After Migration blank screen on admin panel

  • Replaced all of my existing project files with thirty bee 1.0.3 version files
    Front end seems to be working
    But Backend shows me a white screen
    Use of undefined constant TB_VERSION - assumed ‘TB_VERSION’ in /var/www/html/classes/Cookie.php on line 93

  • The migration module didn’t work for you, right?

    Simply replacing code files doesn’t work for the reason you see.

    What you can try is to do a fresh thirty bees shop installation (into a subfolder), using a fresh database. This should give a working shop.

    To recover all the stuff from the previous shop, open config/ in both, new and old shop, then transfer database settings (those beginning with _DB_...) from old to new. Having this done, the new shop should show all the products from the old shop … except pictures.

    To get pictures, too, move/copy img/p from the old to the new shop, replacing the previous folder there.

    Chances to get a working shop then are good.

    One can move a shop from one folder to another folder by moving all the files, but one also has to go to Backoffice -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Set Shop URLs and adjust Base URI there.

    All this said, any chances to get the migration module debugged? What’s going wrong after uninstalling custom modules?


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