Undefined index: name on a module configuration page

  • When I visit a certain third party module’s configuration page I get the following error:

    Notice on line 988 in file /cache/smarty/compile/e8/17/8f/e8178f4c9387e84f401348d28910fcfff4f23a17.file.form.tpl.php
    [8] Undefined index: name

    The developer said it is unrelated to their module and is caused by debugging being enabled in the “defines.php” file.

    I don’t know whether this is a ps/tb incompatibility issue or something else, but I’m posting it here in case it’s relevant for someone or something.

  • Sounded odd to me, too, but I don’t have any arguments to give him 🙂 It also only shows up with his module.

  • I got this reply:

    It only shows when debugging is enabled (which it shouldn’t be when the website is fully live). It’s just a bug in Prestashops HelperForm class which may or may not get fixed due to it having no negative effect other than showing a notice (notices generally pose no issue).

    I like the “may or may not get fixed”. 🙂


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