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    Just for the record and for whoever is buying Thirty Bees, there are many users like my company that value Thirty Bees and are waiting patiently for the transfer of ownership to take place and for the resumption of development. So, don't be put off by the relative quietness or inactivity in the forum.
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    Thanks for the great message @avilink We're grateful for your and the community's support. We're excited about the future of Thirty Bees and are eager to pick up the reigns of this great platform and move it forward together with you and the community. We'd just like to ask for continued patience and understanding as we finalise the purchase of TB and setting up the new company. We will let you guys know when we have some new progress to report.
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    Recently I wrote about embedding portal videos into product descriptions. Using videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. is certainly convenient, but they require user consent under EU legislation. The easy way to a smoother user experience for shop visitors is to store such videos locally. No third party server touched -> no GDPR issue. Embedding local videos is even easier, see this blog post: thirty bees and Videos, Part 2 Enjoy!
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    Glad I could help. Let's add some check and big warning into the module's back office page, so this won't happen to other users
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    That's the main problem beside of the fact that there are/were serious bugs. In general I can feel you. I had the same issues and questions two years ago. I decided to code my own ERP and changing ASM to our needs. It works great now. But obviously most merchant can't do it and it shouldn't need to do. Actually my main hope to the new owners is, that we get a place to discuss and vote for such bigger projects. No dev can ever build a working ASM without clear requirements. I also had to spend dozens of discussing hours, to understand how things really should work (for us). A dev doesn't automatically consider it a problem, that you can't search fast for the stock quantity as they never did inventory. They may also think, that it's enough to have one location per product. But some merchants (as us) need multiple locations for the same product. The list goes on and on. But only a discussion with a dozen of serious merchant, will show what is important in general and what is more like a specific business usage. Btw such attempts can fail easily as my own example shows: This is true and the main point, why we started to use ASM. But I believe it's not entirely correct. As far as I remember the "usable_quantity" has more an interpretation like: do we have broken items in storage? It's not totally nonsense, but we don't use it too. To exaggerate a bit: ASM was designed as it will become the most powerful erp ever, but was only finished 10%. There are tries to calculate product costs over multiple suppliers, currencies and stuff. đŸ€”
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    Not that my opinion matters that much but let me say these things. * ASM, the system for ASM does need a revamp and a lot of things taken out. Its complicated, cumbersome, but thanks to @wakabayashi a lot of bugs have been fixed in it. * FIFO this will never be present. The work and overhead this would add would be unimaginable. The data requirements would be as well. This is not something you can find in any open source system, many warehousing systems, and any paid system with under a 100k a year license that I am familiar with. * Handling of combinations As far as I am aware no native solution can handle more connected combinations that thirty bees can. Shopify is limited to 100, woo commerce limits you by not connecting them to stock. I am not sure what changes you are looking for in this system. * Proforma invoice and offer. This is module territory. Not something fit for a core of an ecommerce software. Either is going to be difficult to add to the core, because a new checkout process has to be made for only these things. But like I said, my opinion might not matter much, I am soon leaving thirty bees. But I still do understand how difficult or useful these things are and what it would take to add them into the core.
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    You have full access to the Github repository and the thirtybees.com server already. Writing code doesn't need a contract, you could do this right now. Which obviously means you plan to keep future additions closed source.
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    The short story is the contract had to be rewritten at the last minute because of an event came up that was beyond anyone's control dealing with a company that thirty bees partners with. It was not my fault or the buyers fault, but the partnership was mentioned in the contract, so that part had to be rewritten.
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    Well I have used Prestashop for a lot of years (Since 1.40) and never seen those either - lol
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    Hello. I'm not sure, as I don't use neither optin or newsletter, but in Localization -> countries you can select some mandatory things in client's address.
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    Have you created a new installation? It used to be shop1.wingate now it is shop.wingate So, just to be 100% certain You have changed the settings in shop? not shop1?
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    Hi @wakabayashi No the negotiations did not fail. We're currently waiting for another update to the contract and this should be the final version. Once our attorney has checked it, we will proceed with the sale. As is normal with these things, it could still take a little while longer to wrap things up and create the new company. But from a negotiations standpoint, everything is essentially sorted. We appreciate your concern, but continue to ask for patience. Everything is on track and there's no need to worry or jump ship.
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    Hello. Good to hear that you could get your shop again with the Bees :) About URLs, you should check this: Good luck!
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    I had the same problem with free shipping (setting pick up at store), and I had to disable free shipping and setting shipping prices at 0 just like you. I think it is a bug. I'm not sure if it's fixed in latest version. You should upgrade to bleeding edge 1.1.x, as this is the stable and more updated version of thirtybees. Good luck!
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    Hola! Sí, se puede. Tendrías que tocar el template que muestra cada producto. Estå en tu tema (themes/<tu-tema>, se llama product.tpl. Ahi vas a tener que buscar dónde querés que aparezca el mensaje, y hacés un if de smarty, algo como: {if $isLogged == 0 } <p>Precio disponible para usuarios registrados </p> {/if} Para los registrados no lo va a mostrar. Saludos!
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    1.3.0 - 09/14/2020 Implementation of an additional level of security on the PrestaShop contact form with display in the Logs of the IP address of the fraudsters.
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    Recently several merchants had trouble embedding videos in their shops. For example in product descriptions or in blog posts. It's true, there are pitfalls one can trip over. One has to find the right HTML code in the video portal and copy that into the right place in thirty bees back office. To solve this for everybody else as well, I wrote a blog post at Merchant's Edition. thirty bees and Videos, Part 1 Enjoy!
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    I believe it's socialsharing module: https://github.com/thirtybees/socialsharing/blob/master/views/templates/hook/socialsharing_header.tpl
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    Modify your themes maintenance.tpl file. Beyond that I'm sure there must be modules out there that would do it.
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    That said, the migration module is free and works just great. It replaces pretty much the entire PS installation and upgrades the database. No need to have two installations for upgrading.
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    Wow thanks ever so much that worked! - and I also made Live keys at PayPal and inserted them and they also worked! Thanks for your help - feel much better now!
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    Again I have played little with tabs, this time in OPC Login/New account. yourtheme/js/order-opc.js needs to be modified if you wish that data from login form refreshes the customer login information in top navbar as that data is not refreshed by default with use of community theme OPC login form. Last line ".... // add this line to reload header with user info" should be added arround line 70 and arround line 200. arround line 70 // update token static_token = jsonData.token; updateNewAccountToAddressBlock(that.attr('data-adv-api')); $('#header-navbar-right-nav').load(' #header-navbar-right-nav > *'); // add this line to reload header with user info when login arround line 200 // force to refresh carrier list if (isGuest) { isLogged = 1; $('#opc_account_saved').fadeIn('slow'); $('#submitAccount').hide(); updateAddressSelection(advApiParam); } else updateNewAccountToAddressBlock(advApiParam); $('#header-navbar-right-nav').load(' #header-navbar-right-nav > *'); // add this line to reload header with user info when new account Upload the file into your theme folder, and change the link to it in order-opc.tpl or rename it to order-opc-new-account.tpl and remove original. order-opc-new-account-tab.tpl
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    There is prestashop 16 module. Have you tried that one?
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    I would look invoice template in root/pdf directory. Invoice is created from many "pieces" and there is also "piece" invoice.total-tab.tpl
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    Prices being shown is also part of groups. Check the settings in Groups
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    I the worst scenario, you can start again from "scratch", just keep the img folder after being scanned and be sure it's clean, and use just fresh files from TB, same version your database works with for now, inside the DB also check employees, be sure to not have added or modified account, then modify the config file to connect to DB, then you are good to go for the first step, if it's working in BO and front.. you can start to rebuild the theme you used once cleaned or with new fresh files and add modules you need also from fresh sources. This takes time, but if you have no clean backup and keep on being stucked it's almost the only way to be sure there is nothing left anymore. Best regards.
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    you can try different versions/designs from panda theme or find one -> then change it to your wishes please read here: http://panda2.sunnytoo.com/doc/
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    That's not so simple. By introducing this class it become public api. Anyone could override it. Modules could expect it exists and use it... It's not much likely, but it could happen. By removing / renaming this class, we would create backwards incompatibility. And that's very much against he tb policy. I personally believe that, in this case, the functionality should be removed from core and moved to module. But if we decide to go this route, it needs to be done properly and safely. So the change won't take down anyone's server. You know, not the ps17 way.
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    Fixed by replacing the whole thing with: $link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, 'large', null, ImageManager::retinaSupport())|escape:'html':'UTF-8'
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    Aye, already modified a couple of modules before, but for somewhat reason this morning I couldn't even make out 1+1 if I had to. Kept looking through the global.js, oh well, such is life. Edit: Just realized you can check out the events happening in the DOM, dear fuck, I'm dum dum. Edit 2: Spelled DOM as doom. Beat me to it.
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    Gerade ist mir die AnkĂŒndigung auf der Bundespressekonferenz ĂŒber den Weg gelaufen, ab Minute 1:50: https://www.jungundnaiv.de/2020/09/02/bundesregierung-fuer-desinteressierte-bpk-vom-2-september-2020/ Da werden unter anderem einige Änderungen im Steuerrecht vorgestellt, 2 Minuten lang. Darunter die Änderung, dass Plattformbetreiber in Zukunft fĂŒr die Mehrwertsteuer haften, nicht mehr der tatsĂ€chliche VerkĂ€ufer. Das dĂŒrfte wohl fĂŒr Shops eine Änderung bedeuten, die als Vermittlerplattform agieren, z.B. Amazon. Auch eine Änderung bezĂŒglich der SteuererklĂ€rung. Die mĂŒsse man nicht mehr in jedem EU-Land einzeln erklĂ€ren, sondern könne das alles in Deutschland machen. Allerdings war mir bislang keine Pflicht bewusst, in Frankreich, Polen oder Spanien Steuern zu erklĂ€ren.
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    Yes, this feature is on my todo list. However, for this to work without the need for overrides, the thirtybees core should first be modified. The 'sort by' is one of the oldest functionality, and in dire need for redesign / overhaul. Part of this overhaul should be option to extend sorting option via hooks. Once this is implemented, individual review modules can implement this hook, and provide custom sort by functionality
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    You need to change the third party module behaviour for how it injects itself into that page. "sort of" in the name was added because it does not work on native install without used override. Mixing third party hacks and modules can always bring out some issues 🙂 where both work when installed separately, but having issues if installed together.
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    Hello! It's kind of difficult to know where the problem is... but indeed the 'sort of' part of thread's name is because it's a nice hack. In order to see where the problem is you could set up a new TB installation (w/niara) and check if your module works fine there. Then, comparing templates with browser console maybe you can see how can you fix it.
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    sure just add another carrier named PICK UP ONLY and as delivery lenght put adress or so then in product settings allow only this one carrier
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    I have a solution. IN AdminSupplyOrdersController.php line 2095: if ($idSupplier) { // $query->where('ps.`id_supplier` = '.$idSupplier.' OR p.`id_supplier` = '.$idSupplier); $query->where('ps.`id_supplier` = '.$idSupplier); } Second, add index ALTER TABLE TB_product_supplier ADD INDEX product_supplier_reference_idx (product_supplier_reference);
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    Yes, these are hard to catch. Usually a problem with one of the used Smarty templates or PHP code loading this template. First steps to find the issue includes finding a trigger to reproduce the problem. Which page to load to get another entry in the error log. Being able to reproduce a problem is the key to fix it. Did you perhaps edit templates? Replace them temporarily with their originals to find out whether this changes something. Another fairly simple procedure is to disable overrides. Does this remove the log report? Then the problem is triggered by one of the overrides. Next step would be to disable modules until the log entry vanishes. This narrows down the problem to just this module. Bug hunting is much like one of these early adventure games, where one had to look here and look there, collecting hints and ask questions in order to find the door to the next room. Then going on to the next room, finding more hints and more doors. At the end there is the glorious last room, where fixing just a typo magically morphs an error log entry into a newly appearing feature. There are more expert procedures, of course, like injecting PHP debugging code or attaching a debugger. For those which feel comfortable with it. Still the same kind of adventure game, just a bit faster.
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    Absolute lad. Love you, bud! ❀
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    @veganline The price was established months ago with both sides agreeing that it was fair. @wakabayashi I think it will be soon. A contract was delivered to them a month or so ago, we have negotiated all of the sticking points in the contract now. It just has to be amended to reflect everything we have all agreed on, then signed.
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    Let me explain how thirty bees installation works: first, php files must make it into destination directory. This can be done either by extracting thirtybees.zip file and uploading its content via ftp. This is the most common case. Alternatively, this process can be automated by some third party tool (softacoulous, etc) once php files are in destination directory, you just navigate to this directory using your browser, and start the installation process installer only creates and populates database tables done Now, as you can see, during installation the responsibility of this *crap* software is only to populate tables. If you complain about your root directory being overwritten, then this must have happened during step #1. Depending on what installing option you chosed, there are only two conclusions: if you uploaded content of zip file via ftp, then you must have fucked up, and uploaded to wrong destination. This is entirely your fault if you used third party tool (softacoulous, etc), then this third party tool fucked up. And I repeat - third party tool. Not created or maintained by thirtybees.
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    I have it running with no issue is both test and live setting. I set it up according to documentation on the module. I found the embedded form that you show at the bottom to be non-user friendly so these settings pop them to the stripe payment page when they click the link, similar to how PayPal works, if you are familiar. Here are my settings that are working:
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    Hi, I finished the module to add customizations directly to cart and it is now officially released and available in the addon store: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/49650-customization-directly-into-cart.html
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    Thanks so much for this. It worked. pb4sc
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    In my experience, the biggest problem with sending data to fb/google is data quality. Merchants are looking for a 'one click' solution, but it does not exists. It's a lot of (manual) work to build a good enough dataset. Facebook and google expects a lot of information, and they complain if you don't provide it. For example, the xml should contain <g:google_product_category> element, that should contain product category -- from google taxonomy list. This information can't be found anywhere in thirtybees database, of course. There needs to be a mechanism to map your categories to google category list. And somebody have to actually enter this mapping to the system. For some products, fb requires that you provide additional information, like gender or target age. Again, that's not something that is readily available in thirtybees database. xml must contain <gtin> info. In tb, this an be either UPC code, ISBN code, or EAN code. If you don't enter these information to your products, google will reject the xml. ... and more It's just not possible to install a module and expect that it will magically figure out all these information out of thin air. These information needs to be manually entered somewhere. My module allows entering this information, because it support custom fields. But merchant still need to fill in the data.
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    These recent irritations around the project currently named thirty bees accelerated my efforts to come up with a solid and reliable ground to connect developers with merchants and merchants with developers. Code written and features of the software were and are great, many merchants do their best to help others, just as many developers. This deserves a liberation from business and investor games. Say hello to Merchant's Edition Merchant's Edition has the goal to move the idea of open source into the business area. It's open to any developer working on the core software and basic modules. Their share grows not by the amount of money they provide, but by the work they put in. They can connect directly to merchants and vice versa. Merchant's Edition helps to connect them together. Next step: provide a chat for both. Those knowing me also know I prefer to do things right over rushing into something 80%. Look at how blazing fast the already provided site is. During development I learned a lot on how to make web pages faster, much of which can eventually be applied to shops running thirty bees as well. Published now already, to show that things around thirty bees are moving forward. Chat is then expected to be the same: fast and secure. Probably based on Matrix and Riot. You as a shop operator can get support right now. These nagging warnings all the time? We'll fix them. Need an extra feature? We'll write it. No time for technical maintenance and updates? We'll do it. Done by those who know the software best, from the ground up. Your contact: contact@merchantsedition.com
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    I do not have as many categories as you do but I do have over 30K products. We have a similar setup server wise. TB has been a major improvement speed wise for me, both backend and front end wise. There is also ways to improve backend speed via htaccess. I used to have the problem you describe with PS. Another thing to help yourself is switch from standard mysql to MariaDB, that was a 10% speed gain on both ends for me. Make sure you use Barracuda as file system and that all your tables are InnoDB. That helps a lot too - some modules use MySlAm - you need to convert them to InnoDB.
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