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    yes, it´s like that. Maybe you find this useful (it is for other themes, but description is very good): https://answers.themler.io/articles/9064/how-to-use-google-fonts-locally
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    Hi Wartin, thank you, I find it's working now, just because the difference of the mobile brower which makes the remove options become different. But now it's better than before.
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    According to many, all kind of pop-up things are quite high in the ranking of meaningless inventions of mankind. But it depends what kind of customer you need.
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    Hi everyone We know it's now been a while since our first post. While we'd love to have new news to share, we're still waiting for some important documents to continue the negotiations. Someone here mentioned that buying a company can sometimes take months. Unfortunately we're seeing that this may be the case here too. We are eager to pick up the reigns and move TB forward, but will have to ask you all for your continued patience while we sort out all the details of purchasing TB. We're picking up that it could still take many weeks before this thing has been finalised. On the plus side, we do have some info to share: The Core Developer has essentially been finalised and has indicated that he is on board (subject to the sale of TB being concluded and other details, of course). We will reveal who, once everything is sorted. He will be full-time. And you will be more than happy 😉 We plan to move TB forward with continued maintenance and improvements and evolution. Making TB better, by building on its solid foundation and listening to the community. Not ripping it up and starting again. So no plans to change architecture or any crazy Prestashop 1.7 or Symfony ideas. There will be roadmaps, bug fixes, new features, enhancements, support and massive community involvement, feedback and participation. We look forward to finalising the negotiations and purchase of TB. We will provide feedback within the next few months. Hopefully sooner. In the meantime, please keep using and promoting TB. We promise an exciting future for TB ahead. Thanks for all your support 👍
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