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    I believe this is fixed in upcoming version: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/8e89acf9061e88bc106658891c8bd5abb83eeb9c#diff-f44483a142f09ca47bd59224eb070bfb
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    In this case there's no hook available. The only way to disable this functionality is using override. Because this is thirtybees-only functionality, NONE of the existing seo module comes with such override. They don't need to, because ps16 does not have this feature. What that means for merchants? It means that in order to use any of these seo modules, they need to modify them first, and create php override file. Or manually create override file. Or modify core... Now, isn't it easier to simply turn this feature off, and then install module that do this particular thing better?
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    We have a 12 year-old eCommerce business running Presta (ThirtyBees 1.0.8) and are looking for a remote developer to help with out backlog of work. Requirements: Comfortable working in linux, mysql, javascript. Be able to reverse engineer, troubleshoot existing custom code. At least mid-level software engineer experienced with PHP, PrestaShop and Git and prove skill l Must be able to join least a weekly video standup call Good communication skills and willingness to use project management software to communicate status such as Asana Must be comfortable working in a team programming environment and collaborate on solving problems Please reply and provide a resume/cv and some details interested. We are based in the US and in both Eastern and Mountain Time zones.