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    oh cool, thank you! weird that I haven't found the user or repo by searching github... Thanks! I'm very new to ps/tb module dev and am not a programmer but more a content creator/designer/scripter. So the time I can spend on coding is a bit limited but I'll see what I can do, I need this too asap 🙂 I'll surely update you as soon as I know that there's any chance of me getting it to work/done, or maybe i'm just going to pay someone to develop it for me, in any case I'd make it publicly available, hopefully as open source. But I sadly cannot guarantee you that there will be a module in the end 🙂
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    Here it : https://github.com/vblanch/cryptocurrency_ps_module The underscores made the ps into italics and messed up the URL. 🙂 Would you mind sharing how your attempts at a new module go? Coingate is such an idiotic company I'd also prefer to go a different route. But they have so many different currencies. Lots of potential there.
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    Hello. I've been using TB for almost a year now. I believe in free software and that's why I try to make my little part helping new users with my very little knowledge of this platform. It's really nice to read the good news, as just a few month after starting my project I read that long thread and was really waiting to see what will happen with development. Good free software is made not just by code, but with the people who use it, and found here a lot of good users that helped me a lot. Enough for the introduction, show me the features ;) A nice ready to use mobile friendly Niara is mandatory. I had to do a lot of modifications to use it, it was pretty horrible out of the box. As somebody said, it's nice to have a little product picture in the search box, as you type. I managed to do so pretty easily: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4213-solved-add-images-to-ajax-search-override/ Another thing would be to have a ready configured Pick up at store carrier that is not counted as a free shipping method (as it is not shipped anywhere, just waits to be picked up) An easy way of export the list of products ready to be imported again. I had issues with HTML in description fields not being exported, so i had to do it the php+sql way. One vote more for 3 step checkout. I uploaded a .zip with some modifications for Niara in the thread already posted here. Fixing Product Customization, besides autosaving, it's not working at all, making it unusable: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4139-error-in-cart-with-products-with-custom-fields/ A lot of things have been discussed in the forums and already fixed by some of the users. It would be excelent to have those modifications into the new version. Thanks again, and see you over here :)
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