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    Well, then what you are asking for is not possible. Thirty bees estabilish connection with mysql server directly, it does not use any third party program to communicate through.
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    This does not look like bug in 1.3.0, since it works fine on your dev site. More likely you have some module or override that interfere
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    Rent 2 Servers from the same datacenter, one next to each other.
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    Its always going to be slow and you are going to always get latency doing what you are wanting to do. But the easiest way to do it, would be to bind mariadb to port 443 on the database server, block all ips from accessing port 443 except your main machine. But like I said, it will be slow because oft the ssl negotiation.
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    I don't understand at all. What is MariaDB_client on server #1? Do you have two instances of mariadb servers installed in master->slave mode? Or are you talking about mysql/mariadb client program?
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