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    additional: there was a discussion some time ago 'to have a field in BO in each product' for 'essential product features' and merchant can use it or not (also here in this forum). A lot of merchants will prefer such a thing, but there was no reaction from PS and also not from tb. If they will not use it in shopping cart, then maybe for other things. It's just to have an separate field for such details and maybe shop developer should have an ear for these things, then 1. required laws can be covered and 2. this is maybe an additional nice to have other shopsystems dont have... not only for this German regulation.
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    No, it's not possible. These sections are generated by javascript, so you can't just move things around in template. I don't think it is a good idea anyway. The flow is designed as it is to reduce friction and hide irrelevant information when possible (we don't want to scare customers with a lot of fields and information). The Cart block has also functional component -- you can edit items, add coupons, etc... It also shows current amount, which changes when you enter shipping / payment / VAT#. If you moved this Cart block to the bottom of the page, you would totally destroy UX experience and annoy your customers. Much better way to handle this idiotic german law would be to list product information inside 'Confirmation' section just above 'Pay now' button. The listed information would be somewhat redundant to Cart block. But it could also include additional information required by law, like attribute and feature values. That way, Cart section could remain simple and clean, and yet you would be compliant with the law. I think this is the easiest, and also the best solution to tackle this problem. Let me know if this would work for you
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    These kind of issues can be reproduces when you try to install zip file that is NOT a valid module. Sometimes, developers give you zip file that contains another zip file (actual module) + documentation, license keys, etc..... If you try to install this zip file, the content is unzipped into /modules directory, and result is that you have inner zip file inside your module directory instead of module directory. Another common problem is when you download zip from github repository. Github will give you zip that contains one directory named modname_master, instead of modname. Because there is no modname_master/modname_master.php file (there is only modname_master/modname.php file), thirtybees does not recognise this as a valid module, and completely ignores this directory. All these problems can be, and should be, detected during module installation process, and explained to merchants in some user friendly way. This is work in progress 🙂. The module installation process is being redesigned and unified (there will no longer be dependency on tbupdater module). During installation a lot of additional checks will be performed, and module installation will fail if any of these fail. And most importantly, if installation fails, there will be no residuals in /modules directory
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