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    @Smile / @datakick good luck! I'm a developer who runs a TB shop for my wife. Happy to help shoot down some bugs.
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    @Mark Thanks for your feedback, there were two choices, make a fork for my own ecommerce company like @wakabayashi or try to do something for the community. I did choose the later and hope we will succeed together.
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    We had a lot of pressure to wrap up and make an announcement before the end of the year. If we did not make the announcement in time many of you would've left in droves. A lack of a roadmap does not mean that there aren't any plans to address the issues voiced in the community and that there would not be a roadmap shortly. It is merely a case of time constraints. Thirty Bees is alive again, after a tumultuous and uncertain period. Purchased by someone who genuinely cares about the project and the community. For us all it should be a sigh of relief. Leaving now is jumping the gun, imo. Give us a chance and time to settle in and prepare everything for the future and for your involvement. @wakabayashi Your contributions and your role as a moderator has been invaluable and is appreciated. Your voice is being heard. Your continued support and involvement will make a difference. Stepping away now does not help. Please stay and continue being involved - your contribution will help us all make TB 'great again'. We need all hands on deck if we're going to make this new endeavour succeed.
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    Hmm, why another fork? Wouldn't it be better to gather all forces and try make TB better instead of two different versions?
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    Hey all First of all Happy New Year! 🥳 Yesterday a deal has been achieved and so a new age is starting for TB. I will take this opportunity to step back. As most of you know, I am a merchant like majority here. My business has had a very good year due to Covid, but also due to continuing improving our shop processes. This also lead to some kind of overworking and I have to make some cuts. I felt in the last weeks, that with my way of thinking as a merchant/dev, I am kind of exposed. My ideas, plans and problems aren’t shared by many other merchants. I could come up with dozens of examples (krona, elasticsearch and so on) but the three examples, which hurt me the most, are the following: Carrier order editing. I implemented this feature in our store and it works flawlessly for us. The PR wasn’t accepted for some good reasons, which I planned to fix. But as nobody at all cared about this feature in the community, I haven’t done it. Advanced Stock Management. Stock management is one of the most crucial and complex things, big merchants have to handle. The default version is broken/unusable. Since years! Multiple merchant’s leave the platform because of it. I have invested hundreds of hours to make this to a big strength of our company (chaotic storage, using barcode scanners, creating picking lists and a lot more). But even if I would, I couldn’t share this with the community. It is so far away from the core base and the needs from small merchants. The “50$ VIP Club”. I always believed in the idea, that big merchant’s would have similar pain points like speed, search/filter functionality, order handling, stock handling, customer service and so on. That’s why I thought, it would be clever to unite these big merchant’s. For most of us it would be too expensive to hire a full time dev, who would code this all. So why not collect monthly 3000$, hire a dev and push this project together forward. The payers decide, what will be done, but also the little merchants can use the new stuff for free. It wouldn’t have been a donation at all. Just a strategic investment to share expenses. I know, that I haven’t come up with any concrete offer… I thank the few people, that were open to such an idea, but we were clearly too little and the interest in general is small. I am also a bit shocked, that 50$/month is such a huge expense for many merchants. But most may be really small and at the starting point of their business (ten years ago it would been the same here), others will have difficult economic situation with covid and some just prefer the freeriding. I hoped, that a new fork or owner could bring some perspective back to me. But unfortunately the announcement yesterday didn’t. After all this months of waiting, I was expecting a well written official post with a clear roadmap and plan. That’s why I came to the obvious conclusion, that it’s much easier for me to go ego way. I asked @Smile to delete me as a moderator (which will also be a chance for somebody else, to get more involved in the project). To not give any wrong impressions: I don’t switch the software!! I stay with this codebase, but will cherry pick new commits from thirty bees, prestashop and any thinkable fork in the best way. The rest will be modified/developped internally by myself and maybe I will hire a full dev in 1-2 years. If I am allowed to give you all a last honest advice: don't fool yourself. If you don't have a big budget, this is still one of the best codebase around and probably better than any hastily switch to woocommerce, shopify or whatever... Here and there I will look around and check, what I am all missing 😄 I wish you all good luck! 🙏 PS: Sorry this post was supposed to be short… Regards Emanuel
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    Hi all! I am Chiel and as a ecommerce merchant I love Thirty Bees. First of all, thanks for staying and waiting for a sign of life. As many of you, I moved over from Prestashop to Thirty Bees. When I noticed that Thirty Bees was not moving forward as quickly as expected I felt I had to do something. So I decided to see if I could help. I got in touch with Lesley, the current owner and long discussions followed. Finally, we made an agreement that both of us are happy with. I will take over Thirty Bees and Datakick, an expert Thirty Bees Core developer will join the new company. In the upcoming two months we will take the time to get used to our new roles and will work to get a new version out as soon as possible. In the upcoming year we will still depend heavily on the community, support and money wise. I paid a fair price for Thirty Bees, but to run the company effectively a lot of money is needed and at this point there is almost no income yet. For now, we can only employ Datakick, and he is paid for by my own savings. And as all of you know, a software can be opensource, but the resources and infrastructure required to run it is mostly charged in hard cash. Therefore, I like to ask all of you to join us as a supporter. So we can pay for hosting, and our dedicated programmer Datakick, and improve quality and pay for new features etc. Also, if you can help us in any way, please get in touch, and maybe assist with some SEO, SEA, few hours programming, writing newsletters or whatever you feel you can help with. I believe we can keep Thirty Bees open source. But we need you and the whole community to help us in the upcoming year. Please note that most changes will become noticeable from the end of February onwards. We will also provide more info and road maps etc in the new year. I'd like to thank @lesley for his investments in the past. And a big special thanks to @Theo and @datakick who both have made this new step for Thirty Bees possible! Also, I'd like to thank each of you who have stuck it out with Thirty Bees during the time of uncertainty and the lengthy negotiations. Thank you! Without you Thirty Bees would not be possible. Let's work together to make it great again and move it forward to a bright and successful future! Stay tuned, have a great and safe new year and don’t forget to pledge now!
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    I am glad there is a solution for the business side of Thirty Bees. Good to see that people want to help. As for the future I would like to give the participants the following considerations/ideas: - start with the easy stuff that can make TB more popular. Migration modules from Prestashop 1.7 and WooCommerce are easy targets - as is support for PHP 8. Note that the next major version of Prestashop will be 1.8/8.0 and if they handle it as badly as the upgrade to 1.7 Thirty Bees could once again become a desirable alternative. Functionally PS 1.7 is hardly different from 1.6 and TB. - starting with the easy stuff will give you time to work out ideas for further development. - I would love to see TB once again starting to use version numbers. - As Prestashop told it, one of the reasons they didn't go forward with ASM was that every webshop company they talked to wanted something different. There may be no easy solutions here.
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    Thanks for the support and contributios @zen Looking forward to an exciting future together 😀
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    Hi all, Fist of all I wish all a happy and healty new year. I followed this whole story and waited to see what will happen in the end, since we also have a PS 1.6 store that will eventually need to be upgraded to something else. I have two feelings about the future of TB 1. I am glad that TB is not dead and someone is taking over. 2. I think TB has a small change to survive. This seems to be season 2 of TB fork from PS. But this time with much less passion from the community (@wakabayashi is a good example). When TB was started by @lesleyand micheal, we had the same senario as we have now with @Smile and @datakick , one on the bussiness site and one great dev. Soon micheal stopped working on TB I guess due to the lack of money. Wrong decissions where made (see elastix search) and with the health issues @lesley had, TB runned on autopilot by the community until now. But I think that biggest mistake was that @lesley and micheal where too much focused on the users they could migrade from the PS 1.6 eshops. They failed to understand that the platform alone does not mean much. The biggest issue are the modules and themes the merchands are using. So hours where wasted on fixing other ppl;s modules and themes instead of developing TB. Keep in mind that back then the whole 1.6 vs 1.7 was in a great debate, now I don't think that it is that much. Big ecommerce sites that need to be updated regullary have switched and small sites like ours are just waiting until something fails to migrade. Thing is you can't expect much donation money from small sites. So you are basiclly on the same path to failure. What makes things worse is that although the TB transission to the new owners is in the works for months. I was hoping that @Smile would already have a roadmap ready, since (from my understanding) there where two options, buy TB or fork. I sadly didn't see this. My 2c : 1. Find a way of raising money. Depending on donations won't cut it. 2. Find a way to bring more devs on the project. Give reasons to activate members that have contributed on the project already. 2. Stop depending on PS 1.6 users. Make TB it's own. Like any NEW platform give a basic working version and let other's worry about the themes and modules . If they need a basic module fixed either do it for free if it would not take more than 30min or charge a amount (smallest amount possible ) 3. Don't try to make everyone happy. You can't P.S. Sorry for the long post
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    If I was you boys I would now sit down and try to bring @Traumflug onboard and three of you get on the task to make a clear roadmap for this project because as of now you're the glue holding it together. If @Traumflug is gone nothing good shall come to this idea. Please bury the hatchet and bring your best ideas to the table making sure you are honest about your intentions but also make sure that the other two are happy with the way ahead. The future of many of our shops depends of you three guys and I'm sorry but if you had worked so hard for this idea for so long time I believe that funding will have to wait. If you really bring the proj back on track (with clear and user-oriented roadmap, clear and open communication with us, timely bugfixes and code maintenance) I believe that the investment of money and time you made will pay back. And then you will have the community behind you as it was behind the founding members. If now the proj get a forge it's all gone - the money to be/have been invested, your time and energy. Forget about our shops, fuck it, the people that make money will migrate, the ones like me that do it like a hobby will simply close down when time comes. The idea of better, open source, working and user-oriented ecommerce platform will be gone...
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    @Smile I can understand the feeling of @wakabayashi and I suppose some others. What we hope for (i talk only for me but I have the intuition is the same for some others), was not only to tell us if you would continue with TB name or another one new, but what was going to change and what we could we expect from this new path. People has been waiting for these news a lot of months. Now a communicate to tell, TB is going to continue but wait again up to 2 month more to know the details.... The feeling is: ok... I know plans take time, but the plan I suppose (i hope) has been developedduring this time. I suppose, most of the changes and roadmap were not going to be alterate because of the name... why not to communicate them to the people? What is going to be the revenue business model? What is the draft of the roadmap (even if it changes)? is the new image/website has been prepared? when is going to be released?, What about people concerns about 1.6 limited in time compatibility?....
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    Ladies and gentlemen 😁 Drum roll Announcement imminent today 😀
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    oh cool, thank you! weird that I haven't found the user or repo by searching github... Thanks! I'm very new to ps/tb module dev and am not a programmer but more a content creator/designer/scripter. So the time I can spend on coding is a bit limited but I'll see what I can do, I need this too asap 🙂 I'll surely update you as soon as I know that there's any chance of me getting it to work/done, or maybe i'm just going to pay someone to develop it for me, in any case I'd make it publicly available, hopefully as open source. But I sadly cannot guarantee you that there will be a module in the end 🙂
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    Links to the Royal Mail click and drop system. Lot’s of requests on the Royal Mail click & Drop feedback system, but being ignored. Although nice if it was inbuilt, a paid module would be good also
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    Fail2ban will solve this problem. Also, not using Fail2ban to protect again brute force login attacks, your site will be hacked - sooner than later. https://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
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    I would say a decent return/dispute system and a fixed asm.
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    Hi all We understand that a lot of us have been wondering what has been going on and if Thirty Bees will continue. Everyone being quiet hasn't been helping, we know. Please see this post as assurance that we're on it 👍 We can't divulge much at the moment but suffice to say there is currently something in the works. We had hoped to say something to you all sooner. Unfortunately the negotiations has been taking a lot longer than initially expected. However, we feel pretty close and hope to have a proper announcement soon. One of the Core developers is involved so that should be reassuring. Can't say who just yet though. Either way, you'll be happy. For now, keep your fingers crossed, and please continue your contributions in the forum and keep using Thirty Bees. Also, please show your support by liking this post. There is a bright future for TB and we'd love to see your continued involvement, support and participation. More soon. Watch this space!
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    This is related to php8 and it's Attribute class. Even if you don't run on php8 there is already a polyfill that introduces this class, and that breaks the whole tb store. I'm currently working on this issue, it will be fixed soon.
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    Yes,I decided to completely rejig the zone structure to better arrange carriers Then it got messy and I ended up disabling ASM and then the site till I could sort it out. The big thing I learned was ... that if you deactivate ASM, it has to be reactivated again, product by product....... So Im doing that now, should be ok after that.
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    Have you tried Consistency checks by datakick. It can often solve issues ,,it has for me in the past Also which payment methods are not showing up , knowing which 1 may get more help
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    I have so many ideas for new functions / options in the standard. I cannot list all of them. Some of it would be too much. For some improvements there are already suggestions and tips in the forum. I know they are only suggestions and not everything can be freeware. For some sellers, having as few overrides as possible would be a dream. - add hooks -> module html block (very nice module) -> absolute top (before nav-hook); footer-top, footer bottom (sigh -> best to adapt it with the niara theme) -> footer-bottom, the module "Community Theme Configuration" would no longer be needed. from the tips - date product new example: - keywords / tags autocomplete (admin product page) example: - and yes multiple features example: - Customer service - add predefined messages example: - Adding a 'sort by sales' option example:
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    INDEX (cart_id, order_reference) That's composed index, based on two columns. This index would be used only if the join contained cart_id column as well. But in this case, the join contains order_reference only, so db will happily ignore it. It's possible that there is bug in php code -- maybe the join should contain cart_id. Or if the php code is ok, then there should be standalone index with this order_reference column only.
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    Feature request: speed - anything that follows from GTmetrix tests like https://gtmetrix.com/reports/front.thirtybees.com/T2A4gZmo/ I suggest: fewer photos on the demonstration version - maybe no slider by default loading of fonts from the server if they're unlikely to be in a browser cache, and... maybe someone else knows more. Probably Softaculous and Fantastico have demonstration sites for similar software where speeds can be compared. I mentioned image formats in another post. ------------------------edit 15.1.21 so unrelated to comments and reactions underneath I don't know if the google web font link ... https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:400,500,600,700 ... loads Cyrillic and Vietnamese on sites that don't need them. If so, that might be as much of a problem as which server the font is loaded from
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    As the error reads, it's non-fatal. As it's indeed just a build of thirty bees, just like @datakick said, it also attempts to grab translations from thirty bees servers. As there is no 1.1.1 release at these servers, translations fall back to 1.1.0. Which gives about all translations needed for either version. Next steps include to get the Merchant's Edition server for translations up and running, so this irritating error goes away with v1.9.1. PHP8 not before v1.9.2, as there's a serious roadblock to be dealt with: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1265 AFAIK, this roadblock applies to all PrestaShop versions as well as all of its forks. Actually, just the first two commits of this list. The other 21 commits came in after the build.
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    When someone wants to build a module from Prestools product-edit I would be happy to cooperate. The most popular mass edit module on Prestashop Addons (https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/19965-bulk-mass-editing-products.html) looks like it took quite a lot of inspiration from Prestools. If such a module was made both for Thirty Bees and Prestashop it could pay for itself. As I see it mass edit and cronjobs are areas that have a broad appeal and could help TB too. One of the latest additions to Prestools was image edit that allows you to add images by drag and drop. You need to generate thumbnails afterwards as otherwise it would take too much time. However, for Prestashop 1.7 that is not necessary as it generates its thumbnails on the fly. It might be a good things to have such a thing in Thirty Bees too. Also for mass import by csv. Many of the latest additions to Prestools concern maintainability: integrity checks and cleanup procedures. My main inspiration was that I had to deal with some old shops with quite a lot of decay. As I see it, such old shops should play some role in the discussion about stability.
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    I would stay away from Siteground, I had endless problems with them.. They have awful limits and my 1 script which updates google shopping was a nightmare. I do how ever wish I had gone over to A2 rather than who I am with now
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    That link is drawn from what is entered in your carrier for the tracking link. So if you have a royal mail link entered, but decide to ship with ups, it will be broken.
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    Apart from what Musicmaster said, he wrote the mainly-free Prestools program. A built-in-by-default module to install Prestools would make this software easier to learn, I think, for new shopkeepers. Most of us find it in the end but it would be easier to have it there at the start.
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    Im not giving up yet Smile, but its a tough business this and you have to go in with eyes wide open and be prepared to fight to win and do things bold and smart. Because of Datakick Im still backing thirtybees for now, but there's a lot to be done to "succeed" and make a good return for yourself. It'll be unlikely I'll be putting money in until I see you are playing to win and the idea of spending months and months languishing about waiting for lawyers to cross t's and dot i's and during that time having no concrete business plans is something you swear to god you will never do again. I hope it was well noted what @wakabayashiwas saying and there's a serious plan soon in terms of product and business model.
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    Do you see the mailalerts module hooked into actionValidateOrder? Also try to disable any overrides (just for testing).
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    Just be careful the litespeed module , it caused issues with my website.. Maybe not yours but check it over first
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    As Litespeed claims to be Apache compatible, it should work flawlessly. Be careful with caching, big can of worms. e-commerce page content is inevitably dynamic.
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    P.S.: ganz ohne Cookies wird es jedoch auch in Zukunft nicht gehen. Für Login und Warenkorb braucht man einen. Das lässt sich jedoch DSGVO-konform ohne Cookie-Consent lösen, da technisch notwendig.
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    Thanks to Emmanual for free moderation all this time Does anyone know some online deliberation software that helps two people with similar needs to agree priorities before sharing payment? Like: A invests $200 for 200 votes, B invests $100 for 100 votes, but the main thing is that A&B agree a brief for a developer with orders of priority, otherwise B walks away, so there is a lot of "this is important to me" "this might depend on that" "that's difficult" "that's too general / specific" "that's easy". If a decision-aid exists like that, it might help get a module funded, for example to integrate with some stock control systems for big merchants or online markets for all of us. I am sure that I saw something like this years ago on a site now defunct... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- added after several posts, reaction and a reply below 2021.01.02 11.48 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.negotiationtool.com/ is the thing I'd seen. It doesn't seem worth a new post until I understand what it is. Sister site Votefair.org has its code and developers' name on Github; the Fullranking domain is abandoned and Negotiationtool looks like a hobby-commercial kind of thing. linked to a book on Solutionscreative.com
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    Never said it does not look beautiful. I personally like the look of the default theme (niara), but compared to other default themes like Spree or PS 1.7, it looks old fashioned, but yes, you can handle that with some work on it. What I have more in mind is the admin area which I am very used to, but the design of the 1.7 admin area (even though it's completely finished) makes work a bit easier. As for now, I stay with PS 1.6 and really hope on the new team to bring TB back on track (at least with the basic system of improvements and updates, the design is secondary). Since I have learned a lot about the structure of PS 1.6 it's much more easy for me to make changes there or in TB than in the new Symfony framework of PS 1.7 or even a complete new shop system.
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    I was thinking more Tb specific actions. Already got EORI as we are VAT registered, Our carriers Royal Mail and parcelforce automatically print CN22’s and CN23’s as necessary. Again, we already add harmonisation codes where relevant as we do sell globally. Consumer or B2B does not matter they will still have to pay VAT in whatever country they are in (though there may be a lower threadshold of 22 euro before that kicks in). You can also send Duty Paid but that would not work for us
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    We will probably go with 1.7. I do already have a lot of modules which I have bought that do have 1.7 versions. Also my developer which I do have a good relationship with is expert in Prestashop but don't work with other platforms. I do also use Prestashop Store Manager on all of our business computers which unfortunately doesn't officially support TB but supports 1.6 and 1.7. One downside is all custom work in modules that will need to be redone but at least there are modules for 1.7 which will make the move less complicated.
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    What's the downside to keep the same version even if is discontinued? Will get PHP 8.0 soon and the TB will not be compatible with it. But PHP 7.x will still be available for next years, so i would say I prefer to stay with TB for the next years and will see what will be on the market in the future.
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    I expect to go with the successor, whether or not it's called Thirtybees. Is that "Modified shop?" I've learned obscure tricks on TB and added modules like Prestools. Just tried a softaculous setup of WP+Woocommerce + a free importer plugin I haven't seen anything to tempt me away yet. Shipping zones were one of the draws to Prestashop and Thirtybees when I signed-up. I can set post office shopping zones (UK, Europe, World, Oceana) to match Thirtybees zones (Europe, Africa, etc) and type-in prices for a 2kg parcel. It takes an hour or two, but it's free. Woocommerce might have countries zoned somewhere but I didn't spot it. Thirtybees installs all-in-one-go from Softaculous. It's not obvious how to find the shop page for Woo on Wordpress, so I haven't done a speed test yet I vaguely think Thirtybees is fast-loading compared to a lot of the others, but could be wrong. Canonicalized.com/prestashop-vs-woocommerce says that there aren't many clicks to checkout on Woocommerce which is good, although I've solved that problem on TB. Magento Gross; slow. It's for people who don't pay for their own server. Shopify / Hosted closed-source Doesn't feel nice after having the freedom of an open source shop with loads of extras and tweaks possible. I doubt I could do the search engine optimisation or the tweaks like belts cut to length that I do on Thirtybees Opencart It's on Softaculous so I'd give it a look. Someone on this forum said it's fast. There is a Phoenix forked version on Softaculous as well. Chandra Enev on this forum said it's more basic than Thirtybees in the default version; you have to pimp it up with modules. Anything else on Softaculous I'd look at Cubecart because it's made in the country where I live, but there are too many to test; all the more reason to stay with Thirtybees. Cost: Afterthought 15.27 30.12.20 €3 or $3 buys monthly shared TB hosting, with Softaculous installation on Hosting.co.uk. Hostinger throws-in a free SSL certificate too, which saves trying to use Cloudflare. €30 or $30 buys Shopify or Bigcommerce Magento needs a more expensive server too
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    That would I suppose depend on individual circumstances my 1.6 shop has seen over 250,000 sales to date and still running strong, the DB was a bit big but fixed that, the site itself works very well now, its had a few problems and with a Good Dev a little sticky tape and a few bandages here and there I can't see it falling over for a few years yet, I tend to rate site on usabilty and sales over time and not having the latest version, latest versions are great if you have a good knowledge of how things work and how to fix things when they don't, plus each retailer has different needs whats good for the goose may not be good for the gander, I like BEES though it has some great additions and a couple of seriously knowledgable Devs, and I have my fingers crossed this will continue in one form or another
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    Im hanging in there awaiting news and concrete plans before I decide whether to give up. I have some faith in the technical skills that are here, but not necessarily the determination, vision, commitment, management that keeps the technical skills challenged and compensated. If TB wants users then in my mind its going to have to continue to provide the core code base at no charge as is present, but make money from updates, support and modules. Im waiting for some serious effort to take place in advanced stock management in particular, but also speed of user onboarding, and social media and marketing integration. as well as many other 3rd party integrations. I once donated but stopped it a while back.. when I saw suggestions and bugs being ignored and there being a bit of an arrogance and lack of straightup talk.
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    How do I make my shop sort by price, low to high, when someone clicks on a category? It seems like it now sorts by when the item was added?!?!? Yeah, working on Xmas eve! Merry Xmas all!
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    I used to get this happening quite a lot on Prestashop 1.6. In fact categories already assigned would suddenly be unassigned. I had a script I ran once per week to re-assign all the categories again, Never happened on thirtybees though. Very strange
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    The problem seems to have be caused by account creation only being selected in preferences/customer. After I changed it to account creation and address the problem disappeared.
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    Thanks for your answer. It helped me a lot.
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    With this slow movement in negotiations let me have some doubts and concerns of how fast the progress will be afterwards.
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    I inadvertently disabled one of the settings in the module. Once I reactivated it everything worked again...
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    Soon ? Your patience can already be measured in light years ...
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    For me "many things" includes Solved Stripe module when working with a free Cloudflare SSL certificate. It half works for me at the moment, and when I am more clear I'll either solve the problem or post on the forum here - https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4554-addresses/?tab=comments#comment-37297 Customers get no re-assuring page after ordering. I get the money but have to dig in "orders" and "customers" to get information and then cut and paste it to one place. Maybe it is just a problem with the way I have installed Cloudflare SSL, or maybe it'Primary Domain (No Valid Certificate) s much broader and effects everyone on Stripe. -----------------update 7.10.20 I find that the "No Valid Certificate" message from Cpanel about cloudflare free SSL is a known Cpanel bug, and not relevant. A default install of TB from Softaculous, updated to bleeding edge with the update module, does work with the Stripe module to confirm orders on a confirmation page. -----------------update 21.10.20 Solved: an override called mail.php clashed; the system works with this over-ride renamed=disabled https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4504-stripe-module-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=37892 This thread about trying to sell two products that might have different couriers if bought separately, with the "too heavy" error message applying from either courier - it ends on page 2 https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3517-the-product-selection-cannot-be-delivered-by-the-available-carriers-it-is-too-heavy-please-amend-your-cart-to-lower-its-weight/page/2/ Lack of instructions - even a copy of the Prestashop 1.6 ones updated. Not important for most forum users, who are quite tekkie and probably ex-Prestashop 1.6, but important for users who are ex-Shopify or ex-Wordpress. If my problem with Stripe is my fault, maybe some instructions could help. Niara theme. I have only just learned how to edit it, to make radio buttons to work I hope. Other people on the forum say that the latest Niara version is fixed, so maybe this is a problem of how to update themes smoothly from an install done on Softaculous or the other similar one that lists TB. I install, update to the latest theme if I dare, and the back office says something about "issue #905" but I still have to learn DIY solutions to make radio buttons work. Removing everything in Niara to do with radio buttons might be the answer. Niara on mobiles: suspected problems on narrow smartphone screens, but I am not sure and not sure how important. I just know that some shopkeepers move to a paid-for theme. Customer Account. A concept liked by some shopkeepers, but not others and hard to remove with DIY work as I have done. There is no way to remove this complication with a tick of a box. Notorious PS order form in 3 stages, presented as 5-stage or 1-stage without explanation & no easy editing for those who want to remove fields they don't need. DIY editing is possible but took me a while to learn. ------------------------------------------------------------------- added 7.10.20 Responding to SEO scanners with a running commentary would be good. I don't know how much time it would take or who would pay for the time. You can see the type of thing here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ffront.thirtybees.com%2F&hl=en_GB Example: my google scan says that Niara type is too small on smartphones, and that the buttons are too close together. True? Important? Fix planned if so? At the moment the system is to wait till someone asks. Example: speed... my google scan counts the extra milliseconds spent downloading Font Awsome and Railway font from the web. Is it quicker to download from my server, or to use more common fonts? Or is there no simple fix? It would be great to use a shopping cart that adapted this stuff so that I don't have to, and grouped any comments and threads together under SEO announcements. To give Thirtybees credit, I'm sure it started this way under current ownership with speed improvements compared to PS. ------------------------------------------------------------- added 13.12.30 Multistore When shopkeepers look for ways to grow, wholesale is one idea and multistore could be the way to do it. But even the moderator of this forum says he's thinking of giving up multistore because of something-or-other. I found that the moment I turned it on on a test site, the left column diseapered from my front page, and without instructions it's hard to guess where to start fixing, so I turned it off again. Maybe it just needs more instructions. Stock Sync: Integrations with different software There's an expensive Ebay and an expensive Amazon module, and rumours that Prestashopmanager.com professional edition works likewise, and that an open sorce program called EEP (?) helps integrations generally. I have a friendly rival who might co-operate from his Bigcommerce site if I could say it's easy; I might help sell some of his stock for him. https://www.great.gov.uk/selling-online-overseas/ ...lists markets other than Ebay and Amazon, so a kind of general linking module that can be adapted to several of them would be good. Preferably not based on the expensive Prestashopmanager.com because of cost, although Prestoolsuite would be fine. [afterthought: if half US ecommerce sales are on Amazon now, a common sellers' question will be " - How can I sync my accounts on the 2 biggest markets?" followed by " Does this give me - an ecommerce shop, - a barcode scanning app to add stock, and - sync with other marketplaces as well?"] Talking of which, Prestoolsuite free edition in the default installation would flatten the learning curve for a lot of shopkeepers. Theme: size buttons Theme: monospace font for sizes Niara theme allows a drop-down form or radio buttons, but not a order buttons as you often see on clothes size order forms. Useful if you want to show all the out of stock buttons in grey and the remaining in-stock buttons bold. I found a DIY way to use a monospace font for my size drop down. That way, I can put UK and EU sizes next to each other as a neat list, or I can have radio buttons show as a neat grid. It must be a small step to change monospace radio buttons to monospace rectangle-buttons, but at the moment it needs a paid module or DIY. [digression: nanum gothic coding is one of only two monospace google fonts with thirds as a single space. I forget the other] ------------------------------------------------------------- added 18.12.30 Webp format in cheap servers bo>preferences>images Enable webp images YES NO Serve smaller images in the webp format to browsers that support it WEBP compression 90% Save will convert a dozen or so if I turn it on, then it stops. Maybe it just recognises some old ones. ☑ imagick ... is a setting on my server but there might be other ones I need that it doesn't allow So it would be good to have instructions for free batch conversion of nested directories of files, if anyone has found a way, or else some great free solution perhaps
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    @30knees this actually got me thinking about combination selection. I come up with the idea of having some sort of intermediate page for products with combinations (well, some of them). If customer clicks on product, this page would be displayed instead of standard product page. It would work somehow like category, showing all combinations within product. One attribute could be primary to let visitor quickly decide on some main characteristics, in your use case it could be gel or capsules. If he click on any of this, standard product page with pre-selected attribute would open. Or he could scroll down and see all possible variants of the product. Something like this: This flow could be interesting for some products I believe. And it shouldn't be that hard to implement as a module. Just a morning brainstorming session to get me started my week :)
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