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    Maybe a bit too fast to conclude, but I believe the current bleeding edge version is the most stable version, that 1.6 ps and tb has ever seen! Thanks to all that contributed to this! Especially @Traumflug @datakick and @lesley
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    You're a starlet! Thanks, so for now I have just changed the wording, which I think will make it clearer to potential buyers now. I've put 'Either pay via Paypal above or sign in to pay via stripe' Thank you for taking the time to respond. Claire
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    High five to everyone that is contributing to thirty bees. I needed little longer to migrate to it, but once the Migrator was brought to it's flawles working state (i belive arround 1.0.7 or 1.0.8) the migration was as easy as it gets. After initial testing on my spare shop instalation, my live shop was now updated to latest bleeding edge.
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    Buying support for templates is rather common. They are complex beasts so it is quite common to find something in some corner not working ok. In fact Thirty Bees saves you money as it has some more functions so you will have to buy less modules. The more serious problem with the templates is that the average template provider doesn't support Thirty Bees. So in order to receive support you will often need to maintain a parallel copy of Prestashop to certify that the problem you found also happens in Prestashop. Having a list of what to expect would do a lot to convince more template makers to support Thirty Bees.
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    We have been running Bleeding Edge for 2-3 days and have not found any issues.
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    I tried to improve it a bit: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commits/ImproveImapSync There was a bug. It was not possible that your order messages got updated in the customer service trough IMAP Sync. I fixed this. Probably I will make PullRequest soon. If somebody has any issues/improvement ideas for customer service, it's time to bring them up now.
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    You could try one ofthe one page checkout modules as payment methods are shown without this problem. I use @datakick's Chex module and it is fab (and cheap)
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    I have such a phrase in controllers/front/OrderOpcController.php. In general I wouldn't recommend you, to change it there... But for a fast fix, it might work.
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    I've never had troubles with PS, started with 1.3.8 and upgraded in steps to last 1.6 version. Than at some point thirtybees migration module has started working flawlesly and I migrated to thirty bees about a year ago. Everything runs as before, without any problems, just the speed of shop is better, back office mostly. But I don't use tons of modules, only 24 modules installed (with AEUC and Geolocation)
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    I updated to Bleeding edge at last week of November, and is running without any problems.
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    I believe that one of the things that is holding people back from migrating from Prestashop to Thirty Bees is that although people often say that it is easy to adapt modules and templates there is never any clear description of what has been done. Saying it is easy is from my point of view not very helpful as not everybody is as competent with software and even very skilled people can overlook things and discover much later that they have a serious problem. That is why I would love to see concrete descriptions. What was really changed? Was it just some cosmetic adjustment that you would have made under Prestashop too? Is Thirty Bees providing different data to the template than Prestashop. Is there something else different in the mechanism? Or does it have some underlying style sheet that is different?
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    Same here. Works pretty well for me until now.
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    Can you share what kind of modifications are needed?
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    Hi, we are use this one https://themeforest.net/item/flexshop-multipurpose-responsive-prestashop-theme/16862260 (needed a little bit of modifications). But I tried more ps 1.6 and most of them works with small fixes.
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    Well. At least on carrier is back when ASM is disabled. I go thru all the steps to find out why there is only one carrier back and not all of them. Looks like the sun is shining again (yes, yes, it is almost midnight here) And now all looks good. So at the moment Advanced Stock Management didn't know exactly what he was supposed to do.
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    I fixed this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1133 Btw: I updated today to newest bleeding edge. Who else did?
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    Sorry about that, the forum processes were going out of control, I changed the header cache setting. I did not realize that block was considered in the header cache. I have it set back now.
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    Thanks. I've checked it out a bit. The Cart->duplicate() method is used to copy the old cart, funnily enough there is code in there to copy the customizations and the customizations themselves are even added to the database, but not the customization_data... this is weird. Edit: I opened a Github issue: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1131
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    1.2.0 - 11/16/2019 New version without security problems.
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    Hi, I'm the original creator of the module, and I'd be happy to donate it. Just tell me what you need.
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    Hi Zen Does the module you recommended integrate with the BlockLayered Filter / Search and supports CSV import? During my own search for a Multiple Features module I found another: 'Advanced Features Values' for PS 1.6. Works like a charm and integrates with BlockLayed Filter and works with CSV import + it has great features like re-ordering of the values etc. I was planning to write a small Instructional post in the near future on how to install this in TB and make it work with 1.1.0. I was also going to make a suggestion regarding this. However, people keep requesting this feature, so I guess now is as good a time as any... Also, I'm not sure where the right place is to make a suggestion, to reach out to the TB developers / 'Powers that Be'? So without further ado: Advanced Features Values Module (multiple values for a feature) by Jérôme Danthinne https://github.com/jdanthinne/advancedfeaturesvalues How to install: Extract the package Rename the folder by removing the -master text so it's just "Advancedfeaturesvalues" Place this folder in the TB modules directory Go to TB admin -> Modules -> install Advanced Features Values module Caveats / Troubleshooting: JS / Javascript error on BlockLayered / Filter search (in some TB versions) If you encounter an issue where the block layered throws a js error, simply add the following to: modules\advancedfeaturesvalues\views\js\blocklayered.js var ajaxLoaderOn = 0; CSV Import The module supports CSV import - however, the CSV import keeps on "adding" to the feature values instead of replacing the values Jonny from Panda theme has provided a "fix" for this, where the CSV import would "nuke" the features for the target product and replace it with the values in the CSV This worked for my use-case. https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2633-how-to-update-or-replace-a-products-feature-values-using-csv-import/ Block Layered In some cases, you may have to disable and re-enable Block Layered once for the new module to initiate Suggestion for TB to incorporate Advanced Features Values Module for 30Bz: As this feature is lacking in 30Bz, can the TB guys not reach out to this developer and ask to integrate the module into TB then update it accordingly? It seems to work with all the built in themes of 30Bz. This could save a lot of development time and enables TB to have a much sought after feature sooner rather than in the vague future later. If you'd like, I can separate this reply into a separate post? Request to Jérôme Also, I've reached out to Jérôme and asked him if he'd consider donating this module to the ThirtyBees project. For lack of contact info, I've opened up an issue request on the module repository. https://github.com/jdanthinne/advancedfeaturesvalues/issues/31
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    https://blog.maxmind.com/2019/12/18/significant-changes-to-accessing-and-using-geolite2-databases/ Now what?
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