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  1. He will likely be able to eventually use it, but according to multiple service reps I've talked to, it's going to be a while before they roll it out to foreign markets such as the UK.
  2. Purity

    Warehouse homepage generator

    I'm using warehouse theme with TB 1.0.8 (not bleeding edge) on the live shop listed in my profile. I haven't had any problems and I use their homepage module as well. Not sure what your problem is, but you can take a look and see for yourself everything shows up and works fine. Must be something with your installation or configuration unless it's a change in bleeding edge.
  3. Purity

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    This modification seems to work. +1 Thanks a lot buddy, I really do appreciate the help.
  4. Purity

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    Well, I found the correlating code. I changed it to what you wrote, and added the category ID number, but it appears as if nothing happens at all. If I'm understanding this correctly I add the category ID to where it says 'yourID'? To be honest, I wasn't sure which blockcategories.tpl to change (i have the module folder, but also a .tpl by the same name under /theme/modules) but I tried both separately and it appears as if neither did anything at all. I cleared the cache of course. Reverted to backup files.
  5. Purity

    How to remove a single category from sidebar?

    Thanks a lot for this, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Yes, I mean blockcategories.
  6. I would like to make a 'discontinued' category so I can keep item pages up without them cluttering up space, or having to 301/404 them. Of course I could easily make the category, however, I don't wish it to show up on the category sidebar, but rather would like to link to it from my footer so it's less conspicuous. Is there an easy way to remove a single category from the sidebar while keeping the other ones in place?
  7. Not working for me. (both chrome & firefox) Says it's not redirecting properly. Homepage trying to redirect to https://naildots.com/items/ as mentioned above and fails.
  8. Purity

    Unwanted Registrations

    The patch of course works, but it seems to also disable the phrase c/o, which is a very valid and common way to ship in the USA when you're shipping to an address that isn't yours. Although it still works in the company box.
  9. Purity

    Unwanted Registrations

    I was getting hit with these too. Fix was really easy to implement. Thanks a lot for releasing this so quickly. You do all 3 of these. Do this one first: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/c733d5360d5292c12bb6a899748d9094bc608e05 Then this one: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/7ad147d991861e498e586f4dfc8ad1ff Then this one: (also edit the .js file here) https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/f04f1ded917b702465b2da6adfb7d573fdb974ad
  10. Purity

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    Great to see you've completed this module. I've been waiting for a one page checkout module for TB since the one I used on PS is not compatible. I was checking out the demo for it. Where is the account creation button in it? Are you able to create an account during the checkout process with this or is it a simply a guest checkout unless you're already logged in? The demo seems to be getting stuck for me on verifying email address. *edit* demo seems to be working now. I see how it works. Looks good. Might purchase it soon.
  11. I think I'm at the point where I'd like to start accepting international orders, at least to Canada, but the original PS 1.6 module seems to lack this functionality. I don't necessarily mind paying for a module but do any of you use one or do you simply do your best to set it up manually? I imagine manually wouldn't be very accurate with box sizes, etc. The modules available on the prestashop website don't seem very good, and I remember having troubles on 1.6 with even the PrestaShop coded USPS Pro one. So, I'm wondering if you guys use a module for this, and if so which one? Or if you guys do something else?
  12. Purity

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    You're not the first person I've heard say that about their API. lol
  13. Reporting back. Did some testing and then switched my live shop to php 7.1 As far as I can tell, it seems to work great with no problems. Have not tried php 7.2 yet though. Thanks guys.
  14. Purity

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    I am not sure about the technical side of this but I will say: This module used to report transaction information to PayPal. In recent updates, it does not. I just get the order total amount. By transaction information, I mean, the actual order details. (the items which are in the order) I am not sure about the address itself. I haven't noticed that in particular. I am not sure which way it is technically supposed to be, and either way, this does not bother me at all, but it definitely used to show up. I have proof of this in my PayPal history.
  15. Hey, I actually didn't know I could disable that with a simple GUI option. Thanks @toplakd