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    Just in case anybody is interested, here's a preview of thirty bees 1.1.0. It still shows up as version 1.0.8 after installation. thirtybees-v1.1.0-preview.zip
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    Hey All: I wanted to introduce myself.. Couldn't find a "Hello I am" post. Since most folks here have a Pen or Ghost name you all can call me Factor or Brent. I have been in the IT world for almost 30 years. Mostly on the Application side in the the Healthcare IT world. I was also a emergency room nurse hence the healthcare IT. I have mostly done SysAdmin or Architect type jobs. I am not what most would call a programmer or a coder. I understand networking, posix systems, windows, mac, oracle, and infrastructure. I am from USA Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My hobbies include 19th century culture, photography, gunsmithing and anything tech related. I also love language. I have studied Mandarin, Thai, Lao, Greek and Arabic only spoken. Also only enough to get in trouble. I am Greek by heritage so I am told. I got into Thirty Bee's because my wife sells quilt fabric. Apparently I am the CIO of the business. Seems to be a easy to understand and well coded system. Any way I hope wherever you are you are doing well. Stay safe.
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    I've just released new version 0.4.0 PACKAGE REPOSITORY There are some automations that almost every merchant using my module created. For example, everyone created their own version of reward for review rule. Even though rule creation process is very simple and easy to understand, this repetition seems unnecessary. So I decided to come up with list of prepared solutions that you can simply import to your store and modify. You will find new tab named Packages that will let you browse through packages stored on central repository. At the moment there are only few packages, but I'll add more. Also, if you create some cool automation, please export it, and send it to me. After careful validation and verification, I will add it to the repository. This needs to be manual process to prevent any hacking attempt NEW CONDITIONS There are two new conditions you can use to build your rules starts with - evaluates to true if text starts with specific prefix ends with - evaluates to true if text ends with specific suffix
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    Hi, Lately there is activity on the forum from people who are trying to get the Elastic Search module working. Most of them, if not all, did not succeed and are looking for alternatives. I'm not a developer but from what i understand one of the problems is because the module is still in beta. I think (most) alternatives will cost money. I was thinking: instead of looking for paid alternatives this money could also be use to help funding so complete the project so we would have a working version of the ES module. I already supported the initial crowdfunding project, but i would certainly be interested to invest a little bit more. So my questions are : - Would other people be interested in doing so ? - Would one of the main developers be interested to complete the module ? - If so, can a indication be given how much it would cost to complete the module ? Looking forward to hear what others think of the idea ? Best regards, Vincent
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    I am trying to get this right in our intitial release, so I would love some feedback from everyone. One of the biggest pain points I see is adding something new to a page, be it a banner, text, or some other function. So I wanted to add some new hooks that can be used with the initial release and in the future. I imagine that merchants get tired of having to edit templates to get extra information across. Here is the list of hooks I have added: {hook h='displayNotFoundTop'} {hook h='displayNotFoundBottom'} {hook h='displayMaintenance'} {hook h='displayAuthenticationTop'} {hook h='displayAuthenticationBottom'} {hook h='displayCartTop'} {hook h='displayCarrierTop'} {hook h='displayCarrierBelow'} {hook h='displayPricesDropTop'} {hook h='displayPricesDropBelow'} {hook h='displayNewProductsTop'} {hook h='displayNewProductsBelow'} {hook h='displayManufacturerTop'} {hook h='displayManufacturerBelow'} {hook h='displaySupplierTop'} {hook h='displaySupplierBelow'} {hook h='displayOrderConfirmationTop'} {hook h='displayOrderConfirmationBelow'} {hook h='displayMyAccountTop'} {hook h='displayMyAccountBelow'} {hook h='displaySearchTop'} {hook h='displaySearchBelow'} {hook h='displayCMSTop'} {hook h='displayCMSBelow'} Most are self explanatory. I am trying to add a top hook and a bottom hook for each page that has no hooks. Right now this is going to work in conjunction with our custom html module. With the module you will be able to create widgetized text areas that can be arranged. In the end the hooks will allow us to make other modules work with the pages as well. One example would be hooking the featured products to below the 404 page, so you are still showing products to people that land on a bad page. That is just an example. Are there any hooks I am missing? Or does anyone think this is a bad idea?
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    @datakick as a note the thirty bees google analytics implementation should get around adblockers and record basic traffic through any blocker. It has an ajax function that checks if the script has been blocked and will send basic info via the api interface.
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    Since a couple of people are already testing the release, can you test a new functional module that I just made public that will be in the release. Here is the module, https://github.com/thirtybees/thememanager/releases/tag/1.0.2 It only works if you are using both the Niara theme and the 1.1.0 release candidate. What the module does is add a new tab to the back office product pages, as seen in the screenshot below. Right now there is only one other template, it is the product wide template. It requires you to add a new image type, that will be added in the installer on the final release. But make sure you add a new image type called product_wide that is 400px tall and 1200px wide. Over the next day or two I am going to add more template files to the theme. The module is set to work on category pages, cms pages, and product pages. So you can create different look and feels on a per page level. I really think this will open up a lot of new possibilities for themes in thirty bees.
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    All: I wanted to put this here for those they might be a bit more "Visual" like me. I am not affiliated with, own or maintain Prestools. That is @musicmaster I have spoken to him and he has allowed me to post the guide. I hope you all find it useful. If you find error or issue please feel free to correct or update the document. It is only how to Install not use the software. Prestools install guide.docx
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    ok sent you a contact so you can respond from the back office.
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    Forgot to say, Our sender score has gone up to 74 now so getting loads better 🙂
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    @lesley @datakick Can we make a Sticky of what items might be helpful for posters to put in their Post here in the Tech area. Feel free to add or edit this post. TB Version PHP Version Module name and Version /if related. Operating System RAM CPU Unmanaged or Managed Hosting What Control Panel if any e.g. cPanel, Plesk and others. Thanks.
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    A Lot has changed in 8 years. That is like Ancient History in IT years...😎
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    Nobody is abandoning this module. If there's something broken in the module, it will be fixed. In the same way bugs are fixed in other modules. But that doesn't necessarily mean that new functionality will be implemented. For example, support for newer version of ES server. It would be nice to have, of course, but there's just no free capacity to do that. Now, what is wrong with the module that needs to be fixed? I haven't seen any new bug reports. If you did encounter any, please file github issue. Make sure you include reprosteps so we can reproduce the problem.
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    No, one of the good things about the ES module was that it supported proper faceted navigation, and in a way that worked extremely quickly. I should have a better test site available for the ES module soon, one with a few thousand products on it. As far as I know the ES module worked fine with early versions of TB, there was much testing done. Later versions of TB have made changes that have caused incompatibilities with the module. Part of the agreement when the module was funded & created was that it would be supported by the TB team along with other TB-created modules. It seems very unreasonable to renege on this the very first time problems are reported.
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    In my opinion ES was a too big project for this small core team. There is no doubt, ES offers great stuff. But as we can see, the set up is quite difficult. Michael is no more on the team and nobody has the time to look at it. I agree with @datakick that ES is mainly for big merchants. The inbuilt search works for smaller quite ok IMO. We still haven't a clean checkout in the core. Order Editing in the BO is a pain for many merchants. Adding custom content to a page is too hard for most merchants (shortcodes needed) Controll of emails (what is send and how does it look like) is very hard. In my opinion this points are much more important for now. Imagine how much time a coder needs to understand the ES module now. As far as I remember there is no support for facetted navigation at all. Is this correct @dynambee? @vincentdenkspel The function of searching products with feature X, Y, Z - what is the difference to a filter?
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    When mdekker created the ES module a lot of time was spent to make it better than the modules that were already out there for PS. Each of the PS modules that existed at that time did some things well and other things poorly. The goal was to make the TB ES module the best of all worlds, one that did each aspect of ES functionality in the best, fastest way possible. It took a lot of time, effort, and money to get the project to the point that it is at now. It would be a real shame to abandon such an advanced, high performance module at this point. As far as the users who have been having trouble with it, there seem to be two. One is me, who has been testing and troubleshooting various aspects of the module, and the other doesn't seem to be able to get his ES server installs to work. I suspect he is using incompatible versions of the ES server or that something is misconfigured with his ES installation or the server that ES is running on. He doesn't really reply to my messages asking him to use compatible versions of Elasticsearch Server so it is quite difficult to help him. As far as if the module is worth the trouble or not, I would say that it absolutely is. Once it is operating correctly it would just be a case of installing the module and turning it on. For users of something like Cloudways they don't even need to install Elasticsearch itself as it already exists on Cloudways servers. The module is very easy to install and configure and the resulting search performance is staggering.
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    I'm not sure if this module is worth the trouble. I mean, it can be extremely useful for anyone with huge amount of products, but it's not for an ordinary merchants. I believe there is less than 5% of the tb community that actually have needs for it. And these merchants can usually afford to purchase some commercial alternative, one that comes with support. Or they can hire developer to set this module for them. I'm not against another crowdfunding project, but it would be better if it was something useful for entire community. Maybe some advanced order editing module, dran'n'drop cms page builder, shortcode system to use in html editor, or whatnot.
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    Hey guys, i created this theme based on community theme with clean design, some additional modules and second image on hover. You can see demo here: http://demo.worldtriangle.com/niara/ and download it here: https://gum.co/niara100/ Update 05.03.2019 Fixed missing option of some text translation in WtBlockBestsellers module Fixed invisible checkbox for terms and conditions if AEUC module is enabled Fixed customer registration from countries without states
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    I heard that the full page cache can replace this module but it doesn't work right now. So, as of right now there is no way to have full page cache on tb. According to the developer the module doesn't work because tb uses a class with the same name. Is there any way to make that module work for those of us who want to use it? Or do we have to wait for the full page cache to work and only use that option?
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    Also cannot find another to take it's place ..There are a few about but they are mainly , I need text boxes and drop down lists. The Dev completely messed up my site by trying to fix their mistake ,Couldn't checkout at all :( ..Had to do a full restore back to a working state