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  1. Hello, I am working on a website that has encountered an issue after upgrading from 1.0.8 to 1.1.0. the /quick-order checkout has started to malfunction, when it comes to the shipping carrier block and the quick pay block. When a customer changes the carrier radio selection, the carrier and quick pay block starts to refresh continuously, which is only solved by refreshing the page. Do you have any clues on what could be causing this? And what steps would you recommend me to take in order to debug this issue? Please see the attached screenshot of the issue. Thanks.
  2. Can this software handle manual payment methods? My store will need all items to have this method and all other payment methods need to be removed. Once the order is received and invoice is manually sent to the customer. If so, can you point me in the right direction or to documentation to accomplish this? Manual payment methods Some customers don't want to pay for their orders using a credit card. These customers can still place their orders online if you set up a manual payment method. When your customers use a manual payment method, you can arrange to receive their payment outside your online checkout. After you receive the payment, you can then manually approve the order.
  3. Hi! PS1.7 has sleek navigation, generating a cart page that precedes the checkout page. This solution is also used in stores like Magento, Opencart ... but in Prestashop only came up in the new version (1.7) I've looked for customizations or modules to generate something similar in prestashop 1.6 or Thirtybees. Has anyone found a similar solution for this version of the platform? Thirtybees as well as Prestashop 1.6 has the choice of Step by Step or OPC Checkout. It would be interesting and elegant to have this option more. It would be beautiful as it would walk side by side with the most current stores 😉
  4. At two TB shops at hostgator Jointsystems.org and jointsystems.org/shop when a customer attempts to checkout either as a guest, quick or standard creating an account the address won't save? Two shops at Hostwinds Jointsystem.org (singular) and jointsystem.org/shop the address will save so I used the jointystem.org as the default in a multi-store configuration assuming it was a database error. Did not solve the problem. After attempting add a new address or update an existing address TB adds an empty address and when you attempt to delete the address it goes back to add address but if you go back to your addresses the deleted empty address is still there?
  5. Now that backoffice>preferences>custom code>add css allows you to tweak styles by default, more shopkeepers might want to shorten the default one page checkout. No changing of files is required; it's all done from the back office where shopkeepers like me are happier making changes. The first step is to do everything possible from backoffice (BO) settings to simplify the checkout form. BO>orders>general>order process type: set to "one page checkout". Enable guest checkout. Turn off all else. BO>modules...>modules..> "block cart" module. configure to turn off "ajax cart" and "upselling", then disable the module BO>preferences>customers set "newsletter registration", "opt in (to special offers)" and "phone number is mandatory" to "no" (unless maybe you need a phone number for a courier) BO>localisation>translations expand all fieldsets and search for "New customer", changing to "Customer" BO>localisation>translations > ORDER-OPC-NEW-ACCOUNT change "delivery address" to "delivery address copies customer name" change "save" to "check address and postage" The second step is to amend the default stylesheets. The trick is to right-click the part of the form you don't want, choose "inspector" in a browser like Chrome which has an option to "copy selector". You copy and paste it to backoffice>preferences>custom code>add css where you can add an extra {display:none;} or {display:block;}. This has worked for me so far. -------------------------------------------------------------------- /* CHECKOUT TWEAK for preferences custom code css section*/ #quantity_wanted_p {display: none !important;} /*quantity on product page can be removed. The effect varies a little between themes*/ #cart_title {display: none;} /* saves space to encourage scrolling-down*/ #opc_account_choice {display: none !important;} /*for edge browser*/ #login_form {display: none;} /*everyone uses guest checkout so no login*/ #opc_account_form.unvisible {display:block !important;} /*guest checkout visible*/ #new_account_title {display: none;} /*customer heading*/ /* #customer_firstname label caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(13) > label {display: none;} /* #customer_lastname label caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(14) > label {display: none;} /* #company caught below */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(15) {display: none;} #discount_name.discount_name {display: none;} #voucher {display: none;} #cart-voucher {display: none;} #login_form .box {display: none;} /*includes most of the lines up till vat number */ .date-select {display: none;} /*order and date of birth form*/ #vat_number_block {display: none !important;} #checkoutLogin {display: none;} #logged_checkout {display: none;} #blockuserinfo-login {display: none;} #product_condition {display: none;} #phone {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(25) {display: none;} /*catches the label for phone */ #phone_mobile {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(26) {display: none;} /*catches the label for mobile*/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- The same technique can make payment methods such as a stripe or paypal module visible if enabled for your account and for the country selected. Details will be be different for each payment module. If in doubt, $17 buys the "show payment methods" module from Green Mouse Studio at https://codecanyon.net/user/greenmousestudio -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 19/10/19 I didn't think of checking on a mobile emulator like https://www.brickandmobile.com/mobile-emulator/ until reading the post below. I've done a single quick test now, and the same code seems to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 21/10/19 I tested this guest checkout on Thirtybees 1.01 a few times with the same email address, and it works each time. If I am two customers with the same email address under BO>customers>customers and if I click on myself it says "This customer is registered as a Guest." and has a button to turn me into an account holder; "This feature generates a random password before sending an email to your customer.", it says. Prestashop fails second time: "There is 1 Error(s): An account using this email address has already been registered.", and there are some years-old threads online where people look for a neat answer; there's nothing similar under the backoffice>customers. Site owners have to cut out bits of file to stop the error message. This is a pity because there are CSS editing modules for Prestashop like the free one from DH42, and the same style sheet worked otherwise. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 30/10/19 If doing this for someone else, I'd translate the labels for phone and mobile to "." in case the lines below change and reveal the labels. For some reason my own form now needs #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(24) {display: none;} /*label for phone */ #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(25) {display: none;}/*label for mobile*/ instead of 25 and 26 as above - I suppose they're sensitive to other changes in the form, or maybe a core file update could effect them too. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 03/11/19 DH42 Prestashop Editor seems to work on my thirtybees installation. If so, I guess it allows refinement of the code above. It's possible to edit the product.tpl file to take out unwanted stuff, and it's possible to add the style sheet to an area like checkout. Another free module on the same list allows, I guess, use of an edited template file, like product.tpl, for one kind of product and not another. It also allows editing of unwanted stuff from the one page checkout template. I write in grand general terms because I dunno detail! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Added 06/11/2019 "Please log in to see payment methods" shows by default before you choose a country and address, when the system doesn't show a payment method. Even if you don't allow logins. So it's good to translate to "Please choose a country and address to see payment methods". (I thought I'd forced mine to show, but they still hid on the mobile version of the site.) Translation has to be repeated if you change themes or allow another language. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helps other shopkeepers, and if I have written it badly then improvements are welcome. Maybe it could be built into a future theme.
  6. USengines.net secure checkout choice appears but when you click on it, the page jumps to top and no form appears. Authorize Aim 2.0 is configured with all four cards selected, payment module configured. Tried numerous performance settings same result. Tried resetting Authorize Aim, uninstalled and reinstalled authorize Aim same result, at first had no CC choice at all.
  7. Hi, Please tell me how to remove this checkbox from the Authentication page of the check out. Receive special offers from our partners! Thank you.
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