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    Hi Zen We will inject new life and new energy into TB. Basically revitalising a project that has essentially become stagnant. It's not being taken over by some corporate bad guys. We are members of the community, like you. Our focus and goal is not money and profit, but for TB to survive and thrive. Open source and free. Also, we won't be taking what was free once and moving it behind a pay wall. And we don't have any plans for a major architectural change. So won't be going the PS 1.7 route. In short: community focused and community involvement, open source, free. Continuation and improvement of Thirty Bees. More detail to follow in the near future.
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    Actually, it's more complicated than that. We can only employ someone once the sale has been finalised. This is a completely incorrect assumption. We do not have any plans to close future additions or features behind pay walls. What keeps TB great and free will continue. So think TB as it is now with new additions, improvements, all for free. We are part of the community after all and have no dark side plans. We want what the community wants. Just want to see TB continue, and to improve, survive and thrive. We will share all our plans and road maps with you guys when we take over. Expect transparency and happiness 😁
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    All right, the problem was in *Required fields* settings for Customer record. If you check these fields, your system won't allow you so save customer entry into the database without Opt/Newsletter.
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    In the context of stock inventory FIFO is just an accounting principle. It can answer the Cost of Goods Sold question. It's not really important if you really ship the oldest piece of inventory you have. It has nothing to do with stuff like Best Before Date, etc... This is just a way to attribute accurate expenses to every sale. From this perspective, current ASM implementation is... on a right track. Unfinished (the actual COGS is not calculated for every order), but it tracks all the information needed to do it.
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    That's the main problem beside of the fact that there are/were serious bugs. In general I can feel you. I had the same issues and questions two years ago. I decided to code my own ERP and changing ASM to our needs. It works great now. But obviously most merchant can't do it and it shouldn't need to do. Actually my main hope to the new owners is, that we get a place to discuss and vote for such bigger projects. No dev can ever build a working ASM without clear requirements. I also had to spend dozens of discussing hours, to understand how things really should work (for us). A dev doesn't automatically consider it a problem, that you can't search fast for the stock quantity as they never did inventory. They may also think, that it's enough to have one location per product. But some merchants (as us) need multiple locations for the same product. The list goes on and on. But only a discussion with a dozen of serious merchant, will show what is important in general and what is more like a specific business usage. Btw such attempts can fail easily as my own example shows: This is true and the main point, why we started to use ASM. But I believe it's not entirely correct. As far as I remember the "usable_quantity" has more an interpretation like: do we have broken items in storage? It's not totally nonsense, but we don't use it too. To exaggerate a bit: ASM was designed as it will become the most powerful erp ever, but was only finished 10%. There are tries to calculate product costs over multiple suppliers, currencies and stuff. 🤔
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    You can see combination quantities on your product page, even for products tracked by ASM: It's a little bit more complicated, as ASM tries to handle not only the selling part, but also purchasing side. You can track products you have ordered from your supplier using Supply Orders. This will tell you how many products you actually count with, even if they are not physically in your store yet. You know they should arrive shortly, so you can re-sell them already. I understand your frustration with ASM. It has a big potential, but it's kind of buggy and not completed. Hopefully it will be improved after (if) the sale of thirtybees is completed.
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    Not that my opinion matters that much but let me say these things. * ASM, the system for ASM does need a revamp and a lot of things taken out. Its complicated, cumbersome, but thanks to @wakabayashi a lot of bugs have been fixed in it. * FIFO this will never be present. The work and overhead this would add would be unimaginable. The data requirements would be as well. This is not something you can find in any open source system, many warehousing systems, and any paid system with under a 100k a year license that I am familiar with. * Handling of combinations As far as I am aware no native solution can handle more connected combinations that thirty bees can. Shopify is limited to 100, woo commerce limits you by not connecting them to stock. I am not sure what changes you are looking for in this system. * Proforma invoice and offer. This is module territory. Not something fit for a core of an ecommerce software. Either is going to be difficult to add to the core, because a new checkout process has to be made for only these things. But like I said, my opinion might not matter much, I am soon leaving thirty bees. But I still do understand how difficult or useful these things are and what it would take to add them into the core.
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    You have full access to the Github repository and the thirtybees.com server already. Writing code doesn't need a contract, you could do this right now. Which obviously means you plan to keep future additions closed source.
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    The short story is the contract had to be rewritten at the last minute because of an event came up that was beyond anyone's control dealing with a company that thirty bees partners with. It was not my fault or the buyers fault, but the partnership was mentioned in the contract, so that part had to be rewritten.
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    Well I have used Prestashop for a lot of years (Since 1.40) and never seen those either - lol
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    Hi! I hope this is the right place for my post. I want to share with you my thoughts on Thirty Bees. Let me start by saying I like it. It is fast and more stable than Prestashop. However, there are some serious problems with this project. Exposure I have researched the hell out of free e-commerce but found exactly ZERO references to Thirty Bees. The way I found you was via SUNNYTOO, the maker of one of the most popular Prestashop themes. The self advertising word-of-mouth approach has been tried in the past. How many people are using Essentials phone or how many have even heard of it? Lack of themes This issue is on par with the lack of exposure IMO. It is all good that 30bees is customizable, but if a bird doesn't display its feathers it simply won't get a lot of action. Name The name is just horrible. At least establish an acronym that doesn't sound like a disease. But preferably change the name. 30bees is much better than spelling "Thirty". Why? Because the bulk of your developers and users won't be native English speakers and spelling "thirty" is just awkward. You won't find many languages where "Th" is a sound. And have you tried to google for "TB" or "TB e-commerce"? Once I made a shop for a customer who despite my best efforts to explain the marketing side of things insisted on calling her shop "Prideandjoydogcouture". You can imagine how that ended. I just know my marketing. Unless you're willing to invest heavily in advertising, don't use more than 3 syllables or names with high probability of spelling errors. Reluctance to change approach So, without trying to sound overly critical, I have read a thread here in the forum where a top representative of Thirty Bees gave his take on Why TB over Presta. And I understand the sentiment, but sentiments won't boost a business where exposure, vibrant community and choice are the main attractors. You don't win customers over by saying how inept the competition is and that you're here to fix it for everyone. Please, don't be offended by this, but that's the impression it left on me. I seriously dislike Pretstashop for their shady business practices, abysmal support and unstable code. You can break that thing by simply updating their own modules. However, I must choose to use their solution, because I don't have a month to spare to play around with designing the store from scratch. I need to use a theme that I'll just modify and be done with in a few days. It is also nice and good to have a section called "Shops using Thirty Bees" but it doesn't do you any favours when those shops are down. It makes Thirty Bees look like an abandoned project. Why don't you guys get together with some decent and proven designer and aim for the stars? For example Panda is such a versatile theme, but SUNNYTOO have 90% of their business riding on Presta. Unless you become popular, they won't bother updating the old version for TB. I find it astounding they even released the old one for TB. You've been around long enough now to make some headlines in the e-commerce world, so what's holding you back? There surely is a way to incentivize theme makers. Even if it's just one. Bundle a decent theme with the shop that shows off the main features. It doesn't need to be polished and fully featured, just usable, but also pretty. Something to get merchants and developers interested and talking. If you're afraid of diverting revenue to the developer, then look at the current situation. It is already the case and you've no control over it at all. You could at least become selective about the developers officially utilizing your solution. With that and superior stability, you'll steamroll over Presta in a year or two. I wish you good luck and I'll check back every now and then to see how this project is doing, but for now, I reluctantly have to go with the other crowd. Peace!
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    looks weird. Could you PM me credentials to your ftp account, I'll debug
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    when you updated to 1.1.x, did you update themes as well (I'm assuming you are using niara)
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    Should be this but just in case. Advanced Parameters > Performance, Switch Cache off. And make sure ‘Never clear Cache files’ is NOT selected Have you tried uninstalling the newsletter module? Try switching the Enable newsletter and option check boxes to ON, then use the registration form, then switch to OFF and try again Check the PS_Configuration tables for PS_Cusomter _OptIN and PS_Customer_Nwsl to make sure they are set to 0
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    It works as expected. I set 'Registration process type' to 'account only'. When somebody buys something has to write the address. Maybe you could try upgrading to the last bleeding edge, 1.1.x, that's the most stable version now. Good luck!
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    Hello. I'm not sure, as I don't use neither optin or newsletter, but in Localization -> countries you can select some mandatory things in client's address.
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    Have you created a new installation? It used to be shop1.wingate now it is shop.wingate So, just to be 100% certain You have changed the settings in shop? not shop1?
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    Hi @wakabayashi No the negotiations did not fail. We're currently waiting for another update to the contract and this should be the final version. Once our attorney has checked it, we will proceed with the sale. As is normal with these things, it could still take a little while longer to wrap things up and create the new company. But from a negotiations standpoint, everything is essentially sorted. We appreciate your concern, but continue to ask for patience. Everything is on track and there's no need to worry or jump ship.
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    Hello. Good to hear that you could get your shop again with the Bees :) About URLs, you should check this: Good luck!
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    1) We use this: https://www.presta-addons.com/en/prestashop-modules/31-m4-gdpr-compliance-toolkit.html 2) We used to use this, but not sure if it is TB compliant. We stopped because all translations systems now cost for each translation: https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-modules/19-prestashop-website-translator-module.html 3) Ebay we use https://involic.com/ or https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/thirtybees-ebay-intergration-prestabay?search_query=ebay&results=3 but they also have an Amazon module 4) Amazon we use the common-services PS module
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    I had the same problem with free shipping (setting pick up at store), and I had to disable free shipping and setting shipping prices at 0 just like you. I think it is a bug. I'm not sure if it's fixed in latest version. You should upgrade to bleeding edge 1.1.x, as this is the stable and more updated version of thirtybees. Good luck!
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    Thanks Wartin, I have now - I disabled free shipping in Tab Shipping Locations and Costs then enabled Europe and Europe (non eu) -Just in case Britain falls under that with Brexit-. I set them both to 0.00. I then did it based on Cost >0.00 = £0.00 and <£10000 = £0.00 - I left the size and weight tab all set to 0.00 and enabled Visitor, Guest and Customer. The Summary tab now says: This carrier is not free and the delivery announced is: 2/3 days. The shipping cost is calculated according to the price and the tax rule No tax will be applied. This carrier can deliver orders from 0.00 £ to 10000.00 £. If the order is out of range, the behavior is to Apply the cost of the highest defined range. This carrier will be proposed for those delivery zones Europe Europe (non-EU) And it will be proposed for those client groups Visitor Guest Customer The upshot of that it now gives me free postage and works after several orders. 💃 I hope this helps somebody else later on - BUT really shouldn't you just be able to enable Free Shipping and that's it? - The coding must have errors somewhere (but that's definitely not my domain!) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
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    1.3.0 - 09/14/2020 Implementation of an additional level of security on the PrestaShop contact form with display in the Logs of the IP address of the fraudsters.
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    Thanks for the great message @avilink We're grateful for your and the community's support. We're excited about the future of Thirty Bees and are eager to pick up the reigns of this great platform and move it forward together with you and the community. We'd just like to ask for continued patience and understanding as we finalise the purchase of TB and setting up the new company. We will let you guys know when we have some new progress to report.
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    Glad I could help. Let's add some check and big warning into the module's back office page, so this won't happen to other users
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    Hey guys, first time post. Writing out of desperation, hopefully there are kind souls on this forum able to help. Main question: if I switch to ThirtyBees, will it solve the performance problems I have with Prestashop? Keep on reading for details... My current setup: Prestashop for almost a year 8000 categories and 500 products (yes you read that right, more categories than products) Vultr VPS, 1 CPU/1GB RAM Low load, 50 visits per day. Maybe 100 visits on a lucky day! I'm constantly adding products, within a year I will have 10k+ products. Within two years I will most likely have 20k-40k products. VPS is running just fine (no heavy load) even though it is a very basic Vultr VPS. I can upgrade it anytime I want, that is not an issue. Frontend is ok (not the best but workable and enough to get me customers). The problem is that back office is extremely slow. When I log in to the back office and click around it is ok response time, but clicking on on a specific product it takes 20-40 seconds to load the product page. I mean, WTF?!? I really do not see how this is even possible unless the architects/developers have totally messed things up when creating the software. Apparently the problem stems from having too many categories in the db, this is a known issue with Prestashop and a reported bug. But it never seems to be fixed. Now, I'm willing to move over to any other ecommerce platform, it does not matter if it costs money or is open-source and free. I just need it to work. I was looking at ThirtyBees and since I'm used to Prestashop I thought that ThirtyBees could be an easy step forward. Any ideas? Does ThirtyBees have the same problem as PrestaShop for that many categories and products? I need to have a system running with 10k categories and at least 10k products. Thankful for any reponse.
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    I do not have as many categories as you do but I do have over 30K products. We have a similar setup server wise. TB has been a major improvement speed wise for me, both backend and front end wise. There is also ways to improve backend speed via htaccess. I used to have the problem you describe with PS. Another thing to help yourself is switch from standard mysql to MariaDB, that was a 10% speed gain on both ends for me. Make sure you use Barracuda as file system and that all your tables are InnoDB. That helps a lot too - some modules use MySlAm - you need to convert them to InnoDB.
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    Huh? Ten times more categories than products? How can this work out? To me this sounds like there's a need for layered navigation. Only a few categories, but products equipped with Product Features, then building a couple of filters to allow customers finding their thing. Regarding back office speed, thirty bees is usually reported to be pretty quick there. Easiest was to find out whether that's still true in your specific case is to do a test installation. Can happen in a subfolder of your current shop. Just create such a subfolder, unpack thirty bees in there and install as usual by adding the subfolder name to your shop URL.
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