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    I'm very happy to announce that we have officially released thirtybees version 1.2.0. This version consists of a lot of enhancements and bug fixes that were implemented in the last (almost) 2 years, including stuff like: PHP 7.4 compatibility - this version is fully compatible with PHP 7.4 Object model audit - database and php model are now in sync. This fixes a lot of weird issues and problems Ability to auto migrate database during update - missing database tables and columns are automatically created by core updater Installation fixes - a lot of bugs were fixed in installation process. Installation should now run more smoother Bug fixes - many issues were solved and more... You can simply use core updater module to update to latest stable release. Or you can download installation package and install it on your test server. I will deploy this version to the official demo servers in upcoming days, so you will have an opportunity to test this version even without the need for installation.
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    The reason for the delay was caused only by me only, and I apologise for it. The plan was for me to start working on thirtybees full time at the beginning of February. I used to work as an independent contractor for a big client in a bank industry, and I was contractually bound to deliver a lot of work for them. Since the team didn't meet the delivery timeline I was forced to work for them until the end of February. I officially ended that contract last Friday. So, finally, I'm free and able to work on this project 100%. Right now I'm working on initial release, it will be done by the end of this week, probably Thursday or Friday. And then there is a very big backlog of things waiting to be done.
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    5 Tips for Better Search and Sales Conversions Hopefully, some of you will find this useful. Not everything in this guide will be as easy to implement in thirty bees as others, but at the very least it should point those who are interested in the right direction. If anything is unclear please reach out. If enough people want to know more about any of the areas I have discussed below, I may create a more detailed post covering the subject. 1. Lighten the load (page load that is) Reduce external requests Say no to web fonts Most choose to avoid using system fonts and generic fonts, such as "sans-serif", for good reason — they can be unpredictable in headings (causing your layouts to fail) and make your site's design inconsistent across devices. However, the solution I see most site owners using is unnecessary and problematic. Web fonts solve one problem poorly and cause other issues. Not only does loading your fonts from another server cause slow rendering of the page content, your fonts may also load too late (the user sees your fallback font first). This contributes to a poor user experience. Google uses web fonts as a fallback for their analytics software — while there are many people blocking Google Analytics with ad blockers, few are blocking Google Web fonts. What's the alternative? Want a lightning fast page load? Serve your own fonts. This gives you the best of both worlds. Simply convert your [suitable] fonts (check the licence) to woff/woff2 and serve them directly with CSS. If anyone needs more information on this, let me know. Forget Font Awesome Font Awesome is convenient — to you, but not to your customers. Yes, that's another server to wait for before your page can render. Did you know SVGs are often tiny (in file size), and with [inline] SVG sprites you can load all of your graphics without a single request, and they can be cloned/partially cloned across your page? Now that is more awesome than Font Awesome! Better images guidelines The number one performance issue I see, which covers online businesses of all sizes, is poor use of images. Here are some best practices to solve slow loading pages and related poor conversions: Serve your own images (don't rely on CDNs and avoid hotlinking images) Standardise your image dimensions- Keep all images under 100kb Use srcsets in your code (where possible) to tell the browser which image to serve to which device. Your images should be high quality and consistent There are a number of open source programs to help you resize and optimise your images. If you are comfortable with the command line, I strongly recommend using imagemagick. If you want to know more about optimising images for the web and ways to automate the process, let me know. 2. Be minimal and functional Your customers likely care more about function than style. People are busy — they want to find what they are looking for, buy and leave. The best user experience on an e-commerce site is a fast one. For this reason: Make your design predictable and practical Your logo links to the home page Your contact page is in the main menu and/or details in the footer Your Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Ts & Cs should be in the footer Your login button should be top-left Your logo, tagline and branding should make it clear what you do Create a sensible link architecture Link to your most popular products and pages in your footer Have two site maps. XML (for crawlers) and HTML (this one linked to in your footer) 3. Blend in — take advantage of familiarity Nothing says you are at the top of your game more than looking like you are at the top of your game. Don't try to be different for different's sake. Let familiarity be your friend. If you are new to the industry, research the leading sites in your industry and blend in. You should still have features that identify your brand and make you memorable, but too much personal expression and you will appear like the amateur in the industry. The world's leading websites don't have flashy designs; they are, for the most part, basic in style, predictable and easy to use. Ignore this rule only if the competition is poor and can easily and predictably be beaten. 4. Be better So how do you stand out? Focus on your offering! Are you the cheapest? Do you deliver faster? Are you the ethical choice? Perhaps you have products which others cannot source? If you don't know why your customers shouldn't buy from Amazon, neither do they. As a general rule, if you want to sell more products than your competitors, provide more product information. The more information, the more confident your customer will feel in both the product and your website. Also, this content WILL help you to rank higher on search engines. Create elaborate pages about the collections you sell Search intent is important to understand. This is possibly one of the most under utilised tools. People often look for information before they look to buy. That means your product page may not be what they are looking for. If you sell wood burning stoves, share information about the brands, which stoves in your store are most suited for small homes, which stoves are the most offer the most "bang for your buck". Display the appropriate products on the pages and link to your products, you are likely to qualify a sale which wasn't accessible to you before. Speak to manufacturers to see if you can gather more info on your products than your competitors. There are numerous creative techniques I have used to achieve high search rankings and boosted sales conversions. If you are interested to learn more, let me know. 5. Be useful Start creating content Create [or ask others to create] guides which may help your potential customers. Digital Ocean (not an affiliate) sell server space, but part of what pushed them ahead of their competition was their content. They pay people to create technical guides as a way of on-boarding new customers. What content would be useful to your potential customers? Add to the blog (at least) once per week If a visitor reads your post and returns in two weeks to see what else you have written only to find the same set of posts, they likely won't return. Attract qualified visitors by helping them and you will build a loyal customer base. If you want any advice on building a successful content strategy, let me know. 6. BONUS! The #1 Factor for Ranking on Google: ~~ Direct website visits ~~ Are customers recommending your website? Do your customers return? Do customers search for your brand name? As I'm sure you can see, the right offering and a winning user experience are vital! Regards, ——— jollyfrog ——— Graphic Designer & Digital/Content Strategist
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    @lesley / @Rhapsody I very much agree with the idea of core being aware of all the data. How / where exactly are the data stored is not really important. It could be implemented in different ways -- extending core tables, dynamically create new tables to join, or as wordpress does it. The hard part will be force module developers to adopt this new mindset. However, if done correctly, it could very much simplify and reduce module development time. Core would take care of installing and dropping db tables and columns (both during initial installation and during module updates). All data would be readilly available to all other components in the system, ie. in the theme or in the api. This is definitely a good thing to have. And I'm happy to let you know that it's on our long-term vision.
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    Unfortunately yes, there are a lot of these gotchas. I totally agree that themes shouldn't really do any business logic, but they do, due to historical reasons. This is especially true on product page, when there is a lot of javascript that deals with price, discounts, specific prices, quantity discounts, etc... What I plan to do is to implement theme independent javascript layer (managed by core) that theme developers could (and should) use. Theme will just listen to events, such as 'price changed', and react accordingly -- update relevant DOM nodes, etc. When user make some UI interaction, theme will simply fire event such as 'attributed changed' or 'quantity changed'. Core layer will recalculate the underlaying product model, and then fire events to let theme knows what changed.
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    Merchant's Edition made a new release, version 1.9.1. To keep things short here, see the blog: Merchant's Edition v1.9.1
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    I have reproduced the problem. Good news is that the issue is limited to display on product page only - if you add the product to cart the final price is calculated correctly. Bad news is that the fix will require theme(s) modification. I guess any theme derived from default theme is affected. We will release fix for community and niara theme. If you use some third party theme, you will have to contact its developer and ask them to incorporate the fix as well. Or you can do it yourself, it won't probably be that complicated. *Rant: we really have to extract these core price calculations from theme layer to core somehow.*
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    This enhancement is on the roadmap. The hard work was already done in PR https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1083. This pull request needs to be cleaned up first, though. It works only partially, and there is a lot of duplicated code.
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    This is not really a core feature, it's a theme functionality. It's up to theme designers to implement these kind of requests. Of course, we could implement this in community theme.
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    Well you won’t get help like that. This is a community support forum, main contributors are other sellers like you just trying to help in their spare time. You will not get instant answers, and sometimes no help at all. You need to have some patience Most visual things are in the modules section. Look there for sliders.
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    Actually, I enjoy hacking away on this software more than ever. Often deep into the night, because I somehow can't stop. BTW., it's not "my" Merchant's Edition, it's "ours". We just don't make a big issue about ownership, bureaucracy. Enjoying improving this software and enjoying life is much more fun. It gets a tiny bit better almost every day, this sums up.
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    I agree this geocoding should be on opt-in basis. Especially since this probably breaks couple of GDPR rules. I have filed an issue to fix this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1278 Since this is security issue, it will have priority
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    Hello, nice to hear the good news about a new theme! When I start using TB a year ago I choose Niara because I thought it was the newer theme and, at least to me, is much cleaner and nicer. I had to change a lot of stuff, starting with mobile. It would be nice to have some configurations in the new theme, for example the width of the items for top menu (I suppose it will have one!) Register forms have to be clean and simple. I agree with having an easy way of disabling some data as gender, birthday, etc. It would be really nice to use free fonts and having them locally, I prefer to not call google if I can. Changing fonts would be nice too. 3 step checkout like (1) is really nice. I had to make some changes for niara, but I uploaded them as a .zip. A nice contact button (whatsapp/telegram, or whatever) flying easy to clic. I made one that goes to whatsapp if it's on mobile and goes to contact form if it's not. An more or less optimized rich content for search engines. I had to work a lot in order to make google read my products' information. +1 to FOSS, of course :) An easy way of changing colors. Custom CSS is OK, but not really easy for begginers. (1) https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2673-3-page-checkout-sort-of-for-community-default-theme/
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    Just some ideas that I and lots of people have put before... ask if I can try to explain. I don't know which of these Datakick is working-on anyway. 1 page and 3 page checkout. Because there are two questions in the checkout that effect the rest of the form so maybe 1 page is hard to do for some merchants. Not 5-page, because it is more clicks-to-buy; it should not be an option. Customer account: easy to turn-off, and turned-off by default Because it is more clicks-to-buy for the customer Customer info like gender, title, date of birth, 1st and 2nd phone... easy to turn-off, and turned off by default for same reason. Categories: more information about products on them by default. Maybe sizes. Because Seobilty tells me that several belts in the same category look like duplicate content to a search engine; it would rather index the lot in one go. I have trouble describing each belt to make it look different to a search engine. Attributes: styles should allow a block that is black when in stock and grey when out of stock for each size. Because some of my shoes are only available in one size and I don't want to tease the customers who are other sizes. The code would be a bit like the code for choosing size by radio button, maybe with some monospace font... I am not quite sure what I mean but push if you want me to become clearer. A block=size system to put on the category page would be good too if easy enough. Imagemagik - maybe some message to say whether it is enabled on the server. Because it's hard to find the server setting or on some servers you have to ask or it is not available Photos in odd shapes, with white margins round them: these should not have to be white. Because the same colour as the background is good, but it is hard to find the code to change. Some instructions for changing the theme would be enough. I don't understand the free imagemagik module which may have this built-in already. Imageslider module: off by default because ugly and more to download on mobiles. Installation buttons for "maximum modules" and "minimum modules" to would help users choose in-between. For mobile users, I suppose that minimum front-office modules could be best. Breadcrumb and H1 heading combined. An odd option that ought to be good but isn't? This is what I do on my site but not very well; I do not know how to tell search engines that the final breadcrumb should be H1, so I let the theme repeat it as H1, and anyway it has to be very short, so I don't really know what's best but it's an interesting idea I think. Order workflow. This is one of the last things to sort, and I don't know the answers, but a single order ticket that is easy to edit-down and shows in the merchants' email as well as the customers' email would be good. Thanks for the idea of a new theme or mobile theme and the offer
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    Here is some modifications you can do for Niara theme modify the "../themes/niara/css/global.css" file starting at line 1848 and replace all the content of the @media for mobiles by this @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .table-responsive { width: 100%; margin-bottom: 15px; overflow-y: hidden; -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar; } .table-responsive > .table { margin-bottom: 0; } .table-responsive table, .table-responsive thead, .table-responsive tbody, .table-responsive th, .table-responsive td, .table-responsive tr { display: block; } .table-responsive tfoot { display: inline; } .table-responsive > .table > thead > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > thead > tr > td, .table-responsive > .table > tbody > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > tbody > tr > td, .table-responsive > .table > tfoot > tr > th, .table-responsive > .table > tfoot > tr > td { white-space: nowrap; border-bottom: 0; } .table-responsive > .table-bordered { border: 0; } .table-responsive .unvisible, .table-responsive thead tr, .table-responsive #cart_summary .cart_total_price #cart_voucher { display: none; } .table-responsive .cart_total_price > td#total_product, .table-responsive .cart_total_price > td#total_price_container, .table-responsive .cart_total_delivery > td#total_shipping { border-top: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity { width: 50%; float: left; border-left: 0; border-right: 0; padding: 0; line-height: 34px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity > .cart_quantity_input { float: left; width: 55px; border: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_quantity::before { content: "x"; float: left; left: 13px; line-height: 34px; position: relative; } .table-responsive .cart_quantity_button a.btn { border: 0; background-color: #eee; margin-top: 1px; } .table-responsive .cart_quantity_button a.button-minus { margin-right: 10px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_unit { float: left; border-right: 0; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item > td.cart_delete { position: relative; bottom: 109px; border: 0; float: right; margin-right: 15px; } .table-responsive #cart_summary > tbody > tr.cart_item:last-of-type { border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } } It will do the trick....
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    Activate payments for the carrier in Modules and Services / Payment / Carrier restrictions
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    Couple of thirtybees modules (paypal included) uses psr-0 autoload functionality, but with incorrect file structure. This was allowed in older version of composer (with warnings). Newer version of composers does not allow this, resulting in 500 error code. I have fixed the paypal module. Will have to go over other modules that uses composer autoload functionality and check if they work or not
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    Glad to see there's finally a release. Competition is encouraging. It's about the same as 1.1.x as of two weeks ago. On a quick glance, two commits actually affecting code, a dozen commits affecting the build system and source code comments.
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    Nice work. I would just suggest you don't use check (70 == $idCarrier), because $idCarrier will change every time you save carrier in back office. It would be better to modify this check and base it on different information from $data, maybe carrier name or carrier reference id
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    Culprit found for fontawsome, at least for my shared server / cloudflare site... header.tpl starts with special work-arounds for the extinct Internet Explorer 7 & 8 which mention fontawsome. I cut them out. Now fontawsome is on my site! The next step is to delete all that is not needed from it, maybe everything but the magnifying glass, but that will take thought and time. @Traumflug "fonts.googleapis" isn't in the code so I suppose Cloudflare injects it, which I use for SSL so for now that has to stay. I did find something to disable but it made no difference - a font chooser in the Stripe module. (I duplicated my site in site in softaculous, unzipped a downloaded copy on Onedrive, and used the search box there before it said I was out of space and I deleted it all again). Thanks to all for help including Lesley for checking source code.
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    There is a public Slack channel for all, PrestaShop 1.6, thirty bees and Merchant's Edition:
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    There is a bug in the module. It will be fixed in the next version. Meanwhile, edit file /controllers/front/EmailAction.php and modify method reviewProduct to look like this: private function reviewProduct(RevwsEmail $email) { $email->markClicked(); $productId = (int)$this->getValueOrThrow('product-id'); $this->autoLogin($email->getCustomer()); if ($this->context->customer->isGuest()) { if ($this->module->getSettings()->allowGuestReviews()) { $this->openProductUrl($productId, true); } else { $this->openMyReviewsUrl($productId); } } else { $this->openMyReviewsUrl($productId); } }
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    are there more such traps in themes? theme really shouldn't calculate anything, just take data from core and display it.
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    I've just tested on my demo account, and indeed payment request button does not seems to be working. I'm sure it used to work, so this is probably some regression in the latest stripe module. I will create issue in github for this
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    Hard to tell what's wrong. It works for me fine. If you really don't have any core modifications, I suggest you update to latest bleeding edge - 1.1.x using core updater module. Then try again.
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    I have no problems importing the file. Do you have any modification to the tb? What version of tb are you using? Do you have any overrides for Product?
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    There is something left, and in the middle between the Matrix and full tracking. Using Apache, like ten years ago I used Webalizer. It shows you what logs can give you, and it's pretty easy to set up. I suppose it works with Nginx's logs too. I used it before start using TB, setting by hand some 'events' to know what people were clicking. Then installed Thirtybees module and give it Matomo credentials and it start showing all about e-commerce. It's pretty nice. I can't compare it with GA really, haven't used it.
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    @Wartin Yes, you are right. People need to know the options and Matamo would certainly be useful for ecommerce sites. Unfortunatley, with clients, I almost always have to use GA and other insidious software. Server logs provide a wealth of information (not what I am sure Matamo can provide, but insightful) and are underestimated. The only issue is that the data is unfiltered. "like Neo reading the Matrix XD", indeed. Working with clients, I became increasingly frustrated at their obsessions with keyword stuffing, content rehashing and backlink purchasing, all based on their analytics. It became difficult to convince them to focus on long-term goals and good practices, such as a solid content strategy. On a relatively low-profile website, once content has gained pace and relationships with influencers have been established, the right post can deliver 10,000 to 20,000 visitors to the website in a few hours. Analytics usually cause website owners to look internally (rather than externally), it can be tempting to repeat what has worked, instead of exploring what could work better. Of course, you can see that my issues are mostly with how people interpret analytics rather than the analytics themselves. Progress isn't made with change alone, but by building on what you already have. I would, if I were running an ecommerce shop, want to gather more meaningful data than what I could get through server logs alone. Hence, I would like to know more about your experiences with Matamo. Also, do ad blockers affect Matamo in the same way as GA?
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    Carrier delay is stored in the database, it's not dynamic at the moment. I guess we could create new hook that would allow modification of carrier list returned from Cart::simulateCarriersOutput. At the moment, I suggest you to create override of this method, call the parent one and modify it's result. Something like this: public function simulateCarriersOutput(Country $defaultCountry = null, $flush = false) { $carriers = parent::simulateCarriersOutput(defaultCountry, flush); foreach ($carriers as $carrier) { if ($carrier['id_carrier'] === <myID>) { $carrier['delay'] = '<delay_from_webservice>'; } } return $carrier; }
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    I am not an expert but I am comfortable with terminal, so no worries there. I always intuitively knew that the server logs were more accurate but they also track ALL traffic, bots, spambots, etc. so it is hard to figure out what is useful and what is not. Thank you for volunteering this. Very interesting and useful.
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    Hola! Qué cosas módulos te aparecen no traducidos? Fijate en Localización -> Traducciones en "Añadir / Actualizar un idioma", tal vez estás usando un tipo de español que tiene algunas cosas no traducidas? yo uso Español (Spanish). Para editar un tema de qué forma? Solo cambiar algunos colores o modificar cosas grandes? Para cositas podés usar el Custom CSS, o 'Código personalizado', donde se pueden meter estilos en línea para cambiar colores o cosas simples. Sino el módulo está dentro de /themes/nombre-de-tu-tema
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    @Rhapsody The main reason I am suggesting adding more tables is because the data is not going to be accessed internally. In wordpress you have their plugins grabbing the data and sorting through the json looking for what they need. What I am suggesting is for to make it all accessible through an updated web service. That way people do not have to run a theme at all, it can be a completely separate application accessing the data in the shop. This would standardize things.
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    That's very much questionable. The primary function of webshop is to sell. Export / import functionality is a supporting functionality only. Most merchants never really need to export data from their store. There are few that need connector to third party systems (erp, accounting, etc), but not many have need for generic order export functionality. Thirtybees has some basic build in export option in the list. It does not give you details about ordered items, etc, but it's enough for most use cases. (for example to get data to excel for tax purposes). If you need more flexibility you really need to invest into some export module.
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    Just a little hint: I would like to see an option, for products with different atttributes, each one with his own price increment, to better show the price difference instead of one price only ... in this way...: Fron € 14,50 to € 17,90
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    oh, didn't see that, thanks!
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    No, you have to manually change it.
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    Hello, today I found this geocoding feature in BO, I didn't know it existed. Google is now requiring you to have a billing account in it's cloud services. In theory, it is free if you don't use it very often (they give you $200 every month). Would it be possible to reimplement georeference with a service like openstreetmaps for example? I prefer Matomo over Analitics, and really don't like the addresses of every customer being calculated by Google. Thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts @datakick. I think we agree on this, the goal is not to provider some "page builder" like in WordPress, but to make a good looking, modern, responsive theme which makes the best starting point for developers to customize it. Still, having a well developed base theme would probably be good for TB. So maybe focus on the theme framework + base implementation so potential users don't feel like the base theme is outdated. It doesn't seem necessary to update the base theme too often. If we build something OK for 2021, this would already be a huge change compared to the current one 😉 In my mind, the goal isn't to build a "totally fancy for 2021 trends" theme ; it's more to create a sensible default with all best practices (accessibility, responsive, performance, frontend development toolkit...) but that can totally look "generic for 2021", if this seems like a good approach. This is great to read! We know you're probably busy with the upcoming release, but don't hesitate to let us know if you can spend an hour or two after that. Your help would be very useful to get us started.
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    No, Most mails are built in. Mail Alerts is specific just to send the shop owner emails when there is an order, and when there is a shortage of stock. And to send the customer an email when a products come back into stock so they can then come back and make a purchase. It is not the same system as the other emails
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    I think you also should consider to make the theme heavy configurable like many of the paid successful themes like Transformer and Warehouse. I know @zen started to make a module or something earlier. Maybe he can be a part of the collaboration.
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    Check if the mysql user has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, ALTER rights.
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    It's linked on https://thirtybees.com/ => Contribute => Chat on Gitter
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    Thank you for that - I'm fine, have used the above solutions to fix the the problem, I just think it's poor that Niara is still shipping as a "Responsive theme" without proper responsiveness in the shopping cart.
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    This is related to php8 and it's Attribute class. Even if you don't run on php8 there is already a polyfill that introduces this class, and that breaks the whole tb store. I'm currently working on this issue, it will be fixed soon.
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    When someone wants to build a module from Prestools product-edit I would be happy to cooperate. The most popular mass edit module on Prestashop Addons (https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/19965-bulk-mass-editing-products.html) looks like it took quite a lot of inspiration from Prestools. If such a module was made both for Thirty Bees and Prestashop it could pay for itself. As I see it mass edit and cronjobs are areas that have a broad appeal and could help TB too. One of the latest additions to Prestools was image edit that allows you to add images by drag and drop. You need to generate thumbnails afterwards as otherwise it would take too much time. However, for Prestashop 1.7 that is not necessary as it generates its thumbnails on the fly. It might be a good things to have such a thing in Thirty Bees too. Also for mass import by csv. Many of the latest additions to Prestools concern maintainability: integrity checks and cleanup procedures. My main inspiration was that I had to deal with some old shops with quite a lot of decay. As I see it, such old shops should play some role in the discussion about stability.
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    Can't quite agree here (maybe a personal matter). I think it's a company that should post such messages. Not its members. Not every member should be allowed to post official statements, so only selected ones should have access to this account. Still, this account privileges should be elevated to @Messenger Bee a minimum of credibility.
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    Excellent analysis! This timestamp was introduced here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/4267/commits/1e1932559758ce989a8d42d931fd650043234d21 to fix this bug: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-7050 Such a timestamp doesn't make sense to me. Each image has an individual number, there should be no caching issue (unless one changes the image on the command line or by FTP). I've reverted this commit, which results in loading the right picture. On Bleeding Edge -> 1.1.x in ~10 minutes.
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    Okay, I have actually worked out how to hide it in all three places that it appears. The following lines need to be added to the Add extra css to your pages section in the Preferences/Custom Code area of your TB back office: /* For desktop browser account creation, add this line: */ .account_creation .date-select { display: none; } /* For mobile browser account creation add this line: */ #opc_account_form .date-select { display: none; } /* For the user's "My account" page that they can see after they sign up, add this line: */ #identity .std .date-select { display: none; } The commented lines (/* ... */) do not need to be added, only the code lines that start with . or #. Copy & paste to avoid errors. I have tested the above on TB 1.0.8 with the standard community theme (obviously) and it is working without trouble.
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    @yaniv14 said in Can't add new category > missing column in database?: ALTER TABLE ps_category ADD COLUMN display_from_sub tinyint(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER active; Thanks, this seems to work :slightlysmilingface:
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    Yeah I want to make some money ANYONE GOT PROBLEM WITH THAT
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