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  1. This sounds like a bug where the variable for price rounding precision is missing/empty/forgotten. Filed here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1044
  2. Uhm, what is the point of doing this? Updating v1.0.8 to v1.1.0 is pretty simple and straightforward.
  3. The nice thing about the newer updater is, one can reverse updates. If the newer version doesn't work out, just do this, "update" from 1.1.0 back to 1.0.4.
  4. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1031
  5. It should work. If not, it's a bug.
  6. Them saying this can well mean "we didn't even try". Quite a number of PS developers apparently fear new customers using thirty bees. For hardly imaginable reasons, because thirty bees is as compatible as another software can be, sometimes even more compatible than PS its self.
  7. Do you need module "cheque"? If not, uninstall and delete it. Uninstalling and deleting unused modules is generally a good idea. This brings a small, but existing performance advantage over just disabling it.
  8. I think that's called updating and yes, there is a module, of course. It's called "Core Updater" and available in the list of modules in your back office.
  9. Traumflug

    Bad Bot Alert!

    We have no magic crystal ball to see which module you mean and how these messages differ from expected messages.
  10. It is already fixed. Thanks, @datakick.
  11. I'd be keen to learn what "failed to load properly" exactly means. We have no magic crystal ball here where we can see what you did, on which page, where you clicked, how the screen looked, which messages appeared, and so on.
  12. Traumflug

    Price tax exc

    Found it: it's a setting in back office -> Localization -> Countries -> (edit country). Which means, one can enable/disable this label for each country individually.
  13. Traumflug

    Price tax exc

    I wonder why you see this at all. A default installation doesn't show this label: https://front.thirtybees.com/gifts/soap
  14. Core Updater is pretty advanced software updating technology and has shown to be quite helpful since it was released. Merchants lost fear to update their shop installation as they can roll back easily. Great! This way, developing the software actually makes sense, merchants can take advantage of all the new stuff. There was always a pimple in the picture, though: provided releases had to be added manually by a thirty bees developer. As so often, stuff to be done manually easily gets forgotten. No longer: over the recent weeks, Core Updater's background machinery has learned to build releases automatically. This is especially helpful for Bleeding Edge: the minute a change gets committed to the Github repository and passes validation, it appears in all the shop back offices. Can't get forgotten, always accurate (knock on wood). Another new thing appeared: issue branches. When tackling issues reported on Github, developers often want to show partial work or provide completed work for testing. Maybe they just add debug messages to find out what's going on in a shop installation. Now they can commit this work as issue branch, merchants will find it in the Bleeding Edge channel in Core Updater listed. Merchants update to this, test, report back their opinion in the issue tracker. Easily fast enough (~6 minutes after push) to allow timely discussions on how to implement this or that the best way. Note to developers: an issue branch is a branch named with exactly 'issue-' (including the dash), followed by a number consisting of digits only. This number should match the Github issue number. Enjoy! P.S.: this is available immediately, no upgrades or whatsoever needed 🙂
  15. The original idea of payment modules was to have one module per payment method, hence restrictions per module. One module handling a plentitude of methods wasn't on the screen a few years back. Regarding your issue, it looks much like beefing up price rules a bit could accomplish that. These are well equipped with conditions already, they just don't allow raising the price ( = negative discount). Can't promise a timely solution, though, our stack of feature wishes is huge already, on top of 100+ known bugs (which are considered to be more crucial to fix). And everybody considers his particular issue as the must have, of course 🙂
  16. We're busy improving the product, this page is a bit behind. thirty bees 1.1.0 actually comes with two themes. The other one can be seen here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees Back office to the left, front office (what your visitors see) to the right.
  17. Could you elaborate a bit more on what exactly you try to do? There are certainly a dozen places where one can upload an image. Are you trying to upload products by importing a CSV with image links inside? Which error messages do you get? For debugging it's a good idea to try with a CSV file with just 2 or 3 lines inside. Once 2 lines work, 2000 lines are no problem.
  18. Core Updater can certainly help here. Doing an "update" to the current version should restore all core files. Module files can get wiped and restored from the distribution package. Works for all modules Those few storing settings or images or whatever inside their module folder loose these settings. Settings in the database will be kept when replacing files, only.
  19. Sounds great! I reached out for them as well.
  20. The only way to get rid of this language thing is to install only one language.
  21. This is fixed now. Translations build tools have theme names hardcoded (what a shame). After adding Niara there, language packs now contain translations for this theme as well. To get this, update translations in your back office. No need for a re-installation, core files are unchanged.
  22. Unless one sets Core Updater to ignore community themes, doing an update should install all the files for the new theme. Then one can switch to it in back office -> Preferences -> Themes.
  23. Nope, sorry for that. TBH, over the last few weeks I kind of put my football gear on and hacked away without looking left or right, just for getting the thing into a releasable shape. There are a few more missing bits, e.g. installing in German gives a mostly English front office. With the release done, we can catch up on these things now, one by one.
  24. It's running on (unsupported) Windows and missing a file, so it's likely something with forward (/) vs. backward (\) slashes. According to what I read here in the forum, settings in back office should always use forward slashes, even on Windows.
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