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    Hello @Smile @datakick Just to inform you that TB has another opportunity to take a PS piece of cake. They just send a newsletter today that every module will need an annual subscription option. And even minor updates will not be available if you do not pay it. This can make angry some people and also make it less affordable to small merchants. You could try to capitalize this. Regards
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    I cannot as I don't have a Samsung device either. According to @Mike1 it is likely trailing spaces causing the issue. Can we autostrip/ignore trailing spaces from the email to eliminate that issue first?
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    I don't think that the newsletter module get a lot of attention. Neither do I think that TB should compete with prestashop but rather develop a model where Prestashop falls short. Smaller buniess with 300 to 1500 articles are ignored by the market. Woocommerce and shopify take on those. Less features but easier to handle and ultra stable in questions of updates is the future IMHO.
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    I think I've got it now. thirty bees' version of Core Updater chokes when being asked to update from an unknown version, AFAIR. Core Updater 2.0 has this issue fixed: https://github.com/merchantsedition/coreupdater/releases/tag/2.0.0 (install the .zip file manually in your back office) This version of Core Updater comes with not two, but four channels. Channels 'thirty bees Stable' and 'thirty bees Bleeding Edge' are fed by genuine thirty bees sources, so you get a genuine thirty bees installation after updating.
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    we have been using TB for a number of years now and I never looked back at PS. Most old PS bugs are ironed out by now and it's a solid and stable solution to run your eCommerce shop. Also we've used lots of modules and only had very minor incompatibility issues that could usually be solved by the module developers within minutes. We have been down the track of Magento, Opencart, Zen Cart (jeeez...remember that), Wordpress with Woocart, Joomla with Virtuemart and J2store and Hikashop and from all the 'free' solutions we've never had anything better than TB. The TB team and still rather small community is active and very helpful. You can report bugs and they don't get ignored like with PS. So in my opinion TB has got to be hands down the best and most feature loaded system out there. But to be honest, if you zero web dev experience you will have to hire someone at some stage unless you run an out of the box system which practically doesn't exist in a real world scenario. Updating modules and themes is not the easiest compared to say Woocommerce and there aren't as many modules and themes available that officially work with TB. Said that most modules will work fine if they are 1.6 compatible. For themes, there aren't that many options I think. We have used the IQit Warehouse theme and recently switched to Sunnytoo Panda which works great with TB.
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    Check out @datakick’s module : https://www.getdatakick.com
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    I have a separate module that handles the shipping discount issue with gift cards. Also on the PS store.
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