stripe Version 1.4.3 3d secure

  • Hi Michael,

    I have updated Stripe to Version 1.4.3 because pop up payments were not working.

    In the past when I have 3d secure on my visa card it ask me for put the code via SMS.

    Without option enforced 3d secure when the card was not 3d secure it skip it.
    When card was with 3d secure it ask to use it.

    With enforced 3d secure it require me to use it anytime.

    In my opinion in new version 3d secure not work properly.

    I have paid by my card with no 3d secure, but my card support 3d secure.

    The problem with enforced 3d secure was when the card was not supporting it.

    I am not sure it if works right not ok, or there is the naming problem.

    Use 3d secure if available or enforced 3d secure.

    I have no card without 3d secure so I am not able to check force 3d secure option.

  • credit card error no source - problem only regards popup payments (pop up option) - with enforced option

  • Without enforcing 3d secure everything works ok.

    Interesting is for me that I was testing with my real debit card which support 3d secure, but during the order I have no 3d secure option. In my case I am received a SMS with code to put on the website.

    Maybe add some info or hide this option (enforce 3d secure)?

    hooks not works for me with new versions. but I will look on code and maybe I will post solution.

  • An error occurred. Please contact us for more information.

    I have made test as a German customer. New customer.

    I made 2nd time the same order but it works.

  • It could be something with the stripe api, that would explain why it worked the second time. Like a downout or an error on stripes end.

  • It seems that only on mobile there is a problem with stripe.

    My colleague on different phone had the same errors.

    I don’t know why 2st time there was an error.

    May you check on your sites and use mobile phone to pay?

    I am doing a real payments and then I am doing a refunds.

  • Are there any errors on the failed transactions in your stripe panel? Like anything that might be giving a clue what is happening.

  • There was only error on FO and I was able to reorder, not error on BO side.

  • I mean in your stripe account, does it look like the card was passed and declined in the account.

  • I did not notice any transaction on Stripe side/Stripe account.


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