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    Why should there be a thread like this in the first place? I'd say this is quite personal. I don't know exactly what medical treatment Lesley is going through, but I'm sure he's not thrilled to "write blogs about it".
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    Maybe a bit too fast to conclude, but I believe the current bleeding edge version is the most stable version, that 1.6 ps and tb has ever seen! Thanks to all that contributed to this! Especially @Traumflug @datakick and @lesley
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    I am not really part of this team. I don't have any shares and I am also not paid in any means. In fact I am a merchant that contributes more to this project than most others do. I have asked Lesley in private, how is it going and he didn't respond. So either he needs recovery time or he just doesn't want to talk about it. I understand, that you get a little nervous, when the initiator of the project is absent. On the other hand, you could use the time to improve your store or to contribute in some way. As I said in another thread: bleeding edge right now is stable like no other tb/ps software before. In general we (merchants) expect this project to go further. But we can not even find out together, what the most important todos are.
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    You're a starlet! Thanks, so for now I have just changed the wording, which I think will make it clearer to potential buyers now. I've put 'Either pay via Paypal above or sign in to pay via stripe' Thank you for taking the time to respond. Claire
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    Since about a year, these do get removed by the migration module. https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/blob/master/classes/AjaxProcessor.php#L878-L880
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    Of course you can disable the email. There are many ways to do this: disable / uninstall module edit module and comment Mail::Send command delete email template install conseqs module and set up rule to block this particular email and more... I personally think it's not very good idea to do this, though. You should always verify that the trap didn't catch some valid bots / users. It shouldn't be such a big deal - with properly set up robots.txt, you should catch only a few bots per month. I personally receive the email maybe once every two months
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    @vzex, your idea of a "complete address" is one of many. For some people and country they won't matter since they'll be selling mostly small products and send them through standard postal way. But there are of course people selling in countrys with states having various tax rates, people selling heavy product and thus having more constraint. With heavy cargo, some carriers even have specific grids that are based on towns altitude, distance from storage center and don't take anything else into account. Not to mention people selling all over the world... And like @datakick wrote while I was answering you there are also things like VAT number which seems mandatory for some while other look at it and are thinking "not useful". Also trust @wakabayashi about modules. They are the roadway for maintenance. When I took my job I was very green and did many unclean things including hardcoding some controllers (yeah I deserve to be slapped) and now, I'm like : "The website is fine it's getting more order every year, but how can I transition to TB, or any other ecommerce from where I am and not break the thing apart ? " The answer is I just can't, and I'll have to rebuild the changes I made over the year once we decide to change the CMS.
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    Every merchant has their own needs. Some of them sell worldwide and would like to see country/state. Others only sell locally. Some merchants absolutely have to see postcodes, others don't (yeah, there are countries with optional postcodes). Many EU merchants can't live without seeing VAT numbers, US merchants couldn't care less. What about business name? For b2b store it's also a huge requirement, for b2c not so much... It's not possible to include all these information by default. The list would take too much space, and it would contain so much information that nobody could find anything, really. So, the decisions were made. The list contains those information that 80% of merchants needs the most. Of course, it sucks to be in the remaining 20%. But hey, customize it. That's why it's called open source.
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    High five to everyone that is contributing to thirty bees. I needed little longer to migrate to it, but once the Migrator was brought to it's flawles working state (i belive arround 1.0.7 or 1.0.8) the migration was as easy as it gets. After initial testing on my spare shop instalation, my live shop was now updated to latest bleeding edge.
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    We have been running Bleeding Edge for 2-3 days and have not found any issues.
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    Thirty Bees already has more features than Prestashop. I don't see much urgency to add more at the moment. What I consider much more important is getting Prestashop users to switch over. I don't think the lack of features is stopping them. Rather it is a lack of templates and to a lesser extent modules. Sure, Thirty Bees offers support if you use templates and modules that aren't guaranteed by their makers to work with Thirty Bees. But that is a rather weak offer. It would be much better when they could point to a list of templates and modules that have been tested and found to work. In this light I would prefer to be reticent in adding new features. At this stage maintaining PS 1.6 compatibility is crucial and any addition is a risk factor for compatibility.
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    In TB depth is like length, at least I use it like this. I have no idea why this is so. Looks like this is similar to "lift" and "elevator" thing.
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    Als Moderator kann ich das zumindest nicht. Vielleicht kann es Admin @Traumflug. Wie soll denn der neue Account lauten?
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    Solved it - Sort of The problem is the Move JavaScript to the end settings I have added it to github as an issue https://github.com/thirtybees/cookiebot/issues/1
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    Na this is hard to tell for me. I can only say, that you probably use multiple modules, that are not super clean in their js handling. Probably also the cookie module you use...
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    CoreUpdater will fix code in core only, it will not touch your module. But, in this case, you won't have to do anything. This issue will just be fixed 'twice' 🙂
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    Well don't I feel stupid! That took a whole 30 seconds to install to solve my problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLARIFYING! Must need more coffee because I was lost after downloading not realizing it's a simple module install! See this is the problem, thirtybees just works for me been a long while since I had to mess with anything and it was as simple as that. You are much appreciated @wakabayashi Like magic, there is the state!
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    I am thru now. Login to backend with http and not https. Then regenerate htaccess. Now I am in. But the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is still there. Will look into that
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    Probably search for: \override\controllers\front\ContactController.php
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    Well. This "Like us on Facebook" problem was in real life adblocker.
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    I believe this is fixed by using: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/548d2fb30ddc0a54298a893ac37d433fc4b5b76a
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    Maybe you miss that missing images get generated on the fly. Just request them, e.g. by visiting the product page, and they're there.
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    I had this exact same problem with Braintree .Payment options only showed up after they logged in.. I too have lost a lot of customers this way.. I have since removed and am trying to organise alternative payment methods that show up whether they are logged in or not
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    I tried to improve it a bit: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commits/ImproveImapSync There was a bug. It was not possible that your order messages got updated in the customer service trough IMAP Sync. I fixed this. Probably I will make PullRequest soon. If somebody has any issues/improvement ideas for customer service, it's time to bring them up now.
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    You could try one ofthe one page checkout modules as payment methods are shown without this problem. I use @datakick's Chex module and it is fab (and cheap)
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    I have such a phrase in controllers/front/OrderOpcController.php. In general I wouldn't recommend you, to change it there... But for a fast fix, it might work.
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    I updated to Bleeding edge at last week of November, and is running without any problems.
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    Same here. Works pretty well for me until now.
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    Can you share what kind of modifications are needed?
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    Hi, we are use this one https://themeforest.net/item/flexshop-multipurpose-responsive-prestashop-theme/16862260 (needed a little bit of modifications). But I tried more ps 1.6 and most of them works with small fixes.
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    I fixed this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1133 Btw: I updated today to newest bleeding edge. Who else did?
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    Sorry about that, the forum processes were going out of control, I changed the header cache setting. I did not realize that block was considered in the header cache. I have it set back now.
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    I guess you can solve this with a little javascript that would unselect all attributes Display only first attribute (Color), and hide others (in your case Size) When customer selects color, then filter all sizes according to color selection, and display Size selector This kind of modification would take like 10-20 lines of js code.
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    I did test all my old PS modules with TB. Some no longer work, usually due to outdated programming or aggressive overrides. 95% work as intended. It takes time. I understand wanting a turnkey solution that roars right off the bat. The basic TB works fine for a lot of needs. All I can say is that I spend less time fighting stupid bugs than when I was on the PS platform. That being said, fingers crossed for Lesley. I hope things go well and you are back on your feet soon.
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    I ended up upgrading to 2.3.7 - that was recently released. This solved the problems.
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    I know everyone is looking for a public update from me. I made a post on the supporter forum the other day about what is going on. My health has not been good the last 6 or 7 months. I have unfortunately had to reduce the amount of time I have been able to spend working on anything because of this. That is why I have not been around as much in the last several months. The things I have focused on when I do have the energy and am well enough are behind the scenes things like financing, taxes for the company, and things of that nature. I really wish I could give some kind of positive update, but the truth is I having a surgery next week that will determine how my life will go forward. I just cannot give a definitive answer on anything, or my role until after that and I recover a bit. I feel like I am letting you all down and that really pains me and has been stressing me out beyond belief these last couple months. I am sorry I don't have a happy update this time.
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    I absolutely understand that point, but it's exactly this..... small team, small budget, maybe a lot of things to do or a lot of ideas. But.... there are a lot of updates and a superb quality of work - even for such a small team and such a small budget! I think they do a better job and more useful updates than a PS -Team with maybe 5 times more people.... btw. thank you for this to all developers 😍
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    I do think you should give the guys time to answer the question. They may well be off doing other things like family or just having some time off at this time of year.
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    This is an old theme. If I remember correctly then it tooks only 10 years for MS Excel to understand that some people use comma instead of dot. But in TB this is still problem. If You are "playing" with CSV then all prices and measures must be with dot. Even if comma is not value or field separator You still cant use this in prices.
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    create a file "ContactController.php" and place it inside "override/controllers/front" folder. the file should look like this. <?php class ContactController extends ContactControllerCore { public function postProcess() { $email_address = Tools::convertEmailToIdn(trim(Tools::getValue('from'))); $emailParts = explode( '@', $email_address ); $emailDomain = end($emailParts); if ($emailDomain == 'qq.com') { header('HTTP/1.1 403 FORBIDDEN'); header('Status: 403 No China here!!!'); header("Location: https://www.qq.com/"); } return parent::postProcess(); } } i think it should work, don't have time to test it right now. you should delete cache/class_index.php as well
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    I think it's possible but am bad at explaining it. bo>catalog>products>product name>images>add files upload pics of the backs of your T shirts bo>catalog>products>product name>combinations>combination>edit The page should show a load of photos, one of them ticked, for this combination. You can tick as many as you want, including one of the back. Click "save" or "save and stay", then edit the next combination. This worked for me first time and didn't work second time; I don't know the difference. First time I had photos for each colour and I just ticked, and with a bit of trial and error and clearing of caches it came right. Second time I tried to add an example to show. I had three pics of T shirts anyway. I tried to add another pic of the back of a T shirt to one of them. For some reason it came-up as a misaligned thumbnail next to the others, with text instead of a pic, and the theme doesn't match it to the T shirt that it's meant to be the back of. I don't know why I failed second time but maybe it is something to do with clearing caches and waiting a bit. (bo>advanced>performance>clear cache then press F5 on your browser) Also, i don't know a neat way to add the back image to every size of the T shirt at once; I had to press "edit" and tick a photo for every single size. Maybe I missed one size for the shirt, and that stops it working. Maybe the one that's default is different somehow. But that's the direction to go - it worked for my slippers. https://web.archive.org/web/20191229190528/https://veganline.co.uk/b/slippers/mens-slippers/hard-sole-slipper#/40-shoe_size-6_39_3/79-colour-velour_dark_red So maybe this isn't about the theme after all. Sorry!
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    Since thirty bees 1.1.0 that's expected. Before, themes using the same image name would overwrite each other's image types. Now each theme installs its own set, allowing distinct image types in distinct themes. The only unfortunate thing here is that the new mechanism uses the theme name for the distinction. Using the theme directory would have been the better choice. Two themes can share the same name, but not the same directory.
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    I dont use it. I use cloudflare for this.
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    I solved the issue by using the core updater, going back one iteration then reinstalling my current one again - everything came back! Not too sure why but I will take the end result! I wish I could explain what went wrong beyond the scrambling of the htaccess because since it is automatically generated, it should have been overwritten and reverted back to before. Anyhow, I leave my solution here in case someone else encounters a similar problem.
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    1.2.0 - 11/16/2019 New version without security problems.
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    Hi, I'm the original creator of the module, and I'd be happy to donate it. Just tell me what you need.
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    Hehehe. Look, I asked 18+ hours ago. I think it's reasonable to do a follow up, to keep this post / thread alive. If you want to make a comment, you can ask the team guys why they haven't bothered to reply?
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    https://blog.maxmind.com/2019/12/18/significant-changes-to-accessing-and-using-geolite2-databases/ Now what?
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