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    Hi guys, I'm a merchant from Poland, running TB from the first versions. I'm also an IT pro with an additional developer on board. I'm planning to use our experience into a small e-commerce business this year, and I'm thinking about supporting TB in some way, as it's been good for us :) We can help with some dev, infrastructure, maybe some marketing. Shoot me with a PM if there's any way I can be of an assistance. All the best! Daniel
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    I have hope that TB will Rise again, you can count on me for helping when you guys will be ready to work while having clear roadmap. My first contribution : ElasticSearch module finished at around 98% ( it just needs to be checked and fix small back office glitches, and translatations updates), works with last version of elasticsearch, and index products with multifeatures as well as colors attributes and show them ordered default by interest) My second contribution : I want to make a simple theme for TB and a module that can customize it easily, making the use of all different configuration/cutomisation modules not necessary anymore, all in one place should be less confusing and strait to the point. I already make a theme custom module for Niara but coulnd't finish it due to no time enough and TB internals managing problems as we know them, also I make a slider module that use vegas show script in full screen mode and/or background mode. My third contribution : Cleaning module should be up to date, including images clean, and products variations clean, as when you delete a variation many things are not deleted in the DB as it should.
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    Thanks for the support and contributios @zen Looking forward to an exciting future together 😀
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    Hello everybody Tired of waiting? You're certainly not alone. We read about hold backs after hold backs for months now, without any substance backing anything up. Even this latest post yesterday asks for yet another two months of waiting. No new code, but new paid plans, apparently giving up free forum support. One could even read it as if they're playing with the idea of going closed source. Seeing this, I could no longer hold back myself and did what thirty bees should have done a year ago already: I made a release from what's there. That's more than 400 bug fixing commits since the last release, certainly not too shabby. So say hello to Merchant's Edition 1.9.0 Technically it's a thirty bees release with a renamed installer package. It'll install as thirty bees 1.1.1. Merchants with an existing shop simply upgrade to the latest Bleeding Edge 1.1.x, that's the same. And remember: 1.1.x as of half a year ago isn't the same as 1.1.x of today. What's the plan? Well, there is no shortage of ideas, including: Rebranding, own translations & update server (obviously). A Core Updater supporting both Merchant's Edition and thirty bees, allowing to switch easily between them. Committing the dozens of bug fixes I already have on my plate. Support for PHP 8.0. Speed improvements. Simplifying back office without giving up the feature richness. There are so many 'features' which barely make sense, just confusing merchants and slowing down operations. Tidying it up will improve the back office experience tremendously. A patch system for third party modules. We all know there are many modules out there which leave room for improvement. Their authors are too lazy to update them, Merchant's Edition is not. A usable version of the freaking freaky full page cache. Ever tried to configure it for best performance? It's currently a mess, and can be done much, much better. Regular releases, like once a month. Of course! About Merchant's Edition: there's a working business model in place already. No need to beg for money. Merchant's Edition may come up with things like Crowdfunding for larger improvements. From my own experience, merchants will happily pay if they get a substantial reward for their money, like fixed bugs and working code. Let me take this opportunity to thank those who did so far, it has been much appreciated!
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    Hello everyone and especially Happy New Year! To start the year well with Thirtybees and all the novelties, here is a free module to take care of the particular management of orders for the United Kingdom following the Brexit. Donwload : https://www.prestatoolbox.com/free-prestashop-modules/447-free-module-for-the-brexit.html
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    Im not giving up yet Smile, but its a tough business this and you have to go in with eyes wide open and be prepared to fight to win and do things bold and smart. Because of Datakick Im still backing thirtybees for now, but there's a lot to be done to "succeed" and make a good return for yourself. It'll be unlikely I'll be putting money in until I see you are playing to win and the idea of spending months and months languishing about waiting for lawyers to cross t's and dot i's and during that time having no concrete business plans is something you swear to god you will never do again. I hope it was well noted what @wakabayashiwas saying and there's a serious plan soon in terms of product and business model.
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    Thanks for all the nice wishes. Thirty bees is a strategic investment for me. We love the system and like to keep it out there. I will manage it beside my ecommerce store. This makes it challenging and exciting time wise. So my main objective is to keep it up to date (PHP versions, security ect.) and add nice features to it on the road. I hope we get more and more people becoming backers so we can hire a extra person to get more money in and run the company budget neutral. That would be a great achievement.
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    Hi all! I am Chiel and as a ecommerce merchant I love Thirty Bees. First of all, thanks for staying and waiting for a sign of life. As many of you, I moved over from Prestashop to Thirty Bees. When I noticed that Thirty Bees was not moving forward as quickly as expected I felt I had to do something. So I decided to see if I could help. I got in touch with Lesley, the current owner and long discussions followed. Finally, we made an agreement that both of us are happy with. I will take over Thirty Bees and Datakick, an expert Thirty Bees Core developer will join the new company. In the upcoming two months we will take the time to get used to our new roles and will work to get a new version out as soon as possible. In the upcoming year we will still depend heavily on the community, support and money wise. I paid a fair price for Thirty Bees, but to run the company effectively a lot of money is needed and at this point there is almost no income yet. For now, we can only employ Datakick, and he is paid for by my own savings. And as all of you know, a software can be opensource, but the resources and infrastructure required to run it is mostly charged in hard cash. Therefore, I like to ask all of you to join us as a supporter. So we can pay for hosting, and our dedicated programmer Datakick, and improve quality and pay for new features etc. Also, if you can help us in any way, please get in touch, and maybe assist with some SEO, SEA, few hours programming, writing newsletters or whatever you feel you can help with. I believe we can keep Thirty Bees open source. But we need you and the whole community to help us in the upcoming year. Please note that most changes will become noticeable from the end of February onwards. We will also provide more info and road maps etc in the new year. I'd like to thank @lesley for his investments in the past. And a big special thanks to @Theo and @datakick who both have made this new step for Thirty Bees possible! Also, I'd like to thank each of you who have stuck it out with Thirty Bees during the time of uncertainty and the lengthy negotiations. Thank you! Without you Thirty Bees would not be possible. Let's work together to make it great again and move it forward to a bright and successful future! Stay tuned, have a great and safe new year and don’t forget to pledge now!
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    Oh yeah 😵 Actually how many merchants are still here and do care for this project? Please like my post, if you do. A few months ago, I asked in another forum topic, who would be willing, to invest 50$/month or more. Then the following poeple where in: @wakabayashi @Briljander @rubben1985 @Smile @vincentdenkspel @dynambee Are there any others right now? I am still evaluating the options for serious/established merchants...
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