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    For cPanel users. Urgent CVE fix update today. https://news.cpanel.com/urgent-updates-for-70-76-and-78-and-exim-cve-2019-10149/?utm_source=emma&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=exim-cve-2019-10149
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    Yes, this was the idea. Actually working on improvements turned out that one can pretty much always provide a backwards compatibility path. What's left is removal of old, no longer needed stuff. For example, PHP 5.5 support. Or support for the old (pre PS 1.5) image storage layout. Or support for multiple encryption algorithms. Or support for mixed secure/insecure pages. Lots of performance and reliability improvement opportunities without breaking existing themes and existing installations.
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    If the current IP gets re-blacklisted then a new IP will get blacklisted as well. The key thing is to fix the problems that caused the blacklisting the first time -- using PHP Mailer and not having the mail DNS SPF & DKIM records set up correctly. Once those issues are fixed it doesn't really matter if you get a new IP or go through the effort of getting the current IP unlisted. The only real difference is the amount of time & effort involved and as you have experienced getting unlisted is a PITA.
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    Have you check to see if you are on a Blacklist? Are you hosted or self managed? "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out" These are firewall issues. Most likely, your webhost is blocking access to the MailChimp API servers. To fix it, you should ask your webhost for the following URL to be whitelisted: https://*.api.mailchimp.com 403 "Forbidden" or 503 "Service Unavailable" This means that the IP address that your hosting provider uses for outbound cURL connections made by PHP is blacklisted by the Akamai firewall (because of poor reputation). Akamai is the firewall MailChimp and many other major websites use to protect their servers, which is why this is somewhat harder to fix. Note that many hosting providers use shared IP addresses, meaning that your website IP is shared with a number of their users. It's possible that another client of your hosting provider did something to get the IP blacklisted, completely out of your control. When this happens, we recommend you to change your hosting IP address because having a bad reputation at Akamai does not just affect the MailChimp API.
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    Having multiple products on a page is not really rocket science. See here for an example: https://www.topsnoep.nl/relatiegeschenken/2863-notenmand-zelf-samengesteld.html But there are many different scenarios where this would be welcome. Some are enhanced category pages - where people can enter quantities or select attributes. Others are enhanced product pages - where you can immediately order associated products. Yet others aim to be an alternative to the combination system, where some options are offered as separate products rather than attributes. There is also the question of presentation. In some cases you want the cluster to appear in the cart as one product that you can delete, change quantity or change composition. In other cases you prefer to see each product separate in the cart. In some cases you want one buy button for the cluster. In other cases one button for each product. Also related is the option to have "free" buy buttons that you can place on cms pages and pages that are not part of the webshop. It is this complexity that makes it hard to formulate a solution. And given the needed reconstruction it is best to make one big step instead of many small ones. You can set weights for combinations - but not lengths/widths.
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    I am going to be honest, there is no good way to display multiple products on the same page. There is however a hidden system for displaying parts on an image map, so people can mouse over a schematic and click on a part. We still haven't figured out how to handle that though. For the attributes, I fee that problem daily as well. Unfortunately changing that would break just about every module. If we shoehorned something in, it would be for lack of a better word stupid. It would maybe work, but it would not be stored in the right spots and would cause a ton of problems later on.
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