Customer service email ticket function - does anybody use it?

  • Hi,

    Does anyone use the Customer Service function: and could share their experience with it?

    In particular:

    • Does it work well or is it buggy?
    • IMAP sync: Will an answer via an email client be picked up in the shop and vice versa?

  • It gets used constantly at my shop, seems to work well. I don’t use any of the IMAP settings, so I cant say anything about that…

  • Hi
    Sorry for late reply.
    I do use customer service function and it’s working quite well but has bugs.

    It does grab answers on the IMAP server if the customer answers by email and adds it to the right thread (the email subjects have id tags in them #id12345 so it is linked to the right conversation).
    It also grabs answers posted directly on the shop, for instance in my account > order details or via the contact form.
    The merchant can answer from the backoffice customer service function only.

    Missing: no support for attached files. If the customer sends an attachment via an email client, it won’t show in customer service thread. Merchant can’t add attachments.
    Bug: some emails received via IMAP can’t be read, they look as encoded text or I don’t know what, then you have to tell the customer to call you or talk via regular email clients.


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