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    Announcing this here, because this module doesn't appear in your back office automatically and bugs prohibiting migration from an entire group of PrestaShop versions were fixed. Fixed one general bug which could cause downloads without timeout, leading to unhandled script abortion. Fixed two bugs prohibiting migrations from PrestaShop (and probably similar versions). Make it pass validatemodule.sh as far as expected. As always, find the download on the release page: https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/releases/tag/2.0.1
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    See https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prestashop+dual+price+display Remember, all PS 1.6 modules still work on thirty bees.
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    D'oh. Forgot the question about whether the old updater should get uninstalled. The answer is No. The old updater is still needed for updating not thirty bees core, but modules. Plan is to move code needed for updating modules back into core, so eventually the module becomes obsolete, but not for the time being.
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    Your update yesterday fixed the problem. Thank you!
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    I cant thank you enough for this module. As with it, the migration process was easier than making coffee. Migrated from PS with previous relase and is was just Plug&Play.
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    Before modifying your database please do a backup of it first. Look at your database (phpMyAdmin). Look at ps_modules (or whatever your prefix is) and order by 'name', look for autoupgrade in the 'name'. Note the 'id_module' field, then delete that entry if you find it. Next, assuming you found the autoupgrade module in the previous step, look at ps_module_access, order by 'id_module', delete all three entries that correspond to the autoupgrade modules 'id_module'. Next...look at ps_module_group, and sort by 'id_module' you should find 4 entries with the same id as the module, delete them.
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    Again I have played little with tabs, this time in OPC Login/New account. yourtheme/js/order-opc.js needs to be modified if you wish that data from login form refreshes the customer login information in top navbar as that data is not refreshed by default with use of community theme OPC login form. Last line ".... // add this line to reload header with user info" should be added arround line 70 and arround line 200. arround line 70 // update token static_token = jsonData.token; updateNewAccountToAddressBlock(that.attr('data-adv-api')); $('#header-navbar-right-nav').load(' #header-navbar-right-nav > *'); // add this line to reload header with user info when login arround line 200 // force to refresh carrier list if (isGuest) { isLogged = 1; $('#opc_account_saved').fadeIn('slow'); $('#submitAccount').hide(); updateAddressSelection(advApiParam); } else updateNewAccountToAddressBlock(advApiParam); $('#header-navbar-right-nav').load(' #header-navbar-right-nav > *'); // add this line to reload header with user info when new account Upload the file into your theme folder, and change the link to it in order-opc.tpl or rename it to order-opc-new-account.tpl and remove original. order-opc-new-account-tab.tpl
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    Hey guys, i created this theme based on community theme with clean design, some additional modules and second image on hover. You can see demo here: http://demo.worldtriangle.com/niara/ and download it here: https://gum.co/niara100/
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    Just for clarification: Which is the difference between the newly released module Core updater and the thirtybees updater? One is in substitution of the other? Should we run both of them, or should we only use core updater from now on? I've installed it and I've used it. I like it. I've updated files in the same latest TB version and it did some minor changes. Should we uninstall thirtybees updater, or it will keep some functions not found in core updater?
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    That's correct. It's stupid, isn't it 🙂
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    Judging by what's been said ,if you remove you wont see module updates until they finish the core updater
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    Hi Simon By default it one or the other (using the customer group). I think you will need a modification or module to display both The difficulty though that even with group a visitor will see the vistitor price. Existing customers will only see the group price when logged in
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    Upgraded all modules and store from a 1.0.4 installation to a 1.0.8, and it all went seamless! Thank you for all the great work you guys do! Finally it seems like we don't have to prepare for the worst when upgrading! Switching to thirty bees has been nothing but a joyride for us. Thanx a lot!
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    Currently one can use both. After an update with the old updater, the new one would see everything is fine already and do (almost) nothing. Using the new updater first, the old one would refuse to do anything and just report 'your installation is up to date'. That said, forthcoming thirty bees releases are planned to get provided by the new updater, only. Less work for thirty bees developers, more reliability for merchants. I don't think anybody will miss the old one.
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    @Traumflug Thank you. After the update everything went almost fine. I have my site running on TB 1.0.3. I could upgrade to 1.04, 1.05 , 1.06 and 1.07 without a problem. However, when upgrading to 1.08 the site didn't function anymore. Downgrading to 1.0.7 went without any problem
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    DorkV89, toplakd, thank you very much, i got sorted it out!
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    Ya encontre porque no aparecia. Pense que por ser RETIRO POR TIENDA no tenia que configurar los datos de rangos, luego active ENVIO GRATIS y ahi funciono. Muchas gracias
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    We have a 12 year-old eCommerce business running Presta (ThirtyBees 1.0.8) and are looking for a remote developer to help with out backlog of work. Requirements: Comfortable working in linux, mysql, javascript. Be able to reverse engineer, troubleshoot existing custom code. At least mid-level software engineer experienced with PHP, PrestaShop and Git and prove skill l Must be able to join least a weekly video standup call Good communication skills and willingness to use project management software to communicate status such as Asana Must be comfortable working in a team programming environment and collaborate on solving problems Please reply and provide a resume/cv and some details interested. We are based in the US and in both Eastern and Mountain Time zones.
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    In migration process it can happen that you get at least 1 error, which i also get if i migrate freshly installed Prestashop that was created with Softacolous. This error is related to back office "Advanced Parameters / Email" and therefore the "Email subject template field" is left blank, so after migration you have to add {subject} {shop_name} into that field and save it.
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    + You have to asign your new feature in Email section. The devs forgot to put default sql call for it in 1.0.8 but your update is done just as good...
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    Great, good luck over there, I will close your accounts here. Honestly 99% of people in our community make working with thirty bees a pleasure. People like you really gut punch us and need to be weeded out from our community. Sure there are bugs, there are bugs in any software package with over 1 million lines of code. We don't actively try to make bugs, we actively try to fix them. The actual developers are here, in the forums, trying to help fix them. Other packages developers do not even go to the forums and if you want a fix by them they charge you. Pick your road.
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    @hedgehog try to separate the images by `;` instead of `,`
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    @hedgehog that's definitely enough memory. So the culprit must be somewhere else. Could you please try to modify this [line](https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/11e477a72c2380a1b6cd33fd46da46527aed0141/classes/Tools.php#L2825) in `classes/Tools.php` and change it to look like this: ``` 'verify' => _PS_TOOL_DIR_.'cacert.pem', ```
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    Hola Juan. Bienvenido al foro. Todavía no hay mucha actividad en el foro hispanohablante pero esperemos que con el tiempo TB vaya creciendo y haya más participación. Yo también vengo de PS y un poco harto de tantos problemas y errores que nunca acaban de solucionar, esperemos que con TB sea distinto, de momento su filosofía me gusta. Saludos