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  1. In the context of stock inventory FIFO is just an accounting principle. It can answer the Cost of Goods Sold question. It's not really important if you really ship the oldest piece of inventory you have. It has nothing to do with stuff like Best Before Date, etc... This is just a way to attribute accurate expenses to every sale. From this perspective, current ASM implementation is... on a right track. Unfinished (the actual COGS is not calculated for every order), but it tracks all the information needed to do it.
  2. The important thing is that ASM does not change the way product/combination quantities are tracked inside thirtybees. It only extends it to track more information about the stock movements. I agree that thirtybees could do bette, and include more usable inventory report. But it's all about priorities. This is 'nice to have'. There are too many 'need to do' tasks. However, even now you can choose from many modules that allows you access and adjust inventory data. For example, my very own datakick module can be used for that quite easily.
  3. You can see combination quantities on your product page, even for products tracked by ASM: It's a little bit more complicated, as ASM tries to handle not only the selling part, but also purchasing side. You can track products you have ordered from your supplier using Supply Orders. This will tell you how many products you actually count with, even if they are not physically in your store yet. You know they should arrive shortly, so you can re-sell them already. I understand your frustration with ASM. It has a big potential, but it's kind of buggy and not completed. Hopefully it will be improved after (if) the sale of thirtybees is completed.
  4. All right, the problem was in *Required fields* settings for Customer record. If you check these fields, your system won't allow you so save customer entry into the database without Opt/Newsletter.
  5. looks weird. Could you PM me credentials to your ftp account, I'll debug
  6. when you updated to 1.1.x, did you update themes as well (I'm assuming you are using niara)
  7. Look into a Network tab, search for ajax request, and see what it contains
  8. This warning can be ignored, and skipped. There must be another fatal error. You should look into javascript console to see server's response.
  9. please try use this image type: 'large', without theme prefix.
  10. I've split this conversation from the original thread, as it has nothing to do with opengraph metadata. This indeed looks like a bug in core updater. Core updater. I will verify
  11. Look into classes/Translate.php that it contains method getFrontTranslation: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/21b15c3e17188037e4862ddf357b6a3d65f1c3bd/classes/Translate.php#L403 If not, use core updater again to fetch the changes. If the changes are not there even after core updater, check file permissions -- maybe your server don't have permissions to write to that file. If the method is there, then it's your server cache. Go to Advanced Parameters > Performance and clear cache. That might help
  12. I believe it's socialsharing module: https://github.com/thirtybees/socialsharing/blob/master/views/templates/hook/socialsharing_header.tpl
  13. Check that Advanced Parameters > Performance > Disable non thirty bees modules is not enabled. If it's toggled off, go to your Modules page, and reset all modules.
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