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    Let me preface this with stating the obvious, I am no longer with thirty bees and I don't speak for them in any official copacity. These are my own opinions. Now that is out of the way, Mark, you are a pain in the ass. You don't offer anything to the project, you donated $20 2 years ago. One thing I think is very complex for you to understand is that @Smile bought the company for a good / fair amount of money. Its no more of a democracy than if your company was a democracy. Over the years I have valued all of the constructive critism that has come down the pipe, whether I like it or not. When @wakabayashi stepped away to work on his own business and to see how thirty bees panned out, it mad me sad. But I read what he wrote, his thoughts, and they were fair and understandable. The same with other people that have come and gone over the years. Most everyone that has come and gone has been constructive, non combative, and have expressed themselves. You on the other hand, you talk like a child. You cannot form thoughts, so you just cut straight to insults. Like I said, I don't speak for thirty bees anymore. But here are my answers to your original post. 1. Its neither, its a private entity. If you want to influence the way the project and company are headed, you approach the owner with ideas. Maybe a joint co-operation. Not just cut straight to critisim and name calling. I cannot imagine that has gotten you anywhere in life. @Smile is a good guy and very open minded. He might not be who you pick to run thirty bees, but he is who I picked and he is running it. 2. As far as I know this is done. Notice the dev sprints on the forum, they state what is being worked on and it is set up as a proper company. 3. That is not how open source works. It would be really cool if it did work that way, but its not how any open source project works as far as I know. There are some with bounty programs, but those are also projects where they have users donating tens of thousands of dollars a month. Vue is one that comes to mind in that regard. Unfortunately thirty bees does not have that kind of traction. 4. No. This shows your limited understanding of software in general and as a whole. A long term plan has to be developed and followed. As much as the community of any project would like to vote on every task that is worked on, it is just not feasible. Things will end up too strung out, intensive tasks that provide seemingly little reward will be pushed to the wayside. A great example of this is how prestashop operated. They threw all of their resources into making 1.7, that is what people wanted, a new front end, symfony, ect. It wasn't out of beta yet and 1.6 stopped working. No one was doing the pain in the ass tasks like making sure browsers didn't deprecate the spaghetti code it relied on. A lot of the tasks that need to be done seemingly have no benefit to merchants, until they need it. That is why a roadmap is needed. 5. Where does this money that is paid out in your mind come from? The $20 you donated 2 years ago? You have just been an asshole to everyone here, you need to tone it down, act like a human being, act like there are human beings on the other side reading what you write.
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    Rewarded with what? You don't even seem to be ready to pay for a bugfix, that is disturbing you a lot: Sorry but: you are one of this dreamers that thinks open source = free lunch 👻 Please: focus on making money with your business. 🤑 Once you and others do, we surely have a lot of similair problems, that we want to get fixed. And in such a situation, we all will be grateful to split up the costs 🤗
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