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  1. Great idea. FYI, I was able to access the sheet earlier but now it's saying permission is required to view.
  2. While I don't remember exactly what caused it, I've had this same issue with new products giving 404 on an official Prestashop installation after an update quite a while ago, before I converted to TB. They showed up in categories just like you say. I had to have my more tech-inclined brother fix it for me as I couldn't create new products. (all led to 404)
  3. Didn't work for me. Updater times out during backup, which takes an extremely long time. Might be due to me being on shared hosting, but I don't usually have problems. Tried to upgrade from 1.0.4
  4. Thanks for updating this. I'm not sure if it matters but the module does tell me TB cache is turned off even when it is turned on in 1.0.4 before updating. I assume I should turn it off anyway, but should I be worried about this or do you think I'm safe to proceed?
  5. @doclucas said in prozis.com I think is a great example: You can check out TB elasticsearch in action here: https://rackmetro.com/ To be honest, I thought elastic search was something different. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  6. @doclucas Yes, most of what I like about their website is design related. Although, their search is pretty cool too. Try typing something in their search box. It shows up and adapts to new search terms near instantly, without having to press enter and wait for it to load.
  7. @doclucas Although I'm aware of blackhat tactics, I'm not really sure about this company in particular. Anyways, about their website: I think the color coding on individual categories looks really snazzy and a lot of people would buy into such aesthetics. They also have beautiful product pages, with discount CTA above fold in a nice looking thin strip. https://www.prozis.com/ww/en/prozis/prozis-corehr-smartband-with-heart-rate-monitor ^ Additionally, they have beautiful infographics on their private label product descriptions. Also note how the buy box follows the infographic down the page, so it's always visible. Their point system is visible as well, which obviously adds perceived value. If they have multiple variations, that follows too. In my opinion, this is a very optimized website. Also, I thought their slider towards the bottom of the homepage that slides downwards in layers was pretty cool. I don't think I would personally use something like that on my money sites but I think it looks good on their site.
  8. Looks like a great modern website. They are a really big company though. (600k+ facebook likes) Obviously they have a ton of resources to invest into their website.
  9. @ipeary said in Google Review module for TB Market!: I have module for product review, I need one for the market itself to appear in google when I search for it My apologies, but I don't think you're being very clear. Do you mean the microdata isn't showing up in search? i.e. stars, price, etc? If not, what do you mean exactly? Can you provide example?
  10. @daokakao said in [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews: I saw a warehouse demo... For PS 1.6 & 30BZ it is less interesting being compared to transformer/panda Hey, I agree entirely. However, I designed my website quite a long time ago, before transformer was even released. I think I'll wait to do a redesign until we figure out what is going to remain compatible long-term.
  11. @pedalman said in [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews: Perhaps this can help: /* product comments hide */ .star_content { width: 65px; margin: 0 auto; padding-bottom: 4px; display: none !important; } the last line is the important one. You could also deinstall the native module and thouroughly disable & clear cache PS: A developer is needed to enhance the bo/performance page in Thirtybees. I would appreciate an additonal button to "disable all caches" and clear them. Hey Pedalman, thanks a lot for your response but that doesn't seem to do the trick for warehouse theme.
  12. I think you just need to disable the specific checkout option that isn't working. There are a few different checkout options within the PayPal module.
  13. Anybody got this working on warehouse theme? It seems the theme keeps the productcomments rating markup even with productcomments disabled. It ends up showing both star ratings on the page, and there is no option in theme options to disable it entirely. The revws module itself seems to work great, but I am wondering if anybody has a workaround for warehouse theme?
  14. This looks really awesome. I'm going to install later and give it a shot. Thanks for providing this free of charge. You're a saint.
  15. I use 'Advanced Top Menu' from presta-module and it works pretty good, but their customer service is insanely bad.
  16. I haven't been able to get the PayPal module working since I migrated my store. The stripe module works great so it hasn't been a big deal for me but I get the following error: Error(s) occurred Invalid request - see details And then it proceeds to give me no details to see, lol. Does anybody know where I might find the reason for this? Is there a log for this module? edited to add The PayPal module 6.0.0 beta 4 seems to connect properly and isn't giving me this error. Is anybody using the beta on a live shop without issues?
  17. @zimmer-media said in last statement ?: why am I again asked to pay for a native module ??? Just a helpful bit of advice. It's common practice to test installations/updates on a sandbox or subdomain before pushing it to your live setup. Updating anything on a live store that is making you money needs to be tested first. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but you didn't really make the best choices either.
  18. Appreciate the update, as well as all of the TB team's hard work Lesley. TB has been a joy for me thus far.
  19. I haven't been able to get the paypal module working but I had an issue with the stripe module a couple weeks ago and mdekker put out an update and fixed it for me within 24 hours and even apologized. Did you try reporting the issue via github? I remember official PS support often took 4-5 days to even get a one line response. I've actually had way less bugs with TB then PS thus far.
  20. Hi guys, after many months, with the updated migrate module and a few hours of mechanical work I was finally able to migrate my shop over to Thirty-Bees. I'm really impressed guys, this fixed a lot of the problematic errors I was having and has a lot of improvements. Anyways, I am using the most popular one page checkout sold on prestashop website (the one with the puzzle piece logo) and I'm not sure if that is the issue but the TB stripe and paypal modules do not work. My old 3rd party stripe module works perfectly and the TB paypal works in test mode, but not in live. The TB stripe module does not work at all. My brother is a developer/programmer and he said the Stripe module is contacting Stripe perfectly fine, but he thinks it's a problem relating to the one page checkout module. Basically, you click pay, and it just reloads the page instead of bringing up payment screens. PayPal test brings up sandbox.paypal but not anything in live mode. I am wondering if the TB payment modules are compatible with this one page check-out module? Is it likely this is the problem? My brother said he was not entirely sure. Nothing related shows up in my Stripe dashboard logs, nor in the Thirty-Bees logs.
  21. Thanks. That helped actually. Just installed completely fine with php 7.0.
  22. I'm dumb but I can't get past this? On inmotion shared business hosting. Database connects fine. I believe permissions are fine Database user permissions are definitely correct. Would install via softaculous but they apparently removed the script, even though they say they didn't. Any idea where I begin to fix?
  23. @roband7 Hi, thank you for your reply. I'm only mildly technical. I do understand what a PHP log is but I am actually unable to locate one and while I sort of understand how to read one, I am unsure how to force it to start creating them. I am on bad godaddy shared cpanel hosting so maybe I'll have to call them and ask.
  24. @Traumflug said in Migration Error, please help, I'd love to migrate: "I try to migrate" is pretty broad. Could you elaborate on which steps exactly you did? In case you didn't find it yet, here's an instructional video: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/357/tutorial-how-to-migrate-from-ps-1-6-to-thirty-bees My apologies for my lack of clarity. Thank you, I did actually watch that video and that is the module I tried to use to migrate. The only steps I took was to turn off cache, turn off cloudflare, take the steps provided, and use the migration module, which is what gave me that error.
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