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  1. Tomik

    Official Mollie Module

    i have Mollie Payment Module v3.3.1 and it still works. havent tried the paylater option.
  2. Tomik


    Thanks, was looking for one 🙂
  3. Thats the wrong docu, you need panda 1.
  4. Tomik

    changing hosting?

    im using cloudways vps :) works perfect.
  5. Tomik

    Official Mollie Module

    dont forget to activate mollie at the modules > payment (bottom of page)
  6. Tomik

    Happy New Year!

    Happy newyear :)
  7. Tomik

    Possible bug with SMTP Email v1.0.8

    my smtp works aswell with zoho
  8. ligt eraan wat bij jou vol is, heb het met 6 in 1 winkelwagen getest en dat werkt.
  9. 2.2.0 werkt wel met 1.0.8
  10. Tomik

    Shared hosting, two installs

    aslong as they both have their own database it should be fine.
  11. for that error message see Traumflug 3 days ago Easier way to fix it: Go to back office -> Advanced Parameters -> E-Mail In panel EMAIL (the 2nd) find field Email subject template and insert [{shop_name}] {subject} there. Click Save. This is the new feature which allows setting a custom email subject.
  12. you can download it from sunny website thing
  13. panda 1.4.4 doesnt work get the new 1.4.5
  14. Perfect :) Will try to install it next week
  15. Tomik

    Show price without VAT

    @the-rampage-rado said in [Show price without VAT](/post/22874): > You must show prices with VAT all the time. And it must be clearly stated that those include it. Not if its B2B
  16. Tomik

    Best cookie module?

    you need to be a bit more specific
  17. you can mark it yourself with the 3dots on the bottom right.
  18. Tomik

    Thirty Bees GDPR module

    Was this finished?
  19. Tomik

    Multistore redirection not working as it should

    you dont have to yell in your topic name
  20. change the hook position ?