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  1. @FooLabHow would one go about that? Thanks
  2. Would prestatools work?
  3. Script-Fu

    Siteground GoGeek

    Where do you host now Andy? What kind of plan do you have compared to the siteground plan? Shared sometimes is not suitable because of its limitations imho - I would check SiteGround's either Terms of Service or Knowledgebase about resources used / when they shut you down so your understand when that could happen. --- I haven't used a hosting account like that in over 15 years. So i'm biased as we run an $70.00 a month Managed VPS with KnownHost since 2011. Then of course we can spin up what ever we need with DO. They KnownHost are a very good host imho. I was with Servint probably 6 years before that with yet another VPS. So we have been lucky. If it were me personally i would look into at least a reseller account with knownhost if your here in the States as they throw in cpanel in the cost. Plus you can see what resources you have at your disposal. Btw i have no issues with siteground. They hosted a opensource project called impresscms that we worked on. Which we had no issues with at all.
  4. Hey my friend i'm 55 and your right sometimes takes a little longer but you get there in the end! Thank you for helping/teaching me some stuff to!
  5. Hey @Havouza why DO? Cloudways has a button to turn on Redis. Price is comparable! https://thirtybees.com/blog/setting-up-redis-caching-on-cloudways/ Sorry i couldn't help anymore! I'm out but probably going to get a Cloudways account myself today thanks to you and Lesley so i can play too! Good luck!
  6. I was just digging around a found that. Like i said i'm trying to get up to speed. It does work without fore sure so nice setup! Not related but yea! https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/597927-who-has-the-fastest-ps-site/
  7. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-performance/26866-redis-cache.html
  8. @Havouza the redis server/module is out of my league. I have never heard of it. So i need to learn more. I'm sure someone else is better suited than me atm to answer your questions. However if you would link to the correct module you have installed into the back office. I'm sure someone else could help you. .
  9. Can you link us to the source redis server installed?
  10. Hum makes me wonder https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3872555/fatal-error-class-ziparchive-not-found-in I'm just making sure
  11. Sounds like your server does not have "ZIP" installed properly? Edit sorry... Man what kind of server is this? It doesn't have basic stuff installed.
  12. Which Redis module do you have installed? Maybe you mean Reddit?
  13. Just a guess is the GD Extension installed? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/521651-1-order-in-bo-returns-error-500/
  14. Script-Fu

    modify url

    My son was doing some mod-rewrite trickery and hacking the tools.php years back. I haven't needed better url's in a long time though. So he stopped messing with presta and starting working with the IBM WCS (WebSphere Commerce Suite). Heck he gave up drupal, xoops and impresscms. He rewrote all of impress pulling smarty out and hooking it up php template. Im not sure exactly what the op above is asking to do compared to the setup in tb & presta now. As i have been away for a number of years from all of this. I just remember him hooking me up with my url specific requests back in the day. I'll shut up now and go away!
  15. Script-Fu

    modify url

    You could rewrite them in the .htaccess file and be careful not to overwrite the file.
  16. This v1.2.5.1 module worked fine for me with out debug on this morning after i reinstalled TB 1.0.8. I had rolled my test site from TB 1.0.8 to bleeding edge before i tested this module yesterday. Then i rolled back to TB 1.0.8 so i figured i would i would start fresh this morning. With a new install of the 1.0.8 site Btw i tested this module this morning with PHP 5.6 & PHP 7.2 and like a said it works fine. Please take my little XML file for a test drive and see if it works. Anyway this morning the module would not choke with a valid XML file. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9" xmlns:image="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-image/1.1"> <url ps_block="product"> <image:image> <image:loc>{img_url}</image:loc> </image:image> </url> </urlset> Datakick is correct the developer didn't change much at all between the two modules according to the winmerge software package. Sorry i didn't get back to you last night. After patching my roof in three spots. I started up my new to me riding mower. Which was powering thru 1 1/2 feet plus tall grass. Anyway i was riding up the back hill on the property and the mower decided to do a wheel stand and do a back flip onto me. lol I decided to call it a day at that point. This morning i don't have a scratch on me and feel fine.
  17. Sounds like you banned yourself from your server. Can you use a different IP or unblock yourself in cpanel or plesk or what ever you are using for a control panel?
  18. unserialize() is not so safe anymore. Do you plan on upgrading your php? https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.unserialize.php
  19. unserialize(): is always tough for me to track down. I will need to take a look again later today. I need to get my roof patched and cut my grass.
  20. cache/smarty/cache/ yes delete everything except index.php cache/smarty/compile/ delete everything except index.php
  21. Best thing to do is dump all the cache in this folder /themes/your_theme_name/cache manually Also clear /cache/smarty/cache & /cache/smarty/compile manually Then your browser cache and see if you still have error 500 Best
  22. Best thing to do is download your module and zip it up. Then attach it to this forum and i will fix it for you. Then i will reattach it so you can download and patch your website.
  23. When you cleared cache did you clear the cache in your /themes/your_theme_name/cache folder manually. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/292037-solved-removed-testdomain-now-the-real-one-wont-work/
  24. So i installed prestacenterxmlexportfree1241 AKA v1.2.4.1 and fixed the only stopper issue i could find below. Sure the module has some other warnings. However they go by so fast i have no idea what they say. My thirtybees test site is running PHP 7.2 [ThirtyBeesException] Call to a member function executeS() on boolean at line 77 in file modules/prestacenterxmlexportfree/classes/PcXmlFreeService.php 72. ->select('`'.self::$definition['primary'].'` id') 73. ->select('`name`') 74. ->from(self::$definition['table']) 75. ->orderBy('id') 76. ->build(); 77. return self::$db->executeS($sql); 78. } 79. public static function getFeedIds($ids) 80. { 81. if (empty($ids)) 82. return array(); Replace line 77 with. return self::$db->executeSql; prestacenterxmlexportfree1241.zip
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