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    @wakabayashi The puppies are so cute! Thank you again!
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    It's beautiful! Thank you very much. I waited four years for someone to be able to do this. Now I'm really happy I came back here.
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    If you need some stuff for you dogs 😉
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    Today I've taken some time to compare the numbers beetween GA and Matomo, and I'll revise my previous judgment. I said "there is a difference around 20%-30% in visitors depending on the day." in favor of Matomo. That's what I thought, because it was something I identified based on daily visits over the past month. However, after looking up to august 2018 (my first full months of stats on Matomo), I found out that the overall monthly difference is more around 5% to 10% for both unique visitors and the total number of visits. Sometime in favor of GA, sometime for Matomo. The only big difference I see is on the number of pages seen which is doubled on Matomo, I assume it is generated by bot traffic. I also noticed, that GA is "lying" about the browser used. On GA for June I get a big 50% of chrome users. Meanwhile Matomo indicate 40%. The 10% that remains are in fact users on Chrome Mobile. I'll keep updating the topic if I find more interesting data or corrections to previous statements.
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    I will create a banner for her. So this "problem" should be "fixed". 🙂
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    Ohh, you are right. This package contains constant (currency id) that is specific to my setup only. I will need to come up with some better package installation process -- ask user for information and use it to replace hardcoded values. Meanwhile, I've uploaded new version of this particular package that depends on currency with id 1. That one is more likely to exist that currency with id 3.
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    Been using it for a bit now and finding really interesting data that I have never had before. Also finding it a heck of a lot easier to understand than google
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    If you want this to be an ongoing rule set total available to at least 1000 or more. Honestly, I really don't know where it is highlighted. 😊 I guess this is Franglais and means something different, but I didn't check it in the code yet.
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    Had to jump asap as my flipping SSL Expired.Chose siteground in the end as seen a working site with them and it was fab.. Only hoping my site is the same 🙂
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