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    Perhaps you were waiting just as long as me, now it's done: thirty bees v1.1.0 (ZIP package) Packed with hundreds of bug fixes, awesome new default theme, two new modules. Release notes: Core Updater is now the tool to update thirty bees core. A lot faster, a substantially more reliable update strategy. It can update all versions beginning with thirty bees 1.0.1. And it can downgrade / roll back just as easily in case a new release doesn't work for your shop. Module tbupdater should be kept installed, it's needed for updating modules for the time being. Big refactoring of error reporting and exception handling by @getdatakick. A new exception page and more important for merchants: reports no longer go into the rendered shop page, but get reported in the JavaScript console. PHP errors messing up shop pages are a thing of the past. Another big audit of price rounding. Prices in the cart get now rounded properly according to the configured rounding strategy (by item / by line / by total). And invoices, credit slips, all now do as well. This audit also brought a lot of detail improvements in displayed prices. For details, see https://thirtybees.com/blog/prices-done-right/. In multishop environments, one no longer sees duplicate entries for currencies. Editing translations no longer requires to raise the max_vars PHP setting. Thanks to @ziyaindia. When checking for module updates, not only the module name, but also the module author has to match. This should solve a class of issues with thirty party modules named like official modules. It also means that one can exclude a (edited) module from updates by simply changing the module author, e.g. from $this->author = 'thirty bees' to $this->author = 'thirty bees tweaked'. Coupons/vouchers with taxes get now taken into account as well, thanks to @Zengraph. With multishop, lists of customer groups now list only groups available in the currently selected shop context, thanks to @chitmann. Also thank you to Emanuel Schiendorfer, David Gasperoni, Mark, Yaniv Mirel and Geo for their contributions. Much appreciated! There is a new section in the statistics module: Stats by Groups. Written and contributed by @Zengraph. Considerable chunks of theme installation were re-written. It should work now simpler and no longer mess with back office modules. This added support for different image sizes in distinct themes. Developers would call this a per-theme namespace for image types. Theme configuration XMLs in config/xml/themes/ disappeared. As they never got edited, they were always identical to config.xml in the theme folder. This also removed config/xml/themes/default.xml, which was used for community-theme-default, so no more surprises when installing a shop and re-installing the default theme. Initial theme settings in the installer were aligned with those of the actual default theme. Before, (re-)installing the default theme later had quite distinct results from what one had right after installation. Theme metas (where one turns left and right columns on and off on particular pages) now allow to configure not only pages known by the theme, but all pages available. CSV import now supports custom date formats in CSV data. This should allow e.g. U.S. merchants to import CSV data from a European manufacturer. Thanks to @ksimunovic! A new, awesome looking default theme, Niara. Previous theme is still there. Now one can switch back and forth between both themes coming with thirty bees. Support for the "back" step with third party themes is forthcoming, one can still install them, of course. Module beesblog is now a default module. Two new modules, thememanager and tbhtmlblock. Already in use by theme Niara, they get disabled when installing theme community-theme-default. Modules & Themes Catalog can now actually list modules and themes. Notes to developers: Price rounding audit contained the following steps: Get the cart into rounding properly. When creating an order, take these rounded prices from the cart unchanged. This ensures all downstream calculations use these rounded values rather than the current product price. This also allowed to remove duplicated rounding in classes like HTMLTemplateInvoice or HTMLTemplateOrderSlip. As a metaphor, consider rounding to be like a discount: price in the order is what the shop customer saw, not what the merchant started with. Reviewed all classes dealing with prices to always round to database precision. As if PHP couldn't do better. For strategies, see Dealing with Prices at Traumflug's. Replaced a whole lot of (hopefully all) hardcoded rounding precision values with constant _TB_PRICE_DATABASE_PRECISION_ or Configuration::get('PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION') as appropriate. Controllers rendering option fields ($this->fields_options[]) containing prices should use field type 'price', validation 'isPrice' and, new, a cast 'priceval'. The latter converts to a float, then rounds to database precision. AdminController was changed to apply the cast for option fields ($this->fields_options[]) before validation, not after. This allows to implement a cast which shapes the value (like priceval() does). There is a new field type for a class' storage field, type TYPE_PRICE. It's a float like TYPE_FLOAT, but also rounds the value to database precision, to get precisely predictable price and tax calculations. Started to remove outdated code. Retrocompatibility code for PS 1.4 and before or PHP 5.5 and before. Removed AdminRangePriceController and AdminRangeWeightController. Introduced in 2011, they were never available in back office. Classes RangePrice and RangeWeight are kept, of course. Themes now support only one variation. Not sure whether multiple variations every worked before, code had quite a number of discrepancies. Attempting to install a theme with multiple variations now reports an error. To get the path of the config file of a theme before and after 1.1.0, use Theme::getConfigFilePath(). Image type names are now enforced to contain the theme name. Recommended standard is to let the system do this, it prefixes the theme name. For getting links to product images, use Link->getImageLink(), for getting product image sizes, use Smarty getWidthSize and getHeightSize, see e.g. in _productlist-item.tpl in both thirty bees themes. For getting just the appropriate type, use ImageType::getFormatedName(). Other variations are allowed as well, see ImageType::getFormatedName(). And yes, fallbacks for hardcoded image types were implemented. They come with a small performance penalty, though. To see how to fix a theme with hardcoded image types, see commits like https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/commit/1047053d4829ecaf7e5bbdbad891bba286863b07 or https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/commit/7f682df10940170593bbe6d21ea99dd74ebe77ae. There are a whole lot of new hooks, see New Hooks in 1.1.x in our forum. And yes, we're aware this has taken waaay to long. thirty bees should release more often. This release also appears in Core Updater in you back office.
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    I've just signed up with Patreon to support the thirtybees project. I don't know the developers, I am not a friend or a relative of them, I am just an e-commerce owner who was tired of Prestashop's continuous issues and troubles, and lack of attention in their forum when problems arose. I didn't want to update to PS1.7 because most of my modules would have stopped working. So more than a year ago I decided to try thirtybees. And I found it was lovely: no problems, fast response with the very few issues I had, even developers offering themselves to arrange things in my own server side, developers interacting with users in the forum. We all want everything for free, but if we have an e-commerce it's because we have a business, so we make profits thanks, also, to the work behind thirtybees. And we all want improvements and updates, and bugs fixed, and things working. The most honest thing we can do is to pay for the excellent service we receive. So, I encourage you to support thirtybees here, and it starts as low as $5/mo: https://www.patreon.com/thirtybees/posts?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=tyshare2 Think about this: changing your PS1.6 modules for PS1.7 ones would have cost you a fortune. Thirtybees has saved you a lot of money. Sharing this benefit with thirtybees is not just a good idea, but a profitable investment for we all: thirtybees will continue improving. And of course, it also a way to say "thank-you!".
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    I've just released new version 0.2.0. Here are the main features: 1) you can now choose between unified block with both shipping and payment options, of have these two sections rendered separately. Unified block: Separate blocks: 2) There's an option to render logos for payment and carriers 3) Initial support for form extension. Third party modules can now extend checkout forms, and add their own fields (or even sections). For example, my premium version of revws module (in upcoming version) will render checkbox to ask user for consent to send review request. And of course, there were some bugs fixed. You can download the new version from my site
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    @vzex I will talk a look tomorrow, if there are any compatibility issues, then I will fix them and release a minor update. We have plans to do a relatively major update for Panda theme v1 to add some features like "Ability to use different image types for different blocks", "Keep images be at their original sizes", "Lazyloading off screen images", "Lazy loading banner images", etc, if they can be added. I think the relatively major update will be released about half months later.
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    It is up now. I think the page was just hung up in the cloudflare cache. I am going to update the demos this weekend.
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    Thanks for your post! Thats exactly how I think about it, too!
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    You need two changes in /modules/coreupdater/classes/GitUpdate.php. In both cases you check whether the first char of $adminDir is a backslash and if so you remove it: In the function downloadFileList() (around line 425) the following part will be changed: $fileList = false; if ($response) { $fileList = []; $adminDir = false; if (defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_')) { $adminDir = str_replace(_PS_ROOT_DIR_, '', _PS_ADMIN_DIR_); if($adminDir[0] == "\\") $adminDir = substr($adminDir,1); /* new */ $adminDir = trim($adminDir, '/').'/'; } The beginning of the function downloadFiles() (around line 870) will become: protected function downloadFiles() { $adminDir = false; if (defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_')) { $adminDir = str_replace(_PS_ROOT_DIR_, '', _PS_ADMIN_DIR_); if($adminDir[0] == "\\") $adminDir = substr($adminDir,1); /* new */ $adminDir = trim($adminDir, '/').'/'; }
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    I didn't tried it,. but I know Sunnytoo is working on one that maybe does (@Jonny)
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    @led24ee Assuming those modules files are on your server, and you just really have to have these modules, and cant wait for the developers to change it, you can do this.... All three of those modules have the same problem and need the same fix. edit the main .php of each module, for instance in the Tawk.To module you would edit tawkto.php, and look for something like: $this->tb_versions_compliancy = '1.0.x'; now replace that line with the following two lines: $this->tb_min_version = '1.0.0'; $this->tb_versions_compliancy = '> 1.0.0'; Do that in the main file of each of those modules, and it should let you install them. edit: I did a github pull request for all three of these modules, seems to work for me anyways....
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    I saw there was a dot missing in my code: now repaired.
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    Here's the last chunk for the time being: beesblog Changed default image sizes. Removed Google+ support, this community vanished. Added support for updateFriendlyURL(). Code maintenance. blockbestsellers Actually two releases, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1. The latter restores compatibility with community-theme-default and themes derived from this. Support for the new hook displayHome. Shows just 4 products by default to appear more pleasing on theme Niara. Code maintenance. blockcontactinfos Preserve newlines in the contact address. Before one could enter them on the configuration page, but front office would show all in one line. blocknewproducts: same as with module blockbestsellers. blocksocial Pre-fill some fields on installation. Code maintenance. blockstore Code maintenance. blocksupplier Code maintenance. coreupdater (yet another release) Fix configuration page display on wide screens. homeslider (yet another release) Explain image sizes on the configuration page. statsmodule Additional section Stats for Groups. Fixed uninstallation. Code maintenance. And last, not least, a new module: HTML Block.
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    @ariom the image url should not look like yours. They should include only image id, not product id. That means that url https://www.mudrashop.com/7327-home_default/telo-mare-90x165-cm-spugna-jacquard-stelle-marine-home-sweet-home.jpg is correct. I don't know how you managed to get product id to the image url. Do you have some module or override that do this? Anyway, you are going to have problems with this schema, because most modules (and tb core) expects image id to be single identifier. Note that you already have some problems on your site. On your homepage, products img elements contains this code <img class="img-responsive center-block" srcset=" https://www.mudrashop.com/7900-home_default_smallest/borsina-a-tracolla-in-pelle-intrecciata-aba-368.jpg 211w, https://www.mudrashop.com/7900-home_default_smaller/borsina-a-tracolla-in-pelle-intrecciata-aba-368.jpg 218w, https://www.mudrashop.com/4663-7900-home_default/borsina-a-tracolla-in-pelle-intrecciata-aba-368.jpg 250w " sizes="(min-width: 1200px) 250px, (min-width: 992px) 218px, (min-width: 768px) 211px, 250px" alt="BORSINA A TRACOLLA IN PELLE INTRECCIATA ABA 368" title="BORSINA A TRACOLLA IN PELLE INTRECCIATA ABA 368" itemprop="image" width="250" height="250"> As you can see, srcsset attributes references 3 versions of the image with id 7900, but only one of them contains product id (and is accessible). I suggest you to investigate this problem right away. Edit: it looks like this is caused by enabled PS_LEGACY_IMAGES option. You could try these steps 1) move legacy images: 2) disable Legacy Images option 3) regenerate images 4) regenerate .htaccess
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    Hello Guys I am developing a little module for category pages. It will allow you to add a second description to a category page. Why is it helpful? That way you can use the core description as a little teaser at the top. My module will add a second description at the footer. This is extremly helpful if you are interested in SEO. Such en html edit tab will be added to every category in the BO. The module is multilang and multistore ready! If you are a Patreon, I give you a free copy of it! Just answer in this thread or send me a message! If you aren't a Patreon yet, its time to become one: https://www.patreon.com/thirtybees
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    THANK YOU, great to hear it is growing and growing I really hope that we can start asap with tb... cant wait for it! (but a lot of work to do before) btw. i dont think that it took too long, if updates/releases are with a lot of great things, benefits and are stable, it is absolutely ok when a stable version needs this time!
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    Great News !! Thanks to all, really nice job 馃檪 I'm going to try niara theme as soon as possible !
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    My guess is that you have to manually pick this commit: https://github.com/thirtybees/custompayments/commit/69681528df138a9fc96d3b72c246da28993d0afc because I don't think its part of the latest version.
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    Yes, it is production ready. Of course, you should test all the flows yourself to be sure. Like with every other module 馃檪
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    I've just released new version 0.3.0. This version adds some new functionality, but more importantly it fixes serious login-related bug introduced in 0.2.0. I strongly suggest you to update to this new version NEW FUNCTIONALITY Support for manual exemption in VAT module. Your customers can now click I qualify for VAT relief checkbox Added password reset functionality Added floating UI notification snackbar to inform user about various events (invalid password, wrong discount coupon code,...) BUGFIXES Fixed serious bug regarding login user Fixed bug with not showing all customers addresses
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    I can't believe I forgot to implement password recovery. I'll implement it right away and release new version soon I've added this to my backlog, but with low priority. I won't implement this anytime soon. But thanks for feature request I'm not sure this should be part of checkout module. This looks like an ideal job for tbhtmlblock module Yes, it should be. You might want to do some minor css tweaks to better integrate checkout page, but in general it should work out of the box This is not implemented. I've added this to my backlog and it will be added soon. But it will probably be hidden behind some settings option, because not everyone needs this You can test this module on my demo account
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    Tks @wakabayashi , beeing on a shared hosting (a small one, fine tuned for prestashop ...), and using only tb cache and CCC, no cdn, no other cache type, your comment make me relax a bit, cause the speed was one of my concern i wanted ear about.... anyway i must thanks al the TB staff for that ... they did really a great job ....
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    It seems the store is still in maintenance mode. I got the "Torneremo presto" page.
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    Gracias! lo debo de haber activado por accidente. Ya qued贸.
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    Hola, Espero que les sirva, acabo de hacer una primera traducci贸n al espa帽ol de M茅xico (seguro es mejorable pero es mi primera versi贸n) y quiero hacer mi contribuci贸n al compartir el paquete GZIP correspondiente. Si todo sale bien, pr贸ximamente lo actualizar茅 con los correos corregidos porque he detectado errores en varios. Espero les sirva! mx.gzip
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    or hmm it might make sence, that you cant reply to the e-mail via the message, that might be why the [no_sync] is there.
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    the [no_sync] makes no sence, it's just there i think haha.