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    Apparently there are still people even among the experienced users for whom the refund function in PrestaShop/thirty bees is a mystery. The following download tutorial was originally written for PrestaShop 1.5. Since the functionality has not changed by and large, I left the description largely unchanged. The screenshots are still from 1.5, but I don't think that will affect the content. English tutorial: Correctly Creating Refunds - eleazar's tutorials.pdf Offenbar gibt es immer noch selbst unter den erfahrenen Usern Leute, denen die Rückvergütungs-Funktion in PrestaShop/thirty bees ein Rätsel ist. Das folgende Tutorial zum Download wurde ursprünglich schon für PrestaShop 1.5 geschrieben. Da sich die Funktionalität im Großen und Ganzen nicht geändert hat, habe ich die Beschreibung weitgehend unverändert gelassen. Die Bilder sind allerdings noch aus 1.5. Aber ich glaube nicht, dass das den Inhalt stark beeinträchtigt. German tutorial: Rückvergütungen richtig anlegen - eleazars Tutorials.pdf
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    Following problem: A customer sends back the complete order or parts of it. What to do now? If you decide to refund a complete order or do a partial refund with a voucher that the customer may use with his next order, then you only need to choose voucher when asked how to refund. 1. step: Refund or partially refund the order by clicking either the button Return products (complete order) or Partial refund (part of the order incl./excl. shpping costs)- 2. step Choose Voucher as refund method. Your customer will receive automatically an email with the voucher code. ________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want your customer to receive a voucher for other reasons, then do this: Go to Price Rules --> Cart Rules Click Add a new Cart Rule Open Tab Information Enter a Name for this rule Generate a voucher code Enabling Highlight will remind your customer during checkout of the voucher code Enabling Partial use will allow your customer to split his voucher, if the value is greater than the next order's amount Leave other entries standard Open Tab Conditions Fill in name of your customer Fill in validity dates for this voucher Fill in any minimum amount for an order where this voucher may be applied Leave entry 1 for total available and total available for each user Open Tab Action Choose Amount as discount type Enter the voucher amount (tax incl./excl. by choice) Save this rule. Done! 3. step Send a mail to your customer with the voucher code and tell him, that he may apply this code during checkout in the first step Order detail.
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