Advanced Stock Management - shop to stock relation question

  • Hi,

    I have three shops in multistore mode (under one default group set to share stock) and I have advanced stock management enabled.

    The first shop is associated with one warehouse.
    The second shop is associated with two warehouses.
    The third shop is associated with three warehouses.

    For a given item, is it correct to expect:
    The first shop displays stock from the one warehouse.
    The second shop displays the sum of the two associated warehouses.
    The third shop displays the sum of the three associated warehouses.

    It doesn’t look like it is working that way though. Any thoughts please?

  • All I know is that ASM is quite buggy, a legacy from PS. Most people using it have problems.

  • We use ASM. Recently I have added a few fixes. But we don’t use multiple warehouses. I would expect there a lot of bugs…

  • Hi!
    I have been using Prestashop with ASM since 2015 and have worked around most of its problems. But there is one bug that my developer has not been able to solve, and it seems that there are more and more products that have this problem. It is described here: And that is why I am actively looking for an alternative. Have you encountered this problem and what causes it? I have updated to last version of PS 1.6, but it has not helped.
    Has thirty bees developed a better ASM?

  • Hello @HelenI I haven’t seen this bug before, but I don’t think it was resolved in tb.

    It sounds to me as you (or your dev) would have fixed a lot of asm bugs. Have you put them into github? It would surely help a lot of other merchants…

  • @wakabayashi
    I am not a developer myself, only user, and have no idea how github works. But my developer is a Prestashop partner so maybe they have left some notes somewhere. I have same username HelenI in Prestashop forum and I have written some about my experience using ASM.
    I have also done some over-the-Internet user tests with Guillaume from Prestahop to give my feedback on stock management in Prestashop.
    ASM is dead to Prestashop and 1.7. does not help with inventory management in any way. So I dont think they will work on it anymore.

  • @heleni In my opinion your best bet right now is to ask your developer to make pull requests with the changes/fixes he made to the thirty bees’ GitHub repository. If they get accepted, they will be included in the next tb releases.


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