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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, So, I've got it set up to offer discounts on selected products/categories whereby you purchase 2 or more from that product line, you save per item. This is especially good for the home fragrances, bath bombs and soap slices categories. However, the discount is only applied if they put the same item in their cart - for eg: they add 1 apple spice simmering granule and 1 vanilla musk in the cart, it should in theory discount both items added from that category. But it doesn't. It only works if they put 2 of the same scent into the cart. I've put a message on the category pages to state that they can add to cart and message me afterwards with their chosen scents, but this may put off some people. Don't know if I'm missing something or not - is there a way to get the multi buy discounts to work from products within the same category? Thanks in advance, Claire
  2. Hi Using 30Bz 1.1.0 Naria theme: On a Blog Post: It seems that the images for related products are not being displayed... I see this has been asked here as well - any solution? https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3505-niara-theme-glitches-discussion/?tab=comments#comment-30768 Note: this appears to be working in the Community Default theme though. Screenshot of it not working in Naria:
  3. Hi I'm learning TB and trying to get more familiar with it. I have a couple of questions regarding the contact form: Are the Contact page form submits saved somewhere and if so, where can I access this? Also where do you set the to and cc addresses?
  4. TB 1.0.8 & PandaTheme 1.4.6. If trying to change the order (for example to change a quantity of a product) on the order / card overview, I got TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save update quantity Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror Can somebody reproduce? Any hint how to analyze?
  5. Wir verwenden das DHL Modul von Shoprunners. Heute Abend plötzlich können wir keine Sendungen mehr erstellen. Wir bekommen die Fehlermeldung: Die Sendungsüberprüfung ist aufgrund dieser Fehler fehlgeschlagen: Sie können aus dem Absenderland nicht verschicken.. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das an DHL liegt. Hat noch wer Probleme?
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