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    One more :) I had to change some things to make it work well. I'll send my files, maybe it's useful. 1) In Niara, as I said above, checkboxes didn't appear. Just after radio buttons there is always a <span> tag, unlike Community. If it's not there, the radio button is not shown. this is true in 'Accept terms', select delivery address and in carrier selection. 2) Instead of adding all the functions from order-carrier.js to order-address.js, I added those two files to the override override/controllers/front/OrderController.php public function setMedia() { parent::setMedia(); if ($this->step == 1) { $this->addJS(_THEME_JS_DIR_.'order-address.js'); $this->addJS(_THEME_JS_DIR_.'order-carrier.js'); } } 3) In Step 2, I had an error in js console with updateExtraCarrier (did't find it, as it's in cart-summary.js). I added that function at the end of order-carrier.js. It's really cleaner to have 3 steps, maybe these changes are useful for somebody using Niara. If you find something wrong, please tell me. To use it, just like parents', make backup of your files and uncompress the .zip file in your shops' / 3step-niara.zip
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