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  1. Should be fixed on bleeding edge. Thank you for reporting the issue.
  2. Indeed, there is an regression in bleeding edge. I have found the culprit and will fix it soon. Thanks for testing the edge, very much appreciated.
  3. @bomas Please try to update your store to thirty bees bleeding edge using core updater. There is a fix / improvement in the area of image type resolution. This might help you
  4. did you look upgrade from 1.2.0, or from some older version? Please PM me your store url - to some problematic product
  5. What *.jpg files are present in directory /img/p/4/9/0/8/ ??? is there file 4908-home_default.jpg ???
  6. The prices are calculated by method Product::getPriceStatic(), so classes/Product.php should be the first to check. Look also for override. I quickly looked into the code, and there is no recent change in this area
  7. This does not look like bug in 1.3.0, since it works fine on your dev site. More likely you have some module or override that interfere
  8. Well, then what you are asking for is not possible. Thirty bees estabilish connection with mysql server directly, it does not use any third party program to communicate through.
  9. try to regenerate image thumbnails. If that does not help, you will need to check the url of the image, and verify that the used image-type exists
  10. datakick

    Time Exceeded?

    You have probably uploaded some huge product image. Thirtybees is trying to generate image thumbnail, but because of the source image size it take too kuch time, and pho script time out. You can either increase script running time (in your cpanel look for max_execution_time settings). If that is not possible, then delete the file you have uploaded. To do that, you first need to know image ID. This can be deducted from exception stacktrace, look for function parameter value, there will be some id_image somewhere). Once you know the ID, for example 1234, then delete file /img/p/1/2/3/4/1234.jpg
  11. I don't understand at all. What is MariaDB_client on server #1? Do you have two instances of mariadb servers installed in master->slave mode? Or are you talking about mysql/mariadb client program?
  12. One of the reasons the pdf can be so huge is the used font. You can tweak used fonts in file classes/pdf/PDFGenerator.php, property $font_by_lang. For example, deleting line 'en' => 'dejavusans' Can reduce pdf size from 461K to 15k. Of course, the resulting pdf might look different. Or completely broken, if your language contains weird characters such as 'příliš žluťoučký kůň'
  13. I'm not sure what protection are you talking about. The only kind of image protection that tb has is watermark module. It can generate .htaccess rules to block access to images without watermark. Of course, this only works on apache, on nginx+php-fpm such .htaccess protection is useless.
  14. This looks like a very simple module. It simply allows you to link several products together, and display these linked products on product page, under the name 'Variants' It works quite like build-in Accessories feature. Accessories are just rendered in their own tab, and as a product miniature. With a little bit of theme modification you could actually use the Accessories feature to accomplish this module's functionality.
  15. In your phpmyadmin you need to select database before you run the query. Anyway, from your last screenshot it looks like something entirely else is wrong. Do you have any local changes to php/tpl files? Do you have any overrides installed? You can use 'coreupdater' module to check your installation, and fix it its corrupted
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