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    Hi everyone, I needed a way to log into my frontend as one of customers. Because I couldn't find any module that would work correctly on thirtybees, I've build my own. I have decided to release it as an open source / free module. So, if anyone need this functionality, you can download it on my store. url: https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/login-as-customer github: https://github.com/getdatakick/loginas
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    I've just released new version 0.2.0. Here are the main features: 1) you can now choose between unified block with both shipping and payment options, of have these two sections rendered separately. Unified block: Separate blocks: 2) There's an option to render logos for payment and carriers 3) Initial support for form extension. Third party modules can now extend checkout forms, and add their own fields (or even sections). For example, my premium version of revws module (in upcoming version) will render checkbox to ask user for consent to send review request. And of course, there were some bugs fixed. You can download the new version from my site
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    New version (release candidate): SCA support Here's a pre-release candidate of stripe module that implements support for SCA - new European regulation coming into effect on September 14, 2019. If you are collecting payments from EU customers, you will need to upgrade stripe module, otherwise you will see a huge increase in card declines. The changes to the module are substantial -- 3 core checkout flows had to be rewritten from scratch using new Payment Intent API. Therefore, before I release this version officially, I would like to ask you all to test it thoroughly. If you find any bug or problem, please report to this thread. Download: stripe-v1.7.0.zip
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    New release: 0.2.0 I'm happy to announce new version of this module. This version brings one important feature Ability to impact execution path Until now, conseqs rules were executed in parallel to the code that triggered it. It run in isolation and it could not impact execution path of the code that triggered it. Let's take Before email is sent trigger as an example. Regardless of what action was executed, the email was always sent, unchanged. We were able to create rule to log information about email, but it wasn't possible to create action to prevent email from being sent, or to modify email subject... That's not true anymore. This new version of module supports these kind of actions. New actions: Change Order Status you can create rules and change order status example use case is to automatically cancel old, unpaid orders Email: prevent sending email this action will block email from being sent for example, you can drop contact form notification emails or you can ignore emails to disposable addresses (for example mailinator) Email: change subject you can use this action to compose custom email subject ideal for email personalisation Email: add BCC recipient you can add new recipient to BCC great way to send yourself copy of all emails sent from your store Email: attach file you can dynamically attach file(s) to your emails for example, you can attach product manual to Order Confirmation email Email: change recipient you can use this action to change email recipient (to email address) Email: change email template this action will allow you to use different email template to render email You can use this feature to have different templates for different customer groups, for example I hope you will find these new features useful. If you have any feature requests or suggestions, please let me know. At the moment, I have the last big feature planned for this module -- Custom variables (as explained in previous post)
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    I am not really part of this team. I don't have any shares and I am also not paid in any means. In fact I am a merchant that contributes more to this project than most others do. I have asked Lesley in private, how is it going and he didn't respond. So either he needs recovery time or he just doesn't want to talk about it. I understand, that you get a little nervous, when the initiator of the project is absent. On the other hand, you could use the time to improve your store or to contribute in some way. As I said in another thread: bleeding edge right now is stable like no other tb/ps software before. In general we (merchants) expect this project to go further. But we can not even find out together, what the most important todos are.
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    Since about a year, these do get removed by the migration module. https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/blob/master/classes/AjaxProcessor.php#L878-L880
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    It's not -- the format is hardcoded in smarty template. I managed to reproduce the display tax problem, and hopefully fixed it. Please download new version 0.6.1 and let me know if it works for you
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    New version 0.4.0 has just been released New functionality - Persistent storage for entry form - customers can now leave checkout or refresh the page, and the data they have already entered will be recovered - Ability to remove products from cart, or edit their quantities Bugfixes - fixed problem with displaying payment name in collapsed mode - display placeholder when no shipping / payment is available
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    Thanks for your post! Thats exactly how I think about it, too!
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    Definitely not. I was just answering your question why this happens. It doesn't mean that this is correct behaviour 🙂 Moreover, the two installation methods -- installing from zip file and installing from remote repository -- should be unified and work in the same way. Right now they use different code with different results. For example, if you update module from thirtybees repository, its directory is deleted and then re-created from scratch. This means that *any* assets that module might store inside its directory are lost (for example uploaded files). I'll create new github issue for this EDIT: actually there is already an issue for this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/522
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    I've just released new versions 1.1.0 and 2.1.0 (premium). The only change in these versions is integration with my new conseqs module. Module now offers 4 triggers that you can use to implement your automations. For example, you can reward customer with discount coupon for submitting a review
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    I've just released first beta version of this module, you can download it here. There are still a lot of work to do, but I wanted to release it as soon as possible in order to collect your opinions and ideas. I hope there will be some 🙂 You can also test this module on my demo server - go to Advanced parameters > Conseqences. Please be careful and don't ruin my test account too much 🙂 Some information about the module: - this module allows you to create Rules - every Rule consists of three parts: trigger, conditions, and action - trigger is some event that can fire the action, for example new order created email is about to be sent page view order status change ... etc - conditions - optional settings that you can use to react only on some events. For example, you can use conditions to execute action only when new order is created for customer with id 123 - action - this is where you set what you want to do in reaction to trigger event. For example: send email redirect raise error change product quantity execute custom sql Some screenshots: 1) Rule builder: 2) Choose trigger 3) enter conditions: 4) define action
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    Who cares if it is late a few weeks? It is a small, dedicated team. I would rather it be late than buggy. Worst comes to worst, you can always painlessly experiment with the 1.1.x version. We are getting more than I ever got under the old model. I can be patient. I would rather have something that works than a mountain of hidden bugs like we used to get... The team here has its heart in the right place. They are responsible and meticulous. I am willing to be patient. They will let us know when they are ready for prime time.
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    Hi, Another forum where a person arrives with his problem, asks for help, finds the solution on his own, deletes his question and asks to delete his Topic. Yet, this person comes to the forum to find answers to his questions, but if everyone asked to delete his Topic, what would become of a forum? 😢
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    Hi As we needed dynamic URLs in the Menu, CMS pages and TB HTML Block, and TB doesn't have this functionality natively out the box, I've decided to write a little 'workaround' / solution to try and fix this issue (at least temporarily until TB one day does this natively). Solution: Static URLs to Dynamic URLs maker + Smarty Tags in CMS, Menu and TB HTML Block The problem with static URLs is that they are a pain to maintain especially if everything you added to the site in the CMS is saved as a Static URL... So if you need to move the site from Local -> Staging -> Live and to another domain, you're going to have a bit of a problem. I've had to 'fix' this for the Top Menu, CMS page and TB HTML Block This solution also allows you to 'call' Smarty variables in the Admin BO CMS, Top Menu and TB HTML Blocks. How does it work and how to use? Add the code to either blocktopmenu.tpl, blockcms.tpl in your template file or tbhtmlblock.tpl - replacing the content generator: either {$MENU} or {cms->content} or {$customblock} Specify on which page (Menu/CMS/TB HTMLBlock) the code needs to appear {$MENU} or {cms->content} or {$customblock} The code replaces the "content generation" for the target page / section You need to specify the Static URLs you want to replace (remember to do this wherever the script is added). Static URLs normally for Local, Staging or Old Live addresses (can add 3 more if required) If you know what the Staging and Live Locations are going to be beforehand, then you do not need to update this again after the site has been moved / re-deployed. You can call a predefined Smarty variable in the Menu, CMS or TB HTML Block using the Smarty tag identifier {$content_dir} for example. When you add a link, you can either just use the full static path (as previously specified), or use the Smarty variable {$content_dir}blog/link-to-page If you add an image via the CMS RTE or even a link to an image, it will identify the Static URL and replace it with the Dynamic URL as set by $content_dir. So if you move the site to another address, all your Static URLs (if specified in the Menu, CMS or TB HTML Block) will be automatically updated - with no maintenance required from your side. Credits: This would not be possible without FullCircles - who way back in 2014, came up with the base solution. I've just modified it a bit. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/372976-global-smarty-variables-used-in-cms-content/?tab=comments#comment-1855331 https://www.prestashop.com/forums/profile/720051-fullcircles/ Datakick supplied the correct Smarty variable name to be used as "BaseUrl" $content_dir Hope it helps. Instructions: Insert the following code in either "nameoftemplate/" blocktopmenu.tpl or blockcms.tpl or modules/tbhtmlblock/views/templates/hook/tbhtmlblock.tpl And make sure that it replaces the "page content generator" {$MENU} or {cms->content} or {$customblock} Configure as mentioned previously I've included a 'tester' code you can add to a CMS page to test that it's working properly Main Script (for tpl files): {* /// STATIC TO DYNAMIC URL MAKER - with 'Dynamic Tags' / 'Fake' Smarty Variables Functionality /// * v1.1 - last updated: 11/10/19 * To be used on BO Admin pages where Dynamic URLs are required * Automagically Replaces Static URLs on Runtime with 'dynamic' URL based on $content_dir * So if your site is on Local, Staging, Live or has been moved, this script has you covered * If you know what the Staging and Live Locations are going to be beforehand, then you do not need to update this again after the * site has been moved / re-deployed. * Just remember to change the 'Static URL Sources' whereever you've included this script * * CAVEAT: This does not save the updated safe URLs, it just replaces them on run-time for the front-end. * CAVEAT: The links and images pointing to the old URLS will still be 'broken' in BO Admin CMS until manually updated. * * Allows for the use of limited Smarty variable 'printing' within the 'code location' (CMS,TB HTML Block,Menu,etc) * I.e. using {$content_dir} in a CMS page will now work (like in a TPL file) * This code should be placed on the Target location's TPL file like "blocktopmenu.tpl, blockcms.tpl" within your theme * or for the TB HTML Block: modules/tbhtmlblock/views/templates/hook/tbhtmlblock.tpl * The Code Location must be changed accordingly below * Extendable by adding more Smarty variables or code locations * Note: If you want to have 'BaseUrl in a TPL page, just use the normal Smarty var $content_dir as this script is built for BO Admin pages * ie. <a href="{$content_dir}info/link-to-cms-page">cms page link</a> * * Credit to FullCircles for initial 'BaseURL' solution back in 2014. Without you, we'd be f'ed. Thanks bro :D * https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/372976-global-smarty-variables-used-in-cms-content/?tab=comments#comment-1855331 * https://www.prestashop.com/forums/profile/720051-fullcircles/ * * Credit to Datakick for the Smarty variable for the correct site domain path: $content_dir * * // To use: * Adjust the settings (values) below and add Smarty variables etc if you require * Replace the page's content generator tag, i.e. $cms->content, with this entire script block. * Refresh Cache * Static URLs as specified should now be replaced and 'dynamic' tags should be displayed * Note: the URLs come with a trailing slash (pagename/) so keep that in mind * *} {* /// Initial build, do not modify this one - Creates 6 available Static URL slots if you need them /// *} {assign var=s2d_specifysourceurls value=['placeholder-donotchangethis0','placeholder-donotchangethis1','placeholder-donotchangethis2','placeholder-donotchangethis3','placeholder-donotchangethis4','placeholder-donotchangethis5','placeholder-donotchangethis6']} {* /// /// *} {* /// Set Static URL Sources (array with 3 values for now - supports up to 56): /// - Remember to include trailing slash (pagename/) - Example array currently set for Local, Staging, Live Old - Example: {$s2d_specifysourceurls[0] = 'http://localhost/siteaddress/'} *} {* /// Set Local Address Source - Change this /// *} {$s2d_specifysourceurls[0] = 'http://localhost/siteaddress/'} {* /// Set Staging Address Source /// *} {$s2d_specifysourceurls[1] = 'http://www.stagingaddress.com/'} {* /// Set Old Live Address Source /// *} {$s2d_specifysourceurls[2] = 'http://www.liveaddress-old.com/'} {* /// Extendable if required - up to 6 available slots: (0-5) //*} {* {$s2d_specifysourceurls[3] = 'http://www.emptyslot4.com'} {$s2d_specifysourceurls[4] = 'http://www.emptyslot5.com'} {$s2d_specifysourceurls[5] = 'http://www.emptyslot6.com'} *} {* /// Set Dynamic URL source, leave as $content_dir for dynamic URL. Only 1 URL required /// *} {assign var=s2d_url_maker_target value="{$content_dir}"} {* /// Set Code Location /// - Set the Code Location by changing the value below accordingly: - CMS page: {$cms->content} - TB HTML BLOCK: {$customblock} - MENU: {$MENU} *} {assign var=s2d_url_maker_code_location value="{$MENU}"} {* /// Generator that does the work: /// - You can add more variables to the beginning of the source and target arrays below if required - Default list of available Smarty variables: - $content_dir, $base_uri, $base_dir, $base_dir_ssl, $img_dir (template img dir bytw), - $page_name, $logo_url, $shop_name, $shop_phone *} {* /// Generator /// *} {str_replace( array('{$content_dir}','{$base_uri}','{$base_dir}','{$base_dir_ssl}','{$img_dir}','{$page_name}','{$logo_url}','{$shop_name}','{$shop_phone}',$s2d_specifysourceurls[0],$s2d_specifysourceurls[1],$s2d_specifysourceurls[2],$s2d_specifysourceurls[3],$s2d_specifysourceurls[4],$s2d_specifysourceurls[5]), array($content_dir,$base_uri, $base_dir, $base_dir_ssl, $img_dir, $page_name, $logo_url, $shop_name, $shop_phone, $s2d_url_maker_target,$s2d_url_maker_target,$s2d_url_maker_target,$s2d_url_maker_target,$s2d_url_maker_target,$s2d_url_maker_target), $s2d_url_maker_code_location )} {* /// *** *** /// *} Tester Code: <h2>Static 2 Dynamic URL Maker with Limited 'Smarty' Tags in CMS Tester</h2> <br/> <b>Static URL Locations to be updated:</b> <br/> <br/> <b>Local: </b> http://localhost/siteaddress/ <br/> <b>Staging: </b> http://www.stagingaddress.com/ <br/> <b>Live old/prev: </b> http://www.liveaddress-old.com/ <br/><br/> <b>Smarty variable print:</b> <br/> <br/> <b>$content_dir:</b> {$content_dir} <br/> <b>$base_uri:</b> {$base_uri} <br/> <b>$base_dir:</b> {$base_dir} <br/> <b>$base_dir_ssl:</b> {$base_dir_ssl} <br/> <b>$img_dir:</b> {$img_dir} <br/> <b>$page_name:</b> {$page_name} <br/> <b>$logo_url:</b> {$logo_url} <br/> <b>$shop_name:</b> {$shop_name} <br/> <b>$shop_phone:</b> {$shop_phone} Script not active yet: Script activated, Static URLs + Smarty Tags updated + Menu Links updated
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    And now since I know that Petr has an adress in L.A. 😊 while doing tests I can tell you that our orders for Sep. and Oct. increased three times while the numer of open carts decreased by two times in comparission to last year. I am confident that this is mainly due to Petr's CHEX module. Thank you to all who tested and for Datakick's constant development of his modules.
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    In general I rewrite quite a lot of functions, since I became a much better coder than I was back then. This is changed: Expiration of loyalty points (but not the history way) Stats for total value of outstanding loyalty points Functionality to hide players from leaderboard Functionality to show possible actions in FO I am thinking of: adding email support referral/affiliate functionality better handling of history (for example for product returns, cancelled orders)
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    Haha very funny, that yesterday I tried this 😂 Search in your theme for product-sort.tpl and add: <option value="date_add:desc"{if $orderby eq 'date_add' AND $orderway eq 'desc'} selected="selected"{/if}>{l s='Newest first'}</option> Please respond, if this works out well for you.
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    I have tried on my local installation running 1.1.0 to create many features: 356 features 201332 default feature values 604002 feature value lang This is much more features than you have (according your first post). The product page is indeed sluggish -- the readystatechange event handler run for 3 seconds, and the page is non-responsive until this finishes. Moreover, switching to Features tab takes 4 seconds, even after the page loads. This was on chrome. When I tested on Firefox, I got worse measurements - it took 8 seconds to open features tab. The same results are in 1.0.8. So (unfortunately), this is nothing new. It's indeed inherited limits of thirtybees platform. When I tried with the less features (180 features, 4800 default feature values) it worked quite fast, thought. There was some performance degradation, but it wasn't really noticeable. My initial investigation shows that the problem is in huge amount of DOM nodes. Basically, for every feature and every feature value, DOM nodes are created and inserted into the page. Browser can't handle so many of them on one page. There is no quick fix -- the product page needs to be reworked to use some data lazy-loading (Instead of displaying 200k DOM nodes upfront, we would only display 356 features and load feature value only when necessary via ajax). But, unfortunately, this is a big change. It's not realistic to expect it anytime soon. Sorry for the bad news
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    @led24ee Assuming those modules files are on your server, and you just really have to have these modules, and cant wait for the developers to change it, you can do this.... All three of those modules have the same problem and need the same fix. edit the main .php of each module, for instance in the Tawk.To module you would edit tawkto.php, and look for something like: $this->tb_versions_compliancy = '1.0.x'; now replace that line with the following two lines: $this->tb_min_version = '1.0.0'; $this->tb_versions_compliancy = '> 1.0.0'; Do that in the main file of each of those modules, and it should let you install them. edit: I did a github pull request for all three of these modules, seems to work for me anyways....
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    Here's the last chunk for the time being: beesblog Changed default image sizes. Removed Google+ support, this community vanished. Added support for updateFriendlyURL(). Code maintenance. blockbestsellers Actually two releases, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1. The latter restores compatibility with community-theme-default and themes derived from this. Support for the new hook displayHome. Shows just 4 products by default to appear more pleasing on theme Niara. Code maintenance. blockcontactinfos Preserve newlines in the contact address. Before one could enter them on the configuration page, but front office would show all in one line. blocknewproducts: same as with module blockbestsellers. blocksocial Pre-fill some fields on installation. Code maintenance. blockstore Code maintenance. blocksupplier Code maintenance. coreupdater (yet another release) Fix configuration page display on wide screens. homeslider (yet another release) Explain image sizes on the configuration page. statsmodule Additional section Stats for Groups. Fixed uninstallation. Code maintenance. And last, not least, a new module: HTML Block.
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    Bienvenido al foro. Soy nuevo tambien. Saludos
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    These are all just code maintenance releases: bankwire blockbanner blockbestsellers blockcategories blockcms blockcmsinfo blockcontact blockcontactinfos blockcurrencies blockcustomerprivacy blockfacebook These have additional fixes: blockcart: support for properly rounded prices ... to be continued tomorrow.
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    I am going to be honest, there is no good way to display multiple products on the same page. There is however a hidden system for displaying parts on an image map, so people can mouse over a schematic and click on a part. We still haven't figured out how to handle that though. For the attributes, I fee that problem daily as well. Unfortunately changing that would break just about every module. If we shoehorned something in, it would be for lack of a better word stupid. It would maybe work, but it would not be stored in the right spots and would cause a ton of problems later on.
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    Thanks for the report. I just released an update, should also appear in your back office: https://github.com/thirtybees/donationminer/releases/tag/1.1.0 Which means: BIG thank you to all those merchants trying to increase thirty bees' income, but this module didn't work out (still it was worth trying). It generated less than $1 income/month for all users together, IIRC.
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    The cause: Well, in my case I have the installation of TB in Spanish language, so: 1. Install TB in a version different to English (for instance: Spanish Language...) 2. So, after the installation, the contact form, in this case in Spanish doesn't work... The Solution: 1. Make sure you have the English language installed as well, if you do not have it installed, install it 2. Go to public_html/mails and copy this folder 3. Go to public_html/themes/mythemes/ and paste the folder 4. Into the folder mails you have the languages: public_html/themes/mythemes/mails/en and public_html/themes/mythemes/mails/es (for example) 5. So, go to /public_html/themes/mythemes/mails/en/ and copy this files: index.php, lang.php and other file that not exist in the folder ../mails/es/ and paste its in ../mails/es folder 6. Check the translations in Translations > emails Templates How I said, my case is in Spanish language (../es), but you can replace this parameters for your own language/folder.
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    Acually it might be server misconfiguration. Too many workers are sitting in memory, consuming it and not running. Or... you acually have a very big traffic 🙂 Robots included 🙂 Server usage increases with google positions. Other hand, 2GB of memory is alot, and is not alot... if you want to run things switfly no amount of memory is too much, and as long as you don't exceed limit (exceeding it would mean hung server) you can consider that everything is fine.
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    D'oh. Forgot the question about whether the old updater should get uninstalled. The answer is No. The old updater is still needed for updating not thirty bees core, but modules. Plan is to move code needed for updating modules back into core, so eventually the module becomes obsolete, but not for the time being.
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    Yeah, there will be one soon. I am familiar with the issues, that is why I have been testing a fix out to make sure it will work for the widest group of shops.
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    Das wäre mir jetzt neu, denn das lässt sich doch über die Status-Einstellungen regeln. Du kannst doch die Rechnungsgenerierung an die Auftragsbestätigung koppeln, indem du den automatischen Versand unterbindest und mit einem selbst erstellten Status "Auftragbestätigung" verknüpfst. Dann kannst du welbst entscheiden, wann der Kunde eine Rechnung sieht. Wenn du darüber hinaus die Bestellung auf Rechnung einer Kundengruppe "Stammkunden" zuweist, die Neukunden nicht angezeigt wird, dürfte der Anteil derjenigen, für die eine Rechnung ausgedruckt, aber dann doch nicht verschickt wird, denkbar gering sein. Den Status "Bezahlt" bekommt die Bestellung natürlich erst nach Eingang des Rechnungsbetrages aut dem Konto. Im Übrigen gilt: Wenn der Kunde es sich anders überlegt, dann erfolgt eine Storno-Buchung, egal ob er gar nicht bestellt oder eine retournierte Lieferung ganz oder teilweise vergütet wird. In einem Fakturierungsprogramm würde man auch nicht anders verfahren. Andernfalls würdest du auch gar nicht deinen Dokumentationspflichten gerecht werden.
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    Installed and ran today. I only do business in two countries, US and CAN. Used geoscreenshot.com to test in in both countries and in both, it set the correct currency based on location so I'd say it works.
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    You need to find another solution because this modification breaks Advanced Parameters -> Email section radiobutton names to letters.
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    It is a hijack but I still dream about an order edit / credit-slip edit / order status delete/add/edit function for orderid in TB. Would be very handy in many situations.
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    Was this after following the second set of instructions I provided, the ones in this comment? If so then I don't know how to advise. @lesley, this seems to be something that needs to be rectified in a new release soon if it is blocking people from installing TB.
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    Hello, There is a news from Stripe: Strong Customer Authentication is a new European regulation coming into effect on September 14, 2019, which will require additional authentication for many online payments. You can learn more about SCA and the latest regulatory requirements in our guide, or in our upcoming webinar on March 27, 2019. Read our guide to learn more about what to expect from SCA March 19, 2019 source: https://stripe.com/blog/strong-customer-authentication-mar-2019 https://stripe.com/guides/strong-customer-authentication similar thing is regards Paypal and other payment gateways: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2 added: Currently, the most common way of authenticating an online card payment relies on 3D Secure—an authentication standard supported by the vast majority of European cards. Applying 3D Secure typically adds an extra step after the checkout where the cardholder is prompted by their bank to provide additional information to complete a payment (e.g., a one-time code sent to their phone or fingerprint authentication through their mobile banking app). 3D Secure 2—the new version of the authentication protocol rolling out in 2019—will be the main method for authenticating online card payments and meeting the new SCA requirements. This new version introduces a better user experience that will help minimise some of the friction that authentication adds into the checkout flow. Other card-based payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay already support payment flows with a built-in layer of authentication (biometric or password). These can be a great way for businesses to offer a frictionless checkout experience while meeting the new requirements. https://stripe.com/guides/strong-customer-authentication?utm_campaign=scamar2019&amp;utm_source=blog&amp;utm_medium=stub I don't see the modul support 3d secure 2. https://stripe.com/guides/3d-secure-2 Will you add support for 3d secure 2? Some more info: VISA and MasterCard will be mandating that the new version of 3D Secure (version 2.0) should be in place for issuers and merchants by April 2019 in preparation for the mass adoption in September 2019. https://www.barclaycard.co.uk/business/news-and-insights/guide-to-strong-customer-authentication
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    You sound like you made the modifications needed to do this on a ps 1.6 site? If so, maybe you should do a pull request on tb...
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    you can set in modules -> product payment logo
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    make sure there is a config.xml file in the themes root folder. also, if you are installing via a pack, there need to be a config.xml file out in the zips root. or, if memory serves me, you should just be able to ftp the theme to your site, and assuming there is a config.xml file in the root, tb's will pick it up, and let you install it from there.
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    @grestart ... not sure if it can help ... Prestatoolbox is signed here as a Thirty Bees compatible module developer, they have on their site a module called Block Multi languages / Multi domain for PS 1.5 / 1.6, that i think is aimed to do what you need, the counterpart is that the module is not updated from many years (2016), and (i bought this module for a friend in 2015) if you are not skilled a bit on Multishop and creating subdomain (you must own both domain.com and domain.de) it is also not easy to implement ... I don't know if the developer likes to upgrade that module and make it compatible for TB (you can cotact to him and ask), but i think this is why he is signed on the partners page, and it is not a free module ... 🙂
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    Indeed, the new version of blocktopmenu doesn't work correctly. You should downgrade to version 3.0.2
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    @lesley @datakick Can we make a Sticky of what items might be helpful for posters to put in their Post here in the Tech area. Feel free to add or edit this post. TB Version PHP Version Module name and Version /if related. Operating System RAM CPU Unmanaged or Managed Hosting What Control Panel if any e.g. cPanel, Plesk and others. Thanks.
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    In my opinion ES was a too big project for this small core team. There is no doubt, ES offers great stuff. But as we can see, the set up is quite difficult. Michael is no more on the team and nobody has the time to look at it. I agree with @datakick that ES is mainly for big merchants. The inbuilt search works for smaller quite ok IMO. We still haven't a clean checkout in the core. Order Editing in the BO is a pain for many merchants. Adding custom content to a page is too hard for most merchants (shortcodes needed) Controll of emails (what is send and how does it look like) is very hard. In my opinion this points are much more important for now. Imagine how much time a coder needs to understand the ES module now. As far as I remember there is no support for facetted navigation at all. Is this correct @dynambee? @vincentdenkspel The function of searching products with feature X, Y, Z - what is the difference to a filter?
  44. 1 point
    you can't download github repository and use it as a module. Github contains source code that needs to be build.
  45. 1 point
    mmmm .I've just tried an insane amount of products ---- 80 ..Apart from out out of stock warning my checkout worked fine
  46. 1 point
    Yeah email is a bit of a black hole sometimes.
  47. 1 point
    There is a section under preferences called custom code, you can add your custom css there and it will be saved through upgrades of the core and modules.
  48. 1 point
    No. However, I randomly deleted the last image that was uploaded and now all seems to be functioning again. Must have been corrupted or something.
  49. 1 point
    Good one! You could also add a single line to preferences - custom code - extra metas section as: <meta name="theme-color" content="blue" />
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    Yes, I agree. Whenever I visit a website with sliders the first thing i do is scroll down the page to see what I really came to see
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