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    Hola Toplakd, he actualizado todo lo que sugería Core Updater. De todas maneras doy el tema por solucionado con tu indicación. Ya me funciona sin error. Muchas gracias!
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    I will do approving process when all texts are translated, glossary filled and so on. Most of actual thirty bees Polish translations come from PS1.6, which was build by various people during many years. it's full of inconsistencies and outdated therms which are not used in Polish e-commerce today. and not mentioning this politeness from English which should not be followed blindly but it is. this translation needs serious proofreading. sorry for offtopic @viktorson.
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    I know toplakd, I'm one of active thirty bees translators.
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    are you sure you are changing in the validation file? all you need to do is to change from: $this->module->execPayment(); to $this->module->execPayment($cart);
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    This error has nothing to do with newer version of TB. this is related to PHP7+. the message is very clear about the reason. look at file: modules/iemt/controllers/front/validation.php on line 51. this function require 1 argument which is not passed. this function exists on file: modules/iemt/iemt.php at line 237, now i can't tell much about what is expected for $old_cart. but i guess you can try to pass the cart from validation. so try changing line 51 in validation.php file to: $this->module->execPayment($cart); if you can show the rest of the code after line 247 it will be better.
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