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    Hi All! It has been a while since you received a newsletter form thirty bees! Well it was certainly time to send one out. I love looking forward to the future of TB but just a few words about the struggles we have encounter. Taking over TB is not an easy as expected task but all is on track to move forward as expected. Beside that I have to run my own stable ecommerce company which can be challenging with covid changes all things we took a year ago a granted. As a merchant I decided that for me it was worth taking over TB as I love the system and wanted to hire a full time programmer anyway. So we can extend the system for all of us and keep it cutting edge. This does cost a lot of money and at this moment is losing money. For all the people buying support and who back us this is great and keeps the system open, thank you 😊! Not a backer yet? Consider it, it would be great to get you on board so that we can work on more community requests. You can do this easily by going to the forum and choose support thirty bees! We recently launched the latest version 1.2.0. which has a lot of bug fixes and core improvements. Nothing fancy in the frontend or Backoffice though 😉 We like to keep it the most stable shop system out there and release stable regular updates. We will release more updates soon but expect after the catch up other updates can take a few months. We do expect version 1.3.0. very soon. It has quite some nice enhancements and improvements, like an new modern way of customer password recovery. scheduled tasks - sort of like build-in cron job work queue - mechanism to execute work jobs asynchronously in order to speed up request processing theme extensions - ability to extend themes, which allows us to introduce new front office features like new password reset work on php8 compatibility module installation overhall (1.6 still supported) product page tabs permissions What will the future bring? It expect TB to be a system that can work on a small scale but also on a bigger scale. For example with a advanced warehouse system which integrates smoothly but works as a separate system. Same for a product information system, and the fields needed for TB and all the different marketplaces. Also the frontend needs some updates as well as elastic search. We are also willing to discuss any enhancements big or small and if it is a good fit add it to the core or module. This can sometimes be free of cost or for a very affordable rate. Reach out to us and we can set up a meeting. Don’t forget to join as a backer! Stay tuned happy selling, all the best!
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    I think you have expressed your feelings in many posts over the time and as you can't see any future, I really recommend to evaluate a different system and change as soon as possible. To succeed i that, I'd like to give you an advice. Invest the time in research and building up a new shop rather than grizzle here about what is going wrong or should be done.
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    For me it's the lack of information, broken promises and all the waiting that makes me very uncertain on this project. Really don't understand the logic of going undercover and not realize that it's important to communicate with your customer base and if there is progress communicate it as well. Without the communication the project seems dead and the believe is that there is no progress. And again, when "staff" do read about the dissatisfaction in the forums and still there is no news or progress shown the conclusion is that there is no progress.
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    Simple and fast - Create file order_status.php: <?php $allow = array("", "", ""); //allowed IPs if(!in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $allow) && !in_array($_SERVER["HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"], $allow)) { header("Location: http://youraddress.com"); //redirect exit(); } require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); if(isset($_GET['data'])){ $name = $_GET['data']; $new_order_state = 34; $get_orders = array(); array_push($get_orders,$name); foreach ($get_orders as $orders) { $order = new Order($orders); $_state = (int) $order->current_state; if ($_state == $new_order_state) {Continue;} elseif ($_state == 33 ) { $history = new OrderHistory(); $history->id_order = (int)$order->id; $history->changeIdOrderState((int) $new_order_state, $order->id); if ($history->save()) {echo '<div class="ok-status"> OK - '.$orders.' </div><br />';} else {echo '<div class="nok-status"> Error - '.$orders.' </div><br />';} } } } else { $name = "Empty"; } ?> <style> .ok-status { font-weight: 600; font-size: 50px; line-height: 60px; color: green; } .nok-status { font-weight: 600; font-size: 50px; line-height: 60px; color: red; } .send-input { height: 65px; width: 300px; font-weight: 600; font-size: 50px; line-height: 60px; } .send-button { height: 65px; width: 150px; font-weight: 600; font-size: 50px; line-height: 60px; background-color: #0093d4;} </style> <?php echo "<form method='get' name='form' action='order_status.php'> <input type='text' placeholder='ID ...' id='focus' class='send-input' maxlength='6' minlength='6' name='data'> <input type='submit' class='send-button' value='OK'> </form>"; ?> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#focus').focus(); }); $("body").click(function(){ $('#focus').focus(); }); </script> <? On top u can allow access only to your IP. So $new_order_state = 34; ( here u set up new state with id, u can look it up in backend - orders - statuses ), next u can edit this part: elseif ($_state == 33 ) ( so for me it means it wont update state to 34 if original state wasnt 33 u can change it by yourself - for example: elseif ($_state != 33 ) means it update every order but with state 33 and so on.. ) Style - customize as u wish Form part, u can also carefully edit it by yourself, we have orders with id 160000+ so i set up max a min length to 6 characters. (action calls to itself so same as we named our file - order_status.php ) Next we call jquery and few simple lines to autofocus input after realod and by clicking on body. Save file and upload it to root of yr TB - to access script just type /order_status.php after yr domain. (we use iframe in prestato display it on dashboard and etc ) We use barcode scanner to scan id from invoice, then u dont have to type, u just scan, scan, scan,... Thats it 😉 I do recomment testing it on your demo / test first..
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    that's indeed a very good idea, as it offers much better protection than the IP address check. It also ensures that the employee context is properly initialized -- that's important for logging, error handling, etc. And since you extract the logic to the admin controller, you can also wrap it all into a small useful module and offer it to the community 🙂
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    There seems to be a bug in tb core. The Webp compression settings is saved, but never used. Fixed in commit https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/86b570f23a08f877bdd8c078c09382224ac593c5
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    I think all these "recommendations" and "ideas" are actually driving developers away. A call for "democracy" in such a context is just kind of an euphemism for "you're obliged do my work for free!". If there is kind of a democracy, ballots aren't forum postings, but code contributions.
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    Dude, you're becoming very annoying. Please stop your negative criticism, it's getting the project nowhere!
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    We are also working on some enhancement of the core updater soon to be released 🙂
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    We are aware of the issue now and will investigate directly on Monday. Sorry!
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    Look into database. table <prefix>_configuration and check value of configuration key PS_OS_PAYMENT select name, value from tb_configuration where name = 'PS_OS_PAYMENT'; +---------------+-------+ | name | value | +---------------+-------+ | PS_OS_PAYMENT | 1 | +---------------+-------+ The value contains ID of order status that will be used when paypay module process the payment. You can compare it with the value in table <prefix>_order_state_lang select id_order_state, name from tb_order_state_lang where id_lang = 1; +----------------+--------------------------------------+ | id_order_state | name | +----------------+--------------------------------------+ | 1 | Payment accepted | | 2 | Processing in progress | | 3 | Shipped | | 4 | Delivered | | 5 | Canceled | | 6 | Refunded | | 7 | Payment error | | 8 | On backorder (paid) | | 9 | Awaiting bank wire payment | | 10 | Awaiting PayPal payment | | 11 | Remote payment accepted | | 12 | On backorder (not paid) | | 13 | Awaiting Cash On Delivery validation | | 20 | Awaiting Bitcoin Payment | | 21 | Waiting for 2 Confirmations | | 22 | Bitcoin Payment Confirmed | +----------------+--------------------------------------+ In my case, it matches the Payment accepted order state. I bet in your store this configuration option will point to different state. If that's the case, then update the configuration value to point to expected order state.
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    This problem happens when there are proxy servers in front of your store. These proxy servers usually act as a cache or a load balancer. When your visitors visit your server, the browser would send request to the proxy server. If proxy can't handle the request itself (usually because it's for dynamic php file), it will make it's own request to your php server. From the perspective of your php server the client IP address is address of proxy server, not IP address of actual visitor (request come from proxy server, not from browser). Now, as long as there is only one proxy server everything works fine, because the IP address of the client remains the same. However, if there are multiple, load balanced, proxy servers in front of your store, then each request to your php server can actually come from different proxy server with different IP address, and cookie the security enabled by 'Check the cookie's IP address' will take place. Thirtybees will block such requests, and that's correct behaviour.
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    Thanks for the replies folks, I'm looking at another cart now. I might still use 30B but I was getting an error on checkout and didn't want to get into bug tracking at this point. My shop won't be a major thing and I'm only doing it now because I don't have an income due to Covid. So all I have is time and I'm not planning to even add inventory to the site still the end of the year. By then all my ducks should be lined up and the business processes tested and honed. Still I think this thread was worth putting up for others that follow.
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    Hi everyone, Sorry for the trouble. This seems to be related to server plesk software update -- the configuration of extra PHP environment property was lost during the update, and the api server stopped working. The server is up and running again.
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    Hi, ty and those are just minor tweaks that make our live here easier. Well before it was used to change lots of them at once hence that code, but thank you, gona update it and add ModuleAdminController as u recommended 😉
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    Hi, so i can list few of them: Front for search we use JoliSearch as for filter Amazzing filter for sliders !Sliders Everywhere! and for menu - Globo Mega Menu (looking for another option right now - i would like to check out ets megamenu 😄 ) Back IMPROVED ADMINISTRATION OF ORDERS for custom "invoice" - ba_prestashop_invoice PrestaSMS and few more specific for CZ / SK market, and some for accounting software
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    Hi, mby someone find this usefull: Open theme folder and find header.tpl, inside HEAD tag insert: {if ($page_name == 'product' or $page_name == 'manufacturer' )} <link href="{$css_dir}manufacturer/{$product_manufacturer->name|replace:' ':''|lower}.css" rel="stylesheet"> {/if} Now our link css will show only on product and manufacturer page. Next create folder inside theme/css/ and name it manufacturer (name depends on you - but dont forget to edit link) Last, just upload your css and name it after manufacturer (without spaces, and and lower case because {$product_manufacturer->name|replace:' ':''|lower} ) - so for Bee Hive u need to create beehive.css Thats it 😉
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    The default theme shows every relevant feature at the base of the product page, in a table. The backoffice allows you to change the order of features, in <div class = "features> for formatting. I can't find a way to put meta tags into features (or tags), or round the default feature table, so here is a work-around. I already had feature 33 set to color and 32 set to google product category. <div class="features"> {foreach from=$features item=feature name=pr_features} {if $feature.id_feature == 33 }<p>Colour: <span title="https://schema.org/Product" itemprop="color">{$feature.value}</span></p>{/if} {/foreach} {foreach from=$features item=feature name=pr_features} {if $feature.id_feature == 32 }<p><span >Google Product Category</span>: <g:google_product_category>{$feature.value}</g:google_product_category></p>{/if} {/foreach} </div> That's it! I haven't made it neat; I just repeat the tagged features at the bottom of the page, but it works.. (There are other work-arounds for shipping dimensions and weight, or product id . Another way is to put some code into the long description, if html cleaner is turned-off, or you might have an unused field like UPC or EAN and use it for something else, changing the tags round it).
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    Tenés razón, al parecer no puede hacerse... estaba buscando por las dudas en algún foro de prestashop, pero no...
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    As you may well aware Prestashop reduced that functionality in its 1.7 version. They provided two motives. One was that their stock management software had quite a few bugs. The other was that the stock management needs of companies are so diverse that it is better to focus on having good interfaces/modules for specialized stock management software packages.
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    But why are you never talking concrete? You never propose any change/addition and collect money for it. Have you even spotted, what is not working in your shop? If yes, why don't you try to find people with the same issues?
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    I am sorry for your feelings 😥 You seem to have a lot of fear from the future 🙀
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    For sure https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search-filters/18575-amazzing-filter.html what i like is that u can use filter on manufacturer / best sales / seearch / homepage/ ..etc 😉 also very simple filter setting for spec cat. and many options
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    Please send me the module in zip file + information how to reproduce the issue, I will look into that. It will be something trivial, probably just wrong instance of $smarty being used to get variables
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    @Mark I am not either agree with the way TB is being managed, but there are more constructives ways to talk and express ideas. And also, sometimes if your/mine/others ideas are not implemented, we need to accept that things are not like we want, and take the decision we think we have to do. There is not more.
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    If you are not satisfied with thirty bees, there are other free open source options which could make your life happier and without stress.
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    If this do work on you I think @Mark has been successful.
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    I have some trouble with the hosting. The website is still there but sometimes it initially says that it is down. When you refresh the page you will see that it is still there.
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    https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/thirtybees-ebay-intergration-prestabay $235 so £170+ The trouble is that this kind of software is either silly money per month, or silly money one-off which is better but doesn't pay for support! I quoted that one because it's on the Thirtybees web site but I chose one called emagicone prestashopmanager. The middle-price version is meant to do both ebay and amazon for (just now) $349 so £252+ including a free smartphone app for notifications of orders and some pretty diagrams. I have got as far as putting my product feed onto a google sheet, which is one of their options, so I can see that it works for that, but ebay reads the spreadsheet as missing a heading. There are emagicone developers on the Guru freelancer site and probably others, so if I get stuck for ever that's an option. If they put their price back-up again, and you show interest by downloading a free trial, they give you a special offer price soon after if you buy quickly. --------------update 27.07.2021 I still have not got the thing working, or got updates to install. It looks as though it works for other people, but it's just a rather fragile kind of set-up.
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    hide out of stock items. ...I do this and guess this is how, if I remember right. The search box top left of the back office also led me here when I searched "hide": preferences > products > Allow ordering of out-of-stock products > no preferences > products > Enable stock management > yes There's an over-ride for each product: catalog > products > Baked Beans > Quantities > When out of stock [ ] Deny orders [ ] Allow orders [X] Default: Deny orders as set in the Products Preferences page If you have combinations, which is the menu option above quantities, you can set a minimum quantity for each which would be worth experimenting with if important. The rest is just a starting point for experiment as well; I might be wrong.
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    Back Office > Preferences > Custom Code > CSS plants code that survives updates; it has worked for me.
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    That's the best answer for many question so far.
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    An important thing for starters: when googling for solutions, also search solutions for PrestaShop 1.6. thirty bees is a derivate, so 80% of the old stuff still applies, just all the bugs are gone.
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    I'm sorry, I don't get your point of view. I think if a merchant finds a bug, according to you, then should do all work except the development and pay for it. In this case TB would lose what's important about it. I think you are actually speaking a about a private/commercial project. I can imagine how hard and time consuming is the work on the project of such. Open source project probably ucually don't bring a lot of money. It's hard to find a way how to achieve it. It is important to attract, retain and expand the community around the project. To appreciate it's (still suprisingly) alive. When mechants (TB possible customers) complains, talk about bugs that means the project is still alive. Of course, it's important to find a way how to earn money of it, if you don't do it just as a hobby (which would not be too good). I think the way could be to focus on the core so that it would be as good as possible, with some good free modules and, what's extremelly important, with superb paid modules that would really make the difference from PS and the others (the money could be here). I think it's also really the time to separate from PS 1.6 starting from TB 1.3 so that the development can go it's way and make even better piece of software / e-commerce solution. One very important thing, which can be TB diffent from the others is that it will NOT SPY on the mechants and don't make them do things they don't whant to do.
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    Its possible but you will have to code it your self. mailalerts module keeps records of customer/email address who are waiting for products to be back in stock... inside mailalert_customer_oos table. you can create yourself a small module with some hook that matches product page (displayLeftColumnProduct,displayRightColumnProduct,actionProductOutOfStock,displayProductButtons), or some new custom hook (and edit product.tpl file). OR you can override front/ProductController and add extra context (and edit product.tpl file). you can use getCustomers() function inside module class to fetch all emails awaits notification regarding certain product.
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    Thanks. Now You can also see why there isn't much users.
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    The mechanism goes like this: Recognize a bug. Approach a developer and say "There is this this bug, here are the steps to reproduce it (1. ..., 2. ..., 3. ..., 4. ..., ...). Please fix it, offer the result as a pull request on Github and send the invoice to me." Pay the invoice and enjoy. Pretty simple and effective.
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    The experience has been good overall, with no hiccups once I had the currency situation corrected. The difference between Stripe and Square is that Stripe pays out once/week. No, the customer does not need to create an account (with Stripe or Square).
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    What does this imply in terms of application? Isn't it true that anybody can say it? It's like if a consultant says, "Oh, just give the finest items with the best service at the lowest price, and people will adore you."
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    Obviously I don't know what happened here. But what I know is, that merchants have to high expectations on DEVs. Devs don't understand the needs of merchants properly. Merchants think: oh lets improve "return handling" or "we need a modern theme". It's not enough to say that. You need exactly to draw, what of the current process is not working or is bad. How it should be designed in the future. Merchants don't even take the time to articulate this things. I have started many initiatives to make progress, but almost nobody joined. So dear merchants: stop crying and start to deliver. What does it mean in practice? Everyone can say it!? It's like a consulting says: oh just offer the best products with best service to the lowest price - then customers will love you...
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    No need to create an account with Stripe. The customer hardly notices them. No need to read the rest of this but it's easy to type so here goes. Refunds greater than payments are my only hassle with Stripe, ever. ( I offered the customer cash in an envelope, stamps, or paypal but she felt sorry for me and did not reply, so I doubt she'll be back. ) Stripe want a postcode / zipcode next to the card details; it's good to find a way to warn customers that they will have to enter the info twice, like adding a title="you have to enter this again next to the card number" in the code for for the form where customers enter it first. That isn't typical, though. My main impression is that it is that Stripe modules and payment pages are written by much better coders than the competition; the cursor moves along the form as you type in a card number / expiry date / thingy numbers / in a way that I seldom notice as a customer on other sites. The module inserts a Stripe payment form onto my checkout page as soon as the customer confirms the address. Payment arrives a few days later in my bank account automatically, which I think is slower than Paypal (from when I was on two P2P car hire agencies and one used Stripe while the other used Paypal) If I want to refund a customer and have no money in my stripe account, it's like Paypal; I have to put the money there for the customer to get a refund a few days quicker, and there is the hassle of not being able to repay more than the amount paid of course. I can send a customer a link to a Stripe page with a receipt on it, if I think the customer needs re-assurance. I think there's even a short url to help do it. If I were a better shopkeeper I might have versions of the site for different currency areas and I guess that Stripe can charge in different currencies but have not tried. I guess it can take payments from European or Asian card systems that look obscure to me, but have not had customers asking me to check. There's no need for support, but if I do need it there is very little compared to Elavon; it's more like Paypal. Nobody you can ring. You think you've found a support page and then get automated responses before finally being able to send an email for a reply a day or two later by someone in an office in North Africa trying to make sense of their company handbook, maybe checking with the boss if I have an awkward question so the replies are slow. Then there is a "how to you rate your support?" I said the problem was the message, not the messenger and they promised to make a note. Thirtybees' free Stripe module works without a hitch, and the good side of not seeing the card numbers is that you don't have to think about the precautions system, whatever it is; a questionnaire I had to fill-in each year when I used Elevon. I had no complaint with Elavon, which is an anglo-irish company set-up by one of the banks, but I relied on a work-around that let me type real live card numbers from another ecommerce system into part of their site, which took time and was a responsibility. I did a half-minute search and found no free module for Elavon and PS1.6 although there is a paid one. Elavon have higher support costs than Stripe so I guess they'll never be cheaper. Talking of typing card numbers manually into a web site, years ago UK MBNA cards allowed you to make a balance transfer from any UK debit card without commission, so I did, whenever someone paid by debit card. It was slow, and after a while they added a clause that said "the card must be in your name", so I stopped. I tried Nochex as a backup for a while - a small UK firm. They tend to want a £50 set-up fee and want to keep your cash until they're sure they can risk and afford to let you have it, they're not cheap, and their graphics look a bit like Windows 95. I have never tried Simplify.com/commerce . Last time I looked they only operated in the USA and Ireland where I don't sell enough to want a separate card processor, but I got the impression that they're a little bit cheaper. They have a module on github for PS1.7 but not tested on PS1.6 / Thirtybees. PS/Thirtybees default one page checkout is a bit laborious in order to let you have different payment systems in different countries, so this would be an up-side to the system if you want that. Just recently I used Wise (= Transferwise) for bank transfer to different currencies because they are cheap. I suppose there might be a way to adapt Thirtybees bank transfer module if you sell things for hundreds or thousands of £$€ and want low fees for yourself and your customer; if you want them to make a bank transfer in their own currency and reserve the product until money is received. I have not thought how it would work. Currencyfair is the same kind of thing as Wise, buy Wise give you a personal bank account number if you want to be paid (not refunded) in one of their currencies. I haven't used this but guess it's useful to some people. I don't remember what I pay for stripe, which I initially got from a link on Waveapps when that firm worked in the UK, but I think it was similar to Elavon and a bit less than Paypal for a regular business customer. Hope this helps John
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    Ok found the problem, it was changed database access rights that seemingly only blocked that function...
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    We are also currently working on a module that keeps the end price the same and the store owner takes depending on the country a bit more margin or a bit less.
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    The project is going forward as planned. There should be 2 major releases per year, 1.3.0 will be released during the summer. While we also planned to release s few bugfix releases, there weren't that many injections and regressions in 1.2 release to actually do that. That would be a lot of work to release 2 bugfixes. I understand that it can look like not much is happening when you look at github repo(s), but a lot of work is done behind the scenes. Some is work on private repositories (thirtybees api server, data collection service, scheduler, etc). Some is work on public repositories that is not published yet (for example, there is an ongoing effort to make core and native modules php8 compatible, and this must be released as a big bang). Also, tb core repo is not the only one that receives some love. For example there's a big overhaul of core updater coming soon.
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    You certainly can. Because the platform won't loose features just by time advancing. If there are sufficient features to run the shop now, these features will be there in 3 years as well. And there are a number of reliable developers.
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    Check out @datakick’s module : https://www.getdatakick.com
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    Of course it's possible. You need to 1) edit file /classes/module/PaymentModule.php and change lines $productVarTpl = [ 'reference' => $product['reference'], 'name' => $product['name'].(isset($product['attributes']) ? ' - '.$product['attributes'] : ''), 'unit_price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice, $this->context->currency, false), 'price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice * $product['quantity'], $this->context->currency, false), 'quantity' => $product['quantity'], 'customization' => [], ]; to look like this: $productVarTpl = [ 'id_product' => (int)$product['id_product'], 'id_product_attribute' => $product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int) $product['id_product_attribute'] : null, 'id_image' => $product['id_image'], 'link_rewrite' => $product['link_rewrite'], 'reference' => $product['reference'], 'name' => $product['name'].(isset($product['attributes']) ? ' - '.$product['attributes'] : ''), 'unit_price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice, $this->context->currency, false), 'price' => Tools::displayPrice($productPrice * $product['quantity'], $this->context->currency, false), 'quantity' => $product['quantity'], 'customization' => [], ]; That will pass additional data to the order_conf_product_list.tpl template 2) edit /mails/en/order_conf_product_list.tpl -- replace /en/ with iso code of your language and add this code there, just after first <tr>: <td style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;"> <table class="table"> <tr> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td> <img src="{$link->getImageLink($product['link_rewrite'], $product['id_image'], 'cart')}" alt="{$product['name']}" /> </td> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> </td> note the 'cart' string in getImageLink function. This is the image type that will be used. You can change it to any image type that exists in your system. 'cart' or 'home' should work fine in most cases 3) edit /mails/en/order_conf.html you will need to add new column header here, and also adjust table colspans. Put this code <th bgcolor="#f8f8f8" style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;background-color: #fbfbfb;color: #333;font-family: Arial;font-size: 13px;padding: 10px;">Image</th> just above <th bgcolor="#f8f8f8" style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;background-color: #fbfbfb;color: #333;font-family: Arial;font-size: 13px;padding: 10px;">Reference</th> and replace two occurances of colspan="5" with colspan="6" That should do the trick. Result looks something like this:
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    Thanks, I got it working. Hope this cheat sheet / guide helps others. In the BO, In Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome' 'transplant a module' button Module > select 'HTML block' Transplant to > select 'displayHome' Now if you go back to Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome'. You will see the HTML block is there. To edit the contact, go to HTML block > add new block > fill in and select the hook 'dispalyHome' It now should be on the home page.
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    Now that backoffice>preferences>custom code>add css allows you to tweak styles by default, more shopkeepers might want to shorten the default one page checkout. No changing of files is required; it's all done from the back office where shopkeepers like me are happier making changes. The first step is to do everything possible from backoffice (BO) settings to simplify the checkout form. BO>orders>general>order process type: set to "one page checkout". Enable guest checkout. Turn off all else. BO>modules...>modules..> "block cart" module. configure to turn off "ajax cart" and "upselling", then disable the module BO>preferences>customers set "newsletter registration", "opt in (to special offers)" and "phone number is mandatory" to "no" (unless maybe you need a phone number for a courier) BO>localisation>translations expand all fieldsets and search for "New customer", changing to "Customer" BO>localisation>translations > ORDER-OPC-NEW-ACCOUNT change "delivery address" to "delivery address copies customer name" change "save" to "check address and postage" The second step is to amend the default stylesheets. The trick is to right-click the part of the form you don't want, choose "inspector" in a browser like Chrome which has an option to "copy selector". You copy and paste it to backoffice>preferences>custom code>add css where you can add an extra {display:none;} or {display:block;}. This has worked for me so far in Niara theme and something similar will work for others. -------------------------------------------------------------------- /* CHECKOUT TWEAK for preferences custom code css section*/ #quantity_wanted_p {display: none !important;} /*quantity on product page can be removed. The effect varies a little between themes*/ #cart_title {display: none;} /* saves space to encourage scrolling-down*/ #opc_account_choice {display: none !important;} /*for edge browser*/ #login_form {display: none;} /*everyone uses guest checkout so no login*/ #opc_account_form.unvisible {display:block !important;} /*guest checkout visible*/ #new_account_title {display: none;} /*customer heading*/ /* #customer_firstname label caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(13) > label {display: none;} /* #customer_lastname label caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(14) > label {display: none;} /* #company caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(15) {display: none;} #discount_name.discount_name {display: none;} #voucher {display: none;} #cart-voucher {display: none;} #login_form .box {display: none;} /*includes most of the lines up till vat number */ .date-select {display: none;} /*order and date of birth form*/ #vat_number_block {display: none !important;} #checkoutLogin {display: none;} #logged_checkout {display: none;} #blockuserinfo-login {display: none;} #product_condition {display: none;} #phone {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(25) {display: none;} /*catches the label for phone */ #phone_mobile {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(26) {display: none;} /*catches the label for mobile*/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- The same technique can make payment methods such as a stripe or paypal module visible if enabled for your account and for the country selected. Details will be be different for each payment module. If in doubt, $24 buys the "show payment methods" module from Green Mouse Studio who sell on codecanyon linked from https://thirtybees.com/partners/compatible-modules/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 19/10/19 I didn't think of checking on a mobile emulator like https://www.brickandmobile.com/mobile-emulator/ until reading the post below. I've done a single quick test now, and the same code seems to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 21/10/19 I tested this guest checkout on Thirtybees 1.01 a few times with the same email address, and it works each time. If I am two customers with the same email address under BO>customers>customers and if I click on myself it says "This customer is registered as a Guest." and has a button to turn me into an account holder; "This feature generates a random password before sending an email to your customer.", it says. Prestashop fails second time: "There is 1 Error(s): An account using this email address has already been registered.", and there are some years-old threads online where people look for a neat answer; there's nothing similar under the backoffice>customers. Site owners have to cut out bits of file to stop the error message. This is a pity because there are CSS editing modules for Prestashop like the free one from DH42, and the same style sheet worked otherwise. Added 18/06/20 There is a subtlety. Default settings are full of invites to register an "account", so someone somehow might do it, and account-holders need Thirtybees to have a bug-fix-update file if they are to order again with the same email address but no password. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1150 : "An account using this email address has already been registered" preventing purchase where there is only guest orders with that email -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 30/10/19 If doing this for someone else, I'd translate the labels for phone and mobile to "." in case the lines below change and reveal the labels. For some reason my own form now needs #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(24) {display: none;} /*label for phone */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(25) {display: none;}/*label for mobile*/ instead of 25 and 26 as above - I suppose they're sensitive to other changes in the form, or maybe a core file update could effect them too. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 03/11/19 DH42 free Prestashop Editor seems to work on a defaullt installation, although not the bleeding edge version. If so, I guess it allows refinement of the code above. It's possible to edit the product.tpl file to take out unwanted stuff until the next code update, and it's possible to add the style sheet to an area like checkout and not to other pages. Thirtybees template selector, based on another DH42 module, allows you to have an self-edited template for any product where you select it; you can have different templates for different kinds or product. I imagine that these survive site code updates. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 06/11/2019 "Please log in to see payment methods" shows by default before you choose a country and address, when the system doesn't show a payment method. Even if you don't allow logins. So it's good to translate to "Please choose a country and address to see payment methods". (I thought I'd forced mine to show, but they still hid on the mobile version of the site.) There are other suggestions dotted around on forum threads. Translation has to be repeated if you change themes or allow another language. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helps other shopkeepers, and if I have written it badly then improvements are welcome. Maybe it could be built into a future theme. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 05/04/2020 - Toplakd has writtten a 3 page checkout tweak, altering the checkout.php and templates from the default 5 page checkout. It's a thread with replies over on the themes forum. -------------------------------------------------------------------- added 17/05/2020 About modules. I use Cloudflare, which slows the site down but can be used to offer a free secure server. Cloudflare can guess where in the world a customer is. A free Datakick module adjusts Thirtybees to this information. This can ease the trouble of having to fill-in the country part of your address and confirm before you see postage options; the box can be pre-filled I think. €40 buys a Datakick module that puts the delivery country right at the top of the page and "tries to simplify the checkout flow". There is short youtube video and a try before you buy option. I haven't seen other checkout modules that work like that; they get reviews like these instead. One Page Checkout modules have trouble because the default one works in steps. There are buttons that effect what will be shown at the next step. A button confirms your address before showing the price of postage, which has a logic to it. Another asks you to "please sign in to see payment methods" for the same reason; the cart can have Mastercard's Simplify Commerce enabled for the US and other options again just for Europe; maybe even for wholesale customers v. retail for all I know. If you condense these steps into three columns on a one page checkout they confuse. Knowband's module and others ask shoppers to confirm their address on a button right at the bottom left of the screen where nobody would expect a button. That same module doesn't cope with updates unless you subscribe to their service to update it, and it doesn't simplify; it complicates. The only benefit is a page of switches for some of the {display: none;} changes that you can do for free in thirtybees' back office. That's why a DIY hack helps; beware of expensive imitations --------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Well that's Prestashop's position and that position might very well be what creates multiple opportunity for TB. Although the advanced needs are diverse for merchants there's two points to make about that: 1. Creating a solid infrastructure that works well for most could set TB apart. Prestashop have given up and others don't really compete. Bugs exist but not so many that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to get on top of and then push TB as being leaders in this area. 2. TB can then build modules that cater to different needs providing the business case stacks up. For me the warehousing and admin is key and I'd certainly be up for having a solid foundation then more a advanced warehousing module on top.
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