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    Hi everyone We know it's now been a while since our first post. While we'd love to have new news to share, we're still waiting for some important documents to continue the negotiations. Someone here mentioned that buying a company can sometimes take months. Unfortunately we're seeing that this may be the case here too. We are eager to pick up the reigns and move TB forward, but will have to ask you all for your continued patience while we sort out all the details of purchasing TB. We're picking up that it could still take many weeks before this thing has been finalised. On the plus side, we do have some info to share: The Core Developer has essentially been finalised and has indicated that he is on board (subject to the sale of TB being concluded and other details, of course). We will reveal who, once everything is sorted. He will be full-time. And you will be more than happy ­čśë We plan to move TB forward with continued maintenance and improvements and evolution. Making TB better, by building on its solid foundation and listening to the community. Not ripping it up and starting again. So no plans to change architecture or any crazy Prestashop 1.7 or Symfony ideas. There will be roadmaps, bug fixes, new features, enhancements, support and massive community involvement, feedback and participation. We look forward to finalising the negotiations and purchase of TB. We will provide feedback within the next few months. Hopefully sooner. In the meantime, please keep using and promoting TB. We promise an exciting future for TB ahead. Thanks for all your support ­čĹŹ
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    Forget the decoration, neither GitKraken nor PHPstorm are necessary. To get started, copy one of the themes: cd themes cp -rp community-theme-default my-new-theme Which one doesn't matter. Both are technically almost the same, just (S)CSS is quite distinct. Then edit config.xml inside the new theme with your favorite code editor (vi, nano, geany, gedit, sublime, whatever): cd my-new-theme geany config.xml Edit fields name and directory in the upper few lines. Each appears twice. Name is arbitrary, directory should match the actual directory. Save the file. Why these edits are necessary? Well, PrestaShop decided it this way 10 years ago and changing this would easily break existing themes. At this point you can install the theme already. It'll look like the one you copied, but it's the new one. Then you can build the theme: npm install npm run compile-css npm run format-js npm run copy-index npm run clean-up First command is needed only once, second command is the essential one, the other ones are tidying up code a bit. As you didn't change anything yet, a new build shouldn't change anything. Now you're ready for editing the theme. Template file (.tpl) file edits take effect immediately. JavaScript files as well. Just reload the page in your browser and the change is there. Regaring CSS: don't edit .css files, but the .scss ones. After each edit, rebuild the theme, then reload the page in the browser. At this point you're in the middle of development already. Cheers!
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    @RabbitZzZ, @toplakd, @datakick As I get mad almost once a week about the misssing "update shipping cost", I decided to tackle this myself. I couldn't wait any multiple years longer for this feature. In my opinion it's over due... As we pointed out above, there is no super clean solution to this problem, but I believe that my solution now is quite acceptable. At least it's much a cleaner way than the free PS module uses. Technically a new cart is created based on the order values. The cart is used then to recalculate the shipping cost. I practice you can select the shipping method in an order and click on "recalculate shipping cost". This is very useful in case you have edited the order before. The select also allows to change the shipping method at all. This way you can change, in case your customer wishes so or you can also select a shipping method, that is only visible in the BO. I haven't imlemented a amount input yet, but that would be possible too. I hope, that some expierenced user test my snipped (in a test store) and give a feedback. It's really hard to forseen every case. In my (quite simple) cases, the code seems to work properly. https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/4ccd64465ff1e4b956e1caba1feb411b6ee834a3
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    Hi, I am the author of the module and this works without issue on my own TB site. I suspect you have tried installing the github zip file that is not packaged as a module and hence will not work. The TB marketplace is supposed to automatically create the module based on the github code but it stopped working. I raised this many months back but nobody is taking care of it. Try installing the attached module zip. P.S.: I am a merchant and not really a developer, so expect limited support. blockinstockproducts-2.2.2.zip
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    This is a bug in the core, thanks for bringing this up https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1242
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    was the shop cache and your browser cache cleared? did you make any other changes in the template or anything else? hooks ... and "header" hook are ok?
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    No, it would not. It would be a huge step back - from seo perspective, from accessibility perspective,... Alt tags are very useful. If you really need them go away, you will have to edit your theme and remove them.
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    Thanks @wakabayashi for this initiative. It will have to be thoroughly tested before it is integrated to the core, obviously. But hopefully there won't be any showstoppers. One thing that would be nice to implement together with this functionality would be an audit log, so merchants could see why, when, and by whom was the order modified
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    Who is they? Are you a dev? ­čśÄ What about this: {"{$order_invoice->date_add}+{$customer->max_payment_days} days"|date_format:'%d.%m.%Y'}
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    This custom code isn't the right place, to add new functionality. This is made for adding external js files (like Google Analytics or so). You can add the js code also in product.tpl. Just use something like: {literal}<script>Your code...</script>{/literal}
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    Thanks so much for this. It worked. pb4sc
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    I've disabled the Advanced EU Compliance module and thats fixed it.
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    Thank you very much for your help, I deactivated what you told me and I managed to discover right away that it was a module that was giving problems, I deactivated the module and it works perfectly and without errors.
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    Apparently this tabel was not well copied adding it again solved the issue.
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    Hi all We understand that a lot of us have been wondering what has been going on and if Thirty Bees will continue. Everyone being quiet hasn't been helping, we know. Please see this post as assurance that we're on it ­čĹŹ We can't divulge much at the moment but suffice to say there is currently something in the works. We had hoped to say something to you all sooner. Unfortunately the negotiations has been taking a lot longer than initially expected. However, we feel pretty close and hope to have a proper announcement soon. One of the Core developers is involved so that should be reassuring. Can't say who just yet though. Either way, you'll be happy. For now, keep your fingers crossed, and please continue your contributions in the forum and keep using Thirty Bees. Also, please show your support by liking this post. There is a bright future for TB and we'd love to see your continued involvement, support and participation. More soon. Watch this space!
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    It really worked!!! In case someone needs it, I attache the file with the modifications made to the tpl file from the PANDA version. order-addressNEW.tpl
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    Well, you could try this, it worked :) Go to /theme/niara/order-address.tpl (or your themes' tpl) where the checkbox is and add data-toggle and data-target like this: <input type="checkbox" name="same" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#addresses" id="addressesAreEquals" value="1"{if $cart->id_address_invoice == $cart->id_address_delivery || $addresses|@count == 1} checked="checked"{/if}> Now go to the div class="row" (it was line number 58 here) and change it to: <div id="addresses" class="row collapse"> Now the addresses start collapsed, but if you *unselect* "use the same address..." it magically appears. Too much work for a Sunday :) Have a nice day, buen fin de semana ;)
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    Thanks a lot for the advice, the permissions on the database for creating temporary tables have been fixed and now it works correctly.
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    It's hard / next to impossible to adjust UI of html input file field. There's no cross-browser compatible way to do this, as far as I know. However, there exist a lot of libraries that handles this issue by rendering input field as hidden element, and doing the UI manually. For example https://www.dropzonejs.com/. It should be fairy easy to modify template and replace input file fields with the js implementation
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    i have similar experience ­čśä but thats something i triple chceck before goin on forum
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    Well that done the trick made a copy of the installation and saved on the server then onto another learning curve, had to set up and learn FTP ok for you youngens, at 55 things don't work as they should, ­čÖé so i downloaded a new installation extracted the themes renamed the existing niara theme to niara-old ftp'd over the new themes went for an install of Niara theme and it worked so repeated with the community theme, now the community theme works again and i have full visuals, all products dummy orders and customers i imported are all good and apart from what i was trying to fix it all works again. whats bugging me is why were pre installed theme files corrupt or missing key files in the first place, now just need to get the blog to show, the copyright to appear and sort out this click and collect issue. Thank you so much Guys really apreciate it
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    did you empty the shop cache and the browser cache? i currently only see the maintenance mode. Your php version with 5.6.xxxx should also be updated - this gives more power. try a new update with template change. it can also be due to one or the other module. or change your settings before trying the performance again example and reload:
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    You have probably enabled Advanced Parameters > Performance > Move JavaScript to the end option. If so, please file an issue in https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues , as it would be a bug in core.
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    SOLVED prestashop.com/forums/profile/1523298-jbw/ is working on a module to do this it says here prestashop.com/forums/topic/623011-17-save-customization-when-add-to-cart/?tab=comments#comment-3236236- ready for both Prestashops and Thirtybees. He sells finished modules for about ÔéČ50 or $50 on https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=1035467 He might quote a price for a pre-release version, if there is nothing finished for sale yet or nothing on other download sites.
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    yes, it┬┤s like that. Maybe you find this useful (it is for other themes, but description is very good): https://answers.themler.io/articles/9064/how-to-use-google-fonts-locally
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    Hi Wartin, thank you, I find it's working now, just because the difference of the mobile brower which makes the remove options become different. But now it's better than before.
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    According to many, all kind of pop-up things are quite high in the ranking of meaningless inventions of mankind. But it depends what kind of customer you need.
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    New versions 1.2.2 (free) and 2.2.2 (premium) has just been released: fixed PHP 7.4 deprecation warnings fixed database tables charset -- it's not possible to use smileys in review content fixed microdata in js code -- rich metadata were emitted only in .tpl templates. Now they are also in DOM nodes created by javascript
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    Hello. Go to the product's price page. Down in the page there is an option called "Add specific price". You can choose to make a percentage discount or just a fixed discount. In frontpage you will see: new price old price
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    Unfortunately that's not true. For example, there is always recalculation of $newShippingCostTaxExcl = (float) $amountTaxIncl/(1+($newCarrier->getTaxesRate($deliveryAddress)/100)); which means that current tax rate will be used to figure out shipping cost tax excl
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    It doesn't recalculate but you can change a lot on the order. It's this module I am using: https://globosoftware.net/product/prestashop-order-management-module-edit-order/ It do work pretty well for our needs but do have some bugs. The one you are referring too is from a scam company "Module Buddy". I ordered another module from them but never got any download but the money was withdrawn. They do never answer emails either. The developers are from my country Sweden, I managed to find the phonenumber to one of them but still haven't seen the money or the module and this was some years ago.
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    Das "Sicherheitsl├╝cke" schreibe ich mal in Anf├╝hrungszeichen, denn es geht um Git, das sowieso keine Sicherheitsmechanismen hat. Was nicht ist, kann auch keine L├╝cke haben. Es geht um das hier: Zehntausende Server deutscher Firmen von Sicherheitsproblem betroffen Es geht da offensichtlich um (zahlreiche) Server, die Git f├╝r die Versionierung des Inhalts verwenden und das Git-Repo direkt auf dem ├Âffentlichen Server haben. Sperrt man dieses Repo nicht, ist es ├Âffentlich zug├Ąnglich. Damit kann man das Repo auslesen, z.B. die rohen PHP-Dateien. Problem erkennen. Wie im Artikel schon steht, kann man einfach die passende URL versuchen auszulesen: https://meinedomain.de/.git/config Kommt da was anderes als 403 oder 404 zur├╝ck, ist das ein Problem. Abhilfe. 1. Das Verzeichnis /.git in Apache/Nginx sperren. 2. (besser) Das Git-Repo anderswo unterbringen und nach ├änderungen den Inhalt der Webseite mit FTP oder Rsync hochladen. Nat├╝rlich ohne das Verzeichnis .git. Plesk/cPanel und einige andere haben ein Feature, mit dem man Git-Repos "live" machen kann. Jeder Commit in das Repo wird automatisch auf die ├Âffentliche Seite hochgeladen. In wie weit diese Funktion betroffen ist, kann ich nicht sagen. Geheuer war mir das jedoch noch nie, denn beim committen in ein Repo sind Fl├╝chtigkeitsfehler eigentlich an der Tagesordnung, das will man nicht ungepr├╝ft ├Âffentlich haben. Man kann das jedoch auch wie oben beschrieben heraus finden.
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    Hi Wartin, Thank you, I have go into the file manager and edit already. It's done, looks much nice than before.
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    There's even a 'investigate element' ('Element untersuchen') in the right-click menu, which does this with one click.
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    great! ­čśŹ enjoy it!
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    Switch to debug mode (back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance) to see the actual error report. If you can't, because it's already a production shop, look into log/2020... to see at least a hint. Third option is to download the encrypted message on this 500 page and decrypt it in back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Logs.
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    @Leaton thats correct. I have changed this behaviour in our shop. It will only send one email and if there is a tracking code it will add it to the email... Depending on the new TB team, I will maybe add a PR, to make this the default behaviour.
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    panda is not ready for tb (1.1.x) bleeding edge only manual update im not sure if its work back update to 1.1.0 but you can try it on test store update to tb 1.1.0 -> update panda via st theme editor -> update bleeding edge
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    I am on TB 1.1.0 I will do a backup before upgrading, but looks fine on my test shop.
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    Looks like it works fine for me: I was actually not aware of this 1-click upgrade for the Panda theme, so thanks for the tip ­čÖé Best regards, Elund www.prospeed.dk
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    @Fernando In custom CSS I would go with: body.category-{id_category} .category-info { display: none;} .category-info will hide h1 and description .page-heading.product-listing would hide only h1
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    I am not part of the new team. As the new team doesn't want to give recognition yet, I say something: Because I have private contact to all almost all big contributors of this project, I have quite a clear idea, who the new owner will be (ofc I won't reveal anything to anyone). The new team is not any mysterious investor, who is lacking of tb/ps expierence. If this deal will be done, all TB users will be better of... So please @all: relax ­čÖé
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    @toplakd @Kashir2000 No, it is true. I think everyone here knows about my health issues being the reason I cannot really continue forward with thirty bees. So a couple of months ago I started exploring having someone buy me out and take over the project. I found a group of active users in the community who were up to the challenge. thirty bees will be under new control shortly with renewed vigor led by new owners.
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    Thanks a lot @datakick . I was aware about that module but even when i was adding there my copyright info, i couldn't see anything at the footer bottom . My issue was that i have had unhooked the module by accident from "Header" Hook position. Now it works perfect. Hope this will help also other users with the same issue.
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    So I finally got this sussed! Go to Positions ->Click Paypal Modules and this brings up all the hooks associated with. Under DisplayFooterProduct, which hooks modules to the front office product page and this is where you unhook the Paypal module and it removes it from the product page! ­čśÄ
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    I just discovered the lack of TB on Cloudways. Very unfortunate change as it made setting up dev sites super easy. I hope Cloudways themselves continue to function okay as they are a great balance between a shared host and a bare VPS.
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    It seems cloudways is running into issues, they are scaling back their offerings and support. We are currently looking for a replacement for them in our partner program.
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    Got the same issue, I got this for answer We have stopped supporting Thirtybees from Cloudways console. You can install it manually by creating a custom PHP application, then install Thirtybees in it.
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