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    Probably missing the whole address (https//www.....). There must be whole address in CSV. If you have testsite then you can test with only one row to understand how this CSV works.
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    First of all, you should enable debug mode when you are debugging the site 🙂 You can use my 'Advanced debug mode' module that will make sure that you will always use debug mode, yet your customers will use normal mode. Anyway, back to the error at hand - your file is missing ending brackets } Take original file, find line 161: Tools::redirect(); and replace it with these three lines: $back = trim(Tools::getValue('back')); $back = (!empty($back) ? $back : oneall_social_login_tools::get_current_url()); Tools::redirect($back); Don't change anything else.
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    The official W3C XHTML specification, Section B. "Element Prohibitions", states that: "form must not contain other form elements." You have moved form inside another form. Browser will just silently (or maybe with some warnings in js console) ignore the form element, and merge the <input> elements into the parent <form>. When you click on the submit button, it is the parent form (add to cart form) that is being submitted, not the customization form. I would personally just ignore this for the moment. I would remove the 'save' button and focused on auto-submit of customization. This can be done entirely using javascript. If you do this via js only, then you can easily control what information will be submitted, and how to extract them from the page dom.
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    New version 0.7.0 - Webhooks support Hi everyone. I've just released a new version that brings new action: Execute Webhook A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a mechanism that application can use to notify other web applications about some events. This action plays very nicely with conseqs. With this action you can create advanced automations. For example: you can send notification to your Slack channel when new order has been placed you can automatically add customer's email address to your mailchimp list when they register when new order is placed, you can notify Datakick module and it will generate xml/csv file with this order information and much more...
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    Unfortunately conseqs can't detect object models declared by other modules. Thirtybees does not have any registry of these objects
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