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  1. Can't say for certain, but so far so good for me.
  2. I personally haven't seen this bug happen in quite a while. Are you guys fully up to date?
  3. Purity


    No, no images are showing for the product under the accessory tag. 'Wooden Tankard Presentation Box' I'm not personally much of a programmer though, so all I can do is answer your question.
  4. I agree with you the free shipping modules could be improved, such as the USPS module and so forth. It would be really great to have official TB versions as well, at least for the main shipping carriers. However, to be fair, Shopify charges a monthly fee to simply use their platform at all, and woocommerce doesn't even offer free domestic USPS calculation anymore. My understanding is, as of later last year unless you're a preexisting shop (which were grandfathered in), they now request you to pay $79/year. I have a grandfathered in shop that calculates for free, but I opened up a different, new shop on woocommerce earlier this year, and at the moment, all I can even offer is flat rate shipping on there, because woocommerce doesn't give me any other functionality.
  5. I am using USPS 1.3.5. Seems to calculate rates fine for me, but of course, there's no box packing algorithm so sometimes it gets it a little wrong. I believe the USPS module I'm using is only for domestic shipments, but the UPS module does have international options listed.
  6. I am using the PS 1.6 USPS and UPS modules without any issues. I think the Fedex module works too but I haven't tested it. Are you looking for a different carrier?
  7. *edited* Well, I ended up getting it working. I'm actually not sure what the problem was because my cache was cleared numerous times. Unlike the.rampage.rado, I don't use the 'never recompile template' option. Maybe cloudflare took longer then anticipated to clear. Not sure. Regardless, this is awesome. Thanks guys.
  8. Actually, it didn't work for me either. 500 error on checkout page using OPC despite applying the fix. Does anybody have a solution to this? By the way, I was impressed with how fast and easy the new updater is.
  9. Thanks a lot. A guy earlier said he had problems with warehouse despite applying the fix. Glad to hear the fix worked for you. I'll test it soon then.
  10. Looks awesome. Has anybody upgraded on warehouse theme? I am wondering about compatibility.
  11. The TB PayPal module did originally sent the data but this was stripped to fix compatibility with some foreign address processing or something of that sort. I actually never had those particular issues since I don't ship internationally and wish they would of put a switch to turn that function on/off, but that matter aside, the module does work pretty well nowadays. TLDR The module does not currently send customer data such as the address to PayPal.
  12. Is there any reason you're not using the TB PayPal module?
  13. He will likely be able to eventually use it, but according to multiple service reps I've talked to, it's going to be a while before they roll it out to foreign markets such as the UK.
  14. I'm using warehouse theme with TB 1.0.8 (not bleeding edge) on the live shop listed in my profile. I haven't had any problems and I use their homepage module as well. Not sure what your problem is, but you can take a look and see for yourself everything shows up and works fine. Must be something with your installation or configuration unless it's a change in bleeding edge.
  15. This modification seems to work. +1 Thanks a lot buddy, I really do appreciate the help.
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