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    Core Updater is pretty advanced software updating technology and has shown to be quite helpful since it was released. Merchants lost fear to update their shop installation as they can roll back easily. Great! This way, developing the software actually makes sense, merchants can take advantage of all the new stuff. There was always a pimple in the picture, though: provided releases had to be added manually by a thirty bees developer. As so often, stuff to be done manually easily gets forgotten. No longer: over the recent weeks, Core Updater's background machinery has learned to build releases automatically. This is especially helpful for Bleeding Edge: the minute a change gets committed to the Github repository and passes validation, it appears in all the shop back offices. Can't get forgotten, always accurate (knock on wood). Another new thing appeared: issue branches. When tackling issues reported on Github, developers often want to show partial work or provide completed work for testing. Maybe they just add debug messages to find out what's going on in a shop installation. Now they can commit this work as issue branch, merchants will find it in the Bleeding Edge channel in Core Updater listed. Merchants update to this, test, report back their opinion in the issue tracker. Easily fast enough (~6 minutes after push) to allow timely discussions on how to implement this or that the best way. Note to developers: an issue branch is a branch named with exactly 'issue-' (including the dash), followed by a number consisting of digits only. This number should match the Github issue number. Enjoy! P.S.: this is available immediately, no upgrades or whatsoever needed ­čÖé
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    New version 0.4.0 has just been released New functionality - Persistent storage for entry form - customers can now leave checkout or refresh the page, and the data they have already entered will be recovered - Ability to remove products from cart, or edit their quantities Bugfixes - fixed problem with displaying payment name in collapsed mode - display placeholder when no shipping / payment is available
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    Yes, and I can confirm this after reinstalling the theme. I remembered that I exported the Transformer theme from 1.0.8 and then imported it to 1.1.0 at first attempt. Here i can reproduce the error. If you use a formerly exported theme for import the image height is afterwards set to 0px. This seems to be a bug in the 1.0.8 AdminThemesController because the height is set to "" in the config.xml of any theme when exported. Sorry, I should have checked it first of all. Theme export and import with the reworked controller of 1.1.0 works perfect.
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    @Pedalman Panda is a great investment, you will not regret it. Not only for the template itself but for the support Jonny provides and his customization services as well. About the page builder please tell me if you find one. I am using Visual composer but it has plenty of bugs (I have learned to live with them...) and its technical service sucks (the worst in PS & Tb environment. Like no existent).
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    I have tried on my local installation running 1.1.0 to create many features: 356 features 201332 default feature values 604002 feature value lang This is much more features than you have (according your first post). The product page is indeed sluggish -- the readystatechange event handler run for 3 seconds, and the page is non-responsive until this finishes. Moreover, switching to Features tab takes 4 seconds, even after the page loads. This was on chrome. When I tested on Firefox, I got worse measurements - it took 8 seconds to open features tab. The same results are in 1.0.8. So (unfortunately), this is nothing new. It's indeed inherited limits of thirtybees platform. When I tried with the less features (180 features, 4800 default feature values) it worked quite fast, thought. There was some performance degradation, but it wasn't really noticeable. My initial investigation shows that the problem is in huge amount of DOM nodes. Basically, for every feature and every feature value, DOM nodes are created and inserted into the page. Browser can't handle so many of them on one page. There is no quick fix -- the product page needs to be reworked to use some data lazy-loading (Instead of displaying 200k DOM nodes upfront, we would only display 356 features and load feature value only when necessary via ajax). But, unfortunately, this is a big change. It's not realistic to expect it anytime soon. Sorry for the bad news
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    You didn't say what data you want to list. If it's customers, then there's "Default group ID" field -- default customer field. You can also join-in Customer group table and filter on fields from customer group itself. Here's a video that shows how to create UI filter for customer group:
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    Hi Jackflyer, I am quite new to TB too but I'll give you my humble opinion; There's no need to buy a theme, using a bit of css is quite simple to achieve what you are looking for, plus you can use some css to make the standard template look like hopoli's website. Also, to be able to remove the search, currency, sign in, carousel, etc, you can just deactivate those modules in the home or just hide them using css. Yes, you can remove them from the B.O. Not all themes will work, so be careful with that, but there's a couple of themes that i know that work for TB and have support for TB. Said that, my recomendation is that you get a free hosting or work in local using xampp, install TB and start playing with it a bit.
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    I got it working. I created it all the fields manually and now it works. Thanks!
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    Holy moses, it is working now. I upgraded it long time ago (week or smtg) but I didn't do the reset. Now after reset this token looks much better. Thank You.
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    Great.. and this community is really helping our group even by just reading the comments.
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    Eine Checkbox gibt es, sie war nur nicht zu sehen. Wie soll der Kunde wissen, was noch zum Abschlu├č der Bestellung noch fehlt wenn f├╝r diesen nur ein Hinweis/Fehler angezeigt wird. Egal ob Ansicht per PC oder Handy etc Sorry, soll ich da nen extra Hinweistext einf├╝gen, bitte hier anklicken und alles ist ok? Egal ob Deutschland oder EU, Gesetze, Idiotensicher etc, da stimme ich mit diversen Entscheidungen daf├╝r und dagegen. Aber nur den Text anklicken, ist nicht ├╝bersichtlich, sowie nicht einheitlich und somit auch nicht hilfreich
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    because of the many variants / combinations, I have asked. I had once created a product that had too many combinations and it took forever, until I could edit the article further. In any case, there were too many, because the product page for the customer has too long loaded. the query system / server / database was far too much in that case. Unfortunately, I do not remember how many combinations it was. But it was a lot for a product. I do not know how it is with you with the amount and what your server can handle.
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    On 8/10/2019 at 5:55 AM, Raymond said: No, transformer is not compatible with TB. @Raymond @Factor I cannot confirm this. As well as you can make Transformer (if fully adapted to PHP 7) run smoothly with Prestashop 1.5.6x and 1.6.1x (both either with PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 [only PS 1.5.6]), you can use it perfectly with TB 1.08, and even with 1.1.0. But the latter needs some minor CSS improvements both in product view, list views and checkout. 1.08: Tested under XAMPP with PHP 7.2.13 and AEUC _mod by eleazar. Both OPC and 5-Step checkout. 1.1.0: Tested under XAMPP with PHP 7.2.13 and AEUC _mod by eleazar. Both OPC and 5-Step checkout. OPC in 1.1.0 doesn't work yet, 5-step checkout works. But this is not a bug caused by the Transformer theme. OPC in 1.1.0 works after applying the following fix: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3320-thirty-bees-110-is-released/?do=findComment&comment=29715 Though I did not test the behavior under PHP 7.0 and 7.1 I wouldn't expect any problems.
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    All: I wanted to let you know I informed Installatron about Thirty Bees. Who is Installatron? https://installatron.com/company?s=7a25f3f040cd8c00b88be389e1c7bc08 They are are a Auto-installer for apps like wordpress, SMF, PS, and many others. If you heard of Softaculous they are similar. Anyway they said they were putting thirty bees on their list to add soon. If you want to encourage them their info is... Have feedback for us? We want to hear from you! email feedback@installatron.com.
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    I didn't tried it,. but I know Sunnytoo is working on one that maybe does (@Jonny)
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    I am playing around with mautic (www.mautic.org) ATM and I must say that I am amazed. It realy takes email marketing to an other level. IMO this must be intergrated with tb. An ps module already exists but seems to be broken. More when I am actually start using it on my website