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  1. 6 minutes ago, AndyC said:

    Hey ??? hamburger menu ,never heard of it

    Hamburger menu is the common clickable mobile 3 line menu.

    They call it hamburger because the 3 lines look almost like 2 buns and a burger.

  2. I appreciate your input and response, but much of what you have mentioned is strictly your opinion and I don't really wish to get into polarizing arguments about whether the USA is 'backing people into corners' or 'calling all the shots'. I don't believe they are and I don't think it's fair to shift all of the blame onto the USA here. In my opinion, the USA has waited long enough for a resolution. There's many people on both sides of this argument, so perhaps we should agree to disagree. As for losing mail exchange with some few countries, that would be unfortunate, but if that does happen, I don't believe that would necessarily be the USA's fault, as the USA has mentioned they simply want fairer policies. Products can be sourced elsewhere if necessary.

  3. 58 minutes ago, dynambee said:

    International treaties are not negotiated or renegotiated in a matter of a few days. The Trump administration has said they will leave the UPU if things aren't negotiated to their liking in the upcoming UPU meeting which is.....two days in length. There are 192 members of the UPU and taking a dictatorial stance towards negotiations is unlikely to lead to positive results. This is international diplomacy and is something that Trump completely fails to understand. This isn't some two-bit family business deal.

    No one can predict what will happen if the US leaves the UPU but it's not likely to be pretty. Let's say the US decides to unilaterally increase terminal dues by 100% on, for example, Canada. Guess what Canada is going to do in return? Yup, increase terminal dues by 100% on shipments from the US. Every country will do this. Some countries may decide to not have mail exchange between themselves and the US. This is how things operated in the days before the UPU existed and it was a giant pain in the ass for everyone.

    It wasn't exactly in 2 days. The USA gave the UPU the required 1 year notice last year. I respect your opinion, but I guess we simply have different opinions on the matter. I believe the USA has a strong upper hand on the matter, although of course, that may change one day. I don't believe leaving an organization is dictatorial. There is no obligation to take part in the UPU, as the required notice was already given. Waiting around for 191 other countries to twiddle their thumbs doesn't seem very decisive. They already had a year to take action and it's not like this is a new problem.

  4. 5 hours ago, dynambee said:

    Fixing the Chinese problem is necessary but leaving the UPU is taking a sledgehammer to everything. Postal rates into and out of the US are likely to skyrocket and be very unpredictable. This is not a good thing for anyone, even if you don't directly ship or receive packages internationally yourself.

    The administration said we would only leave if we/they were unable to renegotiate.

    Last year, a spokesman for USPS mentioned during a statement that the USPS fully supports this move, and I'm not sure who could possibly have more data on this then the USPS.

    “The current system has led to the United States subsidizing the imports of small packages from other countries. As such, the Postal Service and its Governors fully support the Administration’s decision to move to self-declared rates, and will work closely with the State Department, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and other stakeholders to implement the Administration’s decision,” - Jeff Adams, USPS spokesman

  5. 46 minutes ago, lesley said:

    I don't think our postal rates are going anywhere, especially considering the state of our postal service, they are liekly to rise again in the next couple years no matter what we do with foreign packages. But at the same time I have not heard any of my US clients be upset over chinese products coming in, but my CA clients are worried about how they will still ship here. 

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the USPS isn't supposed to turn a profit, and rather is supposed to be more of a 'wash', so that money either has to either go towards shipping infrastructure, reducing future postal rates, or something similar. In my opinion, all better alternatives then subsidizing other countries postage.

    While I respect your experience dealing with your clients and appreciate your input, my experience has not by any means been the same and I disagree very much with your sentiments. Myself, as well as many others certainly do have a problem with cheaper (typically lower quality and often misadvertised) Chinese products coming in to compete with us at prices which we could not possibly offer because of non-comparable shipping costs.

    It is particularly bad on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and so forth. These places are literally being spammed with low-cost and low-quality Chinese products in many niches. And with Amazon taking nearly 50% of the USA's online market, certainly you see how these websites being literally spammed in some niches could affect conversion rates even on websites which get their traffic organically or through ads due to price checking and comparison shopping due to non-comparable shipping costs. (even if the product is lower quality and not actually comparable)

  6. 2 hours ago, AndyC said:

    Yeah was 1 of the first things I did and cleared cache a few times now.

    Are they showing for you


    No, no images are showing for the product under the accessory tag.
    'Wooden Tankard Presentation Box'
    I'm not personally much of a programmer though, so all I can do is answer your question.

  7. On 8/13/2019 at 9:53 PM, dotray said:

    All of my non-CP shipping solutions that I use right now have plugins for shopify, most of them for woo/magento but none for PS.

    I agree with you the free shipping modules could be improved, such as the USPS module and so forth.
    It would be really great to have official TB versions as well, at least for the main shipping carriers.

    However, to be fair, Shopify charges a monthly fee to simply use their platform at all, and woocommerce doesn't even offer free domestic USPS calculation anymore. My understanding is, as of later last year unless you're a preexisting shop (which were grandfathered in), they now request you to pay $79/year. I have a grandfathered in shop that calculates for free, but I opened up a different, new shop on woocommerce earlier this year, and at the moment, all I can even offer is flat rate shipping on there, because woocommerce doesn't give me any other functionality.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, dotray said:

    I tried out USPS 1.2.1 before but it didn't calculate rates correctly for me & sometimes it didn't show depending on the address for whatever reason; which version do you have?

    I am using USPS 1.3.5.
    Seems to calculate rates fine for me, but of course, there's no box packing algorithm so sometimes it gets it a little wrong.
    I believe the USPS module I'm using is only for domestic shipments, but the UPS module does have international options listed.

  9. *edited* Well, I ended up getting it working.
    I'm actually not sure what the problem was because my cache was cleared numerous times.
    Unlike the.rampage.rado, I don't use the 'never recompile template' option.
    Maybe cloudflare took longer then anticipated to clear.
    Not sure.
    Regardless, this is awesome. Thanks guys.

  10. 4 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

    Again no luck for me. Can you attach your fixed file so I can compare mine with yours. Probably I'm making some lame mistake.

    I've turned 5 step checkout but it on it's own have some issues and I would like to return to

    Actually, it didn't work for me either.
    500 error on checkout page using OPC despite applying the fix.
    Does anybody have a solution to this?

    By the way, I was impressed with how fast and easy the new updater is.

  11. 1 minute ago, netamismb said:

    In the past, the ThirtyBees PayPal module didn't have the customer data filled automated in PayPal - this was the reason I still use the PS one. Is this still the case?

    The TB PayPal module did originally sent the data but this was stripped to fix compatibility with some foreign address processing or something of that sort.
    I actually never had those particular issues since I don't ship internationally and wish they would of put a switch to turn that function on/off, but that matter aside, the module does work pretty well nowadays.

    The module does not currently send customer data such as the address to PayPal.

  12. 13 hours ago, jnsgioia said:

    At least here in the US eBay is in the process of rolling out their own payment provider (Managed Payments) and PayPal will be an option not a requirement.  Maybe that could be an option for your eBay store in the near future.

    He will likely be able to eventually use it, but according to multiple service reps I've talked to, it's going to be a while before they roll it out to foreign markets such as the UK.

  13. 3 hours ago, Miranda said:

    I am using the warehouse theme and up until recently things were going okay. The unique homepage generator stopped letting me save configurations recently. I would get a 500 error whenever I tried and then yesterday my homepage went empty altogether. I contacted support for the theme, and he thinks that part of the warehouse theme has become incompatible due to a recent update. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I'm using warehouse theme with TB 1.0.8 (not bleeding edge) on the live shop listed in my profile.
    I haven't had any problems and I use their homepage module as well.
    Not sure what your problem is, but you can take a look and see for yourself everything shows up and works fine. Must be something with your installation or configuration unless it's a change in bleeding edge.

  14. 1 hour ago, wakabayashi said:

    Yeah it would be correct as you describe (theme folder) it. It sounds a bit strange to me, that nothing happens. 

    I am not at a computer with code editor right now. Maybe instead 

    {if $child.id!=yourID}

    is correct...

    This modification seems to work.
    Thanks a lot buddy, I really do appreciate the help.

  15. Just now, wakabayashi said:

    Why not? What happens?

    Well, I found the correlating code.
    I changed it to what you wrote, and added the category ID number, but it appears as if nothing happens at all.

    If I'm understanding this correctly I add the category ID to where it says 'yourID'?

    To be honest, I wasn't sure which blockcategories.tpl to change (i have the module folder, but also a .tpl by the same name under /theme/modules) but I tried both separately and it appears as if neither did anything at all. I cleared the cache of course.

    Reverted to backup files.

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