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    Together with the help of @haylau a number of nice improvements were introduced: Now using the recommended SOAP interface, rather than web pages intended for consumption by humans. Can distinguish between a negative report and a web service outage now. On web service outages, all VAT numbers get accepted, to not disrupt a purchase. These events get logged to allow manual verification by the merchant later. Improved settings descriptions. Release notes and manual download: https://github.com/thirtybees/vatnumber/releases/tag/2.3.0 Also available immediately in your back office, of course.
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    Thanks to all, the theme had in the /themes/xx/modules/blocklayered directory a translation that was breaking everything.
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    It was indeed a but in 1.0.8. And it's solved in latest 1.0.x. Thanks to everybody helping to investigate this.
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    Great! Often thats the start of everything ­čÖé Was the same with me... Then you slowly dig into js manipulation or change small stuff in php and so on... IMO its just reading, learning and practicing. It's not magic, but the start is often a bit difficult.
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    You can change/reposition almost anything if you are willing to learn how things are working. But without that strong will, it will be hard. Templates are easy to read, and once you know it, you will read a code like childs story book. Short video of my thirty bees, with modded default community theme. (iphone 375*667 size) I'm not a coder or programmer, but I did spent a lot of hours figuring how things work, reading a lot about css styling, etc... https://youtu.be/Ik-4PXLhFwk
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    Its not screwed up instalation. You cant move something that has its width value set as 25% of current space (center) to another space (column) and expect that it will automaticly be 100%. So those are not weird issues, as block are displayed in the width which is selected for them. 25%. You need to have some coding knowledge if you want to reposition the stuff into places where it's not intended. And opening new topic for everything (related to same problem) won't help that issue either. Not knowing how to move/code/style the things does not mean that they don't work out of the box in thirtybees instalation. So best start is to learn how templates work in thirtybees/prestashop and some (much) learning on css styling and some (much) learning on template coding. If that's too hard, than i would suggest to look into some commercial templates and buying the one that suits your needs.
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    Not really. PS 1.7 did a few things right and if thirty bees needs something similar, it'll implement this in a similar fashion. No need to alienate module developers more than necessary. But that's about it. thirty bees simply has distinct goals. Like improving reliability and ease of use. Look at the upcoming GitUpdater, Lesley has something in the works, too.
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    You need to replace PREFIX_ with your database prefix, and execute the resulting sql script using sql client on correct database (phpmyadmin, for example)
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    Also wenn es um Produktbewertungen geht, dann sollte das entsprechende Modul dies unterst├╝tzen. Ich nutze das Revws modul von datakick.
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    I'm trying to get a direct URL to a category filtered by manufacturer, for this, I'm trying use the blocklayered module. The problem is when I try to access the URL directly, it doesn't filter me. Could it be done with this module? Is there any way? Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8YkOHOS8OU Thanks in advance
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    .. normally, the modules for the theme automatically installs.. the system looks at the themes modules first then the core modules second.. so, any modules that comes with a certain theme is automatically installed these are found in themes/your_theme/modules.. the ones that you see that are not installed are most likely form the core modules of thirtybees, which are found in the /modules directory. I would not recommend removing the core modules.. what I would do is to unhook it if I dont need it. i hope this helps a little bit.
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    i have been using thirtybees for about a year now.. form prestashop 1.6x.. and I agree, thirtybees is the future of prestashop 1.6x users.. what I love about thirtybees is it doesnt have as many bugs as prestashop.. there are still bugs that we, developers, need to resolve.. but that goes with the territory of almost all open source.. as you said, "there is still a need for someone to fine tune the installation" to get better performance.. as far as database tables indexing.. no, I dont think thirtybees has added addidtional indexing.. it is basically same as prestashop 1.6x. But overall, thirtybees checks the boxes for me..
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    ok, so done a bit more testing and to answer your questions: yes it was in the front end only and related to the warehouse theme module "content creator". Once I switch this off, it's all working as expected. Of course now the question is why did it break with the latest bleeding edge version?
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    I found it was some thing else. Problem solved.
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    @jfnewell1965 I see that you want to customize the default template for your shop. have you possibly considered other options? for example to buy a separate theme such as that of Johnny. The Panda theme is superb for thirty bees, it includes several preset designs and is compatible (tb 1.0.3. - 1.0.8) It offers additional functions and possibilities to customize your own shop. maybe you can save yourself a lot of work / time with the changes in the code etc. you will find it here with demo versions of the different themes: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme
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    He has this enabled. And all problems start there. It was a hint. One should first try and learn the system before starting to modify it and writing this does not work, that dont work etc.
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    Parrent / child relation #footer a { or just for blockcms-footer #blockcms-footer a { and so on. I suggest some reading on: https://www.w3schools.com/css/
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    Thank you both. Yes, the first steps for me were to 1) make a copy of the default theme and 2) work only within this copy of the theme.
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    ohne gro├čen infos - ne schnelle aufgabe von schmuckchecker ich habe gerade einfach mal bei mir getestet - normaler preis 14,95 ÔéČ und eine variante runter gesetzt um 2 ÔéČ auf 12,95 ÔéČ - funktioniert ohne probleme es kann nur an irgendwelchen einstellungen liegen das es bei ihm nicht richtig funktioniert
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    You can adapt translations in the backoffice at Localisation->Translations It seems to me that your problem - empty translations - and the problem that I mentioned - that the incomplete sections are closed in the Localisation->Translations pages - are related. The logical explanation is that Crowdin treats missing translations the wrong way. Instead of leaving them out it - as it works in TB and PS - it stores them as empty strings. This also produces a solution for your problem: - Go to the Localisation->Translations page and check "backoffice" and your language. - click the button "Fold everything". It then changes to "expand everything". Click again. - Now click on "save" - The translations will now be stored as they should. That is: all missing translations will be left out. As a consequence you will now see the English original in their place instead of empty space.
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    This works for me for arrows : #homepage-slider .bx-wrapper .bx-next, #homepage-slider .bx-wrapper .bx-prev{ top: 50%; width: 30px; height: 30px; } You must do this in yourtheme/css/modules/homeslider/homeslider.css
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    Hi, i have deleted date of birth and also social title in the following (tb v1.0.4): \themes\yourtheme\authentication-create.tpl \themes\yourtheme\authentication-create-opc.tpl \themes\yourtheme\order-opc-new-account-advanced.tpl \themes\yourtheme\order-opc-new-account.tpl \themes\yourtheme\identity.tpl (advanced is when you have active AEUC module) and this works great. Regarding Paypal, maybe this is helpful: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2463-2463/paypal-order-confirmation-page-skipped-goes-to-order-history/
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    I also don't receive emails for new orders. Please can you check what's wrong with the module? The test email is sent correctly (from Email settings), the module is configured as in PS but no email is sent. I'll try to restart and reinstall now and get back with more info. EDIT: no, uninstall didn't do the trick. The customer receives email but the merchant doesn't.
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    Hey guys! I made a video on how to duplicate the store to a testing environment. I used prestashop but the same applies to tb, here is goes: http://nemops.com/staging-site-prestashop-thirtybees/#.WlXtXqiWaUk Let me know if anything is unclear!