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    You can try to see if there is a niara folder inside /themes. If there is, maybe you can rename it to niara-off and upload a full brand new /themes/niara directory from the thirtybees zip full instalation package, using FTP. If you don't have a backup, before trying anything else, just pack the whole TB instalation in a zip and download it.
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    did you empty the shop cache and the browser cache? i currently only see the maintenance mode. Your php version with 5.6.xxxx should also be updated - this gives more power. try a new update with template change. it can also be due to one or the other module. or change your settings before trying the performance again example and reload:
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    Thanks a lot @datakick . I was aware about that module but even when i was adding there my copyright info, i couldn't see anything at the footer bottom . My issue was that i have had unhooked the module by accident from "Header" Hook position. Now it works perfect. Hope this will help also other users with the same issue.
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