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    Hi everyone, if you update your store to bleeding edge (main) branch, you will be able to test new functionality: Multiple feature values. It would be great if you could help me test this functionality before it is released in the next major release (1.3.0). Note that for this to work, you will need to go to core updater DB schema, and fix the primary key index in tb_feature_product table: In the future, Core updater will do this automatically during shop upgrade. At the moment this needs to be done manually, though. What this new functionality offers? In the Product features, you can now select two new options: If you enable 'Allows multiple values', you will be able to select multiple feature values, or enter multiple custom values, in product edit page: If you keep 'Allows multiple values' option unchecked, features will behave as before -- only one feature value will be allowed. Please test, and if you find any bugs or have some functionality enhancement request, please write here or file github issue. Thank you all PS: I have updated my test shop to latest bleeding edge, so you can test the functionality even if you don't have your own test server. Just go to https://demo.getdatakick.com/admin561wkvz9k/
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    I'm very happy to announce that we have officially released thirtybees version 1.2.0. This version consists of a lot of enhancements and bug fixes that were implemented in the last (almost) 2 years, including stuff like: PHP 7.4 compatibility - this version is fully compatible with PHP 7.4 Object model audit - database and php model are now in sync. This fixes a lot of weird issues and problems Ability to auto migrate database during update - missing database tables and columns are automatically created by core updater Installation fixes - a lot of bugs were fixed in installation process. Installation should now run more smoother Bug fixes - many issues were solved and more... You can simply use core updater module to update to latest stable release. Or you can download installation package and install it on your test server. I will deploy this version to the official demo servers in upcoming days, so you will have an opportunity to test this version even without the need for installation.
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