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    Such encrypted exceptions decrypt only in the shop where they were made. That's the entire point of encryption 🙂 Exceptions sometimes contain sensitive data, handing this out to generic shop visitors might not be what a shop owner wants.
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    In general class/controllers/FrontConroller.php assign some global variables (inside init() function) that available to all templates. other then that each front page Controller add relevant variables to its own template... for example controllers/front/ProductController.php (inside initContent() function) similar process goes to hooks from modules -> registered hooks and some global template hooks. if you dont want to create a special module with custom hook and execute that hook inside your desire template, then you can and should override the desire front controller initContent function and add whatever variable you need. for example: <?php class ProductController extends ProductControllerCore { public function initContent() { $this->context->smarty->assign( [ 'my_custom_variable' => 'my custom value', ] ); parent::initContent(); } } now about you request for the shipping rates/zones and stuff, I cannot help much because I am not familiar with that part of the code and I dont have the time right now to dig inside. usually all codes/functions related to what you need is inside the desire class inside "classes" folder. can't tell if you need to look inside Zone.php or Cart.php or something else. Hopes it helps a bit and wish you good luck finding what you need. btw: when doing an override you need to remember to delete the file "cache/class_index.php"
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    Hello, everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get the Printful PrestaShop module working in thirtybees with only a few code changes. Printful does direct printing for t-shirts, which means you don't need to keep an inventory of t-shirts as they are made when they are orders. You design the shirt on Printful and it will automatically get added to your store. When a customer orders it will get sent to Printful, then it gets sent directly to the customer. They even automatically mark the order as shipped when they ship it. When I first added the module, syncing it in Printful caused a few 500 errors, which I was able to solve with only changes to 2 files: classes/Product.php find the getCoverWs function and change the function to this: public function getCoverWs() { $result = $this->getCover($this->id); if (gettype($result) == 'boolean') return null; return $result['id_image']; } classes/webservice/WebserviceOutputBuilder line 792 add this on the next line (this is in the renderFlatAssociation function if your line numbers are different): if (is_null($objectAssoc)) return ''; You might not even need the Product.php modification, so just try it with the second one. I say you might not need it because the Product.php on the thirty-bees source is slightly different than mine on the getCoverWs function. But the error I was seeing was specifically that $result was coming back as a boolean, and doing ['id_image'] on a boolean was throwing an error resulting in the 500. I was really excited to get this prestashop module working on thirtybees. Let me know if any of you have problems if you try this.
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    Yes, Sprint 5 will end tomorrow. Sprint 4 didn't really happen because I was quite ill. I will write some post to inform about the work done in sprint 5 soon
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    You certainly can. Because the platform won't loose features just by time advancing. If there are sufficient features to run the shop now, these features will be there in 3 years as well. And there are a number of reliable developers.
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    that worked 😉 needed to press it like 5x times
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    I have noticed that occasionally. Sometimes you need to click 2 or 3 times. I think it may be that if there are a few updated versions between yours and the latest it does 1 at a time
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    So, you just click the UPGRADE ME button and it should sort itself out
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    He wrote couple of weeks ago that he was very sick and will get back when he's feeling better.
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    The same thing has happened to me. I have no answer yet, but am posting in solidarity.
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    Found this elsewhere Seems to have worked, the result told me 100 products were affected. Not sure what this has done, or why, but seems to have worked
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    @veganline In such a case we normally send a postal return code to the customer. If this is not possible in your case, i would ask for bank details and refund like. If the customer orders in future, you could also make a voucher instead 🙂
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    Solved - I think When I checked the server I noticed that PHP-FHM was disabled. Not sure if i had that enabled or disabled previously. So I think an update over night changed something Anyway, enabled it and all seems to be working - fingers crossed PHP-FHM does not actually introduce any other errors
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    Yes that might be, I managed to fix the access to one of the customer accounts giving 404 error by making sure more customer groups were ticked - if only Guest or Visitor, then it gives 404 error, but as soon as I also ticked Customer, it was possible to log in again. The other one giving 404 works again when I clicked the button for converting Guest to Customer account. So seems to be some issue with the Visitor/Guest accounts, maybe some of my settings need to be changed.
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    Update: Suddenly now the error has disappeared. I am not sure if any of the developers I had asked to look at it did something recently, or if it resolved in some other way. Now the issue is only that 2 of the customers give a 404 error saying this page is not available, when trying to log in to the customer area. The rest seems to work fine now and no more 500 error.
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    Hi everyone, I wish to have a watermark module supporting .webp. The current version of the modul (actually migrated from Prestashop) supports only .jpg. The .webp format is getting like a standard and is being supported by almost all web browsers. Google loves it givving web shops with .webp (much) higher ranking. On the other hand, I am in a creative industry, organisations are spending a lot of attention to copyright. Especially in Germany it could be very easier to get a nice email from a lower. So to have a watermark is a must for me. Is it possible to extend the module to support .webp?
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    You need a space between {} and \;. @yaniv14 made the same typo.
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    Merchants Edition has a different backoffice theme and its own updater that helped me. There's probably a demo version somewhere. Slightly duskier and more subdued with a few extranious details removed. Any improvements in that fork are copywrite and can't be cloned straight back by thirtybees developer(s) though, if any; they have to be altered slightly to get around the copywrite, which seems a waste of scarce developer hours. I expect a merchant can use the theme just as it is.
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    sudo chown -R $USER:www-data /var/www/masterplay.cz/eshop/ sudo find /var/www/masterplay.cz/eshop/ -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \; sudo find /var/www/masterplay.cz/eshop/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
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    TB v1.2.0, TB Paypal v5.4.5.....working fine here.....
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    is there an echo in here.....?
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    You .css .js are blocked due to MIME type mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40728554/resource-blocked-due-to-mime-type-mismatch-x-content-type-options-nosniff
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    Thanks so much, guys! Yobo from Sunnytoo was my salvation, he saw what I couldn't, I was blocked: https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/white-page-when-login-we-cant-close-sales#post-110224 Analytics had 2 actives modules, and customer group had disabled almost all modules (I don't know when, it was working a few days ago...). Solved!
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    I did some experiments on your site and placed a test order. I saw quite a lot of warnings. On the first page I got the notice: Undefined offset: 2 in classes/tax/TaxCalculator.php at line 155 On later pages I got many times two notices from php-debug.js at line 53, 38 and 57: Notice: Trying to get property 'value' of non-object in themes/panda/./header.tpl Notice: Undefined index: sttheme in themes/panda/./header.tpl Another error that I got was this: When after the order I clicked on the logo to go to the homepage I only got the logo and for the rest a white page. This page has the familiar php-debug.js notice duo many times repeated. So I tried some other things. First I went into my user account. That worked. Then I tried a random "page": just the url followed by some random characters. That triggered an error page that allowed me to search on the site. So I searched for "caja". Now I got a real debug mode error page: I am not sure what this all means. Maybe Datakick recognizes what happens here.
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    Dear All The TB reCaptcha module doesn't work for me at all. First of all: after installation, clearing the cache didn't get rid of the 500 error message. I had to delete the whole cache folder and re upload the one from the TB Zip file. Then, configuration seems to work without problems. The captcha is displayed on the contact form as well, but it doesn't matter as I can do everything without clicking on the captcha at all. So it doesn't stop me from sending contact messages even though I haven't checked the captcha checkbox. It's there, but it's not working. I can send as many contact messages without ever touching the captcha to confirm me not being a robot. Anyone else having the same issues? I have configured the module completely and set it to appear everywhere it can be configured to appear. I also have overrides enabled etc under performance. Luckily I can continue with ei captcha which I used for prestashop which is working as it should 😉 Here's the link for everyone else who's having trouble: https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha You'll have to use the latest version as previous versions were not working when JS was disabled! All the best, Oli
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    and all is clear 🙂 Somewhere should be these basic information. Not everyone worked on prestashop (e.g. I had a problem with such a simple thing). I've creating themes every day - I don't have to buy others. And I'm not a fan of modifying existing templates, Unfortunately so far I did not work on PrestaShop (ThirtyBees), so I needed some basic information.
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    it need to be inside themes/my_theme_name/css/autoload/
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    If you don't want to handle it via code you can just put css and js files inside autoload folder (css & js) in the theme folder. You can also add them manually to header.tpl file. Or you can create a module and register displayHeader hook with all logic
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    This was actually a bug in 1.2.0. It is fixed in bleeding edge (both main / 1.2.x)
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    Ya lo arreglé. Si le sirve a alguien, era un problema de idioma, no moneda. Había cambiado el lenguaje ES a UY y me dió problema. Cambié el idioma por defecto, pasé a ES en los nombres de idioma y todo bien
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    we have been using TB for a number of years now and I never looked back at PS. Most old PS bugs are ironed out by now and it's a solid and stable solution to run your eCommerce shop. Also we've used lots of modules and only had very minor incompatibility issues that could usually be solved by the module developers within minutes. We have been down the track of Magento, Opencart, Zen Cart (jeeez...remember that), Wordpress with Woocart, Joomla with Virtuemart and J2store and Hikashop and from all the 'free' solutions we've never had anything better than TB. The TB team and still rather small community is active and very helpful. You can report bugs and they don't get ignored like with PS. So in my opinion TB has got to be hands down the best and most feature loaded system out there. But to be honest, if you zero web dev experience you will have to hire someone at some stage unless you run an out of the box system which practically doesn't exist in a real world scenario. Updating modules and themes is not the easiest compared to say Woocommerce and there aren't as many modules and themes available that officially work with TB. Said that most modules will work fine if they are 1.6 compatible. For themes, there aren't that many options I think. We have used the IQit Warehouse theme and recently switched to Sunnytoo Panda which works great with TB.
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    Welp, I made my 1st and 2nd attempts at using github, folking modules and modifying them and then pushing them back then doing a pull request. Guess I'll find out if I did it right or not.....
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    Dejaré esto aquí por si alguien más está en las mismas (y porque soy nueva y no se como eliminar el topic 😅). Lo encontré en Translations>Installed Modules Translations y en mi caso en la sección de Stripe pero cada quien en su modulo de pago supongo...
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    Solucionado! Habia que activar el método de pago para el Transportista Modules and Services / Payment / Carrier restrictions
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    I'd like to experience what you said and write the result here, thank you.
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    Dit was de oorzaak inderdaad! Het mega menu aangepast zodat ik op de desktop weergave ook alles zie zoals ik zou willen, dan pakt hij hem mobiel ook op in het hamburgermenu. Heel erg bedankt!
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    Thank you very much for the guidance.
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    Theme exporter got a lot better with thirty bees 1.1.0, but it's not perfect yet. There are a few bits missing in the theme configuration. Easiest way to duplicate a theme is to duplicate its directory with all its content, then editing its config file to change 'directory' and 'name'. That done, the duplicated theme can get installed, it shows up in the list. And yes, installing themes on disk was broken before 1.1.0, they simply wouldn't show up in the list of installable themes.
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    Okay, I have actually worked out how to hide it in all three places that it appears. The following lines need to be added to the Add extra css to your pages section in the Preferences/Custom Code area of your TB back office: /* For desktop browser account creation, add this line: */ .account_creation .date-select { display: none; } /* For mobile browser account creation add this line: */ #opc_account_form .date-select { display: none; } /* For the user's "My account" page that they can see after they sign up, add this line: */ #identity .std .date-select { display: none; } The commented lines (/* ... */) do not need to be added, only the code lines that start with . or #. Copy & paste to avoid errors. I have tested the above on TB 1.0.8 with the standard community theme (obviously) and it is working without trouble.
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    Your theme doesn't support it. You need to have: <lazy_load>1</lazy_load> <high_dpi>1</high_dpi> <webp>1</webp> At the bottom of your themes config.xml right before the last line which is . Then the theme needs to be actually coded for it to work.
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