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    This morning at 7am Sprint 3 has officially started. This sprint will be a little bit shorter because of the Easter holidays, we have only 8 days to finish following tasks: Finish Core Updater enhancements continuation of work from sprint 2. There are still some work left before we can release a new version of core update Automated testing pipeline in docker implement docker container that we can use to run automated test on any branch / revision submitted to github integrate this docker into CI pipeline Multiple feature values this is one of the most requested enhancement that existed for a long time, and we will finally implement it it will mean a potential, but very small, compatibility issue Tracking framework implement framework that will allow sending various information about your thirty bees installation to our tracking server (don't worry, it will be on opt-in basis) tracking framework will use scheduler that we implemented in sprint 2 Track environment information once the Tracking framework will be implemented, we will use it to obtain first set of data: php version installed php extensions mysql version memory limit timeout limit Bug fixing review and merge PR requests fix couple of high severity bugs Support requests work on paid support requests Please ask if you have any questions about anything
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