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  1. So i installed prestacenterxmlexportfree1241 AKA v1.2.4.1 and fixed the only stopper issue i could find below. Sure the module has some other warnings. However they go by so fast i have no idea what they say. My thirtybees test site is running PHP 7.2 [ThirtyBeesException] Call to a member function executeS() on boolean at line 77 in file modules/prestacenterxmlexportfree/classes/PcXmlFreeService.php 72. ->select('`'.self::$definition['primary'].'` id') 73. ->select('`name`') 74. ->from(self::$definition['table']) 75. ->orderBy('id') 76. ->build(); 77. return self::$db->executeS($sql); 78. } 79. public static function getFeedIds($ids) 80. { 81. if (empty($ids)) 82. return array(); Replace line 77 with. return self::$db->executeSql; prestacenterxmlexportfree1241.zip
  2. I found 6 of the 7 module releases. Unfortunately the last one on the prestashop site is prestacenterxmlexportfree1241. He never released the prestacenterxmlexportfree1251 module on the forum & his website has been closed for years. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/276093-module-prestacenter-xml-export-free-ps-15x/?do=findComment&comment=2133599
  3. Script-Fu

    Importing Products and Combinations with csv's

    @spidawebs anyway you could reattach your .csv example file? The forum won't allow me access to it. TIA _Bill
  4. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

    You got me on this & i can only offer up google searches now besides saying the obvious did you dump all cache including browser. Anyway https://www.google.com/search?ei=43PEXOPzKOWH_QbfvomYCg&q=prestashop+load+error%3A+failed+to+find+%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts&oq=prestashop+load+error%3A+failed+to+find+%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts&gs_l=psy-ab.3...15426.18445..18953...0.0..0.351.2144.0j9j0j2......0....1..gws-wiz.vG5jTQIn_sg https://www.google.com/search?ei=eXjEXMfoB-LD_Qa_5ZW4Dw&q=path+to+php+variable+prestashop&oq=path+to+php+variable+prestashop&gs_l=psy-ab.3...166264.167526..167986...0.0..0.131.468.0j4......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j35i304i39.r0gEyjiKUqI https://www.google.com/search?ei=J3rEXOr8AtGc_QaVy57IBQ&q=path+to+smarty+variable+prestashop&oq=path+to+smarty+variable+prestashop&gs_l=psy-ab.3...34685.37914..38598...0.0..0.400.2370.0j3j2j3j1......0....1..gws-wiz.......35i39.AAcyJ4gr8kU
  5. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

    Wait @Havouzareset your module first! I'm sorry
  6. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

    What if you reset your theme in modules admin? Sometimes this has messed up more than it has fixed for me personally. Yet on the other side of the coin hopefully you have a clone of your main site to test! @Havouza good luck! Front office Features Theme Configurator v3.0.8 - by thirty bees
  7. Also you could use this generalized phpinfo script for prestashop. Maybe this will nail down your hosting environment a little better. Maybe your missing something that thirtybees might need. https://github.com/PrestaShop/php-ps-info? Best _Billy
  8. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

    at line 1417
  9. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

  10. Script-Fu

    500 error. This must be wrong

    Can you open that module and change the path? If not then you need to define proper path the old fashion way in the file lessc.inc.php
  11. Need more info. Do you have any errors you can post or a link to download the module. You could also attach the module you speak of here in the forum in a .zip file.
  12. I have so many modules in my presta 1.6.1.x modules admin that it blinds me. What i want to do is trim all the modules down to basic and installed. I do not want them to show whatsoever in admin if they are gone. Trying to migrate to Thirty Bees has been fun for me. However for some people i can understand why they give up. I know it's a module stopping my migration to Thirty Bees but with no specific output to tell me which one it's pointless. I think being able to have my modules trimmed down would help me migrate once and for all! You see i could pay someone to migrate for me. However what does one truly learn by doing it that way?
  13. Yea i got it man as mine says 290 total 58 installed. Thanks again
  14. Hey Andy i have over a 1000 products myself. I have the 1.6.1.x site running on PHP 7.2 so i'm not in a hurry. I have 5 clones of the main site that i have been tinkering with.
  15. I read this and understood but not 200+ modules understood. My bad
  16. @Scully I did read what you posted. I just didn't connect 200+ modules extra to the .xml files showing in modules admin. I thought that some are connected to them but not that much. Also yep i'm still stuck in PS land hence the questions here about my migration failures in previous posts.
  17. @Traumflug Thank you for the clarification. Just one more question tho. How did i end up with 290 modules? Was it from the major upgrades down through the years or something else? In no way did i upload that many modules even over the last 8.5 years. lol
  18. I hear ya! If i remember correct even if a module isn't installed sometimes they become stoppers. With whats going on with my store i have no output to diagnose the problem upgrading to the last Ps 1.6.1.x in order to migrate over to TB or even to just migrate straight to TB So anyway i will just put this thread to bed and start searching for Ps export to Tb import of .csv files from built in solution. Thanks to all
  19. Not a bad idea Andy thanks!
  20. Ok man sorry to keep beating a dead horse as Scully gave me the info i specifically needed. Plus at least one good idea i think came out of this thread. The text file generation of what modules are installed so you can post in a forum for help.
  21. What i'm saying is just because modules admin says modules are not installed is this always 100% true & correct? Remember this site was built in 2011 with PS v1.2.x in which the devs must not of had a specific cleanup routine for the older modules from different major updates. Is it possible that say an 8 year old module from 1.3.x could still be installed even if it shows not to be in modules admin? Ty Emanuel for your time and everyone else for that matter.
  22. Thank you @Scully sounds like a job for InfoRapid Search & Replace for windows. Do you know of any other software?
  23. Sure you can but are all of them really uninstalled? I wish there was a way to click a button in modules admin that would output a text file. This way a list could be posted on the forum.
  24. So i have a very old PS site that started around version 1.2.x that's been upgraded since 2011 to many times to count. In it's present form i'm on version PS and i'm stuck. You see i have (ghosts in the machine) so to speak. Being that this is my oldest PS site i have given up trying to update it to any newer versions of PS or TB as it just wont do it without complete failure. I have changed so much over the years with this site. Anyway I am content where i am right now as i found a post on PS to update my site to PHP 7.2 which i did and its now working very well. So moving forward I have the notarobot module installed because of all the bots creating spam. Well as this saga is never over lol i now have bots attacking my registration/authentication section. So yea it looks like the Bots are back. Except this time they are using the Register Now / Auth page to send porn links. ( They enter the email account they want to spam & hit the button. The website creates a new account then pops over so you may enter your first & last name etc etc. What they are doing is in the first name field is they put something like "Ada And Amy Are Waiting" then in the last name field "They put a Porn Site Link with a tracking code behind the url aka .com/fke6u". Go figure! Well i have been digging around trying to find a solution and i found Lesley's No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module in the TB Store. Of course i have given it a shot on one of my clone sites and i keep getting this error. [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/xxxxxxxx/website/classes/module/Module.php(1361) : eval()'d code:syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE) Well at least i am one up from others that try to install un-compatible modules. As i know which module is causing the issue. However the fatal error does not help a bit on trying to solve the first step. I have nothing to work with because of that error above. So i am gonna ask but i don't want to offend anyone at all. I think TB is the Bees Knees and all the hard work you ladies and gents have pulled off. All my new sites are based on TB and i'm impressed. With how clean it is in the module section with out all the BS like inside PS. However this leads me back to the question... I only need a few snippets to get the No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module to produce meaningful errors. I can handle all the back port code from their. Where do i start??? In the main nocaptcharecaptcha.php so far i have changed the... if (!defined('_TB_VERSION_')) { exit; } to if (!defined('_TB_VERSION_') && !defined('_PS_VERSION_')) { exit; } Which looks correct to me but i'm still stuck after that. I have nothing in my error logs and nothing with dev mode turned on. Again i'm not trying to make anyone mad i'm just stuck with a very old site with ghosts in the machine which leave me no choice. A lot of people would have give up by now. I can't and wont let this old site win! Thanks _Billy
  25. Heck no we didn't install all those modules we bought a few and found a few but not 232 extra modules. xD I would imagine all the upgrades over the years installed all those modules and didn't remove the older versions???? crazy