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    I guess its time for another one of these posts. @wakabayashi The reason I never launched the inhouse solution / alternative to patreon is that I do not trust wordpress. I bought a plugin called give for wordpress, We paid a couple hundred US for for it. But the amount of attacks we get to our site is staggering for some reason. The marketplace, running thirty bees, its fine, there are no exploits in thirty bees. Our main site running wordpress, I don't trust it as much. I don't trust it enough to store payment tokens for people in the community. On any given day We get about 2-3k admin login attempts. We block after 2 failed logins. I liked the thought of paying less fees, but honestly, I am not willing to give up security over that. I have scrapped the plan of using that module. @datakick Its the ebb and flow of things. We lost 2 donors. That does suck, but we also picked up 4 direct donors as well, it evens itself out in the end. We are all thankful here at thirty bees for everyone that believes in what we are doing and chooses to either run your shop on thirty bees or donate to the project. We have actually started turning a bit of revenue in the past 6 months, so we are not solely dependent on the patreon. We have done this without selling your information, constantly bombarding you with ads, or removing features from our software and selling them back to you. Things are actually progressing pretty well. We have a couple hired developers helping fix bugs, we are working on a new back office redesign, and some new modules. The future is pretty bright from where I sit.
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    Hello Everyone I tried to upload products from Store Manager 2.57.0 build 2233 to thirtybess 1.1.0 and everything seems fine. The test included upload of catalogue from CSV containing products, then I tested creation of products and upload, upload images, specific prices, attributes, so far for that I noticed no problems, except having to clear the cache sometimes when I uploaded new specific prices. I do not know if the cache cleared was the solution, however it happened to upload specific prices, see it in the back office product and not in the front office, I deleted the specific price, created it again in the back office and then worked, out, I also cleared the cache and after that all other specific prices in other products worked normal, the created other specific prices in store manager and uploaded it and they all worked fine without having to repeat that test procedure of creating it form back office and or clearing cache... do not know how to explain this behaviour, however it works now after that first "thing". Hope this help. Again, I suggest to everyone to ask EmagicOne to support ThirtyBees. Bye R.
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    Bleeding edge refers to the main branch - 1.1.x branch. It contains code that has been tested and approved for the next release. Everything that's in this branch will be part of upcoming release. If you have development / testing server, you should run it on the bleeding edge. Please report every errors and bugs on github. It's a good idea to include some magic keywords like 'Release preview' or 'Regression' into the issue title. Issue branches contains code that is not yet integrated into the 1.1.x. The code is related to specific issue. This gives you option to test the fix on your test or production environment, and acknowledge whether it actually fixes the problem or not. Note that issue branches can contains non-finished work, so tread carefully. You should always read latest comment on the issue on github to see if it's ready for testing or not.
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    No, it's not possible at the moment. It's in the pipeline, though. Together with option to change texts, logo, and generate dynamic delivery time
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    My approach would be some database research. I take as example AdminAccess: - In the ps_tab table AdminAccess has id_tab=89. - In ps_employee my account has id_profile=1 - In ps_profile this number exists - Now in ps_access this combination should have all rights
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    I wouldn't think it's a matter of the PHP version but a known issue for releases elder than thirty bees Paypal 6.0. The const DEBUG_MODE = 'PAYPAL_DEBUG' was not defined.
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    I did some search and found that the person you should contact is @Araz
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    I have several clients that do this. Some of them do it wrong and some of them do it right. If it were me doing it I would either rely on a sub domain for each store or a / for each store. like store.com/us, store.com/ca. One of those would be the best move. Another important consideration is putting people from the right country in the right store. We started using the cloudflare api for that a while back, it is pretty solid on geolocation and is free. @datakick even ended up making a module for it. The third thing I would do is make sure every store can ship to every location. That reduces the hassle of people traveling and not being able to order.
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    You should expect more from service providers. We should all demand more from service providers. We all know the US will never effectively regulate these companies but hopefully the EU will step in and put a stop to this sort of predatory practice.
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    We were running same update from ps1.5 to 1.6 to latest tb version but have not encountered any problem.. our server is running on PHP7x .. maybe the php 5x is the issue with your updater..
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    We have developed websites like that.. they do it with the extension instead of the subdomain thing.. example mysite.dk for denmark and mysite.uk for UK.. the system automatically displays the correct website where the customer is located, unless he specified it.. but have not done it the way you mentioned like checking if somebody already have an account in other locale. It's a cool concept though..
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    Yes you can, in the customer tab, customer services. In customer / contact persons you can specify the to addresses
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    @Mark from the code you posted it looks like you downgraded to bleeding edge of 1.0.x branch, instead of bleeding edge of 1.1.x. Make sure you choose the correct version
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    So what i understand: they are a rewrite rule who try to do this: localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small.jpg -> localhost/img/p/2/5/7/3/8/25738-small_default.jpg who work but break on querystring timestamp.
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    Let me shed some light on this problematic. Back in the day the image types were named simply 'home' or 'large', and that worked quite well. But then came multistore, and the ability to have multiple themes. And now there was a big problem with image type name collisions. Because these two (or even more) themes could use different dimensions for 'home' and 'large' image types, there was a need to have unique image type identifier per theme. Somebody come up with the idea to append theme name to the image type. And because the default theme was named simply default, this resulted in image type names like home_default, large_default, cart_default.... Unfortunately, this new functionality was not adopted well. I believe the reason is partly in generic name of default theme. But of course, there was poor communication of this feature to theme and module developers, and insufficient enforcement from core code. The module (and theme) developers weren't expected to use fully qualified image type names in the code. But they did. They should have use this new feature like this: $link->getImageUrl($image, $product, ImageType::getFormattedName('home')) But instead they hardcoded the fully qualified image types like this: $link->getImageUrl($image, $product, 'home_default') These hardcoded names in the code resulted in many modules working correctly only in default theme. If some theme developer used this new naming scheme properly, these badly-written modules didn't work with it correctly... bummer. And so theme developers reacted accordingly. They didn't wait for module developers to fix their modules. They rather dropped this use this new naming scheme altogether, and started using the same image types names as default theme. If you look into your warehouse theme config.xml file, you'll find image type 'home_default' as well. Even though it should be named 'home_warehouse'. So, after a long and painful transition from 'home' to 'home_default' image types, prestashop ended up in the very same spot it begin. All the themes now used 'xxx_default' image types. And the possibility to use different themes in multistore was once again severely limited. One of the goal of thirtybees is to fix bugs. And this is a huge bug, so it was fixed. This, and many related issues regarding fully-qualified image types were fixed, and the image type name scheme is now enforced by the core. Theme developers can't any more use 'cart_default' image type --> it will be 'warehouse_cart_default' now. There are some hiccups, of course, but these will be ironed out. Most of the code paths go through the ImageType::getFormatedName method which will make sure the image type are transformed correctly. Of course, there will be some modules that won't work with this new naming scheme. If the module developer manually concatenate strings to build image url,... well there's not much core can do to help here. Fortunately, there aren't many modules that do such blasphemy.
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    Windows is not officially supported platform. There are more issues like this one, both in core and in third party modules. That being said, I'm sure if you create a git pull request, someone from the tb team will integrate the fix. On a related note -- it looks to me that a large percentage of windows related issues could be fixed if the _PS_ROOT_DIR_ and _PS_CORE_DIR_ core constants were defined with the forward slash. I don't have the windows machine to test this, though.
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    Thanks! Starting... Downloads calculated, 1523 files to download. (0.1 s) ERROR: Failed to download files with error: fatal: path not found: admin-my-what-I-called-it/ajax.php (0.5 s) Could it be because this is a test site in a sub folder ?
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    I have updated the forum tonight, one feature it no longer seems to support is gravatar. So you all will need to manually upload profile pictures if you want one. It looks like everything works, but if you see something that does not work, let me know.
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    No problem. I realize I launched this right after the patreon month started, that was kind of bad timing on my part. I had been working with a module called Give on our wordpress site for about a month or two prior planning to launch it. But then I just scrapped the whole thing, because I just didn't have much faith in it. Then I started looking through the forum features and saw that it allowed subscriptions. So that is the story on that. It seems to allow us to do everything we need to have an automated system and also show flare on different users. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to write up a small module to list the supporters and show the total amount. I guess nothing is perfect, but I feel like this is a lot better for us in the end.
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    This may be a desirable solution from a programmer's point of view, but most merchants are pure users. They don't have your knowledge and don't want it. They are looking for a ready-made and want to sell. We already experienced this in Prestashop when Francois-Marie had the idea of the Starter Theme. That absorbed a lot of energy and was discarded at some point. The concept of the child-theme also seems to step in the same direction - but I feel that the needs of the average user are not met with such features.
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    Haha very funny, that yesterday I tried this 😂 Search in your theme for product-sort.tpl and add: <option value="date_add:desc"{if $orderby eq 'date_add' AND $orderway eq 'desc'} selected="selected"{/if}>{l s='Newest first'}</option> Please respond, if this works out well for you.
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    Hi I've reached out to the creator of the Advanced Features Values module (multiple values for a feature), Jérôme Danthinne, to see if he'd like to donate this module to the ThirtyBees project. He has come back to me and said he is willing! 🙂 🙂 His module has great features and is compatible with ThirtyBees! - Initially written for PS 1.5 / 1.6 Please may I ask the ThirtyBees Project Owners to take it from here? Link to module: https://github.com/jdanthinne/advancedfeaturesvalues Link to donation request: https://github.com/jdanthinne/advancedfeaturesvalues/issues/31 Link to thread about Advanced Features Module on Thirty Bees: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3456-multiplefeatures/?tab=comments#comment-30387
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    Thank you for the contribution. Unfortunately, the module can't be installed, as there is some syntax error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in file modules/vegasslider/vegasslider.php at line 292 When I fixed that, I got another errors when I tried to save the module settings: Call to undefined method VegasSlider::clearCache() in file modules/vegasslider/vegasslider.php at line 411
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    just to do it fast, you can change the old content of "/js/jquery/plugins/jqzoom/jquery.jqzoom.js" by this one here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jackmoore/zoom/master/jquery.zoom.min.js infos here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jackmoore/zoom/ no need of the css file anymore in the jqzoom directory.. it works instantly 🙂 Later I'll try to dig into that on github and fix that properly.
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    You don't need to change your theme. You just need to fix few lines in your current theme.
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    Thank you very much @musicmaster, I solved, you gave me the opportunity to better understand the problem. I checked the ps_tab table and actually the tabs: - AdminAccess - AdminTabs - AdminEmployees for some strange reason they were no longer present. In this way I added them by hand via database and now they are again present in the menù and accessible through the control panel.
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    I see the edit for Specific Prices is a pull request as we speak, https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/959 I hope it works and gets committed, or they find a different way to do it....
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    OMG, Sorry for the inconvenience, hard refresh ( CTRL + R on Firefox) seem fix the issue. Thx for the Poster @datakick, I will print it and hang it on my wall. Thx for the reply @Traumflug and @datakick
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    New version 0.6.0 has just been released with following new actions you can use to create your rules: Remove customer from group Associate product with category Remove product from category You can now create rules like add product to Featured category when its price is > $100 remove product from category Featured when it is sold out When customer purchase product Club membership then add customer into group Premium,and remove customer from group Customer
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    Actually, We face 2 bugs. First a credit slip with negative amount, which may be the easiest way for a programmer but is nonsense for business purpose. The second and more severe bug is that the total order amount including tax total amount are displayed as negative values which is totally wrong. The first is afaik PrestaShop standard since 1.6.1x, the second is a special problem of thirty bees. Both need to be fixed. Correct values for credit slips like the one I posted above can only be created with PrestaShop 1.5x and maybe until Afterwards the trouble began ...
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    Of course there is always bugs to fix but the version 1.1.0 is stable enough to be used in production, already I launched new shops with this version and some got updated. It does the job well, even in multishop configuration.
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    Tracked here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1040
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    Hahaha, you're right, and guess what... I didn't saw that HUGE button! 😅 I was looking inside the orders, in Customers... xD Now I can create orders but I couldn't modify one, but I get a console error (I'm using 1.0.7), or maybe for modifying is on another site. Thanks for your usefull help!
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    Hi Dan, We are creating orders in our backoffice, we use TB 1.08, the button is in the right top of the order overview screen. Also changing orders is no issue in our shops. Maybe it has something to do with user rights. Screenprint is in Dutch but you should see the same in any language.
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    Hi, Following a request from a customer to move the manufacturer logo to another location on the product sheet, I took advantage of this development to upgrade the module with new configuration options. This module allows you to display the manufacturer's logo and or the supplier's logos on the product sheet. You can also move the manufacturer's logo to the header of the container where it is displayed, as well as display the logos on the products in the category page. or on the home if you have a module that displays a list of products. Demonstration Module
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    Did you try this one? https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/prestashop-to-thirty-bees-migrator You might try out this post as well.
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    Thanks ... Looks like it's working now At first I thought you were joking lol
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    To fix this: disable debug mode open the page again enable debug mode open the page again 🙂
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    @30knees thanks for the tip! Thank you for the reply, I though that by now you would have switched, then I guess I am going to get the module from ThirtyBees store (the one from prestalia), test it and post my experience here, so we have diferent options to compare.
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    I have adapted the Niara Theme with the product lists. The short description is / was only visible in the list view. (image 1 & 2) After the change, the short description is also visible in the grid view. (image 3 & 4) niara / product-list-item.tpl old {if isset($product.is_virtual) && !$product.is_virtual}{hook h="displayProductDeliveryTime" product=$product}{/if} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="weight"} <p class="product-desc hide-if-product-grid" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|strip_tags:'UTF-8'|truncate:360:'...'} </p> </div> delete this <p class="product-desc hide-if-product-grid" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|strip_tags:'UTF-8'|truncate:360:'...'} </p> find {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="price"} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="unit_price"} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type='after_price'} {/if} </div> add <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|strip_tags:'UTF-8'|truncate:360:'...'} </p> it looks now old {if isset($product.is_virtual) && !$product.is_virtual}{hook h="displayProductDeliveryTime" product=$product}{/if} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="weight"} </div> <div class="product-actions-container"> it lokks now new {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="price"} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="unit_price"} {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type='after_price'} {/if} </div> <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|strip_tags:'UTF-8'|truncate:360:'...'} </p> {/if} and you can change the truncate from 360 to 180 or 240 ..... - your text limit
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    you can set in modules -> product payment logo
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    make sure there is a config.xml file in the themes root folder. also, if you are installing via a pack, there need to be a config.xml file out in the zips root. or, if memory serves me, you should just be able to ftp the theme to your site, and assuming there is a config.xml file in the root, tb's will pick it up, and let you install it from there.
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    The secondary pages really did not work all this time! And now that I finally post, it is now working for me also. It is like taking your car to the mechanic, Thanks to all for the help!
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    New version 0.4.0 has just been released New functionality - Persistent storage for entry form - customers can now leave checkout or refresh the page, and the data they have already entered will be recovered - Ability to remove products from cart, or edit their quantities Bugfixes - fixed problem with displaying payment name in collapsed mode - display placeholder when no shipping / payment is available
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    Mmm, no me había topado con esto en concreto, pero sé que hay por aquí un hilo en inglés que tratan algunos posibles bugs de importación del CSV, ¿le has echado un ojo y consultado ahí?
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    @grestart ... not sure if it can help ... Prestatoolbox is signed here as a Thirty Bees compatible module developer, they have on their site a module called Block Multi languages / Multi domain for PS 1.5 / 1.6, that i think is aimed to do what you need, the counterpart is that the module is not updated from many years (2016), and (i bought this module for a friend in 2015) if you are not skilled a bit on Multishop and creating subdomain (you must own both domain.com and domain.de) it is also not easy to implement ... I don't know if the developer likes to upgrade that module and make it compatible for TB (you can cotact to him and ask), but i think this is why he is signed on the partners page, and it is not a free module ... 🙂
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    I had to stop mine as about to go into negative balance 😞.. Haven't made a sale since I started with TB 😞
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