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    I have used it with no issues on TB 1.1
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    CentOS Web Panel (CWP) user here. Relatively new to it but so far I like the features & flexibility. I've used cPanel and Plesk in the past but never really liked either. I tried a selection of the top free panels like VestaCP (and a couple of forks), ISPConfig, and Webmin as well as doing a lot of reading on other panels. In the end I decided that CWP was the best balance between ease of use, overall power, regular updates, and flexibility. So far it has not disappointed and I will be migrating all my dev & test sites off Cloudways and onto the new VULTR server running CWP. Next up will be setting up an Elastic server to test that out. Wish me luck. 🙂
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    Not sure what happened, I opened it back up though.
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    I'm making another demo in Spanish for Youtube and just saw the new forum live while recording, haha. Congrats, guys!
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