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    :) thirtybees is prestashop 1.6 on steroids. Most 1.6 modules are therefore compatible. The problem is that some of them are gettion outdated... Just stay clear of 1.7 modules
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    Thanks all. Found one that works. I had no clue you could use Prestashop mods with thirtybees.
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    Just to make sure: have you heard from "revws" module? It's developped from an active member here and it's much better than the default review module. There is a free and a paid version: https://store.getdatakick.com/en/revws-free
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    I would like to get the watermark module working also with webp format. See topich here for more details. I am willing to support it if we can come to a reasonable price πŸ˜‰
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    https://github.com/seigieu/watermark/tree/thirtybees Here is version of PS 1.6 watermark module that also generates webp images. Also, thank @Smile for this πŸ™‚
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    That did the trick! Thanks!
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    This error has nothing to do with newer version of TB. this is related to PHP7+. the message is very clear about the reason. look at file: modules/iemt/controllers/front/validation.php on line 51. this function require 1 argument which is not passed. this function exists on file: modules/iemt/iemt.php at line 237, now i can't tell much about what is expected for $old_cart. but i guess you can try to pass the cart from validation. so try changing line 51 in validation.php file to: $this->module->execPayment($cart); if you can show the rest of the code after line 247 it will be better.
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    Über 100 ist nicht viel. Ich habe 38 seiten gehabt πŸ™‚
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