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    tb_employee has email for support@aftership.com I've been getting a lot of page not found under visitors Think I might just delete all the above instances and hope for the best. I don't like that after uninstalling/deleting module and removing web service link aftership stays. I guess no one else stops using aftership and has this problem 🙂 *update* deleted 2 matches in TB_carrier no longer have the live link under customer order but I don't show USPS tracking even though I save/finish a new link to USPS again under carrier I'm using this link: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?strOrigTrackNum=@ Shouldn't that link adding @ show the live link where the old aftership link was under orders? *SOLVED* couldn't edit topic to add solved For some reason my database was not saving the USPS url after entering/finish on the carrier page. Is this a known issue or just me? 🙂 Used phpMyAdmin to access my database at my host using the search ON THE TOP not on the left pane for "aftership" edited the url that was pointing to aftership then added: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?strOrigTrackNum=@ Also deleted all database entries that contained aftership. Finally got rid of it after it did not uninstall completely. Now I can click on the tracking number link under orders>view any of my customer orders and the live link goes to the tracking number at USPS as it should! Also used login as customer module from @datakickto make sure customer link was correct and it is! Thanks @musicmaster all seems to be working correctly now!
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    Installing thirty bees is pretty trivial: unpack the ZIP, upload all the files via FTP and direct your browser to your site.