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    Why should there be a thread like this in the first place? I'd say this is quite personal. I don't know exactly what medical treatment Lesley is going through, but I'm sure he's not thrilled to "write blogs about it".
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    Maybe a bit too fast to conclude, but I believe the current bleeding edge version is the most stable version, that 1.6 ps and tb has ever seen! Thanks to all that contributed to this! Especially @Traumflug @datakick and @lesley
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    I am not really part of this team. I don't have any shares and I am also not paid in any means. In fact I am a merchant that contributes more to this project than most others do. I have asked Lesley in private, how is it going and he didn't respond. So either he needs recovery time or he just doesn't want to talk about it. I understand, that you get a little nervous, when the initiator of the project is absent. On the other hand, you could use the time to improve your store or to contribute in some way. As I said in another thread: bleeding edge right now is stable like no other tb/ps software before. In general we (merchants) expect this project to go further. But we can not even find out together, what the most important todos are.
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    You're a starlet! Thanks, so for now I have just changed the wording, which I think will make it clearer to potential buyers now. I've put 'Either pay via Paypal above or sign in to pay via stripe' Thank you for taking the time to respond. Claire
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    oi, there's a new bug in core 🙂 When NoCaptchaRecaptcha module is installed, the call to Module::isEnabled('NoCaptchaRecaptcha') returns false, while call Module::isEnabled('nocaptcharecaptcha') returns expected true. I'll fix this in the core. Until then, you edit override file (\override\controllers\front\ContactController.php) and replace all occurrence of Module::isEnabled('NoCaptchaRecaptcha') with Module::isEnabled('nocaptcharecaptcha')
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    The cleanest way is to add such columns over a module and use the correct hooks. Overrides work of course too, but has some drawbacks when updating. This is quite a simple job. Basically you need to learn a bit of SQL... Btw: https://github.com/thirtybees/addressliststates
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    You answered yourself. Disable check cookie IP feature, and you are good to go. What is the problem: The IP address the HTTP request arrived from to your server was different than the IP address for which original cookie was issued. Thirtybees detected this situation, and reacted accordingly -- disregard the request, and logged you out. The Cookie IP address check feature is very outdated, and in my opinion it should be removed from the code. The original reason to have this was to prevent 'highjack cookie' attack. For example, if you were on a WIFI in the coffee shop, and logged-in to your store (without SSL), then anyone in the coffee shop could intercept the HTTP request, extract the cookie, and use it to gain access to your back office. The IP address check mechanism can prevent this because the new request comes from the different address... That's the theory. In practice, the attacker would share the IP address with you, because the coffee shop WIFI is behind some router with single public IP address. And so this IP check would not work at all here... The only correct way to prevent this attack is to always use SSL (https) connection. Note that there are many reasons why IP address changes. You ISP provider can have multiple gateways and load-balancing request between them. Or you can have your server behind cloudflare,... and many more.
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    @lesley I hope you are doing well and are back.
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    High five to everyone that is contributing to thirty bees. I needed little longer to migrate to it, but once the Migrator was brought to it's flawles working state (i belive arround 1.0.7 or 1.0.8) the migration was as easy as it gets. After initial testing on my spare shop instalation, my live shop was now updated to latest bleeding edge.
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    Buying support for templates is rather common. They are complex beasts so it is quite common to find something in some corner not working ok. In fact Thirty Bees saves you money as it has some more functions so you will have to buy less modules. The more serious problem with the templates is that the average template provider doesn't support Thirty Bees. So in order to receive support you will often need to maintain a parallel copy of Prestashop to certify that the problem you found also happens in Prestashop. Having a list of what to expect would do a lot to convince more template makers to support Thirty Bees.
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    We have been running Bleeding Edge for 2-3 days and have not found any issues.
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    CoreUpdater will fix code in core only, it will not touch your module. But, in this case, you won't have to do anything. This issue will just be fixed 'twice' 🙂
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    I am thru now. Login to backend with http and not https. Then regenerate htaccess. Now I am in. But the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is still there. Will look into that
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    Probably search for: \override\controllers\front\ContactController.php
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    @vzex, your idea of a "complete address" is one of many. For some people and country they won't matter since they'll be selling mostly small products and send them through standard postal way. But there are of course people selling in countrys with states having various tax rates, people selling heavy product and thus having more constraint. With heavy cargo, some carriers even have specific grids that are based on towns altitude, distance from storage center and don't take anything else into account. Not to mention people selling all over the world... And like @datakick wrote while I was answering you there are also things like VAT number which seems mandatory for some while other look at it and are thinking "not useful". Also trust @wakabayashi about modules. They are the roadway for maintenance. When I took my job I was very green and did many unclean things including hardcoding some controllers (yeah I deserve to be slapped) and now, I'm like : "The website is fine it's getting more order every year, but how can I transition to TB, or any other ecommerce from where I am and not break the thing apart ? " The answer is I just can't, and I'll have to rebuild the changes I made over the year once we decide to change the CMS.
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    Every merchant has their own needs. Some of them sell worldwide and would like to see country/state. Others only sell locally. Some merchants absolutely have to see postcodes, others don't (yeah, there are countries with optional postcodes). Many EU merchants can't live without seeing VAT numbers, US merchants couldn't care less. What about business name? For b2b store it's also a huge requirement, for b2c not so much... It's not possible to include all these information by default. The list would take too much space, and it would contain so much information that nobody could find anything, really. So, the decisions were made. The list contains those information that 80% of merchants needs the most. Of course, it sucks to be in the remaining 20%. But hey, customize it. That's why it's called open source.
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    IIRC it's like 5 images per request. This should be enough proof for the conclusion that there's something wrong with this image. I'd open it in GIMP, export it into a new file and try again.
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    slow down....... it'll be ok..... jez
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    I believe this is fixed by using: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/548d2fb30ddc0a54298a893ac37d433fc4b5b76a
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    Maybe you miss that missing images get generated on the fly. Just request them, e.g. by visiting the product page, and they're there.
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    Yeah, any news on @lesley? I'm sure we're all curious how he's doing? Best wishes to Lesley and for a speedy recovery.
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    I had this exact same problem with Braintree .Payment options only showed up after they logged in.. I too have lost a lot of customers this way.. I have since removed and am trying to organise alternative payment methods that show up whether they are logged in or not
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    Just updated. Seems to firing better than normal now. No new issues
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    If the quick fix works, you could translate from the back office, so that future automatic updates to OrderOpcController.php don't effect you. Maybe you are doing it already but I'll type this anyway! "Please choose a country and address to see payment methods" was my choice although ""You will see payment methods after saving your address" looks better because you can now find ways of pre-selecting the customers' country and "'Either pay via Paypal above or sign in to pay via stripe" looks simpler. back>localisation>translations>| front office | your theme | english>modify (I stuck with "english-english" to stay simple) >expand all fieldsets control+F to find the first "Please sign in to see payment methods.", (or whatever the wording on your theme), change it, save, expand all field sets again and repeat till done. I had a go at removing with a style sheet in backoffice>preferences>custom code|css but didn't really know what I was doing; the style looked as though it would apply to a lot of other things as well . The idea worked better on other parts of the form and I have rough notes under "tips and tricks" "Default one page checkout shortened from the back office css panel" on this forum site. good luck John
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    I tried to improve it a bit: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commits/ImproveImapSync There was a bug. It was not possible that your order messages got updated in the customer service trough IMAP Sync. I fixed this. Probably I will make PullRequest soon. If somebody has any issues/improvement ideas for customer service, it's time to bring them up now.
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    You could try one ofthe one page checkout modules as payment methods are shown without this problem. I use @datakick's Chex module and it is fab (and cheap)
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    I have such a phrase in controllers/front/OrderOpcController.php. In general I wouldn't recommend you, to change it there... But for a fast fix, it might work.
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    I've never had troubles with PS, started with 1.3.8 and upgraded in steps to last 1.6 version. Than at some point thirtybees migration module has started working flawlesly and I migrated to thirty bees about a year ago. Everything runs as before, without any problems, just the speed of shop is better, back office mostly. But I don't use tons of modules, only 24 modules installed (with AEUC and Geolocation)
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    I updated to Bleeding edge at last week of November, and is running without any problems.
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    I believe that one of the things that is holding people back from migrating from Prestashop to Thirty Bees is that although people often say that it is easy to adapt modules and templates there is never any clear description of what has been done. Saying it is easy is from my point of view not very helpful as not everybody is as competent with software and even very skilled people can overlook things and discover much later that they have a serious problem. That is why I would love to see concrete descriptions. What was really changed? Was it just some cosmetic adjustment that you would have made under Prestashop too? Is Thirty Bees providing different data to the template than Prestashop. Is there something else different in the mechanism? Or does it have some underlying style sheet that is different?
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    Same here. Works pretty well for me until now.
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    Can you share what kind of modifications are needed?
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    Hi, we are use this one https://themeforest.net/item/flexshop-multipurpose-responsive-prestashop-theme/16862260 (needed a little bit of modifications). But I tried more ps 1.6 and most of them works with small fixes.
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    Well. At least on carrier is back when ASM is disabled. I go thru all the steps to find out why there is only one carrier back and not all of them. Looks like the sun is shining again (yes, yes, it is almost midnight here) And now all looks good. So at the moment Advanced Stock Management didn't know exactly what he was supposed to do.
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    I fixed this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1133 Btw: I updated today to newest bleeding edge. Who else did?
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    You mean this chief programmer, whose visions of a tabula rasa in strange denial of reality are based on the assumption that hundreds of IT companies or freelancers who develop modules or themes for Prestashop will enthusiastically change their developments completely and follow their new leader unconditionally. Dream on! This is what the real world looks like when you don't view it from the Prestashop ivory tower: (https://gitter.im/PrestaShop/General?at=5df21d010616d6515e268af9) What we see currently, after more than 4 years of new development, is clumsy, split into thousands and thousands of files, more confusing than ever and constantly generating new problems and bugs. Borowicz himself does not dare to predict when the development will come to an end. And if he doesn't leave Prestashop prematurely like all his predecessors, the last annoyed user will probably have turned to a different shop system before the visions could be realized. My goodness, this is a shop software and not an isolated special design to control the next Mars expedition.
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    1.2.0 - 11/16/2019 New version without security problems.
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    Hehehe. Look, I asked 18+ hours ago. I think it's reasonable to do a follow up, to keep this post / thread alive. If you want to make a comment, you can ask the team guys why they haven't bothered to reply?
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    https://blog.maxmind.com/2019/12/18/significant-changes-to-accessing-and-using-geolite2-databases/ Now what?
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