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Found 3 results

  1. After a customer placed an order and immediately paid it with the native Paypal module (5.4.2), the corresponding shopping card is not converted into an order in BO. It simple remains an shopping card, no order is generated. It happens like one - two times a day, the remaining orders are working well. I check server php stats - no issues. Paypal rest API is used, PS 1.0.8. Currently I am comparing my paypal account with orders in BO and processing cards to orders manually. For me as an merchant this is a critical topic. Please advise.
  2. felipeseo

    incompatibility module PayPal alabaz

    Hello, I am using this paypal module alabaz that works with a surcharge, but it seems that it is not compatible with TB that I can do, this is the error that shows
  3. smarterweb

    PayPal v5.4.2 - bug on reset

    If you try to reset the official paypal module in a vanilla install of TB (I tried 1.0.8 and bleeding edge), you get: [ThirtyBeesException] [] is not a valid configuration key at line 1032 in file classes/Configuration.php 1027. * @since 1.0.8 1028. */ 1029. protected static function validateKey($key) 1030. { 1031. if ( ! Validate::isConfigName($key)) { 1032. $e = new PrestaShopException(sprintf( 1033. Tools::displayError('[%s] is not a valid configuration key'), 1034. Tools::htmlentitiesUTF8($key) 1035. )); 1036. die($e->displayMessage()); 1037. } On top of that, the paypal module does not seem to work any longer with knowband's supercheckout module 5.0.5+. Checkout stalls at 80%