Learning from the best stores

  • I like to learn from the best… So my question is quite simple:

    Which ecommerce stores impress you the most and why?

    I am impressed by:

    Look how nicely they promote a normal product like shoes. Moreover they have really clever review system. I am sure, that this boost they’re conversions.

  • Yes, certainly a nice review system. Also full width for the product, picture almost at the center. Well thought!

    Cons: not EU legal compliant 🙂 And still too much mess/distraction for my taste. I’d remove that top bar with the phone number, “Explore Zappos” in the footer (duplication of the top menu) and one of “may also like”, “customers who bought” or “customers who viewed”.

  • Love Zappos website and always have. They do a great job with their product pages and also checkout.


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