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    Well, I think it's time to talk a bit about this next release. Last November, I planned to release it on New Year's Eve. As everybody can see, this didn't work out. How could such an utter mis-planning happen? Well, there was this issue with broken price rounding. A Github issue and the reporter even sent me a patch for correcting the misbehavior. Should be a matter of a day for applying and testing this patch, right? Things turned out to be not that simple. Each look at the code came up with more small issues regarding price rounding, the TODO list grew and grew ... and it took over two month to settle the whole topic. Then thirty bees had much more reliable price rounding, but it was also late February. A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago. thirty bees 1.1.0 will come with a much nicer, cleaner theme. Switching the default theme on installation should be a matter of flipping a switch, right? Well, as it turned out, not really. Initial theme installation was found to be entirely distinct from a theme installation done in back office. Huge amounts of handcrafted SQL and XML files instead of a procedure installing the actual theme. Which means, since 4 weeks I'm working on separating theme installation from AdminThemesController, into class Theme, to make it available to the installer as well, and to get rid of all the handcrafted SQL and XML, which is hard to adjust to another theme. Also fixing bugs found in this area, of course. I'm not there yet, probably it'll take another two or three weeks. And then I can flip the switch. What does this mean for merchants? Good thing is, they're not lost. During all the time described above, branch 1.0.x wasn't abandoned, but received many many bug fixes, making thirty bees more stable than ever before. The only thing missing thing there is a formal release. Making such a release would throw back the 1.1.0 release by another week or so, so it's not on the TODO list. We have Core Updater, after all, and @datakick regularly runs some voodoo to update its master repository, which allows to update to latest 1.0.x. That's what a merchant should do. It's named "Bleeding edge", actually it's currently more stable than "Stable". Want a return to monthly releases? Yes, me too!
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    Hey All: I wanted to introduce myself.. Couldn't find a "Hello I am" post. Since most folks here have a Pen or Ghost name you all can call me Factor or Brent. I have been in the IT world for almost 30 years. Mostly on the Application side in the the Healthcare IT world. I was also a emergency room nurse hence the healthcare IT. I have mostly done SysAdmin or Architect type jobs. I am not what most would call a programmer or a coder. I understand networking, posix systems, windows, mac, oracle, and infrastructure. I am from USA Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My hobbies include 19th century culture, photography, gunsmithing and anything tech related. I also love language. I have studied Mandarin, Thai, Lao, Greek and Arabic only spoken. Also only enough to get in trouble. I am Greek by heritage so I am told. I got into Thirty Bee's because my wife sells quilt fabric. Apparently I am the CIO of the business. Seems to be a easy to understand and well coded system. Any way I hope wherever you are you are doing well. Stay safe.
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    New release 0.1.0 I'm pushing this module towards the final shape. This new version is almost complete solution, from framework perspective. What's new: 1) Integration with @wakabayashi amazing krona module. You can now use any conseqs trigger to award loyalty points to your customer. For example, give extra loyalty points if bank payment is done within 5 days or placing order. Or anything else, the possibilities are unlimited 2) Log errors -- shit happens, so we need to count with that. The last thing we want is conseq rule to cause 500 error page. From now on this is (almost) impossible. If any error happens during rule execution, it will NOT affect user in any way. Instead, error will be silently log, and page will render. You will see error log page in your back office conseq module page: 3) Measures - you can now measure some interesting values in your database, and react when this value changes over time. This is the most important functionality in this release. Until now, conseqs could react to real-time events only. We could create rule that was executed when order is placed, or when customer visits some page. We needed some event to perform the action. With measures, we don't need to anymore. It depends on cron task to periodically re-calculate some values. If the current value is different than measured value from the last run, we can trigger any action. This opens doors to many possibilities, and many new types of triggers. For example, this version contains trigger to detect and react to loyalty points expiration (pinging @30knees) I know this sounds way too technical, so let me try to explain this by example: Example: Assignment: We want customer to be assigned to VIP group if (and only if) he purchased over $300 in the last 90 days Solution: (you can download the complete solution vip_group_example.json, and import it to your conseqs module) 1) we will create measure that will calculate amount purchased in last 90 days by customer. This measure will be based on following sql, which returns id customer, and purchased amount in the last 90 days: SELECT `id_customer`, SUM(`total_paid_real` / `conversion_rate`) AS `total` FROM `tb_orders` AS `o` WHERE `o`.`valid` = 1 AND `o`.`date_add` > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 90 DAY) GROUP BY `id_customer` 2) we will create new rule to assign customer to VIP group if measure value goes over threshold of $300 trigger = Measure Value Changed add 2 conditions: "Measure: Old value" < 300 "Measure: New value" >= 300 action = Assign customer to group, bind values "Customer ID" bind to "Measure: Customer: ID" "Group" set to constant value of "VIP" 3) similarly, we will create new rule to assign customer back to Customer group, if measure value goes below $300 trigger = Measure Value Changed add 2 conditions: "Measure: Old value" >= 300 "Measure: New value" < 300 action = Assign customer to group, bind values "Customer ID" bind to "Measure: Customer: ID" "Group" set to constant value of "Customer" And we are done. Conseqs module will periodically recalculate measure, and executes one of these rules if necesseary. The same process in screenshots: 1) create measure: 2) create rule
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    I have just released v1.1.1. This update fixes small js stuff. https://github.com/eschiendorfer/genzo_krona/releases Who is using my module on a live store? How does it work out for you?
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    I've just released new version 0.0.3, with following changes: Features: Ability to register third-party triggers and actions -- Other modules can now register their own triggers and actions. I will soon release new version of my other modules (datakick, revws, pricealert) that will add integrations with conseqs. That will allow to trigger action when new review is created, generate xml/csv file when something happens, etc. Import and export rules -- you can now export your rules and import them back, or to another server. If you have some interesting rules, you can now share them with the community! New action - log into text file,... you can log anything that happens in your store. For example, you can keep track of order state changes. Or you can generate list of orders with VAT number in separate file, etc. New action: Assign customer to group - you can, for example, automatically assign your customers to B2B group if they enter VAT number New binding mode - Interpolation -- in previous version, you could bind action parameters to either constant, or value provided by trigger. Newly, you can combine multiple values using interpolation binding. During runtime, placeholders will be replaced by actual values. You can use this, for example, to personalize subject email: Improvements: Added more common context variables that you can use for binding (date, time, current url, shop url, shop email,...) Caching object models detection to improve performance Bugfixes fix mobile issues I'm open for any ideas for future enhancements!
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    I've just released new version 1.0.24. This version brings following enhancements and bugfixes: Enhancements Reviews with empty titles are now supported Review tab label now shows number of total reviews Customer is redirected back to product page after login Added default css for review average custom placement Italian translation French translation Bugfixes Fixed image overflow issue Fixed images being stretched in firefox Fixed ordering by usefulness Also, new paid version 2.0.5 has been released as well, containing the same features and bugfixes
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    I've just released first beta version of this module, you can download it here. There are still a lot of work to do, but I wanted to release it as soon as possible in order to collect your opinions and ideas. I hope there will be some 🙂 You can also test this module on my demo server - go to Advanced parameters > Conseqences. Please be careful and don't ruin my test account too much 🙂 Some information about the module: - this module allows you to create Rules - every Rule consists of three parts: trigger, conditions, and action - trigger is some event that can fire the action, for example new order created email is about to be sent page view order status change ... etc - conditions - optional settings that you can use to react only on some events. For example, you can use conditions to execute action only when new order is created for customer with id 123 - action - this is where you set what you want to do in reaction to trigger event. For example: send email redirect raise error change product quantity execute custom sql Some screenshots: 1) Rule builder: 2) Choose trigger 3) enter conditions: 4) define action
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    No need to use outdated database from archives, as there is tool on GitHub for converting new Maxmind Geolite2 Free databases to the old Legacy format. (also posted in old geolocation thread) I'm using such converted database for about 5 months now without any problems, but this post has remind me to update it. Tool on GitHub: https://github.com/sherpya/geolite2legacy And GeoLiteCity.dat database conversion from Geolite2 Free dated with June 4th 2019 GeoLiteCity.dat.tar.gz
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    I can also confirm that the fix works. I've picked this change into the next tb version https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/51ebfa051ebd330f0d35a873679ca28ff818e2d2
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    Customers don't like to be asked their date of birth during the account creation process but TB does not provide an easy way to hide this request. Thankfully it can easily be hidden with a little custom CSS. The following lines need to be added to the "Add extra css to your pages" section in the "Preferences/Custom Code" area of your TB back office: /* For desktop browser account creation, add this line: */ .account_creation .date-select { display: none; } /* For mobile browser account creation add this line: */ #opc_account_form .date-select { display: none; } /* For the user's "My account" page that they can see after they sign up, add this line: */ #identity .std .date-select { display: none; } The commented lines (/* ... */) do not need to be added, only the CSS lines that start with . or #. Copy & paste to avoid errors. I have tested the above on TB 1.0.8 with the standard community theme (obviously) and it is working without trouble. It may work with other themes as well but test before deploying. Thanks to @Brent Dacus for suggesting to put this CSS in the Custom Code area instead of modifying the template's global.css file directly.
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    You can add it to the bottom of the global.css file which is located in /themes/community-theme-default/css I just tested it with TB 1.0.8 and adding the single CSS line to the bottom of the file caused the DOB request to vanish from the account creation page.
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    Yes. It'll come with both themes. There's no point in doing so. Yes, except for PHP 5.5 compatibility. PHP 5.6 will be the oldest PHP version supported, then.
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    I believe Krona doesn't have loyalty points expiration feature
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    I can confirm this works in TB 1.08 on the Community Theme. Here is example of authentication-create.tpl <!-- Remove DOB--> <!---div class="form-group date-select"> <label>{l s='Date of Birth'}</label> <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-4"> <select id="days" name="days" class="form-control"> <option value="">-</option> {foreach from=$days item=day} <option value="{$day}" {if ($sl_day == $day)} selected="selected"{/if}>{$day}&nbsp;&nbsp;</option> {/foreach} </select> {* {l s='January'} {l s='February'} {l s='March'} {l s='April'} {l s='May'} {l s='June'} {l s='July'} {l s='August'} {l s='September'} {l s='October'} {l s='November'} {l s='December'} *} </div> <div class="col-xs-4"> <select id="months" name="months" class="form-control"> <option value="">-</option> {foreach from=$months key=k item=month} <option value="{$k}" {if ($sl_month == $k)} selected="selected"{/if}>{l s=$month}&nbsp;</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> <div class="col-xs-4"> <select id="years" name="years" class="form-control"> <option value="">-</option> {foreach from=$years item=year} <option value="{$year}" {if ($sl_year == $year)} selected="selected"{/if}>{$year}&nbsp;&nbsp;</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> </div> </div--->
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    I've not used it but I think it's appreciated by a lot of users. You can check out the theme here: https://www.sunnytoo.com
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    @Brent DacusI think you'll need to do this. What you're quoting is for a theme called Transformer.
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    Yeah email is a bit of a black hole sometimes.
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    https://www.fastmail.com/help/technical/ssltlsstarttls.html Try SSL STARTTLS is a way to take an existing insecure connection and upgrade it to a secure connection using SSL/TLS. Note that despite having TLS in the name, STARTTLS doesn't mean you have to use TLS, you can use SSL.
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    @Brent Dacus - No. You have misunderstood. It has to be a combination of both Example Product 1 weighs 100g and costs £1 . Carrier 1 and Carrier 2 can be shown . Carrier 1 is slow, cheap and does not have tracking, carrier 2 is exensive but quick and with tracking Product 2 weighs 100 g and costs £100 - carrier 1 is no good becuase it does not have tracking carrier 1 should be disabled and only carrier 2 is available
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    This seems to be the "holy Grail" I have been looking for a solution for years and not found anything yet. It is difficult when products are a mix of high weight / low value, and low weight / high value products.
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    @datakick when trying to find this module I realised it was not very easy. A few imputs: 1- I couldn't find it in TB marketplace 2- I could find in in your web (https://www.getdatakick.com) ->other modules> not listed. (more modules missing in comparison with https://store.getdatakick.com/) 3- You listed your subdomain https://store.getdatakick.com/ address in this topic but there is no reciprocal link between this and the main web https://www.getdatakick.com/ Hope it helps!
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    That post should have been its own topic, as I'm sure many people will have questions about it, as do I...... Does 1.0.x "bleeding-edge" have the price rounding fixes in it? Will 1.1.x come with 2 themes or just Niara in it? Once 1.1.x comes out, will you still work on the 1.0.x path? Is 1.1.x backward compatible with 1.0.x, as far as modules and themes go? Thanx for the update on whats going on, and all you guys working on the project!!!
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    @Script-Fu thirtybee core is fully compatible. I'm running my production site on 7.2 without any problems,... the only minor issue is some notices and warnings in error logs, but these are safe to ignore
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    I heard that the full page cache can replace this module but it doesn't work right now. So, as of right now there is no way to have full page cache on tb. According to the developer the module doesn't work because tb uses a class with the same name. Is there any way to make that module work for those of us who want to use it? Or do we have to wait for the full page cache to work and only use that option?
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    Hi, I just checked and my free Numeric Order Reference module works fine on thirtybees. This is a simple, but usefull override, allowing you to change this nasty order references to something nice. Maybe this kind of feature can be someday native in thirtybees? More about the module: http://greenmousestudio.com/en/numeric-reference (tried to attach it but it got blocked)