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    Due to some informal corona care tasks of one of the lead programmers, 1.3.0 has a little delay. It is our top priority, to get is quickly out. Will keep you posted!
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    Just a shout out really, for high quality, TB compatable modules with great support Some of us veterans may remember Vekia (Milos) from the prestashop forums. He was brilliant with help and support - but he did take a step back from those forums. I have recently purchased a couple of modules from him (pop-up manager and combinations table on the product page). Not only did he give excellent support but he added features to the modules for me also. Brilliant. If you do need any modules, his site is a good place to start. I did heavily suggest he joined us on this forum as he has fabulous insight to the workings of this ecommerce platform - let's hope he does https://mypresta.eu/
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    Almost there but we had a little bit programing hours this week then expected. So stay tuned! Its always dangerous to mention a date 😉
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    @yaniv14 OK. Understood @cienislaw given the discussion over the last 7 months, I am inclined to agree with you. With that in mind, I think it is best to ask: Who would like to be involved in decisions/discussion relating to the new theme? (anyone is welcome — no coding or design skills required) In this group (looking at those who have commented on this thread and discussed the topic with me), I assume the following people would like to contribute suggestions? @veganline, @Mark, @Traumflug, @datakick, @cienislaw, @zen, @wakabayashi, @DRMasterChief, @yaniv14, @Wartin, @AndyC, @toplakd, @superbiche, @Briljander, @Mediacom87, @netamismb, @Billy Please make me aware if this is correct, or if you would like adding to or removing from the list. Once we have a group decided, all (fundamental) suggestions should be submitted within a given time frame (prior to any designs or code being written). I will do my best to document and summarise suggestions. I assume everyone is happy that any disagreements can then be settled by vote. Once the community has spoken, I will do my best to design the theme based on the community's wishes. (It is unlikely that the design will please everyone, but hopefully the majority will get what they need out of the theme). Is anyone available to support @yaniv14 in the near future, should he need it?
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    @Mark I don't think there is anything better. I have the same issue as you, beside that I have my own "outdated" theme. It's not only that the Design is outdated. A lot of the technical stuff is no more state of the art. It makes it hard, to maintain or rewrite anything. I for myself have started this weekend to play around with an empty theme. So to start completly from scratch. Technically the idea is to go with Tailwind and AlpineJS. But I think no other dev is really interested in working on it too. That's why my project will probably end either in a "no result" or in a "private result"... 😐
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    I don't think it's a problem for you to mention a date if you just remember to inform any delays or changes. It's the silence that makes people suspicious and wondering. We are looking forward to the next release. Thanks for the info.
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    I'm using the No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module by thirty bees module. Since I started using it my spam is almost Zero
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    Thank you for keeping us updated 🙂 Best regards.
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    Thanks for the update @Smile. All the best too all of you here. 😷
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    This idea comes up a lot. Also when we talk about modules. To be honest: I haven't seen any collaboration coming, out with a serious result, since I am in PS World. While this idea makes sense in theory in pratice it (almost) never works. Btw: I worked like 10 hours at the weekend to push my theme project a bit forward. I am very happy with the progress. 😎 IMO I already found a very stupid behaviour that each theme copies from the other themes (root is probably 1.6 PS theme), but was probably never intended to do so. If you have ever looked into the tpl files, you have maybe noticed that some tags are opened in header.tpl and closed in footer.tpl. Very unnecessary... Just use layout.tpl for it. Such stuff is the reason, why I prefer to do it from an empty folder.
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    As last resort I would try clearing the class_index.php file in cache folder. Of course you should return your modules folder to the prior state before that and try this. But I'm out of ideas. Probably check the error logs (highly doubt you will find something worth looking at) and somebody with more experience should log in and troubleshoot for you. If you have new hosting account in the meantime you can try and upload there the last working backup and try with php 7.0 or 7.1. If nothing else helps this will be a viable option to simply redirect your dns.
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    Hi, Hope somebody has some tips for me. On my productpages i have entered the meta title and meta-descritpion. When i search for products, i'm often listed on page 2. Does somebody have some tips for me what i can do to rank higher ? Thank you.
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    Hi everyone, I am quite surprised to find the Discord completely abandoned and especially why keep a Discord counter at the bottom of the forum when it seems obsolete.
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    What I meant with PHP is that module developers might not opt for using templates for some views. Sometimes it makes sense to generate html markup directly from PHP. For example, I've seen markdown interpreter module -- this allowed you to write your product description in markdown language, and the module converted it to html. For that, some php library was used, only customized to inject proper css classes to the output. Bootstrap css classes, mind you. Such module would not work properly on different tech stack, not without rewriting this php customization. With js -- a lot of modules use javascript to construct and replace DOM tree dynamically. In that case, bootstrap classes and building blocks are hardcoded inside javascript code. How hard it would be to rewrite this functionality to work properly with different css framework depends on how similar these frameworks are. For example, bootstrap's rows/columns abstraction are not always available.
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    Almost all frontend modules will be affected, if the new theme will be based on different technology stack. I assume some of them will be easy to adjust -- simply rewrite the views and use scaffolding blocks from new framework. For some modules it will be much harder, as it might require rewriting parts of js and/or php. It's not reasonable to think that module authors will do this kind of modifications, at least not until the theme is well adopted by the community. Will this new group provide technical support for all these modules, and help with views/js adjustments? If not, I'm afraid the new theme would not be adopted by general audience. Technical people like @wakabayashi might have no problems adjusting those few modules they are using for the new theme, but ordinary merchants wouldn't know how to modify module templates. They want something that works out of the box. Just my 2 cents
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    I have created a list of group members and added you to the list. Thank you.
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    from my perspective it's simple: 1. point out where current themes suck and address those issues mobile experience shopping process ux cart... code duplication to achieve the same thing in different places 2. give it modern look with minimal set of features 3. reduce quantity of modules used to achieve that anything else should be in merchant hands or someone hired by him.
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    That is good news. How do you wish to proceed? Are you happy to move forward with Orchid (in the current style) as a basis for the overall design, or would you and/or those interested like to make suggestions regarding the design and function?
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    The module is quite nicely written. It logs a lot of interesting information if enabled. Make sure logging is enabled, and then look into Advanced Parameters > Logs, there might be some hints
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    @Mark I wish I had more to offer. I could provide a design, but as for integrating it into thirtybees, I just don't have the skills. By the sounds of it, @wakabayashi needs another PHP dev more than he needs a graphic designer. If someone needs me, I still get the notifications.
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    you or your server provider should increase php memory_limit to 128mb or 256mb. from 32mb you have now
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    It says so to everybody that updated to bleeding edge. This is not 1.3 final.
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    The default Niara theme gets the Raleway font all the way from a google server linked from the header template, about line 51 Example.com/themes/niara/header.tpl You can delete that line or put comment tags round it like {*...*} {*<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:400,500,600,700" rel="stylesheet">*} Example.com/themes/niara/css/global.css - the main style sheet - chooses Raleway, or Helvetica font as a backup. Helvetica is a web-safe font already in most browsers, so your site now reverts to Helvetica and becomes a bit faster. You can see the difference on the waterfall section of a gtmetrix test. If you follow the fonts.google link you can see why: it loaded every known weight of the Raleway font for three different alphabets. If you want to keep Raleway, at least for modern browsers https://google-webfonts-helper.herokuapp.com/fonts/raleway?subsets=latin shows you how to download just the bits you want, such as latin default 400 weight , 500, 600 and 700. It lets you download them as a zip file with a name like raleway-v22-latin.zip. Download the zip file. Upload to: example.com/themes/niara/fonts/ Extract (unzip) the font files there. If webfonts helper isn't online, you can see the names of the latin fonts to download in the file below; they come from https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway. You just have to save them with the same name that the lines below call them. The same page of webfonts helper has lines starting @font-face which you can cut and paste to the top of Example.com/themes/niara/css/global.css /* raleway-regular - latin */ @font-face { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; src: local(''), url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-regular.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Chrome 26+, Opera 23+, Firefox 39+ */ url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-regular.woff') format('woff'); /* Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+ */ } /* raleway-500 - latin */ @font-face { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 500; src: local(''), url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-500.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Chrome 26+, Opera 23+, Firefox 39+ */ url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-500.woff') format('woff'); /* Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+ */ } /* raleway-600 - latin */ @font-face { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 600; src: local(''), url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-600.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Chrome 26+, Opera 23+, Firefox 39+ */ url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-600.woff') format('woff'); /* Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+ */ } /* raleway-700 - latin */ @font-face { font-family: 'Raleway'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 700; src: local(''), url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-700.woff2') format('woff2'), /* Chrome 26+, Opera 23+, Firefox 39+ */ url('../fonts/raleway-v22-latin-700.woff') format('woff'); /* Chrome 6+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+ */ That's it! After the usual cache clearance, your Helvetica site should now revert to Raleway, but be a bit faster than before. Next time you update the theme with the core updater, it will show a list of manually changed files including header.tpl as a reminder to copy the changed bits over to the new version. It keeps copies in the directory you use for the back office. There are probably neater ways of doing this or explaining it and suggestions are welcome. I haven't tried using other fonts. ---------edit: I'd forgotten Modules > Themeconfigurator > Displayliveconfigurator YES > View lets you choose some other google fonts without changing any code at all. They still take a fraction of a second to download from another site, but some might have fewer alphabets and weights than Raleway.
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    You can download my Consequences module and use it to block the outgoing email. I'm using it myself.
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    I'm afraid this is almost impossible to fix. Core does not know what payment options exists, they are not enumerated anywhere. It only knows about modules that implement 'payment' hook, but what payment options each module provides is big unknown. When the payment is processed, payment module gets a chance to create/validate an order, and during this step provides information about the payment to be stored inside order. Because this info is not available to the core itself, we can't really use it during back office order creation, not without invoking payment process itself.
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    Hello everyone, I changed my product route in the SEO & URL page of the Back Office to a cleaner and shorter URL. {category:/}{id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13}.html is what it used to be, but I changed it to {category:/}{rewrite}.html Now I'm wondering if its posible to make a redirect in the .htaccess file to redirect the old product URLS to the new product URLS. And ofcourse I don't want to make a redirect for every single product manually. Does anyone have any clue on how to do this? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi there, Last week I had a customer complaining about much higher product pricing during checkout then 'promised' in product view, caused by this problem. So, I decided to give it a try and I think I have solved it :-). Root cause is the construction of the product page which uses a table to display volume discount. In this table, some CSS attributes are used to store the volume discount prices and that values are (only) set on page creation (from the product.tpl code). And these CSS attributes are used to display the price (when in product view). That all works ok, until you add product attributes (combinations) that influence the price. Because, that influence is not reflected back in the mentioned DOM css attributes of the volume discount table. So, the effect is that you always use the price levels of the first product attribute, regardless of the actual attribute chosen by the user. What I did is add a new function (UpdateDOMdiscountPriceTable(newPrice)) that updates the table DOM elements that store the prices with the correct new price levels and call it from UpdateDisplay(). All changes are made in product.js. I attached the file for those interested. Final warning: I'm not an thirthybees expert and also not a seasoned JavaScript programmer. I also only tested it for my shop config (using attributes and volume discount using some percentage). product.js
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    CSS only required. I use this: In preferences > custom code /* change cart edit to always on in chex */ .chex-edit { flex-grow: 0; flex-shrink: 0; font-size: 14px; transition: opacity 400ms ease; opacity: 1; color: red;}
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    One question is how to always display the field 'edit' in the cart. It is very confusing for most of the customers when they can not change the qty. in an easy way. One step for an improvement can be to show this field instantly. Thank you for an hint on this !!
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    https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.password-hash.php Currently, it uses bcrypt by default. In the future php versions this might change, of course.
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    I uploaded a new version. Zip files is somehow an imperfect technology that keeps giving problems.
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    No, full page refresh would result in resetting javascript objects -- your selected carrier / payment options, filled in text fields (name, email,....) would be lost.
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    Don't worry. You don't have any character set/collation problem. utf8mb4 is just preferred for Thirty Bees. There is no obligation. Anyone who has migrated from Prestashop has an utf8 variant. Prestashop only switched to utf8mb4 with 1.7.6 or 1.7.7. That latin_swedish collation isn't a problem either. Some modules that have their own tables make them in the format that they prefer. And that is ok.
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    <table> should be replaced by any table you wish to modify. e.g. "ps_cart" to change on database run: ALTER DATABASE <db name> CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; when <db name> is you db name
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    CHARSET=utf8mb4 COLLATE=utf8mb4_unicode_ci ALTER TABLE <table> CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;
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    Danke für die Hinweise! Ich wollte eigtl. kein Modul dafür verwenden, für sowas "lapidares", da ich generell so wenig Module wie möglich verwenden möchte (macht irgendwann nur Probleme). Mal sehen wie ich es in meinem Fall sonst lösen kann, ggf. einfach mit einer anderen Beschreibung, was aber halt nicht so einfach ist (ggf. kann ich den Grundpreis pro Gramm angeben statt pro Kapsel, das wäre sowieso ggf. gesetzlich fraglich und soll nur ein Goodie für den Kunden sein). Aaaaber.... der Shop müsste die Grundpreisangaben in den Übersetzungen "selbst können", wäre ggf. ein Hinweis für eine nächste Version 🤠
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    Great to know that, let's keep the good work flow ! For infos, I still use TB everyday mostly on b2b websites 🙂, some are still on 1.1.0 version and works perfectly.
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    Regarding PHP compatibility: 1.3.0 will still be supported on PHP5.6 ... PHP7.4 There is an ongoing effort to make it work on PHP8. This is not a small feat because PHP8 introduced standard class 'Attribute' that clashes with thirty bees core class. To fix it we need to rename our class, respective move it to different namespace (in core and all native modules). While this is quite simple to do, it of course introduces compatibility issues with any third party modules. To overcome this issue, thirty bees will contain mechanism that will parse and 'patch' third party modules PHP files. When you install new module, it's php files will be processed anda all references to Attribute class will be adjusted. For this we will use third party library. Unfortunately that lib does not support PHP5.6, which is one of the reasons why we are deprecating PHP5.6 and will not support it in the future. At this moment there is still no need to actually remove support for PHP5.6, but once we integrate the support for PHP8 to mainline, we will be forced to do it.
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    The project is going forward as planned. There should be 2 major releases per year, 1.3.0 will be released during the summer. While we also planned to release s few bugfix releases, there weren't that many injections and regressions in 1.2 release to actually do that. That would be a lot of work to release 2 bugfixes. I understand that it can look like not much is happening when you look at github repo(s), but a lot of work is done behind the scenes. Some is work on private repositories (thirtybees api server, data collection service, scheduler, etc). Some is work on public repositories that is not published yet (for example, there is an ongoing effort to make core and native modules php8 compatible, and this must be released as a big bang). Also, tb core repo is not the only one that receives some love. For example there's a big overhaul of core updater coming soon.
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    for export there is the datakick module. But easy import from csv would be nice
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    I dont believe, there is a quick solution. I remember how I did it: You generate all urls with the old structure. Copy them into Excel You generate all urls with the new structure. Copy them into Excel Now you generate in Excel a new column with the correct htacces/nginx redirect. Maybe somebody has a better solution. Of course you can only achieve it, with some SQL knowledge.
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    I suspect that it can have many causes. If, for example, your links to social networks compare, do these links to the products still work, are the images still displayed? If the SEO data after the change to TB still exist, they may have to be re-entered? Probably there is also a problem with the template, that Google previously looked at this better than now. Have the page load times got worse? (possibly at the same time a server change) etc
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    With your votes, TB is7th now. Some days ago TB was not on the first page. Continue to vote it here: https://alternativeto.net/software/prestashop/
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