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    It's long ago. I have been here. I have a lot of ToDos on my list. I have taken the most relevant out and post it here: E-Mail: Core function with core template, that just allows to put in some array with content. That way you need just one html file. Each email looks the same and modules can easily add email functionality. Images: Add a cover_2 image to getProducts function In general it sucks, the way one has to get Cover Image as a coder Customers: A way to merge two customer accounts Login as customer (there are modules, but it would be a nice core feature) -> also if there would be an easy way to use it for devs. Imagine you can send email links with default login… Addresses: Clear way to define required fields Sometimes a line more, would help a lot Combinations Allow them for bundles and probably digital products Allow different descriptions for different combinations Allow different gtin for different combinations No forcement of using default combination Products Add archive column -> merchants often don't want to delete product information, but they often have products, that they don't need for ever or at least a big time span. If you have multiple thousands products, it helps a lot for filtering. Same could be helpful for Suppliers. Remove Tags and only use Features Remove on_sale checkbox -> what is it good for? Automate this by checking special prices… Accesoirces groups -> Imagine you sell Digital Cameras. You might want to define USB Cables as accessoires. But I don't think you want to update every camera, always when you got a new USB Cable. Define a default text for available_now and available_later Allow extra fields Product Features: Multiple Features (done) Add Feature types with units or allow at least suffix and prefix value. That way filter modules can work without any issues. A filter module could than easily group values or work with ranges… Create Product Listing Pages from feature values. Imagine you sell books. It would be cool to have a product listing page for "Stephen King" with one click. Categories Allow extra fields or add at least a second description Voucher Allow to use it on product and shipping value. We sell vouchers and customer still need to pay for shipping even if his voucher value is bigger than product+shipping. That's not acceptable. Checkout: A clean checkout with ajax Adress saving Drop the two different checkout system. It's just a mess. Customer Service: Clean forms and handling in the BO. Nowdays you don't even know from where a message comes. Sometimes you get an email sometimes not. Have a good sync with email folder. My wish would be, that I can 100% handle customer cases in BO. Allow shortcodes on predefined messages and include attachments Handling returns Order Status: Remove some functionality and implement clean processes. Imagine you have a Status: "Service in progress". How could you say if the order ist paid or not? This should all be handled by order payments What is logable status good for? In my opinion an order should have two bools: paid and shipped. This should be handled auto by modules. Then you have a status canceled. The rest of status should just be for displaying infos to merchant/customer, no funcionality should be involved imo. Order Edit: Give more flexibility on invoice and delivery_slip generation. Why can't I edit an order after I genereated an order_slip. That makes no sense to me. A merchants knows best, when he needs to change/generate something. In my opion merchants should be able to generate as much invoices as they want per order. I don't see any need for invoice tables at all. I would just save a pdf. Maybe it's naive, please tell me. But I believe for us it would work perfectly. Allow to delete an order state. Sometimes you set it by mistake. Remove "tracking status" What is it good for? Remove "customer more" button. You can just click on the name… We have already too many buttons. Having to buttons to save address "Save as new Address" and "Override". Right now it's always saved as a new adress. In our case we want 90% of the times the "override". Either integrate a usable "return system" or remove it Allow to edit shipping costs (I have actually almost done it) Allow to edit payment method, allow to edit/delete payment lines (right now, you can only remove). On the otherhand the "details" can probably removed. Anybody really wanna save credit cart data on his server? Allow to add a cart rule by code. Order Add: Allow to select the real payment method. In fact you can just select the payment module… Use a real shipping free stuff. In fact it just adds an ugly voucher. Stock: Oh I better don't begin. It doesn't make sense as long as combinations and bundles aren't handled cleanly. Captcha: Simple Usage of Captcha for devs. So that not multiple captcha version are used. Backoffice List Allow better filtering (>=2) Allow better sorting (two columns) Allow custom display of columns -> every merchants wants a bit different columns. Modules: Right now you have to set controllers, where you don't wanna show a module output. In my opinion it would be better if you would set where to show. Why is Payments under modules but Carrier has it own menu in BO? What we don't need: Full Cache Page System -> TB is fast, if you aren't greedy on saving money for a good webspace.
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    Hmm, why another fork? Wouldn't it be better to gather all forces and try make TB better instead of two different versions?
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    Hi everyone, Elasticsearch module received some love lately. A lot of bugs were fixed. Module should now work on php7 version without issues, and ES versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x should be supported. Before we release the module officially, I would like to ask community member to test it. You can download pre-release version here elasticsearch-v1.1.0-pre.zip For testing purposes you can start up elastic search in docker using command like this: docker run --rm -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 -e "discovery.type=single-node" elasticsearch:7.11.2 Many thanks to @zen for his contribution. Most of this release is based on his work.
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    Thanks for the support and contributios @zen Looking forward to an exciting future together 😀
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    You are right, making it not visible really break javascript. That's insane. Please file bug on gitub (although that will fix the issue in niara/community theme) You could try to fix it yourself. Edit file product.js, find function findSpecificPrice, and remove this: .not(':hidden'); This is second similar issue I've seen lately. We really need to implement some javascript data layer for themes, and not depend on data stored in dom.
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    Well you won’t get help like that. This is a community support forum, main contributors are other sellers like you just trying to help in their spare time. You will not get instant answers, and sometimes no help at all. You need to have some patience Most visual things are in the modules section. Look there for sliders.
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    When someone wants to build a module from Prestools product-edit I would be happy to cooperate. The most popular mass edit module on Prestashop Addons (https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/19965-bulk-mass-editing-products.html) looks like it took quite a lot of inspiration from Prestools. If such a module was made both for Thirty Bees and Prestashop it could pay for itself. As I see it mass edit and cronjobs are areas that have a broad appeal and could help TB too. One of the latest additions to Prestools was image edit that allows you to add images by drag and drop. You need to generate thumbnails afterwards as otherwise it would take too much time. However, for Prestashop 1.7 that is not necessary as it generates its thumbnails on the fly. It might be a good things to have such a thing in Thirty Bees too. Also for mass import by csv. Many of the latest additions to Prestools concern maintainability: integrity checks and cleanup procedures. My main inspiration was that I had to deal with some old shops with quite a lot of decay. As I see it, such old shops should play some role in the discussion about stability.
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    P.S.: ganz ohne Cookies wird es jedoch auch in Zukunft nicht gehen. Für Login und Warenkorb braucht man einen. Das lässt sich jedoch DSGVO-konform ohne Cookie-Consent lösen, da technisch notwendig.
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    @Smile I can understand the feeling of @wakabayashi and I suppose some others. What we hope for (i talk only for me but I have the intuition is the same for some others), was not only to tell us if you would continue with TB name or another one new, but what was going to change and what we could we expect from this new path. People has been waiting for these news a lot of months. Now a communicate to tell, TB is going to continue but wait again up to 2 month more to know the details.... The feeling is: ok... I know plans take time, but the plan I suppose (i hope) has been developedduring this time. I suppose, most of the changes and roadmap were not going to be alterate because of the name... why not to communicate them to the people? What is going to be the revenue business model? What is the draft of the roadmap (even if it changes)? is the new image/website has been prepared? when is going to be released?, What about people concerns about 1.6 limited in time compatibility?....
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    Thanks so much for this. It worked. pb4sc
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    No, it would not. It would be a huge step back - from seo perspective, from accessibility perspective,... Alt tags are very useful. If you really need them go away, you will have to edit your theme and remove them.
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    As far as I know he is not. And the deal being worked out is no where around those numbers.
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    Hi all, we have some news on the future of Thirty Bees! https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4194-thirty-bees-future-announcement/
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    @datakick New Bug with TB 1.1.x and Panda: Got a strange new bug after I updated my 1.1.0 site with Panda to latest TB Bleeding edge: On Product list / Category page: For some reason the Left Column disappears when a Sub Category is selected. Main Categories are fine. I noticed that the var left_column_size is set to 0 instead of 3. Weird, as this worked before the update. Because I know the Left Column should always show on the Category page, I've created the following to 'fix' it, albeit temporarily. And obviously this isn't a real fix, as it doesn't address the cause. Just helps for now. <!-- /// No Left Column on Subcategory Fix /// --> {if $page_name == "category" && $left_column_size == 0} {assign var='left_column_size' value = 3} {/if} <!-- /// *** *** /// ---> Insert the code before: {if isset($left_column_size) && !empty($left_column_size)} Thought I'd point this out. I have notified @Jonny as well.
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    If you already run 1.1.x then there is no big difference to 1.2.0 (of course, depending on what commit exactly your 1.1.x is, but I assume it's recent one) I don't see any reasons why Panda theme shouldn't run on php74, or on thirty bees 1.2.0.
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    Buenas Tardes YANIV14. Al parecer, al actualizar a TB v1.2 LIMPIO, primera instalación. Todo funciona muy bien!!!! NO se borran los atributos color (excelente!) y NO hay error al editar productos (excelente!) Muchas gracias por la Ultima Actualización !!!
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    No, Most mails are built in. Mail Alerts is specific just to send the shop owner emails when there is an order, and when there is a shortage of stock. And to send the customer an email when a products come back into stock so they can then come back and make a purchase. It is not the same system as the other emails
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    I think you also should consider to make the theme heavy configurable like many of the paid successful themes like Transformer and Warehouse. I know @zen started to make a module or something earlier. Maybe he can be a part of the collaboration.
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    Thank you for that - I'm fine, have used the above solutions to fix the the problem, I just think it's poor that Niara is still shipping as a "Responsive theme" without proper responsiveness in the shopping cart.
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    The module lies 😉 It tries to register this hook, but there is no code handler for it -- method 'hookDisplayPaymentEU' is missing. This means that when the hook is executed, this module will not handle it.
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    I would stay away from Siteground, I had endless problems with them.. They have awful limits and my 1 script which updates google shopping was a nightmare. I do how ever wish I had gone over to A2 rather than who I am with now
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    Gerade ist mir die Ankündigung auf der Bundespressekonferenz über den Weg gelaufen, ab Minute 1:50: https://www.jungundnaiv.de/2020/09/02/bundesregierung-fuer-desinteressierte-bpk-vom-2-september-2020/ Da werden unter anderem einige Änderungen im Steuerrecht vorgestellt, 2 Minuten lang. Darunter die Änderung, dass Plattformbetreiber in Zukunft für die Mehrwertsteuer haften, nicht mehr der tatsächliche Verkäufer. Das dürfte wohl für Shops eine Änderung bedeuten, die als Vermittlerplattform agieren, z.B. Amazon. Auch eine Änderung bezüglich der Steuererklärung. Die müsse man nicht mehr in jedem EU-Land einzeln erklären, sondern könne das alles in Deutschland machen. Allerdings war mir bislang keine Pflicht bewusst, in Frankreich, Polen oder Spanien Steuern zu erklären.
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    I was thinking more Tb specific actions. Already got EORI as we are VAT registered, Our carriers Royal Mail and parcelforce automatically print CN22’s and CN23’s as necessary. Again, we already add harmonisation codes where relevant as we do sell globally. Consumer or B2B does not matter they will still have to pay VAT in whatever country they are in (though there may be a lower threadshold of 22 euro before that kicks in). You can also send Duty Paid but that would not work for us
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    Don't know of any module but that must be possible to track with stock movement and a sql-script.
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    well he was asking about OPC so a gave my answer, i bought chex too, and im not using it too (unable to aply changes - and make search not working for us..) 😄
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    Have you created a new installation? It used to be shop1.wingate now it is shop.wingate So, just to be 100% certain You have changed the settings in shop? not shop1?
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    {assign var=_title value=" - $shop_name"} <title>{$meta_title|replace:$_title:' - Your Shop Name'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</title> This is what I'm using to fix this issue, it will replace any shops name that will be generated in a title with the one you specifie in ' - Your Shop Name'. Hope it helps. 🙂 Use it in your header.tpl
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    Hello. Good to hear that you could get your shop again with the Bees :) About URLs, you should check this: Good luck!
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    1.3.0 - 09/14/2020 Implementation of an additional level of security on the PrestaShop contact form with display in the Logs of the IP address of the fraudsters.
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    You need to change the third party module behaviour for how it injects itself into that page. "sort of" in the name was added because it does not work on native install without used override. Mixing third party hacks and modules can always bring out some issues 🙂 where both work when installed separately, but having issues if installed together.
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    I have it running with no issue is both test and live setting. I set it up according to documentation on the module. I found the embedded form that you show at the bottom to be non-user friendly so these settings pop them to the stripe payment page when they click the link, similar to how PayPal works, if you are familiar. Here are my settings that are working:
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    It was forked from the 1.6.1 branch, to be exact.
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    If you want to know what overrides are in use, you can install "Override check" module. Then you can find what override is giving you troubles.
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    Thank you very much for your help, I deactivated what you told me and I managed to discover right away that it was a module that was giving problems, I deactivated the module and it works perfectly and without errors.
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    Haggling: Seller: I want 10 x income and a farm! Buyer: I'll give you 10 x income and a potato. Seller: [something bullish] Buyer: Talk next month then; see if you can find a better offfer
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    It really worked!!! In case someone needs it, I attache the file with the modifications made to the tpl file from the PANDA version. order-addressNEW.tpl
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    Das ist kein Fehler, sondern völlig richtig so. Da braucht man auch nichts "reaktivieren". Steigt die Mehrwertsteuer wieder, wird der Steuersatz erneut kopiert, alles ist prima. Keinerlei Grund, in der Datenbank herum zu fummeln.
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    moin zusammen. auf das Risiko, dass dieses Problem bereits lange gelöst ist. 🙂 Für mich sieht das nach ner Kleinigkeit im CSS-Code aus. Soll heissen: Das FAQ-Modul möchte einen breiteren Rahmen zur Anzeige nutzen, als das Theme an der Stelle vorsieht/erlaubt. Ich würde da mit den Webdevelopertools der meistren Browser mir mal den Bereich näher ansehen und feststellen, welcher Parameter, welche Abmessung da zu groß ist. die meisten Tools erlaubern auch das ausprobieren anderer Werte uns sagen Dir auch, in welcher Datei du die Ampassungen vornehmen muss. in diesem Sinne Viele Grüße Klaus / Lockesoft
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    upload your picture use the custom code -> change background css
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    This is probably content from a module. Search for "block" and checkout which one, you need to adjust. I would guess "blockcmsinfo" or "blockmyaccountfooter".
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    Tried again after a long time, found out i got a connection refused form the API. Contacted the host, and found out they blocked api.thirtybees.com Now its open again, all is fine...
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    UPDATED May 10. Theme file added for download Github link with latest changes. https://github.com/toplakd/thirtybees-modifications community-theme-modded.zip
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    Who is chasing? Who says you have to be?
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    Hola a todos, después del "Prueba y Error" unas 5.000 veces logré resolverlo eliminando la mayoría de columnas y atributos, dejando solo las 4 o 5 proncipales u obligatorias y cargando el CSV guardado como excel, es una tontería pero me generaba error al usalro separado con comas, como lo sugirió Wartin, en este caso me funcionó el: menos es más!!!
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    No. That's nothing critical, as its only related to "Advanced Parameters/Email/Email subject template" field, which is missing "[{shop_name}] {subject}". You have to add it manually. Now after upgrade, install core updater, update to latest bleeding edge. Apply fixes in Core Updater / Database schema (for developers) (second tab) Install Datakick consistency check module and check with that. Than you are ready to go. It's always good that you do all the upgrades and fixes on spare copy of your live shop, so you can check if everything works as it should.
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    I uploaded a new Prestools version: 1.24n. It contains a new version of the image plugin too. The new version fixes a few issues with image edit: - you could not add an image to a product that didn't have any images. - when you marked a newly added image as cover it wasn't registered as such. As a consequence the product ended with no cover and you didn't see an image in the backoffice product list. - when you made the image field editable and the cover image was not the first one it displayed on the first position the cover image too. The editing is now more wysiwig as it makes that you to always have an active cover product. If you find any more problems please let me know.
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    So I finally got this sussed! Go to Positions ->Click Paypal Modules and this brings up all the hooks associated with. Under DisplayFooterProduct, which hooks modules to the front office product page and this is where you unhook the Paypal module and it removes it from the product page! 😎
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    Okay, I have actually worked out how to hide it in all three places that it appears. The following lines need to be added to the Add extra css to your pages section in the Preferences/Custom Code area of your TB back office: /* For desktop browser account creation, add this line: */ .account_creation .date-select { display: none; } /* For mobile browser account creation add this line: */ #opc_account_form .date-select { display: none; } /* For the user's "My account" page that they can see after they sign up, add this line: */ #identity .std .date-select { display: none; } The commented lines (/* ... */) do not need to be added, only the code lines that start with . or #. Copy & paste to avoid errors. I have tested the above on TB 1.0.8 with the standard community theme (obviously) and it is working without trouble.
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    @30knees this actually got me thinking about combination selection. I come up with the idea of having some sort of intermediate page for products with combinations (well, some of them). If customer clicks on product, this page would be displayed instead of standard product page. It would work somehow like category, showing all combinations within product. One attribute could be primary to let visitor quickly decide on some main characteristics, in your use case it could be gel or capsules. If he click on any of this, standard product page with pre-selected attribute would open. Or he could scroll down and see all possible variants of the product. Something like this: This flow could be interesting for some products I believe. And it shouldn't be that hard to implement as a module. Just a morning brainstorming session to get me started my week :)
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