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  1. True, the term "Bleeding Edge" is a bit misleading right now. It's no Alpha either, because there are virtually no new features, just many many bug fixes. Actually it's currently more stable than "Stable". I hope we can return to a more expected system before too long. Like making a Stable release from Bleeding Edge about once every month. This is, of course, more work. Once there, making a Stable release will be a matter of only few hours, so it'll happen more often.
  2. As mentioned many times, compatibility with PS 1.6.x won't go away. To take your example, this separation of theme installation code is done already and was of course tested with PS themes. It works better than ever before. thirty bees might well become more PS compatible than PS its self.
  3. Git Based Updater is abandoned / was renamed to Core Updater. It can get removed safely. thirty bees Updater allows to update to 1.0.8, only. It's still needed for updating modules, though. Eventually module updating code will get moved back into thirty bees core, which will make this module obsolete. Core Updater is the name of the Game. There one can update to Bleeding Edge and before too long, to 1.1.0.
  4. To get an idea of what I'm currently wrestling with, see this issue: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/966 Which means, just swapping the default theme for another theme is not a process of hours, but more like a process of weeks. The data initially installed is all handcrafted, so one has to install over and over again and adjust this initial SQL and XML until the shop comes out the way it needs to be. Incredibly fragile. Did you know that community-theme-default comes out different when installed initially compared to the same theme being installed on an already running shop? This distinction needs to get minimized, ideally to zero.
  5. Themes get applied to a shop, so a need for two themes also means a need for two shops. That said, it's not exactly obvious why a PWA would need a distinct theme. Screen size is about the same, target customer is the same, shop is the same, products are the same, so it might be a good idea to simplify the shop not only for those dragging your site to the desktop, but for everybody.
  6. Could you send me this file, please? My email is markus@thirtybees.com.
  7. Yes, pretty much all of the PS 1.6 documentation is still valid. Changes since then are described in the release notes for each thirty bees release.
  8. Das ist mehr oder weniger kompatibel. Mit thirty bees 1.1.0 wird es dann voll unterstützt, dafür musste ich nur eine Warnung in Ordnung bringen.
  9. URLs typed into text fields have to get changed manually, that's correct. URLs created automatically also change automatically by editing SEO & URLs in Preferences.
  10. Maybe a matter of HTMLPurifier. See back office -> Preferences -> General, 4th switch.
  11. The only way to find out whether a module works is to run it. Code is way too complex to see proper operation by looking at this code.
  12. To restore hooks, uninstall, then re-install the module.
  13. Traumflug

    Shipping Setup

    First, welcome to thirty bees! If there are options you don't need, don't use them 🙂 Shipping costs by price is for those who want to give e.g. free shipping for all purchases above € 75.-. Distinct services of one company, e.g. USPS Parcel vs. USPS First Class, get treated like distinct carriers. Set up both and the customer is allowed to choose what s/he likes.
  14. We had quite a number of cases where uploaded distribution files turned out to be incomplete. So, a first step would be to upload all of them again to find out whether things work better then. If this still doesn't help, I'd appreciate getting access to your webhosting, so I can try myself. Such errors are very rare, don't want to miss the opportunity to catch it.
  15. Yes. It'll come with both themes. There's no point in doing so. Yes, except for PHP 5.5 compatibility. PHP 5.6 will be the oldest PHP version supported, then.
  16. Well, I think it's time to talk a bit about this next release. Last November, I planned to release it on New Year's Eve. As everybody can see, this didn't work out. How could such an utter mis-planning happen? Well, there was this issue with broken price rounding. A Github issue and the reporter even sent me a patch for correcting the misbehavior. Should be a matter of a day for applying and testing this patch, right? Things turned out to be not that simple. Each look at the code came up with more small issues regarding price rounding, the TODO list grew and grew ... and it took over two month to settle the whole topic. Then thirty bees had much more reliable price rounding, but it was also late February. A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago. thirty bees 1.1.0 will come with a much nicer, cleaner theme. Switching the default theme on installation should be a matter of flipping a switch, right? Well, as it turned out, not really. Initial theme installation was found to be entirely distinct from a theme installation done in back office. Huge amounts of handcrafted SQL and XML files instead of a procedure installing the actual theme. Which means, since 4 weeks I'm working on separating theme installation from AdminThemesController, into class Theme, to make it available to the installer as well, and to get rid of all the handcrafted SQL and XML, which is hard to adjust to another theme. Also fixing bugs found in this area, of course. I'm not there yet, probably it'll take another two or three weeks. And then I can flip the switch. What does this mean for merchants? Good thing is, they're not lost. During all the time described above, branch 1.0.x wasn't abandoned, but received many many bug fixes, making thirty bees more stable than ever before. The only thing missing thing there is a formal release. Making such a release would throw back the 1.1.0 release by another week or so, so it's not on the TODO list. We have Core Updater, after all, and @datakick regularly runs some voodoo to update its master repository, which allows to update to latest 1.0.x. That's what a merchant should do. It's named "Bleeding edge", actually it's currently more stable than "Stable". Want a return to monthly releases? Yes, me too!
  17. Thinking about this I could imagine making a single-file installer. Just one file index.php, which one had to upload and execute by visiting the site with the browser. Would this be helpful? Technical background: this one file would download the distribution ZIP from Github, unpack it and then proceed as before.
  18. Well, then delete these two modules. They're indeed no longer needed, all the statistics stuff was joined in a single module.
  19. Kommt der Fehler im Front Office (Shop) oder im Back Office (Admin-Bereich)? In beiden Fällen gibt es einen Eintrag in die Datei in log/. Gibt es da keine Datei mit dem aktuellen Datum, bleibt das allgemeine Apache/nginx error-log.
  20. Installing thirty bees is pretty trivial: unpack the ZIP, upload all the files via FTP and direct your browser to your site.
  21. It's line 109 in this file. Change '' to '16.0.1'. Alternative is to apply this commit: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/be2813efa62a9bdce3f42450cc78632e29fa7e1b
  22. Oh, I didn't want to say that redirecting in general is a bad idea. Just that redirecting from one URL to the same, identical URL is a bad idea. Perhaps most of your trouble goes away if you change the URL a bit. Old URL: https://naildots.com/items/, new URL just https://naildots.com/ . And then without a category items/, to avoid having identical URLs again.
  23. Editing the database directly is verrrry tricky. Can't recommend to do this. For most stuff, editing a single table isn't sufficient. There are tables for categories, tables to map these to shops, tables to map them to languages, and so on. Grabbing a bag of patience and a cup of coffee for doing it manually is a much safer way.
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