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    It's long ago. I have been here. I have a lot of ToDos on my list. I have taken the most relevant out and post it here: E-Mail: Core function with core template, that just allows to put in some array with content. That way you need just one html file. Each email looks the same and modules can easily add email functionality. Images: Add a cover_2 image to getProducts function In general it sucks, the way one has to get Cover Image as a coder Customers: A way to merge two customer accounts Login as customer (there are modules, but it would be a nice core feature) -> also if there would be an easy way to use it for devs. Imagine you can send email links with default login… Addresses: Clear way to define required fields Sometimes a line more, would help a lot Combinations Allow them for bundles and probably digital products Allow different descriptions for different combinations Allow different gtin for different combinations No forcement of using default combination Products Add archive column -> merchants often don't want to delete product information, but they often have products, that they don't need for ever or at least a big time span. If you have multiple thousands products, it helps a lot for filtering. Same could be helpful for Suppliers. Remove Tags and only use Features Remove on_sale checkbox -> what is it good for? Automate this by checking special prices… Accesoirces groups -> Imagine you sell Digital Cameras. You might want to define USB Cables as accessoires. But I don't think you want to update every camera, always when you got a new USB Cable. Define a default text for available_now and available_later Allow extra fields Product Features: Multiple Features (done) Add Feature types with units or allow at least suffix and prefix value. That way filter modules can work without any issues. A filter module could than easily group values or work with ranges… Create Product Listing Pages from feature values. Imagine you sell books. It would be cool to have a product listing page for "Stephen King" with one click. Categories Allow extra fields or add at least a second description Voucher Allow to use it on product and shipping value. We sell vouchers and customer still need to pay for shipping even if his voucher value is bigger than product+shipping. That's not acceptable. Checkout: A clean checkout with ajax Adress saving Drop the two different checkout system. It's just a mess. Customer Service: Clean forms and handling in the BO. Nowdays you don't even know from where a message comes. Sometimes you get an email sometimes not. Have a good sync with email folder. My wish would be, that I can 100% handle customer cases in BO. Allow shortcodes on predefined messages and include attachments Handling returns Order Status: Remove some functionality and implement clean processes. Imagine you have a Status: "Service in progress". How could you say if the order ist paid or not? This should all be handled by order payments What is logable status good for? In my opinion an order should have two bools: paid and shipped. This should be handled auto by modules. Then you have a status canceled. The rest of status should just be for displaying infos to merchant/customer, no funcionality should be involved imo. Order Edit: Give more flexibility on invoice and delivery_slip generation. Why can't I edit an order after I genereated an order_slip. That makes no sense to me. A merchants knows best, when he needs to change/generate something. In my opion merchants should be able to generate as much invoices as they want per order. I don't see any need for invoice tables at all. I would just save a pdf. Maybe it's naive, please tell me. But I believe for us it would work perfectly. Allow to delete an order state. Sometimes you set it by mistake. Remove "tracking status" What is it good for? Remove "customer more" button. You can just click on the name… We have already too many buttons. Having to buttons to save address "Save as new Address" and "Override". Right now it's always saved as a new adress. In our case we want 90% of the times the "override". Either integrate a usable "return system" or remove it Allow to edit shipping costs (I have actually almost done it) Allow to edit payment method, allow to edit/delete payment lines (right now, you can only remove). On the otherhand the "details" can probably removed. Anybody really wanna save credit cart data on his server? Allow to add a cart rule by code. Order Add: Allow to select the real payment method. In fact you can just select the payment module… Use a real shipping free stuff. In fact it just adds an ugly voucher. Stock: Oh I better don't begin. It doesn't make sense as long as combinations and bundles aren't handled cleanly. Captcha: Simple Usage of Captcha for devs. So that not multiple captcha version are used. Backoffice List Allow better filtering (>=2) Allow better sorting (two columns) Allow custom display of columns -> every merchants wants a bit different columns. Modules: Right now you have to set controllers, where you don't wanna show a module output. In my opinion it would be better if you would set where to show. Why is Payments under modules but Carrier has it own menu in BO? What we don't need: Full Cache Page System -> TB is fast, if you aren't greedy on saving money for a good webspace.
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    we have been using TB for a number of years now and I never looked back at PS. Most old PS bugs are ironed out by now and it's a solid and stable solution to run your eCommerce shop. Also we've used lots of modules and only had very minor incompatibility issues that could usually be solved by the module developers within minutes. We have been down the track of Magento, Opencart, Zen Cart (jeeez...remember that), Wordpress with Woocart, Joomla with Virtuemart and J2store and Hikashop and from all the 'free' solutions we've never had anything better than TB. The TB team and still rather small community is active and very helpful. You can report bugs and they don't get ignored like with PS. So in my opinion TB has got to be hands down the best and most feature loaded system out there. But to be honest, if you zero web dev experience you will have to hire someone at some stage unless you run an out of the box system which practically doesn't exist in a real world scenario. Updating modules and themes is not the easiest compared to say Woocommerce and there aren't as many modules and themes available that officially work with TB. Said that most modules will work fine if they are 1.6 compatible. For themes, there aren't that many options I think. We have used the IQit Warehouse theme and recently switched to Sunnytoo Panda which works great with TB.
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    Since I've been making modules to make ThirtyBees work for me I've come up with one that adds extra variables on to $product for use in your templates. I call it Extra Product Functionality (link to GitHub). It adds this tab to the product edit page in the back office: Setting these values will add/update variables on the $product in your template. So if your product is a service, you could show a contact button, or list the price as a starting at price. If your product is coming soon, you can use $product->coming_soon to add an additional label. (setting coming soon to Yes will automatically hide the price and make it not available to order). I added the force new option because I can definitely see where someone wants to list a product as new even though it's not new (in terms of date it was created). You can add it to your theme by adding this at the top of your product.tpl file: {hook h='actionModifyProductForExtraFunctionality' product=$product} And to get these values to be set in your product list, add this to wherever for-loops through your products: {capture name="newProduct"} {hook h='actionModifyProductForExtraFunctionality' product=$product capture=true} {/capture} {assign var="product" value=unserialize($smarty.capture.newProduct)} That might look dumb, but I tried for several hours to get my hook to be able to modify $product when inside of a for-loop (or wherever it is an array and not an object) and I couldn't. Nothing I was setting in smarty was getting out of my module. So I came up with this clever capture method. This module definitely has potential and I look forward to expanding it. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.
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    I have been developing modules these last few days to make Thirty Bees meet my needs. One of those was adding videos to a product. The result is the productvideos module It adds a tap in the edit product page that allows you to link to videos that show the product. It (by default) ties into the displayProductTabContent hook so that it will show up as a tab on your product page. (below picture is from my custom theme) It also has a custom hook so you can add it anywhere in your theme on the product page (you just need to go into the module configuration page and disable the product tab hook). That hook would look like this in your product.tpl file: {hook h='displayProductVideos' product=$product} (note: it expectes $product to be a class, so will not work on the product lists). It uses a third-party library for converting the video url to an embedded iframe so it supports lots of different services (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and a whole lot more). Under the module configuration page you can add custom attributes that will get applied to the generated embed code.
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    Hello @Smile @datakick Just to inform you that TB has another opportunity to take a PS piece of cake. They just send a newsletter today that every module will need an annual subscription option. And even minor updates will not be available if you do not pay it. This can make angry some people and also make it less affordable to small merchants. You could try to capitalize this. Regards
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    This morning at 7am Sprint 3 has officially started. This sprint will be a little bit shorter because of the Easter holidays, we have only 8 days to finish following tasks: Finish Core Updater enhancements continuation of work from sprint 2. There are still some work left before we can release a new version of core update Automated testing pipeline in docker implement docker container that we can use to run automated test on any branch / revision submitted to github integrate this docker into CI pipeline Multiple feature values this is one of the most requested enhancement that existed for a long time, and we will finally implement it it will mean a potential, but very small, compatibility issue Tracking framework implement framework that will allow sending various information about your thirty bees installation to our tracking server (don't worry, it will be on opt-in basis) tracking framework will use scheduler that we implemented in sprint 2 Track environment information once the Tracking framework will be implemented, we will use it to obtain first set of data: php version installed php extensions mysql version memory limit timeout limit Bug fixing review and merge PR requests fix couple of high severity bugs Support requests work on paid support requests Please ask if you have any questions about anything
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    Hi This is my opinion, it is not about keeping on the 1.6 version, but about getting rid f the amazing amount of troubles and lacks in prestashop + getting rid of a company that did a good job creating/developing prestashop but also kept in it a lot of nonsense and caused many troubles in the time. One of the things they did that the more kept punching in the eyes is how version after version same bugs and inconsistencies where left there and how bad was their update system. Personally I always had a double feeling about prestashop, good on a side and a nightmare on the other. When then they did 1.7 and tried it I deemed it terribly bad and soon understood that could not become any better for me in the time, that because the languages translation system, which just horrible, rigid, lengthy, slow, absurd I would say. In PS 1.7 I saw no special improvements, on the contrary I saw a regression to worst standards, I just could not understand the choice to cripple the translation system in such a bad way. I do not know about the other users' experience in this respect, but for myself I learnt to not trust at all the prestashop company and their marketplace, I had many frustrating experiences, became allergic to them. That's my 5 cents about. Happy that TB was done and that is kept alive.
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    In my opinion, when customer goes to checkout page, they need to be reassured first. They really want to know is what carrier they can use what payment method they can use the final price And chex tries hard to answer these questions. Customer is not required to log in or create an account before these questions are answered.
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    Hi, I am new to work with this shop but seems great! Much better than Prestashop, and much faster. Now I am editing my new store but I cannot find anywhere where I can edit the stor info in the footer of the default theme. How do I do that? I need to remove that info from defult and replace it with my correct information. Please help Found it! HTML blocks was the problem. Removed that and now I only have one information about my shop. Have a great week!
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    It worked! I took it slowly, on backup copies, and the new version still doesn't connect to a PHP 7.3 database, but the main thing is that it works. I tried a vanilla update module as well (thirtybees not merchants edition) and it didn't work. Thanks.
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    I cannot as I don't have a Samsung device either. According to @Mike1 it is likely trailing spaces causing the issue. Can we autostrip/ignore trailing spaces from the email to eliminate that issue first?
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    Is this discussion also relevant for Thirty Bees? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1045112-is-prestashop-able-to-cope-with-new-european-tax-laws/ Implementation would mean that you can set the price incl VAT while the price for each EU would be different depending on its VAT rate.
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    I don't think that the newsletter module get a lot of attention. Neither do I think that TB should compete with prestashop but rather develop a model where Prestashop falls short. Smaller buniess with 300 to 1500 articles are ignored by the market. Woocommerce and shopify take on those. Less features but easier to handle and ultra stable in questions of updates is the future IMHO.
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    I think I've got it now. thirty bees' version of Core Updater chokes when being asked to update from an unknown version, AFAIR. Core Updater 2.0 has this issue fixed: https://github.com/merchantsedition/coreupdater/releases/tag/2.0.0 (install the .zip file manually in your back office) This version of Core Updater comes with not two, but four channels. Channels 'thirty bees Stable' and 'thirty bees Bleeding Edge' are fed by genuine thirty bees sources, so you get a genuine thirty bees installation after updating.
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    Hi. I think you have to change order-address.js in your theme. I'm not sure if this is the way to go or is preferable to add custom javascript. In order to see more information like in the screenshot above you have to right click the element and then choose 'Inspect element'. Good luck!
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    thanks @Wartin what is the TB file that I should modify following this instructions? This one? /themes/theme/order-address.tpl
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    Yes, it was another module messing up
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    Check out @datakick’s module : https://www.getdatakick.com
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    Wow, it was that. I've changed and fixed it, thanks so much! I supose it maybe happened when I fixed incoherences on database from the core upddater module, after updating from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0. Thanks so much!
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    Changing product template files A more direct answer to your question. The nearest I can think of is to do it for certain products, by using an edited prduct template. Product templates look like this: https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/blob/master/product.tpl If you can get to the file on your server (example.com/themes/niara/templates/product.tpl if your theme is Niara)... You can copy and then edit the template. What I did was to delete equivalent lines to 435 to 463 on the githb link. The loop of code that begins "<div class="box-cart-bottom">". If your server has built-in editing software it might compact the loop of code into one line before you delete it, so you can be sure of getting the right end point, which is difficult otherwise. Your new product template will no longer show a shopping cart and can be enabled from any product page in the back office. If your product is "fresh bread", Backoffice > Catalog > Products > Fresh Bread > Template Manager > choose your new template from the drop-down menu (There is probably a way of editing a product template to ignore "catalog mode", which you can turn on or off from Backoffice > Preferences > General > Catalog Mode | Off The edited template would ignore the switch, but all the products using the standard template could have their shopping carts switched on or off in one go. I haven't tried it though - you'd have to experiment). (I don't know a way of doing for a category)
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    I'll take you up on the idea to vote for features, @wakabayashi! 🙂 Nice to see you. YES! is a strong vote and OK! is a normal vote. 😄
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    Hallo, gabs mal für PS, aber ich denke das war unvollständig. Kann man aber relativ gut machen wenn man alle Übersetzungen aufklappt und dann durchackert, ein bischen Zeit wird es aber dennoch brauchen. Jedoch.... gut überlegen, auch wenn die Käuferschicht auch so tickt, ein Sie hat noch nie geschadet und es erwarten dennoch (wieder) mehr eine korrekte höfliche Ansprache und da ist ein "Sie" sicherlich nicht verkehrt.
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    Thanks for the explanation. I didn't consider that. This makes some sense. But still not completly IMO. Wouldn't it be then logical if this field is set, when you add a special price? Cause your argument is probably also valid, if you wan't to only make a sale for a certain customer group. But I am sure, we both agree, that this point is by far not the most important/intersting on my list ☺️ I understand, if my list is a bit overhelming, but maybe somebody has some concrete stuff to criticize or to vote up some points.
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    The problem is that specific prices are not used only for price reductions. A lot of merchants are using them to have different prices for different group of customers (per customer group/countries/languages/currencies), but that does not mean that the product is considered 'on sale'. Example: my product cost 40 EUR, which equals to 1032 CZK. But I can use specific price and sell it for 1000 CZK in order to have a pretty rounded price. But I don't want thirty bees to automatically show 'on sale' label.
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    bankwire module set order status to the (configurable) value PS_OS_BANKWIRE. Look into the tb_configuration table and check what status id this reference to. https://github.com/thirtybees/bankwire/blob/master/controllers/front/validation.php#L64 select name, value from tb_configuration where name = 'PS_OS_BANKWIRE'; +----------------+-------+ | name | value | +----------------+-------+ | PS_OS_BANKWIRE | 9 | +----------------+-------+
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    I know that 😊 I more meant: why do I have to set it as a merchant? If I set a special price, do I ever want, to not display this label? :S
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    @Quant I am sorry, but I don't understand some things, you said. And with many others I disagree. I would agree, that modules are a great way to expand shop functionality. But I hate the mantra: IMO this exactly the reason, why we cant sort product lists for average review rating or why we cant have a clean filter on product lists. It's also the reason why you dont have a clean sitemap for google. Of course often you also could build a clever module that is extendable. This would be true for a sitemap module for example. But how many extendable modules with hooks do you know? And how many of this hooks are used by other modules? Again you do it. Then you also agree, to add no image link at all to the $products array? IMO in a clean world, the theme would state, if it has a hover functionality. If yes, a function like Product::getProductProperties would add e second image link. It would simplify things so much for every theme desinger. In general I have the feeling that a lot of Devs and some merchants only see the advantages of modules and not the drawbacks. Right now every module with mail functionality sends different template to customers. What does a customer care, if it's a core email or a from a module? He doesn't, he is just confused why he gets different looking emails from the same store. So thats why, I proposed the new Email Hook functionaility. It's not logical to me, that you don't even want that @Quant. Cause it would help the module approach a lot. The checkout is probably not the best cornerpart to start with. It's actually very important, but it's so complex and needs/wishes are so different. Some merchants don't want customer accounts at all. I do even force all my customer to register. And probably most are somewhere in between and offer both options.
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    A hacking solve! Module > templates > Hooks > hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl I changed <Span class="aeuc_from_label"> {$smartyVars.before_price.from_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </span> To <div class="aeuc_from_label"> {$smartyVars.before_price.from_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </div> And used translations to change the word "From" Just need to remember yet another change after every upgrade
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    Well, click on 'Insert/edit images', then enter or paste the image URL into the 'Source' field. One just has to resist to click on this folder icon 🙂 URL of the image should be the URL seen in front office, of course. Like https://example.com/6-Niara_large/coffee-beans.jpg These description fields are just regular HTML; one can do everything HTML allows. Turning off HTMLPurifier in Preferences -> General helps with the more exotic cases.
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    Just checked, it works either way. Full line: <a class="iframe" href="/faqs/store-information/uk-postocode-delivery-restrictions.html?content_only=1">Royal Mail Special Delivery and Expedited Courier Post Code Restrictions</a> So the ?content_only=1 part means you only get the text not the page header, footer etc
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    Solved this by using class=iframe in the <a> tag Works a treat
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    they all seem to be under Bleeding Edge > main....only like one is on 1.2.x
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    4.7kb is font-awesome.min.css Font file is still 70kb As said in other thread, you can create own fontset with icomoon.io using only icons you actually need from the font-awesome set and than generate own file.
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    Thirtybees payment processing is very weird. Payment modules use displayPayment hook to inject html code to the checkout page. What is displayed varies significantly from module to module. It can be simple link to the external payment gateway. It can be iframe and bunch of javascript code to display payment popup. It can be form that post data to thirtybees controller, or it can be form that posts data to third party server.It can be whatever, really. Most importantly, there is no event that is emitted when some payment method was selected. What payment option was used is known only after the payment is processed and finalised. And it is too late to modify cart price at this point, since the payment is (can) be already processed. The root of the problem is that the payment modules have too much freedom (and responsibility) on checkout page. AEUC module changed this a little bit. It introduced new hook displayPaymentEU. Instead of returning html code, modules can use this hook to return structured information about their intent. Basically, they ask thirty bees to display payment option with some name, and also say what should happen when user select this option (usually it is redirect to some url, but it can be post form). This hook gives back thirtybees control over checkout flow. Checkout page now manages all payment options itself, and it knows upfront what payment option is selected, etc. But it has its drawbacks as well. The most important one is that payment modules are very restricted with UI they can create. It's no longer possible to display additional input fields on checkout page, simply because there is no way to describe this as a structured data returned by displayPaymentEU hook. For example, you can't have embedded card payment on the checkout page. Another big drawback of this is, well,... not all payment modules support this hook. With checkout pages that use displayPaymentEU hook to collect payment information, it would be possible to implement your requirement, because there exists a point in the flow when we know what payment option was selected, but payment was not performed yet. So if you use AEUC OPC, or modules like chex, it's possible to tweak it, and implement this discount code for payment. But on standard checkout page, it's just not possible to do. There is no single point in the flow that we could hook into and adjust cart price.
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    That's hard to do, because in thirtybees payment option is not part of the cart price calculation. It can be done with some overrides, but you will definitely encounter some problems, especially if you use OPC checkout -- the right / final price will probably not be displayed there.
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    It's now fixed in bleeding edge
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    Preferences / Themes / Advanced settings / Appearance of columns / index - Left Column
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    If you already run 1.1.x then there is no big difference to 1.2.0 (of course, depending on what commit exactly your 1.1.x is, but I assume it's recent one) I don't see any reasons why Panda theme shouldn't run on php74, or on thirty bees 1.2.0.
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    Current version is 1.2.0, next major version is 1.3.0, next bugfix version is 1.2.1. main branch represents future major release 1.3.0. This is the real bleeding edge, it contains all the feature work and bug fixes 1.2.x represents future 1.2.1 release. It contains only a handful of commits that fixes serious issues. I would like to release bufixes releases every 4-6 weeks, so there's probably not a good reason to regularly update to 1.2.x., you should just wait for 1.2.1. Currently I'm finishing redesign of core updater that will hide this complexity. You will be able to choose if you want to keep your store updated to latest stable version, or to bleeding edge. And Core updater will tell you when there is something to update.
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    I think you guys deserve to have a better visibility into how thirty bees development is going forward. So I decided to write bi-weekly sprint overview. Let me start by explaining how we do development at thirty bees. We use scrum methodology, with 2 week sprints. In agile development, sprint is (usually) 2-week period of time when development team implements and delivers some functionality that has been agreed upon. Although we have a very small team (some naysayer would say it's not a team at all 🙂 ), we decided to practice this agile process for various reasons. One of them is to be more accountable and focused. Another is to have better understanding of how much work we can really deliver. Before every sprint, we have an internal scrum meeting where we decide on what will be implemented in the next 2 weeks. We have a huge backlog of items that can be done, with effort estimate. We also have a roadmap. We know when the next major version is going to be released, and what functionality it should/must contain (I will write a dedicated forum post about this soon for those interested). We use these information to select tasks for the sprint. We try to put tasks from different areas into to each sprint. The result contains tasks from these categories bug fixing -- we dedicate some time to fix bugs, maintain github, PR, etc enhancements that bring value to merchants -- these are standard enhancement requests, like multiple feature values or order editing platform enhancements -- these are enhancement that you guys don't know you need, but you will love them 🙂 Also tasks that will make platform more friendly and interesting to third party developers, theme developers, etc. chores -- everyone hates doing chores (I know I do). But they need to be done. Tasks like server updates, implementing testing pipelines, support for php8, and what not. The platform would implode without regular maintenance. enhancements that bring value mostly to thirtybees org (us) -- we are adding some functionality to the core / modules that will make us happy. For example, we plan to add usage tracking (how many people installed tb, what features are they using, what errors did they encounter, etc). I understand that merchants don't care much about these (and some will not want to share these info with us), but we need to know. Otherwise tb company will fail, and tb platform will go with it support and paid tasks - time dedicated for paid support. Merchants can contact us and ask for some custom development, server migration, updates, etc. Currently our only stream of revenue. OK, that's probably enough introduction. Let me present to you what we have done so far Sprint 1 01/3/2021 - 16/3/2021 The first development sprint started when I finally joined thirty bees org full time at the beginning of this month. The goal of the sprint was to start progress, and to release first version. What we did: Translation handling - release prerequisites temporarily remove php8-polyfill dependency -- tb failed on php 7.2 and newer because of it Tool to extract translations - automated script that extracts translatable strings from core, themes, and modules Tool to upload translations - script that uploads extracted translatable strings to crowdin, where you guys can translate them Tool to download translations - script that downloads translations from crowin and prepares translation packs Tasks associated with releasing new version Build and release all modules Build and release core Prepare translations Release notes Deploy to demo server Multiple php builds Extending thirty bees build machinery to support building thirty bees for different php versions. We still support php 5.6, but this makes it very hard (nearly impossible) to maintain. It's because many php libraries that tb depends on are not supported on this php version, there can be composer dependencies conflicts, etc. Extend core updater to request specific php version -- work in progress Bug fixing in first sprint we dedicated 1 day to github maintenance, fixing some bugs, merging some PR, and general backlog cleanup Support paid support requests Sprint 2 [current] 2021/03/17 - 2021/03/30 Plan: Core updater enhancements Make core updater user friendly -- core updater was made by developers for developers, that's not good support update to php version build refactoring code to make it less dependent on tb core -- we plan to use the same module as a migration tool from ps16 various enhancements, like tracking specific revision Carrier price semantics enhancement that allows merchant to enter shipping price with or without tax this also fixes AEUC proportional issues Scheduled tasks thirty bees will have build-in scheduler (cronjobs) to run scheduled tasks we need this as a stepping stone to implement additional features, like maintanance tasks, automatic backups, automatic index regeneration, updates, tracking, etc ElasticSearch this module was originally implemented using crowdfunding, it was a shame it didn't work. We fixed that review and extend existing PR requests for ES module, make it work with all supported elastic search versions fixed various bugs PHP8 support ongoing effort to make tb compatible with php8 in this sprint we renamed Attribute class, and all its usages in core. This is work in progress, not in main branch, not yet available for general audience Support paid support tasks in this case, the result will make it to the core, as feature custom Permissions for back office controllers -- you will have an option to hide some tabs in Product back office edit page. For example, you can restrict translators employees to see and edit only Information and Seo tabs. Then won't be able to break your pricing Work queue Work started on work queue feature This is a mechanism that allow us to run some tasks in parallel / in separation from main execution thread this will allow us to improve performance and to implement reliable long running tasks example use cases sending emails -- instead of sending email immediately/synchronously, we will create email task and push it to work queue. It will be send shortly by work queue worker. But it will not block main thread -- the server response will be much faster. Also, this allows for re-trying sending emails on error Bug fixing - Sprint 2 How is it going so far: We are little bit behind the plan -- to implement Core Updater enhancement took much more time than originally estimated. However, we are almost on track. For those of you interested in burndown chart: Sprint 2 will end today, and new Sprint 3 will start tomorrow morning. We have a sprint planning meeting today where we will finalise and agree on scope for the next sprint. I will create new forum thread containing plan for sprint 3 this evening, or tomorrow. If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to ask 🙂 Have a nice day all
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    Extend class Feature Together with "Multiple feature values" you can extend the feature class. Add flag to show or not in Front office. So they can be divided into service ones and those that are used only by the filter. Because many people write conditions in templates so as not to show some features. Minimum of fixes. class FeatureCore extends ObjectModel { // 'show_on_front' => ['type' => self::TYPE_BOOL, 'validate' => 'isBool', 'required' => false, 'dbDefault' => '1'], public $show_on_front = 1; //add condition (show_on_front = 1) Feature::getFeaturesForComparison Product::getFeaturesStatic Product::getFrontFeaturesStatic Better yet, add the "prefix" and "suffix" fields. For example, they can contain the name of the style, the type of value, the name of the picture, etc. Each theme developer can decide how to use them. class FeatureCore extends ObjectModel { // 'prefix' => ['type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'lang' => true, 'validate' => 'isGenericName', 'required' => false, 'size' => 64, 'dbNullable' => true], public $prefix; // 'suffix' => ['type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'lang' => true, 'validate' => 'isGenericName', 'required' => false, 'size' => 64, 'dbNullable' => true], public $suffix; I understand that there is a lot of work, but it would be cool :)
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    Es un camino a veces un poco largo, hasta que más o menos encontrás las cosas que buscás. Pero no te desanimes! Hay una buena comunidad que en general responde las preguntas. Por lo menos en inglés, en castellano se mueve menos.. Si algo no está traducido podés ir al mismo lugar y elegir el módulo en cuestión. Hay un botón de 'Expandir' que te muestra todas las oraciones, que muchas veces es muy práctico si buscás cambiar alguna traducción que no te parece correcta. Sobre el error, si te lo da la tienda, podés ponerla en 'modo depuración', para que te muestre errores lo más detallados posible. En el Backoffice, es decir el administrador de la tienda, tenés un buscador, hasta que te habitúes a los menúes. Saludos y suerte!
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    My thoughts, are to build from scratch but using the community theme for reference. (Although I am very much open to the general perspective of those with experience working on developing the platform and those who have been using it). Why? Efficiency Personally, I find it is quicker and more straight forward to follow a single coding practise or style throughout a project than to patch old code and designs. Technology The community theme appears to be using old CSS standards for layout (still using floats). Building these layouts is a lot easier now that CSS has developed. I expect that I will be able to help create a theme which is of a high technical standard, which is very light. CSS Grid, Flexbox, inline SVG, CSS animations, CSS & SVG sprites, srcsets, localised web fonts etc. Freedom The old theme doesn't need to be scrapped. Maybe it can be patched up, but a new theme should, in my opinion, help to support those who the current theme just doesn't serve (that isn't to say it isn't useful for reference). Maybe a new theme could give the platform some (more) wind in its sails. I know that @datakick and others are putting in a lot of work behind the scenes, and I think that the front-end of the project needs some attention to motivate the community and to encourage other developers to support the team. The new theme doesn't have to be twenty themes in one, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be designed to a commercial standard, while still being in the hands of the tb community. I haven't been on here for long, but I love open source, I enjoy contributing, and I don't stop until a job is done. @cienislaw I agree with @zen, if those who are interested in a new theme vote on what features they want to see, this would be a good start. Something you love in another commercial theme?... anything is possible! So I would love to see what features you have in mind. One thing to keep in mind While the perspective of each individual in the community is important, for the theme to be competitive (so tb sites can compete with those built on other platforms) there must be a consistent, professional style throughout. Many ideas can be good ideas but some ideas conflict. Aiming to serve everyone will likely serve no one. So there should be a clear objective, mock-ups, approval from those who have been working on this project and a single-minded collaborative approach. ---- I am nobody, so no one has to listen to me. But when I come over for dinner, I like to wash up. I use open source software, and I feel I should contribute to say thank you to those who give their time to serve others (including me). At the end of it, if I have a new theme to use with my clients or for a personal project... Awesome!
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    I have a separate module that handles the shipping discount issue with gift cards. Also on the PS store.
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    Salut à tous, Le module n'est pas une nouveauté mais je viens de le tester sur le site d'un client et il fonctionne donc je vous informe que vous pouvez le télécharger directement sur mon site. Pardon, j'ai oublié de vous préciser à quoi sert ce module. Ce module gratuit développé par Samdha va vous permettre d'avoir accès en 1 clic au gestionnaire de base de données Adminer directement dans le backoffice après installation du module. Vous pourrez alors gérer la base de données comme avec phpmyadmin. Télécharger le module
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    Got it. @veganline kindly gave me access to the server. The TLSv1.2 message is a red herring. Test fails, but it's an optional test, which doesn't prohibit installation. Actual issue was a missing error message. The test for ensuring PHP's fopen() takes URLs failed, but didn't report an error, because there is no matching error message. Setting allow_url_fopen in php.ini to 1 should allow installation. And I'll add the missing error message to the sources, of course.
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    Another free version 1.0.23 released Enhancements Issue 86 - custom placement for review average - you can now position stars/ratings widget anywhere on your product page. For example prominently below product title Issue 97 - added shortcuts from settings page to reviews, import, criteria pages Issue 100 - added configuration option for number of reviews to be displayed on all-reviews / my-reviews page Issue 48 - you can now edit review date from back office Issue 47 - review lists can now be filtered by category and brand. Bugfixes Issue 90 - fix pagination problem that occured on some versions of MariaDB without proper support for SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS Issue 96 - fixed overflow problems with long review content Issue 20 - read review link now works in quick view Issue 99 - don't filter reviews on my-reviews page by selected language Tip and tricks Try adding this short snippet somewhere into your smarty template. It will display product reviews associated with category 4 {hook h='displayRevwsReviewList' category=4 }
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    Sorry for GoogleTranslate. - Now, there is no need to complicate the functionality of the core and base theme, which is backward compatible with Prestashop 1.6. I understand that the point of backward incompatibility is implemented in version 1.3 and above. I could be wrong. Watching github and "Datackick" posts all your wishes will be implemented in version 31.0.0 :). --- The "Mail" class is the best way to do it. Put everything in one method. The path of the classes themselves define the functionality - Order :: sendMail, OrderState :: sendMail. And sending letters only in the background (queue) - devSprint03! Using a webtrigger is crazy, needs some work! You can add the "Notificaton" class. --- All that concerns redefining the output of products in FrontOffice should be done by modules. But - we need one more class for displaying products in FO, which modules should also use - maybe "ProductIterator" or "CatalogProduct". --- The checkout process should be spared from the buyer's registration choice. The main thing for the seller is to receive the order and data for communication with the buyer! You can extend the "Customer" class, add a phone. Use the "Address" class as a proxy. Depending on the type of delivery or secondary to the country, use the mandatory fields of the "Address" model. pickup => Address - false invoice_address AS shop address from Config mycountrylocaldelivery => Address - true invoice_address AS moduleCarrier - Carrier api etc. :) --- If you can do a Fast (basic or not) method "Product :: getProducts (array $ withFeature = [])" - that's cool! --- Better to keep the core functionality of the store simple and straightforward. Expand with modules. And it's time to think about "CSS" and "JAVASCRIPT" for the base theme to function!
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