 1.3.0. This is the real bleeding edge, it contains all the feature work and bug fixes 1.2.x represents future 1.2.1 release. It contains only a handful of commits that fixes serious issues. I would like to release bufixes releases every 4-6 weeks, so there's probably not a good reason to regularly update to 1.2.x., you should just wait for 1.2.1. Currently I'm finishing redesign of core updater that will hide this complexity. You will be able to choose if you want to keep your store updated to latest stable version, or to bleeding edge. And Core updater will tell you when there is something to update.
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    Hi everyone, Elasticsearch module received some love lately. A lot of bugs were fixed. Module should now work on php7 version without issues, and ES versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x should be supported. Before we release the module officially, I would like to ask community member to test it. You can download pre-release version here elasticsearch-v1.1.0-pre.zip For testing purposes you can start up elastic search in docker using command like this: docker run --rm -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 -e "discovery.type=single-node" elasticsearch:7.11.2 Many thanks to @zen for his contribution. Most of this release is based on his work.
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    Hi, Long story short I come from using Opencart for about a decade and its always been buggy with sloppy code and crappy SEO. Found out about thirtybees from my brief experiment with Prestashop. I must say i like what yall are doing here with this and also the merchants edition i seen on this forum. I am not a coder but over the years i kinda know my way some code, it was a must with OC. Lots of folks like me out there that just want a stable, secure self-hosted platform without having to dig into code. Thirtybees seems to be on the right track, keep it up and i will be a user for a longtime. Also thanks for doing what yall do, if i was anything other then a borderline hack at coding i would help but i would just screw crap up lol
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    Yes, most of it will. The code is developed on different branches, and submitted to github already. Once it goes through automated testing, will be merged into main branch, and released to bleeding edge. Not all, of course, for example php-8 compatibility work is very much work in progress, so this will not make it to the bleeding edge for a very long time. But it will, eventually.
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    Well, it might be my OCD maybe 馃槀 馃ぃ
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    You are right, making it not visible really break javascript. That's insane. Please file bug on gitub (although that will fix the issue in niara/community theme) You could try to fix it yourself. Edit file product.js, find function findSpecificPrice, and remove this: .not(':hidden'); This is second similar issue I've seen lately. We really need to implement some javascript data layer for themes, and not depend on data stored in dom.
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    Oh, I found a bug in the server tooling. @ariom please try update now
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    If you are in a shared hosting and have access to cPanel you can turn off ModSecurity just to make the change. I have to do it sometimes to make some changes, for example in SQL queries from the BO, it gives me permission error.
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    Open source licences can be confusing, but not more than commercial licences. There a few guideline you need to be aware of, without the legalese, that will hold for most, in no order. Don't deny others the rights that you had. For example, you had access to the source code, you need to tell others where they can access the source code from. You don't own the code that others wrote, so don't pretend to. You might be able to own the additional code, enhancements and fixes, but in general, the code you got from the public domain will always belong there. With most licences, if you distribute the software (for example for download), you have to make the changes available under an acceptable licence. This may differ from licence to license.
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    OSL 3.0 is definitely not ideal license for e-commerce. Section 1c) grants you rights And section 5) says that Together, these two sections means that you must disclose source code of all and any modifications, once your server is reachable by public. The license does not specify the mechanism to disclose the source code. You don't have to be proactive, I believe it is sufficient to disclose it on per-request basis (put some info about this to TOS or similar page). Most likely nobody will ever ask you to disclose the source code 馃檪 Of course, it's pretty hard (practically impossible) to prove that you are using modified version of thirty bees. You could always claim that you are using overrides or hooks to alter the functionality. And you should ALWAYS use overrides or hooks, never touch core files. That always result in huge headache few months (years) later.
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    You shouldn't modify files coming with the distribution at all. First choice to tweak functionality is to use hooks, this is the most maintainable way. If this doesn't work, one can use overrides. Common to each of these strategies is that you add files rather than modifying existing ones. Which removes the license question, you can put these files under any license you like, including "proprietary". That said, if you fix bugs or enhance code in a way interesting for all merchants, it's always a good idea to feed them back to the project. This eases future updates a lot and gives you free maintenance for these changes.
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    First thoughts: Looking good - a great start 1) It does not interfere with the multiple feature module i have 2) works with Advanced search 4 and block layered navigation 3) I did not need to change the table indiex so guess the module I have had already done that 4) Works with store manager Suggestions, while I understand you do not want to 'copy' the multiple features module perhaps what it does will help tidy things up 1) Do you really need to indicate which features are allowed multiple features? If all were allowed then there would be no need for extra columns in the features table. So make it so all are multiple value then just not use when you don't need to for each individual feature 2) We have lots of features so finding them is tricky. Lot's of scroll and ctrl / select to choose. Not easy to see what is selected: The current module has a search feature (narrows down the list as you type and also shows the list of currently selected ones to the side 3) With lots of features the front looks not good Where as the current module sepearates the multiple features with a comma (Seperator symbol can be changed in module) rather than line break making it much easier to see 4) Possibly need a sort by position rather than numerical / alpabetical / index Overall a great start - well done. Now all we need is Block Layered Navigation to allow multiple selection and perhaps ranges (sliders) and all will be near perfect 馃槈
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    Hi there, I have the same issue as the OP. I have just done a brand new install of TB 1.2.0 I've added a few product categories and configured the top menu however I can't get rid of the TB default menu image? In the Block Top Menu settings, I have selected and unselected the option to automatically select images for subcategories. I've changed subcategory images. I've reset the Block Top Menu module. I've forced template recompilation and cleared cache but it still remains? Please advise how I can remove this image. Thank you ***UPDATE*** I downloaded and installed the Cleaner module and wiped all existing data. Had to recreate my categories etc. but got rid of the image.
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    I think so. Never done it, but this looks like it is possible . After choosing categories you get a list of categories to include so jsut include all except the one you want to leave out
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    Quick & Dirty 1. Just copy your theme folder into /themes 2. Rename the currently used theme folder to something different. (and remember the folder name) 3. Rename your theme folder to the name of the folder that you have remembered at point 2.
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    I really looking forward to see what TB-6 will bring 馃挭
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    I thought so 馃檪 Yeah, it is irritating. But it does not hurt that much, database can take it. If we "fixed" this, who knows what would break. @yaniv14 is right -- the most important information is stored inside order/invoice tables anyway, so it would probably work fine. But there might be some corner cases when it would break things -- refunds, third party modules, etc...
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    Why? Really, I mean why are you bother with something like this?
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    Here's another thing that might be interesting: AGE VERIFICATION and it would probably be very fast implemented as there's already a free prestashop module available for it. That's a functionality I'd call basic functionality in todays eCommerce: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/717631-free-module-age-verification-popup/ I sadly haven't had any time yet to check, why it's not working in TB (just doesn't show the age verification popup but seems to work fine "otherwise"). If I can find the time, which in the moment i really can't, I'll try to fix it and put it up for download but might be faster if someone else might be able to do so 馃槈 It's an age verification module I use in some of my prestashops. Full shop verification or category based with a one button option or having to enter the whole birthdate for approval.
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    Actually, this is expected behaviour. If I have Product A: base price = 100, tax = 22, final price = 122 Product B: base price = 100, tax = 0, final price = 100 Shipping with Shipping Cost = 100, "Price includes tax" = NO enabled "Proportionate tax" Then if I have 1 of each in the cart, then shipping tax is 22% of 1/2 * 100 0% of 1/2 * 100 which is 11% ==> shipping price is 111 If I put 2 products A and 1 product B in the cart, then proportion is different. Product A now account for 2/3 of shipping price, and Product B for 1/3 of product price. Result tax is 22% of 2/3 * 100 0% of 1/3 * 100 Which in total is ~14.66% => shipping price is 114.66 If I put 1 product A and 2 product B, then the result is tax is composed of 22% of 1/3 * 100 0% of 2/3 * 100 which is total tax ~ 7.33% => shipping price is 107.33 The calculations are correct, it just isn't very user friendly. That's why the option "Price includes tax" = "Yes" exists, with that the final shipping price will be always 100, and base price without tax will change for each tax bracket.
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    Buenas Tardes YANIV14. Al parecer, al actualizar a TB v1.2 LIMPIO, primera instalaci贸n. Todo funciona muy bien!!!! NO se borran los atributos color (excelente!) y NO hay error al editar productos (excelente!) Muchas gracias por la Ultima Actualizaci贸n !!!
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    Yeah, I can reproduce it as well. The same problem exists in 1.2.0, though, so it's not an injection. But I will look into it, hopefully the fix will be easy
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    Thanks - because of your results I did some more digging. I found that some products had specific prices embedded within them (Catalog > Products) so there must have been a conflict. So for example the product would have a catalogue price rule and a specific price rule at the same time. I have removed all those embedded into individual products and now all is OK - almost (We have never embeded specific prices into products it has always been whole cataloge based so wonder if there has been a change in how thirtybees / prestashop has done this since origianlly 1.4 that has perhaps corrupted with various upgrades) For the almost but I think we have small rounding error. But I will play some more and start a new thread if necessary Thanks
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    That's a good question 馃檪 I guess it was the easiest solution at a time. I agree we should get rid of these third party service dependencies. I filed an enhancement request on github for this one to not forget it
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    So I finally found the solution. It was indeed in the server's settings. Had some help, but had to change the settings in the file The settings inside the file had to be changed to This line had the problem "FcgidMaxRequestLen". It had to be changed to a greater number, because the default was quite small. Thank you to everyone that got involved!
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    Amazing news! Trying it tomorrow 馃檪 @datakick is there an option to receive new threads alerts on our email? It would be great for those of us that are overwhelmed but want to continue updated and pushing more. I don't know other members, I don't enter in the forum frecuently if I don't see alerts. Thanks!
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    Hola Equipo Thirtybees!! Muchas Gracias por la actualizaci贸n. que bueno que sigan activos. Importante: Pero aun hay problema con Editar Productos. Error 500 como se menciona en algunos foros. Existe alguna soluci贸n pr贸ximamente? Saludos y Gracias por estar presentes!!!
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    So it took a while but I finally solved the issue and I will put it here in case someone else ever runs into the same problem again: The issue was server side, with our hosting having installed Cloudlinux. The end result was that there was two versions of php, alt-php and ea-php, which led to a conflict with curl, which effectively destroyed Paypal's functions. All good now. So many factors and variables to consider when something goes wrong!
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    one thing that could be added: A way to ensure given emails in account creation are correct, or let's say an option in the backend that allows activating this feature 馃槈 At the moment I'm displaying two email fields with authentication(-create).tpl and validate.js that enable/disable the submit button when emails are matching/not matching. An option of course would be my way to include two email fields. At least for the second no copy/paste/etc functionality should be active. In case you consider sending out activation-link emails I hope you'd make that another option that could be set in back office as this could have a negative impact for us because users then bother us again just because they didn't get the account activation email. I think both of upper options should be implemented and given to admins as an option to deactivate/activate. Would be great if it's possible to activate/deactivate both options independently. I think you already solved the "bug" that passwords are sent via email, can't check right now but if passwords are still being sent via email, this should of course be fixed as well,, but I think you've done that already. I seem to remember a post about this on TB somewhere.
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    Maybe you have found bug in bing engine 馃檪
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    I looked in the source page and there is no link containing p=2?p=2 anywhere, so this doesn't seem to be related to build-in paging mechanism. Most likely there is some link somewhere in the web (not necessarily on your site) containing this bad url parameters. You need to look at your site and check everywhere if you could spot this link, and fix it. If the bad link is on third party website, well there is not much you can do. You could propose fix to FrontController that could gracefully solve this situation.
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    Hallo, also wir nutzen seit ein paar Jahren Billbee und sind soweit ganz zufrieden. Man kann bequem 眉ber den Browser darauf zugreifen, hat eine sehr gro脽e Auswahl an Anbindungen, die Funktionen sind relativ umfangreich und es kommen auch stetig neue Schnittstellen dazu. Der Preis hat einen Kostenairbag ist auch extrem gut! Ende letzten Jahres waren die Server teilweise etwas 眉berlastet und bei den Auswertungen von Zahlen und Daten k枚nnte man sich noch etwas mehr w眉nschen aber das Team hinter Billbee ist dynamisch und bisher haben wir f眉r jedes Problem Hilfe erhalten. Einen Blick rein zu werfen lohnt sich also auf jeden Fall! Sch枚nes Wochenende!
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    Every action have some parameters, and you need to somehow provide values for these parameters. The easiest way is to use Constant value - every time the action run it will pass this value as action parameter. Sometimes, you need to provide dynamic data. For this, you can use Bind -- you will bind parameter value to some information provided by Trigger (Every trigger provide different set of information). For example, trigger 'Stock quantity changed' provides information about 'new quantity', and you can use this information in action. Interpolation is something between Constant and Bind - you provide constant text, but part of this text will be replaced with dynamic values from (possibly multiple) action variables. This is useful for example if you want to construct email subject like "Hello {{firstname}}, your order {{order.reference}} has been shipped" Note that when you writing value for Interpolation, you need to pres @ and then select the variable to be inserted. And that's all. Simple.
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    Slider has been disabled and cache deleted, now it seems to work on mobile. @toplakdCould you kindly repeat on linux?
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    Yep, gladly! Let me know when it's ready for us to do so.
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    @SLiCK_303 / @30knees - you know, just a regular maintenance you already do on your own website. Upgrading to new versions, installing selected thirtybees modules, setting up products etc -- with the goal to showcase most of the thirtybees features in an appealing way.
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    Yes - but we are sorted thanks to datakick鈥 s tip
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    I would be, if I can. What all is involved?
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    Actually, I enjoy hacking away on this software more than ever. Often deep into the night, because I somehow can't stop. BTW., it's not "my" Merchant's Edition, it's "ours". We just don't make a big issue about ownership, bureaucracy. Enjoying improving this software and enjoying life is much more fun. It gets a tiny bit better almost every day, this sums up.
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    Why aren't you interested in staying with Thirtybees and help out? . Another fork doesn't make any sense as Thirtybees still is here and now do have a new owner. Thirtybees would probably be glad to also have your help.
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    oh cool, thank you! weird that I haven't found the user or repo by searching github... Thanks! I'm very new to ps/tb module dev and am not a programmer but more a content creator/designer/scripter. So the time I can spend on coding is a bit limited but I'll see what I can do, I need this too asap 馃檪 I'll surely update you as soon as I know that there's any chance of me getting it to work/done, or maybe i'm just going to pay someone to develop it for me, in any case I'd make it publicly available, hopefully as open source. But I sadly cannot guarantee you that there will be a module in the end 馃檪
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    Links to the Royal Mail click and drop system. Lot鈥檚 of requests on the Royal Mail click & Drop feedback system, but being ignored. Although nice if it was inbuilt, a paid module would be good also
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    Uhm. Glancing over this discussion quickly I think nobody recommended to regenerate thumbnails so far. While it's named 'thumbnail', it actually means all displayed pictures. Backoffice -> Preferences -> Images, bottom of the page. Regarding storage location, product images are in img/p/, inside there are numbered folders, at the bottom one folder per product, with images in 10(!) sizes inside (by default).
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    Do you still have this planned? I just learned from @Prestaliathat they no longer support thirtybees (and neither PS 1.6), so their module that was here https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/module-amazon-sync is no more.
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